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League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Nazareth, PA
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-18-02 AT 11:46 AM (EDT)]MEMBER INFO
MEMBER Name: Will Austin
Email Address: coolmint21@yahoo.com
Wrestler Name: RAZE
Height: 6'10" Weight: 320
Hailing From: Bethlehem, PA
Handedness: Right

Gimmick: RAZE is a boxer turned wrestler after an incident in the ring. He beat his opponent so badly that he died. RAZE has what could be considered a split personally. A voice in his head developed after years of boxing and many hits to the head. The voice talks to him and controls his moves. The voices tend to make him more aggressive towards his opponents. For the time being, the voices have stopped but could return at anytime

Ring Attire: Black leather pants are typically his ring attire. He may enter the arena with his t-shirt of choice (usually sometime insulting). During vignettes he tends to prefer blue jeans, t-shirt, and baseball cap.

Looks: Muscular build and very defined. All year around he has a medium tan. His haircut is generally a clean cut look. Very short but has sort of a messy look and sideburns a must and of course a goatee.

Ring Entrance: His entrance is not one to shake a stick at. The stage shots fire upwards in the arena. He enters and walk downs the ramp in slow movement. He seems he getting himself ready for the match.

Theme Music: "BOOM" - POD

Tactics/Style: Brawler. He wants to beat his opponent till they're bloody.

15 Moves:
Elbow Strike to the back.
Sidewalk Slam
Reverse DDT
Head Butt
Mounted Punches
Leg Drop
Low Blow

Submission/Weardown holds:
Dragon Sleeper
Ankle Lock

Finisher: SkullSlam (Chokeslam except RAZE grabs opponent by the face not the neck)

1) He can take a beating
2) Very strong

1) Not usually concerned his well being or his opponent.
2) Not very technical. He relies on punching and kicking too much.
3) The voices.

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