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Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN: To the exterior facade of the NINTENDO WORLD STORE, 10 Rock, Midtown Manhattan. 11:57am. The store is a magnificent example of modern NY design - a marvel of glass and blue LED-lit windows, almost a see-through rubik's cube of glass walls. Stationed around the stores side area is a press dais, along with an array of potted planters framing a podium with the NFW REVOLUTION STAR. Two NFW 'SECRET SERVICEMEN' stand on either side of the plants, glaring at the press contingent hastily building heros out of a luncheon spread, some of the Dirt Sheeteratti as usual, taking more than their share.

After a moment, FIONA LOVE, Chief Director of Marketing and Public Relations walks up to the podium, wearing a black maxi-dress with red cherries on it, her hair cut into a Rockabilly Bob with a ready streak highlights, red beaded-pearl necklace and matching red old lady glasses. Oh, also a human-sized person in a Pikachu costume, along with a sultry looking model dressed in IMPECCABLE Samus in Varia Suit Cosplay, her green HUD visor showing a hint of sexy eyes inside the helmet. That’s just for you gamer nerds! The two characters flank LOVE as she steps up to the podium, and the press corp clamber for their seats)

LOVE: "Welcome, everyone, and thanks for meeting with us today at such short notice. It's great to be back on home turf, and no better place than TEN ROCK, which when New Frontier Wrestling moved its’ global headquarters to Manhattan, I have it under good counsel that our president may have filled out an application for a part time job at the store behind us! (Some laughs in the crowd). As we all know, our esteemed president has always been a video gamer, and our current NFW Triple-Crown Champion LEYENDA De OCHO has cemented the spirit of gaming and the Nintendo brand into NFW programming-so I am very happy to announce and proud to present our new partnership with Nintendo of America with a very interesting licensing deal that will allow us to use the entire NOA library of images, games, sounds bleeps and bloops in ESEN programming, also tying into the brand new 2015 release of NEW FRONTIER EDITION SUPER SMASH BROS. (Claps! PIKACHU attempts to clap, but his hands don’t really touch - SAMUS has one hand so she clanks it against her gun-arm)

“Yes, thanks so much, and with that note, I’m sure you will see De Ocho go full blast - and you can see after this conference where De Ocho will be on hand to sign autographs, special LEYENDA DE OCHO limited edition Game Boy 3DS’es, and also you MAY get the chance for a photo up with the champ and his futuristic ‘smart’ belt! But all of that said, again, I want to thank The Nintendo World Store for having us here, as we have some other NFW business to attend to as well, so I’ll turn the floor over to President Dennis Edward Mayfield, who has some items to go over with the press. He will not be taking questions at this time, but please meet with me and my assistants, and we’ll make sure you get what you need. Thank you.”

(Crowd shifts around as EDDIE MAYFIELD approaches the stage and gets some things whispered in his ear from LOVE, who he responds to with a squint, then he looks over at PIKACHU, who makes a creepy shrug motion with his tiny hands! MAYFIELD, wearing a charcoal Bironi suit with a granny smith green tie and pocket square, steps forward.)

MAYFIELD: (Scratching his heel beard) “Okay, thanks for coming, and If we had this press conference five years ago, the Eddie Mayfield of that timeline would be marking out being this close to Samus, and probably asking her out after this gig, and then asking her to show me her Screw Attack (Crowd makes muffled noise, and the SAMUS whole-body turns to glare at MAYFIELD!) but… (laughs) THAT’S NOT ME ANYMORE. What IS me, ladies and gentlemen, is the President of the largest wrestling organization on the globe, and also a man who comes to you with a lot on his mind.

“The last few months has been very very tumultuous behind the scenes here at ESEN and New Frontier, and while you may have thought I called this conference to air dirty laundry, that’s not what LEADERS do. I would like to address some of the happenings at RELOADED 17 in Brooklyn, and you can thank the easy commute last night to the fact I’m standing here without sunglasses on. (some laughs) So let me get going with the items.

“First, The longest-reigning champion in ESEN’s history, ROOK BLACK, has resigned from the NFW roster and possibly, wrestling all together, effective last night. After I got back to my penthouse that night after the show, I had a very short and concise courier with a shorter and more concise envelope spelled out what I’m telling you now. I have to say I’m shocked to hear this news, but that is, unfortunately, the way this business goes. So I sincerely do, wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. I’m certain his appearance last night in the ring with Leyenda De Ocho (and the shock of the Hellfire Club) was a decision he may have made but didn’t consult anyone else. He’s a grown-ass man, and he’ll always have a place in NFW if he decides to return.”

“Next, some of you may be of the mind that the Everette Memorial Traditional Tagteam titles have been at the center of some shady dealings, whereas they’ve changed hands a few times lately, with one member being present. The first was Jack Harmen losing the EMT belts to The Hellfire Club, then just last night Blaine Hollywood losing to the Graverobbers, representatives of Legion’s Black Market. As I’ve said repeatedly in this business, I was never a ‘suit’. I still don’t think of myself as one, and I don’t want to hide behind legalese - I’d rather things play out in the ring, in front of a frothing NFW crowd. Blaine was in the unfortunate position of having his partner walk out on the league RIGHT before belltime. He got Double Chokeslammed. It sucks.” (smirks, then uncaps a water and takes a smirking sip.)

“Next line item is the business with Castor Strife’s return to NFW last night. Not sure about this new player, who we’ve identified as ALSO being tagged as Stryfe, but with a ‘Y’... it looks like the returning Castor stepped right back into some drama. I don’t have much to say about that - NO, I don’t’ know who this cat is - as long as he’s out of my face, I’m pretty okay about it, but I JUST got through with a bunch of Sweetwater D-bags trying to take over my company, if this new guy is going to read from the same playbook, WE are going to have a problem, and Castor Strife has my full support. (Turns to PIKACHU) You getting all this?” (PIKACHU just kind of… faces front)

“Few more things. As we all saw last night, Impulse, the NFW World Champion has had his hands pretty full as of late, and as you all know, the World Championship is the most sought-after prize in this business. You all know that just from the way we’re coded, we don’t really see eye-to-eye, and that’s not an issue to me, as I’ve come out and stated when we began this WRESTLING REVOLUTION, that all I ever wanted was a NFW Champion that represents WRESTLING, not plumbers with their asscracks exposed, or stoner hippie space cowboy luchadore pirates. I wanted WRESTLERS, and Randall Knox IS JUST THAT. For THAT, I’m on his side, but we’re at an empasse with some challengers, mainly JACK BRYANT, and JACK HARMEN. I want to see an end to this scrum, and I want a CLEAR AND PRESENT MATCH DECISION and I want to see the BEST of ALL of these guys, not later, but SOONER.

“So I am putting my presidential seal on the MAIN EVENT of RELOADED 18 - Champion, IMPULSE will have two partners on his card that night - we’re going to see a classic THREE-WAY DANCE for the NFW World title! (Crowd making buzzed noise! They LIKE THAT! SAMUS nods up and down!) That’s right. Impulse has made his place in this business as the Marathon Man, Jack bryant NEVER SAYS DIE, like the Goonies, and Jack Harmen has Cookie Monster eyes that roll around in his head and may be the wiliest wrestler in this business. I want to see these guys GO. I know you guys want to see these guys GO. So I have invented the PERFECT match - (MAYFIELD puts his hands up like he’s framing a picture, glassy-eyed) RELOADED 18 - the very first TRIATHALON MATCH. Three men in the ring, the man who has the most pinfalls or submission at the end of an hour will become the NFW World Champion, or Impulse retains. This is going to stretch all these guys to their breaking point - and really, what else could you ask for from your World Champion? (Smiles, as flashes go off and lots of exciting murmuring!)

“This match will also ring in the retirement of Senior official Greg Herpin, who has been refereeing some of the biggest matches of our business for over 25 years. I know I’m excited, and before that, we will have a BRAWL show that will showcase some new NFW talent and also bring up some news about Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, our developmental territory in Philly. (Looks at watch as PIKACHU leans in to whispers something) right - thanks dude. I’m out of time. NO QUESTIONS.”

(FADEOUT as all the reporters jump to their feet to get a question in, and MAYFIELD disappears into the cloud of Nintendo Mascots and SECRET SERVICE, who usher him into a waiting limo - not before someone puts a HUGE Nintendo swag bag in his hands, which he receives with a mile-wide smile and cool nod!)



When I get home, threads for BRAWL 66 and RELOADED 18 will go up. Pre-RP / Reactions from RELOADED 17 can go in NFW FILMS now. WOOP! WOOP!

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