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"Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells vs. Minion


Jan 1, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland
Part 2 . . .

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-17-03 AT 09:10 PM (EST)]{...FLASHBACK...}

T.R.; "Minion rushes Wells and Wells ducks a clothesline and kicks Minion in the gut and hits a sidewalk slam!! He pulls Minion up, whips him, reversal! Wells with a leapfrog and Minion comes off the ropes with a flying forearm and he clobbered Wells! Minion quickly grabs him and hits a release German suplex!! Minion signalling to go up top! Wait a minute!"

R.W.: "Look, it's Nemesis, he's trying to fight his way through security!"

J.S.: "Who let this jerk out here and why wasn't he locked up!? I swear to God I think K.K. hired these security guys from Special Education programs!"

T.R.: "Minion has turned his attention to Nemesis, and Minion may have been going for the Fall From Grace as he stands on the second turnbuckle yelling at Nemesis! Nemesis is trying to fight his way past the security guys but there are many of them! Minion has lost his focus and Wells gets up, collects himself and rushes over and grabs Minion from behind! Back suplex into a bridge off the second turnbuckle!! 1.......2......3!! Wells got him!! Listen to this crowd!!"

{...camera opens up to Jared Wells sitting down watching the footage of Wells/Minion I in some locker room area. He is laid back and relaxed drinking some beer...}

JARED WELLS: So there I was, and here we are now. Minion, my man, what's going on bro? How's life been? 'Ya know the last time I talked to you was before our match at Rip-Tide. I'll have to say, it was not what I expected but after the bell rang, I came out on top. But this time, it's RAGE vs MINION 2. Grab all the critics, all of the wrestling writers for this one. I will show that this was no fluke. Minion, I have nothing but respect for you dude and I knew I was the underdog in our match. BUT! But, my heart was bigger than the entire arena that night. I knew it deep down inside that I could beat you.

Our match should have happened years ago but it's funny how long it took for us to get here. I have no problem with you what so ever, nor do I have a problem giving you a rematch. But I do have a mission, and that is to stop you once again. I would love to shut up all those critics who say my career is shot to hell. I'm living proof of a comeback kid. I'm starting to complish things that I should have done years ago. I've already faced Manson, Anarky, Tact, and you. Guys that I sat there and watched become the TOP GUYS in this business. I gave them all a run for their money. Again, I respect you for what you've done. But it's my time! My time to show the world that I'm a winning champion.

Many guys come through here and claim they are the *PEOPLE'S CHAMPION* but honestly, the people have the last saying! I don't claim to be the people's champion, the people CLAIM me as the *PEOPLE'S CHAMPION*. It's something I've accepted a long time ago. They're not dumb man! We don't live in a perfect world, nor do I think I'm perfect.

Minion there is a reason for everything. There is a reason why we will bang heads once again in the ring. You felt the RAGE from my fans before when you walk down that aisle. Remember getting that cold chill when your music hit? DO YOU?! This time the pain might be more intense. And this time I will drop you on the head, BAM! ONE-TWO-THREE, RAGE will be 2-0. The RAGEBOMB is where it all lays big man. History could repeat itself....but why let that happen? I'm all about a different ending........an ending that you won't like, nor LIVE FOR. Let's do this thing one more time....and you'll find out once again...




League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
RE: Part 2 . . .

Posting for Barry Clark since he is having access problems:

{..camera opens up to the Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois. camera pans over to the bleachers as you see Jared Wells sitting watching an empty field. leaning over his knees, he's wearing blue baggy jeans, white cut-off nautica shirt, silver arnetts glasses, and his bleach blonde, brown sides all styled. camera moves in closer as the wind begins to pick up...}

'RAGE 'o FIRE': Here we are man, the final show of summer 2003. 'Ya know the past couple of months have been very hot here in the GLCW. We're rolling into the Memorial Stadium in just a few short days here. The ALMIGHTY MINION seems to be lost for words as of late. How come dude? Does our last outcome scare you or bother you? Does my people threaten you? What is it? I thought you were playing mind games last time by not saying anything, but when I got in the ring with you dude, you were not the same MINION that I used to watch. It was like I wrestled Minion's ghost. What's your problem? It's almost like you've lost your step, or dropped the ball of some what. But let's not jump ahead of what I think of you. Let me tell you what I think about myself and my career here in the GLCW. Minion, I want to be one of the *BEST* superstars ever. At one time man, I was the world champion, had money, had it all. But when your young, your stupid. When your the world champi!
on at a young age, you pay the price. The price was RESPECT. Minion I watched you for years bro, and when you were the MAN, YOU WERE THE MAN 'lemme tell 'ya! I've never seen somebody take a crowd and eat out of the palm of your hand inside the square circle. Times change, people change, you and I have changed. It's something we all learn to live with. Question is, do we change for the better? If there is something I've done in my wrestling career is *SACRIFICE*. There were many of times I've had situations that either made me or break me. Mostly broke me, but lately being in the GLCW, MADE ME. My goal is to face the GLCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION someday! The last time I was in a championship match was 1997 when I won the WWL heavyweight championship for the third time, then the same night laid down for my then d-XxX buddy SEAN EDMUNDS because I thought it would help the ratings. OH BOY was I right, but would it help my career? HELL NO! I feel ever since then it ruine!
d my career. But, I'm not gonna let the past take over here. Minion, I told everybody in the back that I came for a cause................a reason. I've got to face guys that I've dreamed about when I was in the WWL. Guys like Kidd, Manson, MWG, Anarky, Tact, and of course you! Minion, you might think I'm talking trash about everything but I'm really not. I just don't understand where you stand dude. Here we are once again, PART TWO of us, here is your chance to show the world that JARED WELLS is a fluke! But really, can you get the job done this time? I give you all the credit in the world, but man........there's no way I'm walking out a loser! I can't, nor will I let you! RAGE-BOMB baby, you didn't get it last time, but this time I will put the final nail in your own coffin. OR! OR, my friend me and my fans can save you! Where is MINION that we used to know?! Is it really you buddy? I don't think so. Shape up soon, time is running out....



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