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Ringlords I 01


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN: A shot of a number of lakes, a beautiful panoramic view)

V/O: "Minnesota, the Land of a Thousand Lakes...."

(CUTTO: More lakes are shown, showcasing the beautiful Minnesota countryside)

V/O: "An area that has undergone a renaissance of sorts in the world of sports over the past few years."

(CUTTO: Kevin Garnett dunking, and Wally Szczerbiak hitting an outside shot, CUTTO: Jacque Jones beating out an infield hit, and Torii Hunter making an over the wall catch in center field, CUTTO: Marian Gaborik sinking a goal for the Wild during their improbable Stanley Cup run, CUTTO: Dante Culpepper completing a pass to Randy Moss for a touchdown)

V/O: "And tonight, for the first time ever on Pay-per-view, Great Lakes Championship Wrestling comes to the capital of this grand state."

(CUTTO: Shots of the city of Minneapolis, as well as St. Paul, showcasing the capital building quite prominently, before showcasing the XCel Energy Center, which the sign reads "GLCW RINGLORDS I: TONIGHT, SOLD OUT!")

V/O: ‘And a match that may go down as the most violent match in GLCW history!"

(CUTTO: A montage is shown of each wrestler participating in the WarGames match, an up close shot is shown of that wrestler immediately followed by a short highlight package, shown first is Kraven, followed by Jared Justice, we then see Flatliner, followed by Jarod Poe, Anarky is shown next, followed by Jean Rabesque, with Michael Manson and Maelstrom being the final two, CUTTO: Images of the eight men glaring at each other, the picture then explodes, leaving only the GLCW logo)

V/O: "Tonight, live from St. Paul, it’s RINGLORDS I!!!"

(CUTTO: Inside the Xcel Energy Center, pyrotechnics explode everywhere and it is pandemonium inside the arena, various signs can be shown , including "WARGAMES," "I LOVE LARRY TACT," "SUICIDE IS A LOSER, " and of course, "CAN I EAT MANSON’S HEAD?")

(CUTTO: The GLCW announce table where Tony Ross, Rick Wiseman, and Jake Shades sit, Tony and Rick are dressed in tuxedos for the occasion, and Jake wears all black)

TONY ROSS: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the very first GLCW PPV ever! We are coming to you live from St. Paul, Minnesota. It is Ringlords I, and it features to be a show unlike anything the GLCW has ever seen before. What a night we have in store for you. We have a four-way match to crown a new number one contender for the Great Lakes Tag Team Championships. We have Falls Count Anywhere in the Twin Cities between Nemesis and Minion. We also have a Light’s Out match between Larry Tact and Jared Wells, and of course, the biggest match in GLCW history."

RICK WISEMAN: "You’re right, Tony, and I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting to see what is going to happen in WarGames: The Match Beyond. You want to talk about eight men who truly despise each other? Then you have to go no further than this match tonight. It’s going to be violent and it’s going to be entertaining, and that is what the GLCW is all about."

JAKE SHADES: "Don’t know what to expect? What are you talking about? I’ll tell you right now what to expect. The largest and most lopsided main event the GLCW has ever seen! Anyone who expects this loser team of Mael and Frenchie to actually do ANYTHING productive is smoking a bit of that wacky weed and should have their head examined."

T.R.: "Folks, we are expecting an absolutely magnificent evening of wrestling action, and we thank you for joining us here tonight. To get things started we go backstage with Lady Veronica, who is joined by "Showtime" Steven James.

(CUTTO: Lady V standing backstage next to James)

LADY VERONICA: "Thanks guys I'm here with my friend and yours Showtime Steven James, Steven, you seem ready to go, how do you feel?"

"SHOWTIME" STEVEN JAMES: "Well Lady V, you see it goes like this, I've been training hard, watching tapes, and getting prepared. This is a new beginning for Showtime so get ready because you never know what's going to happen."

LV: "What about your response to Cannonball Kidd’s offer for you to allow him
to help him?"

SJ: "Well like I've said, maybe I need a reliable person in my corner and if I decide Cannonball's that guy then so be it."

LV: "By the way, you look a little tan, spending time in the sun I presume?"

SJ: "OOOHHHH YYYEEAAHH!! Of course! Wanna join me next time?"

LV: "We'll see." (smiles)

SJ: "Good enough for me...oh and by the way, Hey, Mr. Shades! I hear about the stuff you say about me, watch your tongue son, or I'll shut it for you."

LV: "Well, tough words, by a very tough individual. Any closing words Steven?"
SJ: "Just that remember that this is a new beginning for me, so keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times because it's gonna be a wild one."

(CUTTO: Back to the broadcast booth)

T.R.: "There you have it, tough words from one Steven James, as he prepares to open up Ringlords I against the Cannonball Kidd!"

(CUTTO: Matt Faley standing in the middle of one of the two rings)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to St. Paul, and welcome to Ringlords I!!!! Our opening match this evening is scheduled for one fall.... (CUEUP: "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen) Coming to the ring, from Warwick, Rhode Island, weighing in at 240 lbs., here is "SHOWTIME" STEVEN JAMES!!"

(the crowd gives a very positive reaction as James jogs down to the ring, and salutes the fans, he is dressed in his standard light blue and yellow spandex pants, he hops into the ring to a nice ovation, CUEUP: "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D")

M.F.: "And his opponent, from St. Paul, Minnesota (crowd pops), weighing in at 216 lbs, THE CANNONBALL KIDD!!"

(the crowd is mostly boos but the Kidd gets a few cheers due to his hometown status, he slowly walks to the ring, looking occasionally towards the crowd, he is dressed in a blue and green singlet, with ’Cannonball Kidd’ on the back, he enters the ring, and grabs the ring microphone from Matt Faley)

CANNONBALL KIDD: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don't know me, I am Cannonball Kidd...a Man with a Message. Now, as glad as I am to be in St. Paul, a city that is DESPERATE need of some of my help (crowd boos), my Message tonight is directed towards my opponent, "Showtime" Steven James. Now "Showtime," you and I have had our problems in the past, and I was just about to give up hope on you when I realized that deep down, you really WERE interested in my program, and just couldn't bring yourself to admit it. Well Steven, now that I know, you don't have to admit anything, and I can start helping you right away. I know that one of your top priorities is ending your losing streak, and while there's not much chance of your doing that tonight, be assured that after I beat you and you accept my program, it'll only be a matter of time before things start looking up for you. So, "Showtime"...whaddya say?"

(James is very reluctant to shake Kidd’s hand, but eventually does after a few moments, Kidd just smiles and backs away after they shake hands, the crowd gives this a positive response)

TONY ROSS: "What a nice show of sportsmanship there from Cannonball Kidd as these two competitors get ready to battle this one out tonight."

RICK WISEMAN: "Yes, very impressive indeed, it’s not necessarily what we’ve been used to with Cannonball Kidd either after the past couple appearances."

JAKE SHADES: "Are you kidding? Just as I was starting to like this guy, he has to go and do something like that? RIDICULOUS!"

T.R.: "Anyways, we’re off here as Kidd and James lock up, with James gaining the upperhand and shoving Kidd into the corner. Lock up again, this time James throws Kidd into the far ropes and shoulderblocks him to the mat. Kidd right back up, James off the ropes, leapfrog by Kidd and a nice running powerslam by Kidd takes James down."

R.W.: "Kidd may be smaller but if he uses the momentum properly he can execute a move like that."

T.R.: "Kidd attacks but James sends him down to the ring with a nice clothesline. Great start here to this match."


T.R.: "Manson will be out later Jake, you’re just going to have to deal for the mean time. Right now, James has Kidd down to the mat. He now jumps up and lands some knees to the stomach of the smaller Cannonball Kidd. Kidd powers up, tosses James into the ropes, and executes a nice dropkick. James bounces right back up and hits a clothesline."

R.W.: "James is looking much more comfortable now than he did earlier in his career. It is very obvious how much he has improved in the ring. A few months ago he definitely would not have been able to pull that off."

J.S.: "What does it matter? He still sucks!"

T.R.: "Right now, James is up and executes a chinlock to Kidd, keeping him down to the mat. He’s up now, blind charge.... and that misses, Kidd now gets a shoulderblock and puts on a chinlock of his own."

R.W.: "Not sure if Kidd wants to be doing this, he’s going to need to take it to the air to have a chance here, James has been very good about keeping him on the mat."

T.R.: "Kidd now releases the hold, and backs James into the corner, he hits a flurry of hard slaps here to James, but they have no effect on James, who reverses and nearly cripples Kidd with some hard knife-edge chops!"

J.S.: "Cripples? My grandmother could hit harder than that!’

T.R.: "James now picks up Kidd and hits a nice Full Nelson Suplex, here’s a cover, 1-2-NO! That he might have one there. He now goes for the Fisherman Suplex, BRIDGE 1-2-NO, Kidd rolls through! 1-2-3! NO! 2 and a half on the roll through! That startled James who now charges Kidd, but Kidd drop toe holds him to the mat, and immediately is up to the middle rope, and he comes across the back of James with a nice legdrop!"

R.W.: "What a rapid-fire chain of events taking place right there!"

T.R.: "Kidd stays on the attack , TORNADO DDT! Cover, 1-2-NO! James is now refusing to quit, as the fans have definitely started getting into this match."

J.S.: "Of course, I have no idea. Anybody with any sign of intelligence can tell that this match is a load of garbage. When on Earth is the good stuff coming on?"

T.R.: "Will you just shut up? Right now, Kidd appears to be sizing up James for his lethal roundhouse kick, and Kidd misses as James ducks, and James hits a dropkick to the knee of Kidd. James is now on the attack. I can’t go over how much more mature James is in the ring."

R.W.: "That comes with experience Tony, and he is getting better every single time he steps into a GLCW ring."

T.R.: "James now comes behind Kidd and hits a nice running bulldog. He immediately follows that up with a powerslam, cover, 1-2-and Kidd kicks out."

R.W.: "I think James definitely might be feeling this one. I think he believes that this is the night that he can finally end this losing streak that he has been on."

T.R.: "He has him up, REVERSE SUPLEX! Here comes The Lights Out! He has Kidd up on his shoulder, and Kidd just reversed the move into a Tornado DDT! What a move there by Cannonball Kidd, somehow reversing the Lights Out into a Tornado DDT!"

R.W.: "A move like that takes an incredible amount of strength and body control, and I can’t believe he just made that happen."

J.S.: "And I was getting hopeful that this match was about to end!"

T.R.: "Kidd is still dazed a bit from that encounter. However, he now climbs up to the top rope, and hits a corkscrew moonsault down onto Steven James! Cover, 1-2-and James just manages to kick out. Kidd is now starting to feel the momentum. He lands a few kicks and staggers James, Kidd bounces off the ropes, and goes for some running leg scissors, but James just manages to duck his head out of the way. The two now trade blows back and forth."

R.W.: "Right now it’s going to come down to whomever makes the first mistake."

T.R.: "James hits a kick to the stomach. He bounces off the ropes, Kidd hits the opposite ropes, LIFE TURNAROUND!!! Out of nowhere!’

R.W.: "WOW!!"

T.R.: "Simply unbelievable! As James hit the rope, Kidd bounced off the far rope, kicked his feet off the middle rope, and in one motion delivered a spinning heel kick that caught James as he charged in. here’s a cover, 1-2-3!!! Cannonball Kidd wins it!"

S.J. "And this finally comes to an end!" (CUEUP: "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D")

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner..... CANNONBALL KIDD!"

R.W.: "A very solid match from both competitors that saw Kidd hit one heck of a move to pull this match off!"

T.R.: "And in another great show of sportsmanship, Cannonball Kidd is helping James to his feet."

J.S.: "This is making me sick!"

T.R.: "Roundhouse kick by Kidd to James, taking him down!!"

R.W.: "That was uncalled for!"

J.S.: "NOW this is getting good!"

T.R.: "That completely knocked out James, and now Kidd is dragging James’ lifeless body over to the corner, he climbs to the top, CRATER CREATOR!"

R.W.: "Now, THIS is ridiculous!"

J.S.: "This is awesome!"

T.R.: "So Kidd just finished it the way is started, and he has left James for dead in the ring."

(CUTTO: A large, muscular African-American man hitting the ring, he chokeslams Kidd in one motion and sends him to the outside, he then picks him up James and takes him to the backstage area over his shoulder)

T.R.: "That’s Lincoln Jones! I’ve heard of him coming to the GLCW, and he must be Steven James’ new partner and friend!"

R.W.: "Whatever he is, it as nice to see Kidd FINALLY get what he deserved."

T.R.: "Fans, we’ll be back right after this."

(CUTTO: Promo for http://glcw.com)

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