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Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000

(FADEIN: To a static shot of the "NFW" press room, inside ESEN GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS, New York, New York, 12:04pm. The room is a large expanse with dark maroon painted walls, dark cherry wood baseboards and finishes, and large dark blue cloth drapes cover all windows, blocking out the light. Inbetween the drapery, are huge black and white framed photo portraits of NFW luminaries in action; holding up a title belt, “Crimson Mask” closeups of men slumped down on lockerroom benches, and other iconic imagery. The pictures line the room, not being able to discern them all but we can make out portraits of DAN RYAN, CASTOR STRIFE, BLOODHUNT, IMPULSE, and right behind the interview dais (and two tall, potted ferns) is a gilded, gaudy gold framed oil-painting of a young, "NFW Season Two" version ‘Cocky’ CRAIG MILES in profile, wearing a sleeveless mink vest, his trademarked silver aviators, and a Newport hanging out of his mouth like Andy Capp!)

On the podium, is the NFW REVOLUTION STAR in front of several rows of chairs with a fidgeting and anxious press corps, who are mumbling about the empty catering table, and making angry glares at the Dirt Sheeterati, who have unfairly large mounds of food on their plates. NFW Director of Marketing and Public Relations, FIONA LOVE walks out, wearing all black with a layered New York outfit accentuated with black leather calf-length boots, and a black pashmina scarf with red threading, matching her red/black pixie haircut. She takes a hard stare at the row of unwashed Dirt Sheet guys, and one of them cough/chokes on his pastrami wrap!)

LOVE: “Welcome to the ESEN offices, and thanks for taking your time to come out and meet us about ESEN, and New Frontier Wrestling programming. I’m glad that you enjoyed the lunch spread, but please, in the future, (Looks back over at some fat kid with a neck beard, and a stretched-out t-shirt) save some for the rest of us. (Some coughs in the room for that! NECKBEARD slinks into his chair) Now to matters at hand, I would like to bring out the President and COO of New Frontier Wrestling, who will give a statement, and will NOT be taking questions. As usual, my assistants and myself will be on hand to wrap up for you afterwards. So please, without further pause, let me introduce President Dennis Edward Mayfield.”

(Some photo bulbs flash and people make noise as MAYFIELD walks up to the podium followed by a super-short young woman almost dressed like a ‘Mini-Me’ version of LOVE, carrying an iPad and a coffee that’s almost bigger than she is. MAYFIELD nods to LOVE, then opens a hand where the intern shakily places the coffee in it and scurries away. He’s wearing a dark blue suit with a cotton-candy pink tie and matching pocket square, thickening heel beard and slicked back hair. He just nods and takes a long drag off of his Starbucks.)

MAYFIELD: “Good morning you guys… (winces) oh, guh, good afternoon. It was a LONG night, last night in Philly, and we didn’t get out of there until around 4 in the morning. Luckily I don’t have to hump up and down I-95 in my own car anymore and I get to crash out in the executive bus, so I’d like to introduce you to my little friend, Joseph. He’s my wingman and tells me things. (hoists up his coffee, getting some laughs) In any event, let’s get down to line items from last night’s RELOADED in Philly that I wanna address. I gotta say, I was really impressed with what I saw out of those UWA guys, and the winner of the UWA Showcase, Kerry Kuroyama just won a year-long contract to wrestle on the big stage, here in NFW. I heard that he was doing amazing things down in Philly, and from the show all those cats put on last night, I can say that it must be tough to shine in that system, and that’s the whole reason we created that farm system in the first place; so that only the best get here, or if they need retooling, they know where to go, where they can get their heads caved in, in a loving, caring environment (smiles). Congrats to Kuroyama, and I look forward to seeing him work here.”

“And on that note about UWA in closing - August De La Rossi, a member in good standing with whatever scraps are left of the Windham Clan, is the UWA World Champion, and as we do recognize that title, don’t count on seeing August on NFW TV any time soon, he has a line of angry guys built like Terry Crews ready to take his head off. He’s got his own problems and calendar dates, so don’t think he’s sneaking back in a door here. In other news, the big ticket item was the crowning of a NEW NFW World Champion in Jack Harmen. Congratulations to him on a hard-fought victory, though I’m sure the WORLD is going to be beating down his door in no time. We will hear a in-ring statement from Jack Harmen on RELOADED 19 from Boston, Mass, and I’m sure we’ll hear MORE than enough from him before then.

“But before I get too far into RELOADED 19, I need to address the status of now ex-champion, IMPULSE, Randall Knox. (murmurs and flashes!) As of 12:00am this morning, Impulse is no longer an employee of NFW, as his contract expired, and I have decided NOT to renew. (LOUD murmuring! CUTTO: The neckbeard section flipping open spiral notebooks and scribbling, one guy whipping out his iphone and texting!) You can look at that any way you want it - Impulse has been a vocal voice against management, and at the same time has been one of the staunchest allies WITH us in times of duress, so this decision was an amicable one. Who knows what the future will hold with him, his valet Calico and New Frontier Wrestling, but I wish him the best in his future endeavours if they don’t include NFW. I’m pretty sure you’ll see or have already seen him in other companies, so I’m confident he’ll continue to amaze and thrill his fans inside the ring. We’re very appreciative of his time here and wish him well. (pause and takes a pull off of his coffee, and sighs) That’s that.”

“So now let’s discuss RELOADED 19, which will be coming down the pike, behind a special BRAWL Sirius XM/ESEN Fan AXXESS ticket, where a lineup will be broadcast shortly, but I am going on record to advance some open tickets at that show, namely the state of the Hellfire Club, the BLACK MARKET, and the re-emergence of TEDDY ALEXANDER, who made himself known at Philly by knocking Leyenda De Ocho into next Thursday. (Smirks) Teddy was issued a new contract before I walked in here moments ago - the ink’s still wet, so welcome back to New Frontier, Teddy Alexander. Ocho’s got work in front of him! (laughs) Also, I am throwing the marker out there for several title defenses at 19, as it’s time for The Graverobbers, as well as Dorchester Stratton to defend their respective titles. And one more thing before I wrap this up, as I have a million things to get done here, I am officially announcing the venue for NFW RANDOM RUMBLE, which will be held in the world famous United Center in Chicago, Illinois. (clapping!) Fiona and her office is already putting together exciting fan packages for this enormous PPV, and I’ll go into more detail at a later date about the lineup. It’s gonna be AWESOME. That’s my time folks. See you when we touch down in the TD Center in Boston, and I’ll be sure to keep my windows rolled up the entire time. (smirks) Thanks. Enjoy the lunch spread!”

(FADEOUT as the press corps jumps up to ask questions, and MAYFIELD is led out of the room by NFW SECRET SERVICE. One of the NECKBEARDS drops his plate on the ground and gets angry noises from the row around him!)
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