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Priest & Eisenkreuz

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Wrestler Name: Priest

Height: 6'

Weight:248 lbs.

Hometown: Detroit Rock City

Enterance Music: "I Am the Bullgod" Kid Rock

Alignment: Heel

Appearance: Priest has a boyish face, clean cut and clean shaven. His
hair is slickly combed over, jet-black. His pectoral muscles stand
out, but nothing else is really bulky. Priest is basically just cut.
Outside of the ring, he wears nothing but the finest clothes.
Training or doing run-ins, he wears blue nylon pants with two white
stripes running up either side, a sleeveless Priest, JA, or Empire Pro logo
t-shirt, and black Air Jordan shoes. In the ring, Priest wears blue
short tights with black elbow and knee pads and shin-length black
boots and white tape around his wrists.

History: Not much is known about Priest before he started wrestling.
His past is as mysterious as his words are boisterous. He milled
around in Detroit and Ontario area indie feds, earning his living
before catching a break with an A1E developmental contract. Soon
thereafter, he was in the big time, teaming with JA. He has a past
with JA, but this past is not known very well. Priest stayed with JA
through the end of his tenure in A1E and MBE before returning to the
Detroit area while JA recuperated. Now, Priest is back, but this time,
his relationship with JA isn't so peachy keen, at least from JA's standpoint. However, Priest fashions himself as JA's Number One Fan.

Style: Priest is a special combination of style and substance. He
combines the cockiness and showmanship of such performers as The Rock
and Chris Jericho with a strong-style work rate. He never misses an
opportunity to mock an opponent in the ring, jack jaws or gloat to the

Titles Held:
n/a... yet


Normal Moves: The Hook (Fisherman's brainbuster), DDT, Roundabout
(Rock-style jump-swinging DDT), spear, Buffalo sleeper hold,
Froggystyle (frogsplash), German suplex in all variations (rolling,
snap, release, slow-motion and pinning), haymaker, slow dropkick,
boxing uppercut, stun gun, Boston crab

Special Occasion Finisher: Street Redemption

S.O. Description: Starts out like Undertaker's "Old School" but instead of
a clubbing elbow to the arm, it's a Blockbuster.

Finishing Move:
Down the Pisser

Finishing Move Description:
Rock Bottom

Wrestler Name: Eisenkreuz

Height: 6'10" Weight:325 lbs.

Hometown: Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany

Enterance Music: "Der Golem" Fantomas

Alignment: Heel

Appearance: Eisenkreuz is HUUUGE. A monster of a man, he has a chubby
face and dark, beady eyes. His hair is black and slicked back. His
chest and arms are gigantic, and his legs are like two pillars of
granite. He's always decked out in a black suit with a white shirt and
black tie and black sunglasses, unless he's called on to wrestle.
Then, he wears black cloth pants, black boots and white wrist tape.

History: Eisenkreuz (literally German for "iron cross") is a German
weightlifting champion, renowned the world over for his strength.
He's a former "World's Strongest Man" competition winner. He is
Priest's personal bodyguard, but don't let the lack of wrestling
history fool you. Eisenkreuz has been training in a wrestling ring for
the last few years and can hold his own against grappler and
powerhouse alike.

Style: Basic big man set, emphasis on overpowering smaller opponents.
Has some Japanese background, but that's limited. Likes to work the
head and neck

Titles Held:
World's Strongest Man (2)

Normal Moves: Bear hug, Bear hug slam, powerslam, shoulderbreaker, neck
vise, abdominal stretch (ala Andre the Giant), stalling vertical
suplex, big boot, short arm clothesline (can do them several times in
succession as a set up hold), knee drop, elbow strike, eye rake

Set up move: Giant Side Slam

Set up Description: Delayed side slam

Finishing Move: Deutscheslammen

Finishing Move Description:
One-handed stalling sit-out chokeslam to a pin
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