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Redemption vs. Jon Savage



Any Takers?

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-21-02 AT 12:10 PM (EDT)]SAVAGE: I'm standing here in my personal ring, in my very own backyard in Auburn Hills. With me is the valuptuous Lyla in her little skimpy ref uniform.

(Goes over and slaps Lyla on the butt as she laughs uncontrollably)

SAVAGE: Now Redemption, pay CLOSE ATTENTION to what is about to happen. I am going to demonstrate to you why I am truly the Dirtiest Player in the Game.....What's your name, punk?

JERRY: Jerry, sir.....

SAVAGE: Now son, let me tell you something. Your momma called me last night and begged me not to hurt your punk a$$. After I got through showin' her who her daddy was, I told her I'd go easy on you.....

(Jerry gives Savage an open-handed slap. Savage pauses, then starts working over Jerry with a flurry of rights and lefts, followed by a low blow. When Jerry doubles-over on the canvas, Savage starts kicking Jerry in the ribs. Jerry crawls over to the bottom rope, where Savage begins to choke him. After a few moments, Savage rolls Jerry over and chops him across the throat. He then rolls Jerry over on his knees, picks him up, and puts him in the piedriver. Savage covers Jerry's lifeless form for a three count. As he stands up, Lyla is shown grnding her one-inch heel into Jerry's groin. Savage gets a mic and heads over to the camera.)

SAVAGE: For years, while I lived in the Flint area, I took the abuse of schoolchildren for wearing thick glasses and being a fat kid. For years, I endured taunting and teasing, and for years, I made a solemn vow that I would return to Michigan and gain revenge. That time has come. Redemption, you may very well be one of the bullies I am now targeting. Make no mistake about it, what happened to Ferry over there......W I L L.....hapen to you when we meet in the ring. Twenty years ago, snotty-nosed punks like you ruled the roost.....

(Gives Lyla passionate kiss and then turns back to the camera)

SAVAGE: But now,as you can see, I have the money, the babes....AND THE POWER. Redemption, your time is coming. Your time to feel my wrath will soon be here. And my ultimate goal will be the first GLCW Champion.

(Lyla and Savage walk away as the words "To Be Continued" flash across the screen)


Taking you out

(FADEIN: Redemption walking through a graveyard, he stops at a headstone that appears to be decades if not centuries old. He looks at the grave before looking at the camera, his mask covering his face totally.)

REDEMPTION: A man with a bad child hood, now taking out his problems on others, his ego damaged in his youth, now manifests itself in arrogance, in the disgraceful treatment of women...In his fantasy that I am to be looked past, as if his quest for the GLCW Title would just be so simple as to push this meaningless pebble...Me...Aside...<Shakes head> No Mr. Savage...This is not so...You see, I tainted myself...I made myself something I was not, something I should never have been, just to try to win...When in reality, the honor of this sport...This activity...Is far greater then you or me...We're just a piece of a puzzle that makes up wrestling, fighting to scratch out a name for ourselves...The sport lasts forever...So you go ahead and make yourself out as some big important man who slaps around women. You tell me all about your childhood and how it's payback time for all those kids who treated you wrong...And I'll tell you, that EYE...Made a mistake, and that YOU and everyone else, will pay for it...Because I will gain redemption...In the ring, in GLCW...In the eyes of the fans...Because I will defeat you...I will send you and your arrogant ways back home, so that you can look into the mirror and look at yourself, and see the sad little boy you really are, and you work out your problems...You figure out how to make yourself a real man...Not a mean spirited punk who's only joy in his life is beating some wet behind the ears newbie senseless...Savage...How you going to deal with fighting a man, who fights back? How will you deal with a man who'll go toe to toe with you and take your best and keep coming back? Not gonna be as easy as beating some little kid up...I can tell you that much, can you take a beating? We'll find out if you have what it takes...To EARN your Redemption...<FADEOUT>


Taking ME Out? In Your Dreams

(Savage storms the ring at a GLCW house show event and grabs the mic from the ring announcer as the arena erupts in boos.)

SAVAGE: Ladies and gentlemen, WHOOO! (crowd responds with Whooo!) As the former 18-time Michigan Heavyweight Champion, I have .....deeeefeated.....everyone coming AND going. Bobo Brazil.... The Shiek.....Dick the Bruiser.....Dusty Rhodes.....and now you can
add this punk named Redemption to the list..... WHOOO!!!

(huge crowd pop at Redemption's name)

SAVAGE: Redemption, when you ..... walk..... that..... aisle..... in the first round of the GLCW Title Tournament, enjoy the lights. Enjoy the sounds. Enjoy the sights. Enjoy picking ..... up ..... your ..... punk ..... (bleep) ..... from the center of this canvas.

(Savage begins lying on the canvas screaming "I'm Redemption and I've been pinned by the REAL dirtiest player in the game, Jon Savage.....)

(Crowd begins to boo intently as Savage gets up)

SAVAGE: Redemption, take a look at this. I got a tape from your mommy. Roll it.....

MOMMY: Dear Mr. Savage, this is Redemption's mommy. My son is a wuss, he is a wimp, he has no spine because his father didn't have one either. Please don't beat up my only son. He has had a hard life because he never learned to respect a REAL MAN, like you, Mr. Savage. Please (begins sobbing) don't.....hurt.....my.....son.

(Camera rolls back to savage)

SAVAGE: That really tugged at my heart. (stops amid boos and chants of a------.) In fact, I am bringing Redemption's mother here next week to give her my answer.....

(camera fades to black)



(FADEIN: Redemption standing in front of a church, he looks towards the church as a gathering of people walk into the building for mass.)

REDEMPTION: Savage...You have my mother? Well, I'm amazed she looks so good, since she died 10 years ago...Died before she could see her youngest son perform in the ring, win his matches, bring glory to her family's name...And then shame it with his disgraceful actions...I'm so sorry mother...I hope you and God can forgive me for those transgressions I made...And that's why I'm in GLCW, for it is my church, it is the place where EYE will be allowed to redeem myself from my mistakes...For God is forgiving...And he will allow you to be saved if you choose to be...And for my mother's memory...Your mockery of her...Will be remembered, and you will pay for it dearly Savage.

I listen to you Savage...And I honestly feel pity for you...Stealing everything you have from others, who were far greater then you...Trying to milk the whole 'dirtiest player in the game' thing...<Shakes head> What are you going to do Savage? Hit me low? Use a weapon? Shoot me with a blowdart? Tazer me? Drop a piano on my head? I've seen a lot in my time in this sport, and honestly, I KNOW why you're so hyped up for being such a cheater, because you know deep down...You don't got what it takes to beat me...You don't got the talent, the skill or the heart to beat me...And that's what makes it all the better when you do clock me with brass knucks, or crack a chair over my head, or whatever the plan is, and you leap on top of me, and the ref's hand hits the mat once...And then twice...And then the silence will be ENDLESS as that third slap on the mat that would give you the win...Never comes...What happens then Savage? What happens when the cheating and dirty tricks doesn't get it done, what happens when you have to look at my faceless mask and see a soul that is so driven and bent on his quest...That he won't be denied...And he won't stoop to your level...And when he defeats you...And defeat you I shall...What will the excuse be then? What will you blame your failure on? I hope you are man enough to look into the mirror...And blame yourself...And I hope you are man enough to admit that on that day...The better man won...And it was the man...Who will find...Redemption...<FADEOUT>


The Time for Talking is OVER!!!!!

(Savage is seen entering Scott Malec's GLCW office. After a few moments of silence, loud shouting and breaking glass is heard. Savage comes out and walks down to the production interview area, a GLCW ring curtain with the state of Michigan in the background. Savage picks up a microphone)

SAVAGE: Redemption, while this is our first time meeting EVER (and it probably won't be our last), our esteemed GLCW president seems to feel that claiming the video from your "mommy" was in poor taste.....

(long pause)

SAVAGE: Now we both know the lady on the tape wasn't your mommy. It was Lyla dressed as an older lady (if that's how she's going to look, maybe I need to get a dog instead). Now when we're in that ring, it's all business. I'm out for one thing and one thing only, and that's a victory to move on in the tournament and become the first GLCW Champion.

SAVAGE: Now I don't give two hoots in heck if you like me or not because I'm not here for you to love. I'm here to make as much noise as possible and win as many titles as I can and maim as many people as possible.

(picks up a frying pan and walks over to a table with a dozen eggs on it.)

SAVAGE: The eggs are you, Redemption. Fragile and frail. One wrong move and you break. It seems that eggs and life coincide, don't they?


SAVAGE: Now this frying pan, well, that's me. Strong, sturdy, not easily stained and TOUGH. Now here is Redemption before our match. And this....is...Redemption....after.....

(Savage takes the frying pan and slams it down on the eggs as hard as he can. Eggs go everywhere and not a single one stay together)

SAVAGE: I hope you get the message, my friend, because I do not like to repeat myself. See, Redemption, I have been in life where you are. I have struggled time after time. I have done and said things I am not proud of. Cut me, and I bleed. Remember that, Redemption, cut me...and...I...bleed. Plan on making a BIG donation in our match in the GLCW. I'm planning on being the first Great Lakes Championship Wrestling champion.

(Savage walks off as camera fades to black)


Because you can't talk

(FADEIN: Redemption sitting on a pew in an otherwise empty church. He looks towards the pulpit where the priest normally conducts mass. The camera pans from the side of his masked face to the front.)

REDEMPTION: Savage...I pity you...Nothing orginal...Nothing real, nothing that says to me that Jon Savage is in fact a man, is in fact a real person...You fall back on tired cliches. So you smashed a few eggs, can eggs fight back? Could Jerry your helpless friend fight back, could your woman who you so rudely insult, can she fight back? <Shakes head> No Jon, all you have done is build up a wall around yourself, a wall of lies...A wall that makes you believe in the fact that you can not be beaten...When the reality of the matter is simple...You're just a man, just like me. You can lose any day of the week, just like me...Only the difference is Jon...Is that EYE know who EYE am...I know I'm on a quest to redeem myself in the eyes of the fans...In the eyes of the world...While you, you merely want this title because your ego, your fragile mind, demands it of you...There is nothing noble in your quest...Nothing honorable about your mission...Only greed and ruthlessness support your arrogant grab at power...But the ruthless and arrogant are often winners...The good are often trampled under, just because they can not keep up with the evils they face...But there Jon, is the FINAL piece of the puzzle...And that is...Talent...And Jon...Talent is something you seem to really lack...

A frying pan is you...No Jon...You're just a bully...But I've got news for you...I'm not scared...I don't care about your title run or the money or the girls...I don't care about you...Because I see through you, and after I beat you Jon...You'll cry, you'll run home to mommy, you'll leave broken and defeated, as I know you will, because you can't stand being shown up, being embarressed...Because I will defeat you, and I won't hit you below the belt...I won't go grab a chain and sock you in the jaw...I won't do anything but fight the good fight...And trust in the fact that I'm faster, smarter and tougher then you...And you'll leave that ring knowing you have NOBODY to blame for your loss...But yourself...And maybe, just maybe, you'll become a better man for it...And in showing you up, in showing you the error of your ways...Maybe I will take the first step on MY quest...To earn...Redemption...<FADEOUT>


No Problem Expressing My Thoughts

(Fade in to Savage watching TV, shaking his head in disgust).

Savage: Redemption, do you feel you're knocking me off my game by being what I call "ultra intelligent?" Do you think, silly Redemption, that you've diminished my ability....my ring savvy.....my prowice by trying to be dark and cryptic, even so much as to try and talk down to me....?

(Shakes head again)

Savage: I feel SOOOOO bad that you think life has treated you crappy. (pauses) But I have learned that we reap what we sew. Now take a look at this....(holds up replica of Michigan Heavyweight Title). I held this title 18 times. Now why have I been regarded as the Greatest Michigan Heavyweight Champion ever? Was it because I could "politic" my way through the office? No, that wasn't it. How about because I put up money for my opponent to throw the match? No, that's illegal....that's not ethical, and that's not me.....

(Walks over to stills of Savage in the ring with Bobo Brazil and other veterans)

Savage: Bobo Brazil.....(pauses).....one of the best veterans of all time. Anyway, Redemption, it's because I wrestled REAL MEN. I went into that ring night after night and gave it all I got. Win, loose, or draw, I gave it my best. I didn't whine, cry, or pout about my life circumstances because I knew....KNEW....the decisions I made -- good or bad -- had an effect on myself or others.....

(Walks over to sit in high-back chair)

Savage: First, Redemption, you may think the fans care that you may have something to prove to them. They don't. All they want to see is pure-tee blood-gushing action. They don't care that you think you have something to make up for. What did you do that was soooo bad that you feel you have to spend a lifetime making up for? Again, the fans don't care what you did in the past or what you're doing now. And when I'm finished with you in round 1, all you'll be is a fading memory on my ascent to greatness.

(Pauses for a moment)

Savage: Let me give you a little friendly advice. Quit blaming others for what's happened to you in life because others are not to blame. Accept your destiny that you will be defeated in the upcoming tournament and then take a review of your life. You may want to cosider another career because as long as you are immature, your success here is definetly limited.

(Savage gets up from his chair, walks through a doorway, and cuts the light off as the camera fades to black.)


Clueless idiot

(FADEIN: Redemption now standing outside the church again, his body is drapped in a monk's robe, his black mask covers his face, if he turned sideways and hid his face from the camera he'd almost appear to be a Nazgul, one of the Ring-Wraths from Lord Of The Rings.)

REDEMPTION: Who have I blamed Jon? I ask you, go through the interviews, listen to the promos...WHO have I blamed? Are you even listening to me anymore? Do you have ANY idea what I'm saying, do the words that I use confuse you? Are you so totally clueless that you're now viewing me as if I am somehow in fact...You...The man who's pinned all his problems on everyone else?

Jon, not ONCE have I blamed anyone but myself...I made the mistake...Me...I screwed up...And that, is why I wear this mask, THAT is why I am devoting myself to the task at hand, the task of righting the wrongs I have committed...And I accept this burden willingly, for it is mine to bear...And you, you act like I've been trying to find excuses, find others to bear it for me, others to blame, when it is YOU who are the man who can't help but point the finger of blame at others, can't help but deny his own faults for the sake of his own relentless ego? Your madness is something I pity Jon, I really do...I feel sorry for you...

You have a title from the state of Michigan...<Shakes head> And you expect respect for that? Who did you beat for this title? Your brother, the kid next door? Did you pin your cat? Lay down real quick, let your cat pin you, and then pin your cat right back to get 2 quick runs with the title? Who fights for the honor of this title? You and your 3 drinking buddies? Well, them and the one time Michigan State Champion Bobo Brazil, which of course, is the name of your cat...Who cares about some title that exists only because you say it does...If you want to prove anything to me...PIN ME...and do it without a golf club, or a nutshot, or a chair to the head, prove to me that Jon Savage is the better man...Can you do that Jon? Can you beat me fair and square?

I don't get you Jon...You talk about how you fought so hard for your title...All those times you held your 15 pound cat Bobo down with one hand while the other slammed down on the carpet of your bedroom, 1...2...3...And you talk about you didn't bribe your cat once with cat nip, you never asked your buddy Jimbo to lay down for you once, you never once bought him a six pack just so he'd throw a match to you, even though FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES you got a free six pack off him by throwing the belt to him...But not once in the Michigan State Championship's history, a title belt that was once was rumored to have been won by Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, because Jimbo lost to your buddy Frank who was at Michigan, in a frat party, and he swears some silly lookin' guy with a giant dimple in his chin rolled him up after a night of drinking and got the three count, but Frank ran off with the title and you guys after a review offically decided that the Brady run would never offically be accepted into the recordbooks, but you put it back in there after the Patriots Super Bowl Season...and claimed Tom vacated the title after he won it...Wow I just went a bit off topic there...Well anyhow...Fact is NEVER once in the GLORIOUS existance of the Michigan State Title, did you ever cheat to win, and you call yourself the dirtiest player in the game...So what are you, a hard working, double tough bad ass brawler who gets it done the old fashion way? Or a cheating, backstabbing, betraying scumbag? Which way you want it Jon? Are you noble or crass? Are you honorable? Or can I not trust you? You say you would not ever do an illegal or unethical thing, yet you choke out some poor kid, and put up fake tapes of my mother...And I'm supposed to believe you?

(Redemption walks a few feet, then stops.)

REDEMPTION: Let me make this easy on you Jon, I can see it already in you, you know, deep down, right now, you're overmatched...You deep down right now, know you can't win this match...And that's what brought about this change, what brought about this need for honor and respect...You're trying to find something new, something that will work for you, some new idea or gameplan that will allow you to defeat me...Well Jon, maybe next time, maybe in 6 months, maybe in a year...I can see you now Jon, and I know it's over...And in that ring, I will make it...Be over...Don't take this loss hard Jon...Think of it as the first step you take...On your path...To Redemption...<FADEOUT>


Adleminded Opponent???

(Savage is standing outside of his home in Auburn Hills, Michigan, watching Redemption's latest promo)

SAVAGE: How dare you besmearch the name of one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Bobo Brazil was one of the greatest talents in the world and did more for wrestling than almost anybody.....(pauses)

SAVAGE: Now I'm going to do the wrestling world a favor. I'm going to rid the cyber wrestling world of a sick, sick, individual. An individual who truly has some problems, serious problems, and needs to be in a straight jacket, and not a ring. Yes, Redemption, I'm talking about you.

(starts walking towards house)

SAVAGE: You're scared, Redemption, and that's understandable. You should be. I am the "thinking man's wrestler," not for those who are crazy or deranged. I have the brains. (points to head) and I have the wrestling ability. Just look at the 18 NWA Michigan Titles I have held. The green-eyed jealously you posess will cause you a loss.....the loss to me. You will lose to me and I will move on to hold the GLCW title. End of story.


Adandon Reason For Madness

(FADEIN: Redemption sitting in front of a desk, stacks and stacks of old PWI's lay in front of him.)

REDEMPTION: I looked through them all, I checked all I could, and nowhere did I see "Jon Savage beats Bobo Brazil to win the Michigan State Championship" So I have to again believe that Bob is in fact, your kitty...And that you in fact...And the man who has abandoned reason for madness...Look Savage, about the only thing you have been thinking about is what hairbrained new gimmick you'll spawn for the next promo, next mic spot, next whatever, that you'll forget about when you get in front of a camera the next time, it's as if you're Bill Murrey in Groundhog's Day and if you FINALLY cut the perfect promo, you'll be free...Well, keep trying, learn how to sculpt ice, play the piano, flip cards into a hat, do everything and anything, kill yourself 20 or 30 times...Whatever works for you...Do it...But in the end, know that you're going to lose in the first round of the GLCW tournament, and I don't care if I'm beating the dirtiest player in the game, the hard working moralist, or the thinking man's wrestler, because in the end, they are all one in the same, one helpless confused man who's a roadblock I will get past...In order to EARN...My redemption...<FADEOUT>


Losing is NOT an Option for Me

(Fade in to Savage standing in his front yard with Lyla)

SAVAGE: It seems to me that you still have this fog in your mind that seems to believe that I have to wrestle cats in order to achieve a victory. Unlike yourself, I don't have to wrestle animals, old peope, or corpses in order to say I am a wrestler, much less get a victory. Redemption, you've never held a title. I know this. You've also sucummbed to the cheers of the very lowlife you are a part of. You feel that you have something to prove to the idiotic masses that seem to rule your life.

(looks at Lyla)

SAVAGE: I've never, ever needed the fans, Redemption, as my reason for doing anything. I also don't have to "make anything up" to the fans, as you say you do. Redemption, you are in definite need of therapy. (shakes head) Instead, though, you're going to experience WRESTLING therapy. When I beat you in round 1, and I WILL beat you in round 1, you will never....EVER.....forget the name of Savage.....Jon Savage.

(fade out)


For it is the only path offered

(FADEIN: Redemption sitting on a step in front of a small store in a town, kids are playing in a park across the street.)

REDEMPTION: Jon...I admire the relentlessness of your verbal assault....But in the end Jon, it is futile...For you know that you're in the wrong here, the wrong class, fighting an ELITE foe...A man who's past you do not understand and it seems, you don't care enough to want to learn about...Titles? You KNOW I've never held any titles? <Smiles> Oh were I to remove this mask, the horror you would feel, knowing that not only have I held a title...But a MAJOR one at that...And that I'm not some old man trying to squeeze out a new career with a mask and a new identity...But instead one of the best and brightest...Who's stupidity led him to a fall, a fall he now seeks to correct...But now, well Savage...I ask you, why are you allowed to draw a paycheck in this sport? Why can you earn a living at this sport Jon? Because of the fans...Without them, you have nothing, no job, no woman to slap around, nothing...So before you go browbeating the fans of the sport of wrestling, don't forget that they are the ones signing your checks...And don't forget that by embracing them...You earn yourself, a small amount, of Redemption...<FADEOUT>

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