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Ringlords I 02


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Back at the announce table with Tony, Rick, and Jake)

TONY ROSS: "Fans, we’re back here at our very first PPV, Ringlords I! We had an action packed first encounter with Cannonball Kidd scoring a pinfall over Steven James."

RICK WISEMAN: "And then, what we thought was going to be a show of true sportsmanship turned into an ugly display, as Kidd offered his hand to James, and then planted him to the mat."

JAKE SHADES: "Are you nuts again? That was my favorite part!"

T.R.: "And then we saw the debut of one Lincoln Jones, who is apparently a friend of James’, who appeared, and carried him from the ring."

R.W.: "I don’t really know anything about him Tony, but from the looks of it, he’s going to be a man to look out for in the future here in GLCW."

T.R.: "Our next match features two budding superstars, Nikolai Ash and Suicide. Ash is coming off an absolute mat classic against Jean Rabesque on our Internet show Wired that went to a thirty-minute draw."

R.W.: "That was simply an outstanding match, a purist’s dream!"

J.S.: "I had faith in Ash, but how good can someone be that can’t even beat Rabesque?"

T.R.: "His opponent tonight is Suicide, a man with a great deal of potential, but seems as though he has been in a different world as of late."

R.W.: "Since his arrival, Suicide has made it abundantly clear that he is here solely to wrestle... and nothing else. It will be interesting to see if that continues tonight."

T.R.: "Let’s head up to the ring for the introduction."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "This contest is scheduled for one fall.... (CUEUP: "Ode" by Creed) Coming to the ring, from Bronx, NY, weighing in at 222 lbs., SUICIDE!!"

(the crowd pops for Suicide, but it look like he is in another world as he slowly walks to the ring, he makes no motion towards anyone as he climbs slowly through the ropes, and stands in the corner, CUEUP: "Brushstroke: Walk in the Park" by Dredg)

M.F.: "And his opponent, from Hartford, CT, weighing in at 220 lbs, NIKOLAI ASH!!"

(the crowd erupts in predominant boos for Ash, even though many cheers from the so-called "Internet" fans can clearly be heard, he wears his white pants with black stripes, and has his hair greased back, he smiles cockily to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring, a definite air of superiority about him)

T.R.: "And here we go, and again Rick, it appears as though Suicide is totally uninterested in what is going on here in this match."

R.W.: "He better figure out something in a hurry, or Ash is going to squash him like a bug."

J.S.: "And that would be great to see Ash get back on track after going to some draw against that French piece of crap!"

T.R.: "Ash starts the match with a vicious knee to the stomach, and Suicide crumbles to the mat. Ash bounces off the rope and hits his knees to the back of Suicide. Quickly back to his feet, Ash jumps up and hits a beautiful spinning hurricanrana onto Suicide who rolls to the outside of the ring."

R.W.: "Not a good start for Suicide, he needs to do something fast."

J.S.: "This is great! Finally a quality wrestling match with a quality wrestler."

T.R.: "Ash stays on the attack, he quickly jumps up on the top rope, and hits a moonsault down to Suicide on the outside. That might have rung Ash’s bell a little bit there as well."

R.W.: "Not a good sign for Suicide when his only offense is Ash injuring himself on a move. But Suicide is out!"

J.S.: "I think we need matches like this for the rest of the night. At least until Manson comes out!"

T.R.: "Whatever it is with you Manson, you need to give it up. In the mean tine, Ash continues to completely annihilate Suicide. He throws him back in the ring, Northern Lights Suplex, 1-2-and Ash picks up Suicide. I think he could have had the pin there but Ash wasn’t content to end it there. He know picks up Suicide’s hand and puts it behind his head, HEART PUNCH!"

R.W.: "That move has killed a man before."

J.S.: "And maybe it will happen again!"

T.R: "Suicide is basically dead in the middle of the ring right now, and Ash is enjoying every minute of this! He is now toying with Suicide, picking him up, Suicide is out, and that gives Ash enough time to climb to the top rope and hit a missile dropkick! End this already!"

R.W.: "There aren’t many cakewalks here in GLCW, but Nikolai Ash has found one tonight. Suicide looked like he was in another world and he has wrestled like it tonight."

J.S.: "This is the most entertaining thing I’ve seen since that Manson cheese sculpture!"

T.R.: "It looks like this might be coming to a merciful end. Lexicon Powerbomb onto his knee!! Cover, 1-2-3!!!" (CUEUP: "Brushstroke: Walk in the Park" by Dredg, the crowd boos LOUDLY at Suicide’s lack of effort)

M.F.: "Here is your winner.....NIKOLAI ASH!"

(CUTTO: Ash smiles and raises his hand and then leaves the ring, emergency medical crews can be seen loading Suicide onto a stretcher, and carrying him from the ring)

T.R.: "It’s really a shame what has happened to a legend like Suicide."

R.W.: "Yes, but that proves that if your heart isn’t in the GLCW, then the GLCW doesn’t want you around. I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing Suicide anytime soon."

J.S.: "And as far as I’m concerned, good riddance!"

T.R.: "And for once Jake, you might not be too far off. Folks, we’ll be right back!"

(CUTTO: Promo for the upcoming Columbus Riptide)

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