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Poe vs. The Reaver


New member
Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
And So It Ends Here

{London, England …

Walking along the back alleyways much like some of London’s most notables used to in the day … most notable to mind is Jack The Ripper … ‘The Apocalypse’ Gabriel Poe humbly strolls the long slightly illuminated cobblestone corridor with a slight smile on his face. Wearing a long dark trench coat that flows in the wind, Poe takes a moment to brush the blue hair out of his eyes …}

GP: Reaver … how long as it been my friend? Six months? Maybe even a year? I do remember back in the heyday of another promotion … Superior Championship Wrestling was it? Yes I remember. I remember the day that you did something that was unheard of. You did the one thing that many have tried to do in the past, but have failed at it each and every single time. You did the one thing that was deemed … impossible.

What you did was to find the remaining pieces of my heart and shatter them right before my very eyes.

When you broke your announcement about how you and Miso shared several moments back in the early part of the nineties I was not phased, but when you used it to your advantage and continue to push it in my face each and every single time you had the chance … that is when it because too much.

You pushed it so much it managed to affect me. It affected me so much that I even lost the tag team titles thus vanishing myself, as well as the rest of The Dark Carnival, from the federation. For that moment in time you got the better of The Apocalypse, but then again …

That was so along ago …

Fast forward to today. Only recently, at Battleground Britain, did you realize that your days were numbered didn’t you? When you felt the crack of the chair did a cold wind rush through your spine? When the chair hit you with repeated feeling … did your spine crumble? But do you know what the most amusing thing about this is Reaver?

This is only the beginning.

At Onslaught I shall finish the uncompleted task at hand and nobody can save you. Not your son, nobody from Junon, not even your old counterpart Stone … nobody.

The sands of time tick away at your existence in life Reaver, be prepared … for the utmost worst …

{Poe continues to walk until he is not seen anymore …}

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