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Jan 1, 1970
For anyone not on the NFW Roster page, I was hoping to get some mini-bios under this thread for the show writing. Your two options are...

OPTION 1: Provide a link to an already existing bio on the internet.


Hailing from:
Theme Music:

Ring Attire:
Wrestling Tactics/Style: (EX: early Chris Jericho clone, Suplex/Submission Technician)
Basic Moves:
Signature Moves:
Finisher/Finisher Description:


The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Justin Voss
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 279 pounds

Hailing From: Baton Rouge via Melbourne, Australia

Theme Music: "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith

Alignment: Face

Gimmick: A man once plagued by his megalomania, who lied and cheated and stole his way to the top has overcome the monster within and now stands up for what he believes in while trying to tribute the life the industry has given him. But that monster ALWAYS lurks just below the surface, right?

Wrestling Style: Main Event Brawler/Bump Taker

Three Weaknesses:
Speed; he is not fast and really needs to bring a match down to his pace.
Busts open easily; he is liable to bleed like a stuck pig.
Stubborn; while as a strength it's known as stamina as a weakness it is stubbornness and can oft be the cause of him costing himself some years on his life.
The Monster Within; can he overcome the opportunities that he would once clamber all over or will he take the high road?

Three Strengths:
Stamina; Voss has an uncanny amount of stamina and DOES NOT no how to quit.
Natural strength; he's not the strongest man in the world but is ultimately a naturally strong person.
Selling; ain't nobody who can sell like Voss... NOBODY!
Smart; the man has a brilliant wrestling mind and can find offense in most situations.


Basic Holds/Strikes/Takedowns
1. European uppercut
2. big boot
3. sleeper
4. mule kick (to belly)
5. head grab takedown (wraps hands around the ears of charging opponent and swings around 180 and lets go)

Wear Down/Mid-Late Match Holds
6. snapmare w/- palm thrust to back of the head
7. single arm DDT
8. fall away slam
9. leg hook back body drop
10. 180 degree spinebuster slam (Arn Anderson style)
11. powerbomb
12. inverted vertical suplex slam (set-up for Ode to Money Bags)
13. Ode to Money Bags: top rope Million Dollar fistdrop (can also be performed from a standing or running position)
14. torture rack
15. sidewalk slam w/- elbow to face after canvas impact

Signature/Special Holds
16. Ode to Flair: figure four leglock ***potential finisher
17. Ode to Endangered: spinning palm thrust to forehead
18. Ode to my Asshole: clothesline from Hell

Set-up for Finisher
19. No set-up, finisher can be worked into or exploded upon

Primary: vDriver II - Package piledriver
Alternate (if any): vDriver 2007; Ode to Flair; Ode to my Asshole
Description: stalling vertical suplex into 3/4 turn facebreaker (Stunner) - let's the opponent fall backward behind him; Figure four leglock; Clothesline from Hell
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League Member
Sep 17, 2012

Name: Orange Dragon II
Nicknames: N/A
Height/Weight: 5'11/209 lbs
Hailing from: Kobe, Japan
Theme Music: 'Cry Thunder' by Dragonforce

Ring Attire: Burnt Orange mask completely covering eyes, nose & mouth. The mask actually sewn into his ring gear [same color waist-up]. A many-headed dragon is designed on his mask, in black. His ring gear is longsleeve with twisting dark green dragon tails around the sleeves. On his back, a multi-headed dragon [two outter heads dark green, the center head burnt orange.]. The tails belonging to the dragon on his back of course. The Ring gear is one piece, btw. Waist-down, OD II has the same color of dark green on except Red/Yellow/Purple flames that are illustrated from his knees to his waist. The flames do a wrap-around. Dark Green Boots, mid-length to knees.
Wrestling Tactics/Style: Orange Dragon's style is a mixture of stiff tit-for-tat Puroseru strike mentality with luchador takedown influence. I like to compare him to Tiger Mask IV of NJPW fame with a dose of Mascara Dorada [CMLL], fluid speed and execellent footwork . Has a 'just ok' ground game. Will occasionally throw a spinning kick in someone's jewels or use old 'fire flash' tricks when desperate.
Heel/Neutral/Face: Heel, but oddly cheered like crazy in Kobe.
Basic Moves:
Puroseru type strikes [inner thigh kicks, open palm shots, fancypants kicks]
Flying headscissors
various armdrags, unique snapmare takeovers
Drop-sault dropkicks
Leg sweep/Standing senton followup.
Inverted Dragon Leg Screw
Flippy type showboating [handspringing for applause, front rolls for the hell of it]
Signature Moves:
'Flash Of Fire' - Just like old school heels, the flashes of fire toward an opponent's face.
'Dragon's Ash' - A 'SlingBlade' variation off the top rope.
'Dragon Suplex off 2nd Rope' [Jr. Heavyweight opposition-only]
'Orange Crusher'- a springing backward ace crusher
Finisher/Finisher Description: 'Head Kill '13' - a devastatingly accurate 'Frankensteiner', the Scott Steiner style [early 90s] where the opponent ACTUALLY landed on the top of his head.
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Jun 4, 2007

Ring Name:Fappity Baytor
Real Name: Rocko Dionysius Rockchest Hardass McBaddenstein the Third
Alias(es): Smash Lampjaw, The Destructinator, “Diamond” Danny Daring, Captain Defenestration, Bigdick the Barbarian
Nickname(s) “The Master”
Date of Birth: Bone-uary 18th, 1969, duuuuuuuuuuuude.
Hometown: Dick Joke, Nevadong
Theme Music: <font color="#2B2923"><span style="font-family: Verdana">

Height: 5'6”, 1'9”
Weight: 130 pounds, 6 pounds and 10 ounces.
Handedness: Rightie. He calls using his left hand “The Stranger”

Physical Description: Lanky. Hell, emaciated. But he has one mighty arm, thick with muscle and encrusted with eighty years' worth of jerkin' it. And dude's only 27 and a half. He has stringy, long blonde hair that he doesn't take care of. His baths come when he wants to use some water to cool down his frictionburned dilz.

Ring Attire: Fappity wears a pair of black spandex pants, ankle-length, with a yellow stripe going up each leg on the inside, meeting over the groin. It was the cheapest pair he could find at the wrestling tailor's place that one time.

Y'know. That one time he bought ring gear. Why would he blow money that could be going to porn? Or girls.

Porn girls.

He often snags free tee-shirts, because free shit is awesome. His ring boots are flat black and boring. Kinda grungy and old, too. Cracked leather an' shit.

Alignment: Comedy face.

Gimmick: Chronic masturbator who wrestles with really no holding back, very lucha-style and flippy-doo.

Fighting Style: Claw-based offense. Chops, brain chops, open-handed slaps, claws, eye gouges, Mandible claws, anything and everything revolving around his CLAW.

Strengths:(Do not include more strengths than weaknesses)
  1. THE CLAW – Fappity's right hand is befouled with the results of his chronic masturbation, stinky and gross. The thought of touching something so stained with sin, so gnarled and crusted and marinated in dong-sweat sends chills up the spines of most men. And so, Fappity uses his literally darker-than-his-other-hand as a main weapon. Chops and slaps and face-wipes and of course, Fappity's finisher. The Iron Claw.
  2. Flipz. Half the time, when Fappity jumps, he has no idea which way he's gonna be ending up. Flipz just kinda take you where they will. His flipz are sloppy, uncoordinated, and more dangerous to himself then to his opponents. But when he lands on a guy, he's built up so much momentum to discharge, that the other guy is totally beaten up.
That's how physics works.

1. No muscle mass. Fappity can't pick dudes up for shit. If it comes to a test of strength, one hand will win, but other than that, Fappity doesn't spare the time for muscle-growth.

2. Lack of motivation. Fappity wants money to buy porn and hookers and maybe the odd drink for a cute girl. He wants titles only for the paycheck with it, he wants victories only for the winner's purse. There's no burning drive to succeed as the greatest wrestler of all time, just a drive to jerk his meat.
3. Lack of training. Fappity cannot handle high-grade technical wrestling and fancy headlocks. He can do some flippy-doos, and that's about it. His only hope when in a submission hold is THE CLAW

10 Common Holds/Maneuvers:
1. Dropsault
2. Springboard dropkick
3. Brain chop
4. Fishhook mouthgrab
5. Open-handed slap
6. Running Cross Body Block (with a facegrab
7. Backhand
8. Knife-edged Chop
9. Eye gouge
10. Senton

3-5 Signature Moves:
1. “Fapping Rush”, repeated open-hand slaps, a series of spinning backhands and then a running palm thrust.
2. “Beating the Bishop”, Running palm thrust with the Claw
3. “Choking the Chicken”, Backpack Sleeper hold w/ the Claw over the face.
4. “Oh the Humanity”, a Mandible Claw
5. The Fap Drop, A big snap DDT

Primary Finisher: THE CLAW
MDK Finisher: The Cream of Fappity
Description: Fappity reaches into his pants with the claw. The arena lights drop. When they come back up, Fappity's opponent, and 5-8 feet around the man is covered in white fluid.

Previous Titles/Awards: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 Masturbator of the Year, C2W Tag Team Champion, winner of the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Tomah, Wisconsin Walmart Release Line Dick Joke Contest

Jesse Ramey

New member
Apr 16, 2007
Harts, WV

Name: Jesse Ramey
Nicknames: The Anti-Star
Height/Weight: 6'/205lbs
Hailing from: Harts, West Virginia
Theme Music: "Heroes" by Shinedown

Ring Attire: Black wrestling tights, black wrestling boots, white taped fists.
Wrestling Tactics/Style: Extreme, Technical, High-Flyer

Heel/Neutral/Face: Face
Basic Moves:

Turnbuckle/High Flying Moves: Flying Clothesline, Flying Headbutt, Guillotine Leg Drop, Shooting Star Press, 450 Splash, Corkscrew Plancha, Cross Body Block, Flying DDT, Frog Splash, Swanton Bomb, Skytwister Press.

Submission Moves
: Achilles Tendon Hold, Ankle Lock, Chicken Wing, Crossface, Dragon Sleeper, Figure Four Leg Lock, Greco-Roman Arm Lock, Headlock, Indian Death Lock, Nerve Hold, Reverse Chinlock, Rings of Saturn, Sharpshooter, Side Headlock, Sleeper Hold, STF, Texas Cloverleaf.
Other Common Moves
: Arm Drag, Arm Scissors, Baseball Slide to the Outside, Running Bulldog, DDT, Double-Arm DDT, Drop Toe Hold, Dragon Screw Leg Whip, Eye Gouge, Facebuster, Headscissors, Hip Toss, Insiguri Kick, Japanese Arm Drag, Leg Sweep, Monkey Flip, Neck Breaker, Reverse Neck Breaker, Running Clothesline, Running Senton (Back Splash), Savat Kick, Short Arm Scissors, Side Kick, Side Russian Leg Sweep, Snap DDT, Snapmare, Snap Suplex, Spinning Toe Hold, Standing Drop Kick, Superkick, Swinging Neck Breaker, Thrust Kick, Tornado Punch.

Signature Moves:

The Hangover (Tornado DDT)

Touching the Sky (Split-legged Moonsault)

Stroke of Attitude; SOA (Rolling Senton)

Extreme Measures (Jump Spinning Heel Kick)

Culture Development (Asai Moonsault)

Finisher/Finisher Description:

The Attitude Adjustment (Darkness Buster - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dq5utWHO84)

Non Compos Mentis (Sunset Flip Powerbomb)
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Aug 8, 2007

Going to bring this bad boy back to the top ... bunch missing still. :cool:


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road

New people who are interested in having their characters included in this long-ass article I'm writing on 2013 rookies for the website, let me know. It's going to involve a lot of things about some of my own characters as that was the original intent, but I thought it would be cool to expand it and include others. It's a chance for people to get to know your characters more. PM me for more details.


Jan 1, 1970

Just keeping this updated for the RAGNAROCK 2013 tour that's just started.

If anyone wants to confirm their full-time NFW status, please shoot me a PM/IM and we'll get your character setup on the website.


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Name: Alex Austin
Nicknames: 'Experience'; 'Strife's Disciple'
Height/Weight: 5'10 224
Hailing from: Coon Rapids, MN
Theme Music: "Lunatic Fringe" - Red Rider

Ring Attire: Black spandex long-shorts that read 'AA' on one leg and 'CATCH!' on the other - a reference to his catch-wrestling background. His top is a black short-sleeve rashguard with red shoulders - it reads 'CASTOR STRIFE' on the rear shoulder, and 'DISCIPLE' on the front with a white upside down triangle beneath. He tapes his legs up with white tape to gain traction for leglocks. Also wears ASICS wrestling shoes.
Wrestling Tactics/Style: Pure submission fighter. Style is akin to Daniel Bryan and Austin Aries.
Heel/Neutral/Face: Heel
Basic Moves:
Bridged German suplex, rolling knee bar, ankle lock, head-arm triangle, inverted triangle from side control, gogoplata, omoplata, various armbars, superman elbow strike, leg kicks, various suplexes.
Signature Moves: Rolling kneebar, kata guruma (fireman's carry into a forward rolling senton), uchi mata (inner thigh throw).

Finisher/Finisher Description: 1) Flying Triangle (Aerial triangle choke) 2) Anaconda (Modified rolling Darce choke)


Jan 1, 1970
Ramey, Dragon II, Boogie bios have been added to the actual website.

Chameleon's is out there too, you just can't see it! (hahahahaha!)

Anyway, gents... let me know if you want backstage access to fully complete them!

Kid Chameleon

New member
Apr 14, 2012
Kid Chameleon

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 216lbs

Nicknames: Alex The Kid, Lara's Boyfriend, The Sega Ambassador, The Mayor of Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach's Pin-up, The Boffin, The Vice-Chief of Vice City, The Saint of San Andreas, X-Box's X-Factor, The World's Greatest Gamer, Kasumi's Secret Crush, Gouken's 3rd Disciple.

Hometown: Kid Chameleon has a monthly residence! Yes, Million Dollar Man and D-Lo eat your hearts out!

January: Midgar, Gaia
February: Rapture
March: Plunder Island in the Tri-Island Area
April: City 17
May: Raccoon City
June: Portland Island, Liberty City
July: Green Hill Zone
August: Ocean Beach, Vice City
September: SimCity
October: Los Santos, San Andreas
November: Silent Hill
December: Dark Land, The Mushroom Kingdom

Appearance: Kid Chameleon wears a leather black jacket, black sunglasses, a white t-shirt and . He doesn't take any of them off while wrestling either, unless he's impersonating another console-oriented character.

Theme Music: Super Mario Bros Theme - Mr Bungle

Entrance: The cheerleaders from Sanders' entrance are still standing at the aisleway when Kid Chameleon comes out. They all applaud him and scream but he doesn't notice they're even present because he's too engrossed in his Nintendo DS. Eventually, when he reaches the ring, he pauses the game, hands it to ref and tells him/her to make sure it's taken care of.

History: Despite Paul's status as one of the 'In Crowd' at school, his best friend in actual fact was one Alex Carmichael. Back then, Alex did okay himself and was the more academic of the two and had his fair share of friends as well. While Paul has always excelled at sports, his tag team partner has a penchant for playing on consoles and his gimmick is based on the main character of the Genesis game, Kid Chameleon. He even dresses the same way. So, yes, we have total opposites. They're The Players and they're all grown-up.


Set-up: 1) Dragon Punch (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSkZNxliS0E)

Description: Kid Chameleon tries to pay homage to Ryu and Ken with this, nicking Claudio Castagnoli's Swiss Death. It's not the same, but hey, it's as near as Kid can get.

2) El Fuerte Flying Gigabuster (Prelude to the 360) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5mEitR5mt0

Description: Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Finishing Moves:

1) Mega Drive (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5mEitR5mt0)
Description: Michinoku Driver II

2) 360 Live (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkaclR63adg)

Description: 360 Moonsault


Kid is a huge fan Tekken, particularly King and his combinations. So, he's paid homage to both the Tiger Mask rip-off and the legendary series in grand fashion.

Tekken 1: A Piledriver is converted mid-air into a Double Arm Face Buster (modified Pedigree.)

Tekken 2: This time, Kid's Piledriver is fully-completed and complemented by a Boston Crab.

Tekken 3: Chameleon jabs both of his fists into the opponent's abdomen, setting up the HI-Jack Backbreaker (A Powerbomb Backbreaker into Kid's knee.)

Tekken 4: A running takedown that takes the other by surprise is quickly converted into a Figure-Four Leglock.

Tekken 5: An armbreaker into a Russian Legsweep (Kid maintains hold of the arm.)

Tekken 6: A Standing Heel Hold is turned over and into an Indian Deathlock. After a few seconds, Kid releases the hold, parts his opponent's legs slightly (come on, you lot - behave) and slaps on King's Bridge, AKA Mexican Surfboard.


General moves

Running Powerbomb
Leg Lariat
Shining Wizard
German Suplex
Manhattan Drop
Giant Swing
Half Boston Crab
Camel Clutch


Signature Moves

To Russia With Love/ Driver: A move with two names, more commonly known by the latter. Kid has his opponent up and does a series of 360 turns (4 or 5) before planting them with a Jumping Piledriver (Come on, no one can do the Russian brute's Spinning Piledriver, except Kenny Omega with some help from NJPW's production team.)

Axel Suplex: Two rabbit punches to the head and a German Suplex into a pinning predicament. The move pays tribute to Axel Stone from Streets of Rage.

Pendulum Lariat: Kid swings his opponent around, doing a full rotation before laying them out with a stiff clothesline. Set-up is similar to Jake's short-arm clothesline.

Jumping Knee: Sega's Ambassador sprints up ropes and comes back off the second turnbuckle, turning to face his opponent, with a stiff knee to the mush.

Triple Headbutt

Thunderfire Powerbomb

Snap Mare-Soccerball Kick to the back

Shotgun Chop: 1 big knife-edge chop is greeted with a shout of 'YEAH.' Three quick chops come in short succession.

High Kick (Left leg.)

Double High Kick: Kid feints with the left leg and actually cracks his unsuspecting opponent with the right peg.

Front Roll Kick: Koppu Kick.

Missile Kick: Similar to Daniel Bryan's Missile Dropkick.

Killing Toe Kick: Feints with the left but connects with his right, using the sole of the boot, to the gut.

Killing Toe Kick Splash Mountain: See above, plus a Stalling Double Underhook Powerbomb.

Wall Back Flip: Kid has his opponent set up for a Samon Drop. Instead of falling with them, he leans back and rams them into the turnbuckles (spine-first.)

Coconut Crush: Standing behind his opponent, he simply rams his rival's head into his knee.

Machine Gun Knee Lift: While Kid's opponent is crouching, two hard knees come their way followed by a ferocious third to the face.

Corkscrew Knuckle: The opposition is struggling to get to its feet. Kid leapfrogs ONTO the back of their head, which is now tucked between his legs. From there, he gives them a heavy axe-handle smash to the top of the noggin.

The King of Elbows: Similar to Ted DiBiase's falling fist drop, utilising an elbow instead. One more difference: It's usually to the stomach instead of the head, though can be used to the legs as well if The Players are softening up there.

Moonsault Body Press

Head Bomber: Kid holds his opponent's legs up and butts them in the nuts (Bret Hart used to do this to the abdomen.)

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