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Mr Main Event

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Jan 1, 2000
State of Confusion
[font face=verdana]How would everyone feel about a set schedule for GXW's PPVs? I ask this because my crack staff and I are trying to determine a way for us to get each and every PPV in during the course of one year instead of the way we've been doing it. Currently the plan is for 6 PPVs a year. Thoughts and opinions on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

~ Chad


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
I think that we need a set schedule for cards because it is really hard to have six PPVs a year when there are so many non PPV cards and so much goes into them. That's not a bad thing, but in order for us to get make up to out set quota on PPV production. We all do great work as far as card production goes, but I guess that it is safe to say that we can always improve.

This is just my idea and all, so take it for what its worth and talk amoungst yourselves about it.

My proposal/idea is this:

5 cycles (cards) 4 non PPV/televised card (2 Revolution cards, and 2 X-Perience cards) Then the PPV card. All about two weeks in duration to work on. Over a week to rp...however you all see fit as to how long we need to rp, and then about a week to produce the card.

With four cards, that should give us plenty of time to get feuds arranged, angles plenty of time to run their course, and then let it all unfold at the particular PPV.

The point is that 8 non PPV cards are too long and it is not allowing us to meet our qouta. We all need to do better as a fed. i say we because we are all responsible for why the GXW is still going. ITs a joint effort, both the players and the front office people. So we have to get something a little more established, or else we are going into 2003 still wondering why we didn't meet our qouta again.

Lets try and keep the card structure simple and to the point. It took us almost over 3 months to get from worlds collide to global warfare. that's too long. The most we should be spending on a cycle is one month...at most two. We gotta keep it flowing people

Okay i think that i said my peice. if you have any more questions or whatever. you know where to reach me. I have to get going, but I will talk to you again later.

God bless,
Patrick M. Shutt
(HellFighter & True Living Colors)


New member
Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
A lot of that depends on how easily you think you can stick to the schedule you want to do. You have several people on staff ready to write matches, but you may also want to be careful to avoid burnout.

My suggestion would be to go with, say, four PPVs that you really want to do each year, and then, have two extra PPVs you can fit in if things work out time-wise.

Personally, for me, I'd be happy with four PPVs per year, as that allows you several cards to build up feuds and such. Sometimes less is more. :)

Anyway, that's just my opinion on the subject.

Bob Morris

Mason and Tate

That's true...speaking as the only CSWA card writer w/out burnout right now, and we're getting maybe 6 cards out a year... stick with four PPVs each with four-five X-Perience/Revolutions between them.

JP's bound to get tired one of these days ;-)



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Hickory USA

This is just my take on the situation. I think we should have six pay per views per year, and each PPV has a set date that it will be posted. In between PPVs, we do as many Revolutions and X-Periences as possible. So, the PPVs could be set up like this:

February 21st- Genesis

April 27th- Global Warfare (the biggest event of the year)

June 23rd- Fallout

August 29th- End of Summer PPV (to be named)

October 31st- Halloween PPV (to be named)

December 25th- X-Mas PPV (to be named)

The dates are just arbitrary, but they should go something like that. In between, we'll be having as many Revolutions and X-Periences as we can. The way I see it, Revolution is our RAW, our live show. Therefore, it should be a flash card, give about five or six days for people to write their flashes and angles and send it in, and about five or six days to write the card and get it posted.

While Revolution is being RPed for and written, a challenge thread will go up for X-Perience, our SmackDown, our live show. People can make challenges and other matches will be announced on the same thread that were booked by the office. The minute Revolution goes up, X-Perience begins being RPed for. Give about a week for RP, the same for writing. This gives us roughly, if my math is correct, somewhere between five and six cards per PPV run, which ain't too shabby.

However, I'm told that some of you have those pesky things called "lives." So, post some replies to this, and let's work out a good schedule.

VP of Card Production


RE: Schedule

Gooooood idea!

I was more in favour of about 4 ppv's, but I think the guy that seems to do the majority of the writing probably has a better take on this than I do.



Yarble Yarble Yarble.

Oggle oggle oggle.


-Zach, Administrator of the gXW and uh. Bored.

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