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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
I'm trying to gear MCW up for possible future big shows. I just wanted to have a centralized area to update information on standings and such. Keep in mind that all of the stats are taken AFTER the relaunch of MCW in April.

I have taken into consideration past standing with the company and titles earned...

Rankings (Singles)

Heavyweight Champion: Chandler Maxwell
North American Champion: Dakota Smith
1. Bryan Storms (Former Heavyweight Champion)
2. Nakita Dahaka
3. Adam Benjamin (MCW Legend)
4. Karl Brown (MCW Legend)
5. Chris McMillan
6. Rob Franklin
7. Sanket Desai
8. Insurgent
9. Joseph Justice
10. Professor Tremendous

Rankings (Tag Teams)

1. Blitz
2. New & Improved D-X
3. Big Dog & Dan Ryan
4. Big Bad Brian Bruno & Simply Beautiful
5. Silver & GOLD
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