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Prelude to the Sarge....


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville North Carolina
(We fade in on Rico who is in deep conversation with an unknown individual… As we come closer, his face begins to look familiar and as we begin to hear them, we recognize the other voice belonging to none other than Rey Peligro, former sports journalist who followed the NEH/UA and Nevada Smith around…)

RS: It’s great seeing you dude, I can see that the island life has been good to you… So what really brings you stateside Rey!? Come on, you can tell me, Nevada sent you right!?

RP: Nobody sent me Rico… I was just in the neighborhood and thought I pay you a visit, that’s all… Just wanted to see how you were holding up…

RS: Well things are looking up Rey; Dakota is coming into his own, I see great things happening for us here at the UCW…

RP: Yea I’ve been reading up on that, but you still have a problem don’t you!?

RS: And what’s that!?

RP: Well for starters, Dakota doesn’t seem to like doing interviews nor does he like doing the promos… But I have to hand it to you Rico, you came and stepped up to the plate and filled in that vacuum… I like that little show you created in order to cover up that problem…

RS: Yea that has been a problem Rey, Dakota has stubbornly resisted me at every turn, but he’s young and will eventually see the errors of his way… He’ll come around eventually, he’s still a little rough around the edges…

RP: Well in my humble opinion you need to bring it up a few notches, have Dakota compete against some of the top contenders from time to time, start preparing him for the next level…

RS: Are you trying to tell me how to run my show Rey!? It shows how much you know dude; Dakota has fought a few top contenders…

RP: Like who my compadre!?

RS: How quickly we forget, how you think he came upon not one but TWO championship!? And he has been feuding with that army fanatic, the Sarge…

RP: (Smirks and shakes his head…) So he fought and defeated Bryan Storms, that was a given Rico… And as for that match that pitted him against McMillan and Storms, that too was a given… Now as for this Sarge guy, from what I’ve seen, he’s okay… But the guy is just another rookie just like Dakota…

RS: Just another rookie!? Dude, I’ll have you know that the Sarge, is one of the top rising stars in the UCW!!! The man has got it all, talent, skills and the balls to confront Dakota!!! I don’t see anyone else doing that Rey, do you!?

RP: Can it be, that maybe just maybe, they don’t consider Dakota as nothing more than just another bloated, hyped up one trick pony… I mean, you’re very bias in your show son, 99.99% of your show is centered around Dakota… And that’s all well and good if that’s what you want to do, I was just trying to point ou…

(Rico cuts him off)

RS: So freaking what!!! So I’m bias, so what!!! It’s my damn show!!!

RP: That’s cool man… So you really think that this Sarge guy might be able to give Dakota a run for his money!?

RS: Quite possible… But in the end, he will as usual come unglued and Dakota will capitalize on it… You see Rey, I’ve noticed that everyone here underestimates Dakota, they see him as a freaking one hit wonder, not realizing that he’s using that to his advantage…

RP: Hey, here’s a thought; why don’t you invite this Sarge guy to your show!?

RS: And do what with him!?

RP: Interview him, pick his brain… Get inside his head… I’m sure that you’ll learn a lot about the man by doing that…

RS: You may have a point, I can bring him on the show, get to know him better, mess with him a bit… (Laughs) Hey maybe I should have him and Dakota on the show at the same time!!! That should really stir s(bleep)t up!!! (Bursts out into a sarcastic laughter…)

RP: You know that wouldn’t be a bad idea, just have extra security…

RS: (Stops laughing and gives Rey a deadpan stare…) Are you crazy!? I couldn’t get enough security to keep those two apart!!!

RP: Yea, but think of the ratings and the buy rate would go through the roof!!!

RS: You really think that I would be able to pull it off!? Without having Dakota hand me my ass afterwards!?

RP: You’re a smart man… I am sure that you can come up with something… In fact I’ll help you pull it off…

RS: Hmmm… (Goes into deep thought, as Rey continues to burn his ear…) So tell me amigo, how would we pull this off!?

RP: Okay, first we have to cal…

(The conversation ends abruptly… Fade to black……….. To be continued………………………..)


(A video package is sent to the office of Rico Suave International. Before Mr. Suave can look at it, a secretary opens the package and finds a "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott T-Shirt wrapped around the video tape. She puts it into the player and watches.)

" Rico...Rico...Rico... You and Smith just keep looking at The Sergeant. All I have heard from the both of you are insults back and forth. The focus is away from which is fine. All I need is for you two to make just a small slip up."

"Now look closely into this tv screen... Focus on what I have to say. I don't give a shaven rat's behind how much you and Sarge hate each other. Go and fight in a ocean of Jello for all I care. In fact, take your catfight to the back alley where it belongs. I'm tired of hearing the crybaby remarks from all of you. "He took my lunch money!"... "Well, He took my balls!" "I would'nt have taken his balls if he hadn't taken my sister's virginity!" Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Freaking WAH!

" If any of you think for one second that you will have the UCW US Title to fight over. Think again. I see where this is going to lead. Frankie Scott...That's me! Will walk out of our match as the New Champion. And I will leave you three humongous egotistical meatstick barons scratching your heads finally figuring out that you should've watched who was knocking on the door instead of you was still getting gas down the road. Dakota Smith. Last time... No more words...just actions. I'm walking away from our match as the champion!"

(The video blacks out. The secretary rewinds the tape, takes it out of the player and stuffs it back into the envelope. As she goes to insert the t-shirt into the envelope...she looks around the building and then proceeds to stick the shirt in her purse. As she leaves the tape on Suave's desk...she walks away with a big smile.)


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Sarge is sitting at home, reading the wrestling dirt sheets. It's something that has been occupying a little more of his time lately...

Sarge: Frankie Scott. Do you think I forgot about you?

Jumps up out of his seat and acts uncharacteristacally sarcastic, mocking the Phenomenal one the whole time in a high pitched voice.

Sarge: Look at me! Look what I can do!

Please, Frankie. After our history I would think you have better sense than to believe I forgot about you.

I have business to take care of, and that business is getting the US Title.

In the process, I will prove myself to this company and the rest of the wrestling world.

So... uh... yeah... deal with it. You'll be more than welcome to take a shot at the title once it is firmly in my grasp.

Scene fades.


(Using the Wrestling Dirt Rags as an igniter. Frankie Scott lights a fire in his fireplace and sits back in his recliner to enjoy the warmth.)

"Corporal... Whatever. Sit down and shut up. Speak when spoken to Private! I'm not caring at this moment if you appprove of my diatribe or not. And I certainly am uncaring if you think of me or not. The problem with that is that your little boyfriend will get jealous. "

"Listen Captain Numbskull... Dakota Smith won't be the one you will have to worry about if you really want to pursue the UCW United States Title! The one firmly grasping the title will be me. It's what the fans want. They don't need a GI Joe wannabe or a low IQ'd freak of nature as their champion. And remember this, Gomer... Last time we met I gave you the true meaning of an Orange Crush (tm) (Official Sponsor of the UCW United States Title Match) when I swatted you with a soda dispenser at the concession stand and then left you reading a few good books when I crushed you with a bookcase from Ryan's office. I don't owe you anything. But, trust me... When I win the US Title, I will leave an open contract at the UCW offices just waiting for you to sign. Until then, enjoy your little date with Dakota. Maybe you can make it worthwhile since you have so much to prove. Winner becomes #1 contender to my title."

Fade Out..

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