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Jan 1, 2000
Tag Team Info

Name: PowerGodz (no “The” in front of it)

Members: PowerMaster and Ryan Oracle

Alignment: Faces

Hails From: Parts Unknown

Entrance Music: "Take No Prisoners” by Megadeth

Entrance Description:
A yak’s horn loudly bellows, followed by a strike of lightning hitting in front of the entrance curtain that emits an explosion of sparks. Standing right in the middle of the sparks are PowerMaster and Ryan Oracle, both of whom snarl and yell as the sparks fly off their flesh. Then, as the metal cranks up, They both sprint to the ring, slapping the hands of fans at ringside. They take several laps around the ring, varying while raising their hands towards the heavens. Finally, inside the ring, they violently shake the ring ropes, climb the turnbuckles, etc.

Finisher: PowerSurge

PowerMaster spears an opponent from the front in the chest while Oracle spears the knees from behind.

Double-Team Moves:
Double avalanche, double shoulderblock, Double press slam across the knees, repeated head butts.

PowerMaster first burst upon the scene in the early days of New Frontier Wrestling. PowerMaster claims to be sent from the heavens by the Spirit Lordz, who have put him on earth as a mortal vessel to lead the world into the future. PowerMaster is a practitioner of “fokrucity,” a religion/philosophy that he claims is responsible for his physical prowess. PowerMaster is also known for his “aggro-intenzity” which is the source of his constant manic energy.

His partner, Ryan Oracle, became a wrestler only a few years ago. Oracle, too, claims lineage from higher powers. As legend has it, when Oracle was born, Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, wanted to see a reflection of his amongst the moral plains. So, Zeus held the baby Oracle by his foot and dipped him into a vat of lamb’s blood. As a result, Oracle now has one of the most sculpted physiques in all of bodybuilding/pro wrestling.

Together, they form PowerGodz. PowerMaster and Oracle have joined together to serve both of their higher powers, even though it is not clear if the Spirit Lordz and the Greek gods have relations.


Singles Info

Name: PowerMaster

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 285 lbs.

Image: Wildly flowing hair, day-glo lightning bolt painted on his face, constantly shirtless wearing baby oil, arm tassels, tight pleather day-glo shorts, leg tassels, day-glo boots.

Singles Finishers:
Lighting Strike – Gorilla Press Slam followed by a running big splash

Style: Simple power moves

Other Moves:
Running clothesline
Shoulder tackle
Flying forearm smash
Back rake
Elbow drop
Bear hug
Human Torture Rack
Head butt
Running knee to the corner

Wrestles As:
PowerMaster is constantly moving and in motion. He is a bundle of manic energy. His technical knowledge in the ring is extremely limited, but the few moves he does know are hit with brutal power. He also, at times, is impervious to pain. He has an uncanny ability to get hit with a strong move, only to pop right back up as if nothing happened. He does wear down extremely quickly, but he also has an ability to have a “Power Surge” where he gets an inexplicable adrenaline rush bringing him back to life quickly, often times due to the support of his rabid fanbase.


Name: Ryan Oracle

Height: 6’5"

Weight: 290 lbs.

Image: Incredibly well-defined bodybuilding big man. To the ring, he wears a cape, metallic headband and metallic wristbands. But in the ring, he wears tights (in coordination with PowerMaster) and boots, nothing too fancy. He has a large blue-inked tattoo of the Parthenon on his back. He also has a Chinese character at the stem of his spine.

Singles Finishers:
ThunderClasp – Polish Hammer

Style: Pure, simple power moves

Other Moves:
Vertical Suplex
High boot to the face
Running Clothesline
Fall-away slam
Leg drop
Human Torture Rack
Flying Shoulderblock

Wrestles As: Oracle, too, wrestles a very physical style. However, he has some differences with his partner. While PowerMaster wrestles at a frenetic pace, Oracle wrestles at a more moderate speed. He, too, lacks technique, but he does have some relatively advanced moves compared to his partner. He is very slow when trying to execute his more advanced moves. His moves, too, have a high impact. He doesn’t have the imperviousness to pain that his teammate does, but he does respond well to the fan’s reactions.

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