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Ringlords I 03


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN: Tony, Rick, and Jake at the announce table)

TONY ROSS: "Fans, our next match is between two men who it is very safe to say don’t like each other. Nemesis and Minion have been going back and forth for awhile now, and tonight, it all comes to a head at Ringlords I!"

RICK WISEMAN: "And it’s not going to be any old match in a wrestling ring. Tonight, it’s falls count anywhere in The Twin Cities, and we have no idea where this one is going to go!"

JAKE SHADES: "As long as it results in a Minion victory, none of us really care."

T.R.: "Back up to Matt Faley in the ring."

(CUTTO: Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and falls count anywhere in The Twin Cities. (CUEUP: "Wicker Man" Iron Maiden) Coming to the ring, from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 237 lbs., NEMESIS!!"

(crowd gives Nemesis a very good pop as he jobs to the ring, wearing his standard black muscle shirt and pants, he raises an arm to the crowd as he enters through the ropes to an even stronger ovation, and throws a shirt to the crowd, he stands poised in the middle of the ring, CUEUP: "Silverfuck" by The Smashing Pumpkins)

M.F.: "And his opponent, from New York City, weighing in at 230 lbs., MINION!!"

(Minion smiles largely at the crowd, showing off his pearly whites, he is dressed in a black trenchcoat, and he slowly strolls to the ring, he never makes it into the ring, however....)

T.R: "And this match is immediately underway and Nemesis wastes no time as he suicide dives Minion before he can even get inside the ring!"

R.W.: "Smart move by Nemesis, getting the upperhand early, which could be huge in a match like this."

J.S.: "Pretty cheap if you ask me."

T.R.: "Of course you would say that Jake. Right now, Nemesis is totally on the attack, as he rams Minion’s head into the ringpost, Minion is trying to retreat, but there really is no place for him to go. Nemesis is following after him and he continues to kick him in the stomach. Minion completely was caught off guard there, and he is yet to recover. Nemesis is now sizing up Minion, DDT on the outside!"

R.W.: "This could be our second consecutive quick match."

T.R.: "Minion remains in a daze, but he is stirring, Nemesis now climbs the top rope inside the ring, he jumps out after Minion, but Minion lands a double axehandle to Nemesis’ stomach, and now Minion is given some time. He slowly is making his way up the entrance ramp, crawling slowly, doing whatever he can to stay away from Nemesis."

J.S.: "He’s just playing possum, this is all a part of Minion’s master plan."

T.R.: "I’m sure it is Jake. Meanwhile, Nemesis is getting to his feet, and he spots Minion going up the ramp and he continues after him. He approaches Minion, and Minion lands a shot right between the legs of Nemesis!"

J.S.: "DONKEY PUNCH! See, he was playing possum..."

R.W.: "Wow, write that one down, Shades was right about something."

T.R.: "Minion is up now, and it is now Nemesis who is in a lot of pain. Minion grabs Nemesis and throws him right into our set! Nemesis hit headfirst, here’s a cover, 1-2-and Nemesis kicks out.. They are now going into the backstage area, and the referee continues to follow. Minion is grabbing Nemesis by the hair, and he bashes his head into a large crate. Nemesis is staggered up against the wall. Minion charges, but Nemesis finds a way to move out of the way, and Minion hits hard into the wall."

R.W.: "The tide continues to turn in this match. One man gains the advantage until the other makes a mistake, and then the other finds a way to dish out some punishment."

T.R.: "Nemesis sees a door now, and he pushes it, and it goes outside! Nemesis is dragging Minion outside the arena, with the referee following. This match really is going to end up Anywhere in the Twin Cities!"

R.W.: "I was talking to Minion today, and this was also part of his master plan."

T.R.: "They are now outside, and Nemesis is landing blows to the head of Minion, and Minion is beginning to fight back. They continue to get farther and farther from the arena, and they are now at a parking lot. Nemesis now just throw Minion’s head right into the hood of a Chevy Cavalier! That’s somebody who paid to see the show tonight, and they’re witnessing their car get destroyed!"

R.W.: "Looks like President Malec will have to add another disclaimer to fans attending GLCW shows!"

T.R.: "Nemesis has totally taken charge out here, but Minion is not going away quietly. The two continue to brawl in the parking lot, with both men getting shots in."

(CUTTO: The men can be seen approaching a busy intersection outside the XCel Energy Center)

T.R.: "These two men are definitely going to have to be careful here, this could definitely take a turn for the worst."

J.S.: "Are you figuring out Minion’s plan yet, blockhead?"

T.R.: "He would do something like that too, I am fully aware. They continue to brawl closer and closer to that street, and what on Earth is this?"

R.W.: "It’s a bus, Tony."

T.R.: "I know that, Rick, but the two men are approaching a bus stop!! And they don’t even really seem to notice. They are so intent on beating the living hell out of each other, they haven’t even noticed their surroundings."

R.W.: "Look at Nemesis’ eyes, though, he has definitely figured out what is going on."

T.R.: "That is correct, and now Nemesis throws Minion right into the side of the bus! And Minion is retreating.....ONTO THE BUS! MINION, NEMESIS, THE REFEREE, AND THE CAMERAMAN HAS GONE ONTO THE BUS! AND IT’S MOVING!"

R.W.: "It’s safe to say that I’ve never seen this before."

J.S.: "Yeah, uh.... not sure this was part of the plan."

T.R.: "I doubt it was Jake."

(inside the bus, there a few passengers , most of which fled the bus when the wrestlers got on, the driver up front has just noticed the wrestlers, and is now shouting violently at them, in the back of the bus, there is a large woman who begins hitting both Nemesis AND Minion with her purse)

T.R.: "And now both wrestlers are being assaulted by that woman who I guess took exception to the fact that they were near her seat!"

R.W.: "You know what they say Tony? Never mess with the woman in the back of the bus!"

T.R.: "Minion has now gained some semblance of control, and is now throwing Nemesis’ head into the windows of the bus, back and forth on both sides. Both men are definitely a bloody mess. The driver has continued to scream at both men this entire time, and the referee just looks idly on. Minion now picks up Nemesis, PILEDRIVER ON THE BUS! Cover, 1-2- and Nemesis somehow kicks out!"

R.W.: "We almost had a pinfall at 35 miles per hour there Tony. That probably would have been a GLCW first."

T.R.: "And look there, that seems like a body of water. It’s the Mississippi River, and the driver is stopping the bus, and opening the door."

J.S. : "He knows the match is about to end, maybe he just wants to be able to watch the finish."

T.R.: "Judging by the look on his face I don’t think so Jake. And now Minion is dragging Nemesis out of the bus and down to the water. And now Minion throws Nemesis into the water, and follows out after him! Minion is trying to drown Nemesis!"

J.S.: "Well, that would make the pinfall significantly easier."

T.R.: "Oh shut up Jake! Nemesis is now battling back, and he rolls up Minion, IN THE WATER! Cover, 1-2- and Minion kicked out....I guess."

R.W.: "Do we have rules for an underwater pinfall?"

T.R.: "I guess we do, or if we don’t, the referee just made it up. But now Nemesis and Minion, both soggy and wet are battling out of the water. No man can gain an advantage here. Minion goes for a clothesline, Nemesis ducks, reverse neckbreaker, 1-2-and Minion again kicks out. Both men back up to their feet, and now Nemesis is dragging Minion towards an apartment complex. What on Earth does he have in mind here?"

J.S.: "Probably getting pinned. That’s at least what’s going to happen."

T.R.: "Nemesis is dragging Minion over to a car. He might be going for The Wrath on top of the car that’s there!"

R.W.: "This would be the end, definitely!"

T.R.: "Minion reverses, and choke slams Nemesis to the concrete, Nemesis might be unconscious!"

J.S.: "YES!"

T.R.: "And now Minion is SMILING and looking up, he’s looking at a fire escape that is sitting above the car. And now he is climbing the fire escape!"

R.W.: "Oh my god, Nemesis is laying on the car, and Minion has climbed to the top of the fire escape!"

J.S.: "Now, THIS is it!"

T.R.: "That has to be at least 10-15 feet, Minion is looking down at Nemesis, and SMILING! FALL FROM GRACE! BUT NEMESIS MOVED!! MINION JUST TOOK A 15 FOOT FALL ONTO THE HOOD OF THAT CAR, BREAKING THE WINDSHIELD!!!"

R.W: "I think both men might be dead!"

J.S.: "Come on Minion.... get up!"

T.R.: "And now Nemesis is starting to stir, he sees Minion, goes over, and grabs him, WRATH ON TOP OF THE CAR! Pin him Nemesis!"

R.W.: "Oh my, now look at the look on his face."

T.R.: "And now Nemesis is looking at the fire escape, and he’s climbing up. Minion is dead on the car!"

R.W.: "Why is he facing the other direction?!"


R.W.: "WOW!"

T.R.: "Nemesis ends up on top of Minion, cover, 1-2-3!!!!"

J.S.: "Geez...."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner...NEMESIS!" (the crowd gives an ENORMOUS pop, CUEUP: "Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden, CUTTO: An ambulance arriving and both men being loaded onto separate stretchers and being taken away)

T.R.: "What a match there, with Nemesis coming on top. Fans, we’ll be right back with MUCH more here at Ringlords I!"

(CUTTO: GLCW Commissioner King Krusher backstage with two St. Paul police officers, the camera comes in as they are in the middle of the argument)

KING KRUSHER: "Look, it was just a match that went way out of hand. The GLCW will pay for whatever damages were caused there."

OFFICER: "We understand, and because of that, we will not place any charges........yet."

(the officers leave and the camera zooms on Krusher’s face, as he noticeably upset, fade to a commercial for the GLCW website)

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