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Reward Results/Immunity Challenge

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Margaret and Tiffany sat out the reward challenge

Wallen ate their bugs quickest, they get Pringles, drinks (Not enough to get blotto, the producers got some static after the Olivia incident.) and swimming with dolphins fun.

For immunity one person will be the eyes of the tribe, the other 4 members of the tribe will be blindfolded and sent shambling about a beach and into the water to get 10 puzzle pieces, once they get the pieces, the whole team takes off all their blind folds and makes the pieces into a big cube, first team to make their cube wins immunity.

Wallen, lemme who who's sitting out. Both tribes lemme know who'll be the eyes of the team.

Results posted shortly after I get this info.

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