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Pietro Geist

The Red Hood

Mar 12, 2013
Gotham City
Handler Information

Name: Tony H.
Email Address: zombiekillerzero@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Skype- undead_antihero, PM, or email.
eWrestling Experience: Handled in fWo with X3, handled in ACW with Arkady Rasputin/GVP, handled in Jolt with Pietro Geist, handled in NBW with Fuma Osore
How did you find DEFIANCE? Seth
Are you willing to write matches? You bet your sweet ass, I will.

Writing Sample

"House of the Rising Sun" by Five Finger Death Punch took over the airwaves and with it comes tonight's challenger for the Underground Title. The mountain of a man named Adam Roebuck stomped his way through the curtain. This was no time for pleasantries. He was focused and ready for battle. His heavy footsteps could be heard by everyone, as he climbed the steels steps. The Las Vegas Leviathan took a deep breath before entering the ring. He kept his mind focused, knowing he had quite the battle ahead of him.

Five Finger Death Punch was quickly replaced by the sounds of marching and Rammstein. Lorelei pointed to the ring, as she led the reigning Underground Champion down to the ring. Pietro Geist tore off his "Jesus saves... Geist kills" t-shirt and leapt up to the apron. He held his arm out to which his blond ally launched his title belt to him. He snagged it with one hand without even looking at it. The Todesengel climbed into the ring and he laid his belt across the mat. The challenge was set and the challenger had no problem accepting.

The referee removed the belt and pointed to the timekeeper. It was time to fight.


As the two men circled, the fans witnessed a sight that they didn't see very often. It was a rarity to look in the ring and see a man that made the Underground Champion look small. This was definitely not a battle of two cruiserweights and neither behemoth was in any rush, as they walked the ring. Roebuck looked as if he had a pretty big dinner, as he was really pushing closer to that five hundred pound mark and his demeanor was all business on this night.

The duo locked up, with neither having the obvious advantage. Each man growled, throwing all they had into asserting their power over the other. That's when weight came into play. Roebuck planted his foot with each step he took, making himself a boulder that could not be moved. Soon enough, Geist found himself backed up against the ropes. The referee called for the break out of habit, as he couldn't really disqualify anyone. Roebuck allowed just enough space between the two warriors for him to launch a right hand. Showing surprising speed, the champion slipped under the punch and clamped on a rear waist lock. The challenger lowered his center of gravity to stop any attempt at a German suplex. Roebuck swung with a back elbow that also caught nothing but air.

However, Geist did not miss and he blasted his gigantic opponent with a massive right hand.

The veteran Roebuck knew better than to let his emotions get the better of him. Instead, he took his time. He casually checked his mouth for blood and nodded to himself, accepting that this wasn't going to be exactly a scientific classic. The challenger looked to the champion, who was pacing back and forth, his adrenaline starting to course. If Roebuck wasn't serious enough before, he was now.

Meeting in the middle of the ring, the two men teased a possible knucklelock, but neither was comfortable enough to lace fingers. Both men refused to back down and they went forehead to forehead, trying to impose their will on each other while they still battled to lock hands. Frustrated, they traded shoves causing them to separate.

Roebuck had a different strategy than most who fought the Underground Champion. He was not going to give the German any chance to breathe or build momentum. More often than not, it was Geist who took that approach. The challenger just kept marching towards him with the uberkreiger keeping him at an arm's length away by throwing jabs. Finally, Roebuck went on the offensive only to have Geist hook another rear waist lock.

The challenger quickly reversed into one of his own and drove his forearm into the back of the Todesengel's head twice before slamming him down face first on the mat.

Using his weight advantage, Roebuck laid his massive frame on his enemy and hooked a chin lock. He wrenched in the hold tightly and broke it for only a split-second to deliver a trio of sledgehammer like attacks to the back of Geist's head.

Roebuck hooked a half nelson and used his free hand to grip the champion by the hair, so he could repeatedly slam his face into the mat.

With the half nelson still hooked, The Las Vegas Leviathan pulled his foe up from the mat and launched him into the corner. Showing some intensity of his own, Roebuck brought the fight to Geist. Lefts and rights came at the champion fast and furious. The challenger kept slugging away despite his opponent covering up. The blows still did damage and Roebuck went to knees to the abdomen, which buckled Geist's knees. A firm grip on his enemy's hair kept him in place so the The Las Vegas Leviathan could deliver rapid fire headbutts.

Geist was led by the hair to the middle of the ropes just to be whipped to the opposite set. A clothesline by the challenger missed and the men bounced off opposite ropes. They met in the middle of the ring with a huge collision.


Like two trucks meeting head-on, the two men crashed into one another with Geist taking Roebuck off his feet. That surprised the larger half of The House and he was given no time to recover, as he just got on his feet when the champion blasted him again.


Between the ropes and out to the floor tumbled the challenger, who fortunately landed on his feet. The uberkreiger hurried out after him.


The strength of the security barrier was put to the test, as the German sent the gargantuan Roebuck crashing into it. Geist was a lion on the hunt and he was determined to bring the massive prey down. He snatched a steel chair from the front.


That chair was sent flying towards Roebuck, colliding with his cranium. The Todesengel opened the same chair and positioned it in the corner of the barrier. He paused only for a second, as he gave his idea a second thought. Geist apprehended a second chair and placed it by the first, before seating Roebuck in them.

With his opponent in position, Geist put some distance between himself and the challenger. He roared like a lion and that was the signal for all of those watching that the runaway German freight train was coming.


The champion threw all he had into a massive shoulder tackle that took his enemy out of the chair and actually warped the security barrier. Geist was huffing and puffing as if he were the big bad wolf, as he stood tall. The crowd showed their support and Lorelei positioned herself on the steel steps to lead them in a chant.


Not one to pander to the people in attendance, that was his gorgeous ally's job, the uberkreiger pulled his adversary up and lean him against the warped barrier. A stiff European uppercut electrified the crown and Geist used the motion of the strike to spin right into a huge right hand. The Las Vegas Leviathan was out of it, as he was rolled back into the ring.

An off-balance Roebuck looked to the corner for help in pulling himself up. He had made it half way before his opponent pulled him up the rest. The German's well-educated fists slammed repeatedly into the challenger's midsection, doubling him over, so Geist could stand him straight up with a brutal European uppercut.

Into the opposite corner went the Las Vegas Leviathan with a crash and he was sandwiched there by his enemy with a huge running European uppercut.

Roebuck stumbled out of the corner with stars revolving around his head. Geist was waiting for him and was just chomping at the bits to do more damage. While the Todesengel was known for his strength, no one could believe what he did next.


The sound of nearly five hundred pounds falling to the mat sounded like a cannon blast and shook the arena. The crowd could not believe their eyes and even Lorelei had a look of utter amazement upon witnessing Geist assert his power.

The uberkreiger looked for a cover...




The challenger shoved his enemy off and immediately started to get upright. It would take more than one suplex to keep his huge shoulders to the mat. He had just gotten to his feet when he turned to find the champion waiting for him. Once again, Geist went with what brought him to the dance, his fists. Roebuck head was rocked back by a left-left-right combination, creating an opening for his foe to hit the ropes.


A massive running hip attack by the challenger caught the German by surprise and he bounced off Roebuck like he had run into a brick wall. The Las Vegas Leviathan took a moment to clear his before putting his attention back on the champion, who he tried to crush with an elbow to the abdomen.

Another one came down harshly in the same exact spot as the first.

Geist clung to his battered torso while he crawled to the ropes. He was an easy target for the challenger and he found a boot driven repeatedly into his abdomen. Roebuck pulled him up by his long blond hair and held his arm up, so he could unleash his own flurry of punches. Each one slammed into his sore lower torso. The champion's legs were about to buckle when a right hand to the jaw sent him stumbling into the corner.

The challenger hooked his opponent's arms over the top rope. The uberkrieger's chest was wide open and his day was about to get a lot worse.


A huge open-handed strike struck the champion. The sound reverberated through the arena and the crowd cringed. Roebuck grinned from ear to ear, as he heard the crowd react, and he motioned for them to quiet down. He was far from finished.


Another open-palmed chop echoed through the arena, accompanied by the thunderous roar of agony bellowing out of Geist. Lorelei face's told the story. She was horrified by the sound and impact. She had to look away, as she saw Roebuck wind up for a third time.


Hand prints are starting to develop on the German's chest and he fell to one knee in agony, clutching at his chest. The Las Vegas Leviathan pulled his foe back up, putting him back into place. Roebuck looked to the crowd and held up one finger. He looked for their approval to deliver another strike and their resounding cheer was all he needed.


The challenger shook his right hand, as it stung from reddening the German's chest. An arm wrench by Roebuck led to a short arm pull into a waist lock.


Showing his own power, Roebuck drove down Geist hard. The champion instinctively rolled out to the floor, looking to stop any possible pin attempt his enemy could have been going for. He gripped his abdomen tightly. His torso was bruised and battered. However, he had no time to tend to it, as Roebuck drove him back-first into the apron.

Not releasing his grip, the challenger hoisted up Geist and dropped him across the security barrier, further injuring the champion's torso.

Roebuck apprehended a chair from the front row and slammed the edge down into his foe's damaged abdomen, not once but twice.

Back into the ring they went with the Las Vegas Leviathan firmly in control. He stood Geist up, only to scoop him up and deliver a brutal rib breaker.

Roebuck let out a growl of his own, as he pulled the champion up from his knee.


Not be outdone by his adversary's power display, the challenger launched him across the ring with a huge fall away slam.

A cover by Roebuck...




No rookie, Roebuck didn't bother with the official. He pulled Geist up and continued to work over his damaged mid-section with right hands. A quartet found their mark before he turned to a pair of shots right to the jaw. An Irish whip sent the champion into the ropes and the uberkreiger got a taste of his own medicine.


That brick wall once again positioned itself right in the German's path and he was seeing stars, while gazing up towards the lights. A pair of elbows once again found their mark, crushing the champion's torso.

Geist refused to stay down. He had gotten to one knee before his foe gripped his hair with both hands and rocked him back again and again with headbutts that backed Geist into the corner. Once there, Roebuck picked up the pace. Headbutts were delivered at a frantic pace and the Las Vegas Leviathan stopped only to clobber his opponent with a huge right hand.

Roebuck looked to gain some momentum before attacking Geist again, but was caught coming in with a boot right to the mouth. The German hopped up to the middle rope and looked for his trademark leaping forearm strike. He dove towards the challenger, but didn't get the result he was hoping for.


The impact nearly drove the champion through the ring and he arched his back in agony. He could do nothing to stop his foe from dragging him over to the corner. A devilish smirk came over Roebuck's face. He was going to bring out the big guns. He slowly climbed up to the middle rope. Once bouncing up and down on the ropes, the challenger hopped off the ropes.


All of the Las Vegas Leviathan's weight came crashing down on Geist's mid-section. Roebuck knew he had things in hand, but he was not going to underestimate his foe. He wasted no time in climbing back up to the middle rope. This time, he faced his foe and looked down at him from his perch. Lorelei slapped the mat with all of her might, trying to rally her man, but there was a sitting duck.


It was on the money. Geist's insides were crushed by the massive weight of the challenger. Roebuck immediately hooked the far leg, as the referee dropped to make the count.




Even with the chances of possible internal bleeding looking more and more likely, The Todesengel would not give up the fight, much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Roebuck chuckled to himself in disbelief. He thought he had him there. Not one to dwell, the challenger went right back on the offensive.


Geist was pulled up just to be knocked right back down by his adversary. Roebuck kept a firm grip on the champion's wrist and pulled him up once again.


This one was just as stiff, but this time, the Todesengel only dropped to one knee. Geist was led back to a vertical base, so he could be struck for a third time. However, he had other plans in mind. He blocked the clothesline and exploded with a barrage of punches that was capped off with a spinning backfist that dazed his large opponent.


The Todesengel had to dig down deep to gather the energy needed to spike his enemy on his head with the release suplex. Roebuck's auto-pilot kicked in and he stood back up while his brain was scrambled by the suplex. Geist made him pay for it, as he clocked him with a running European uppercut that sent the challenger tumbling over the top rope to the floor.

Out to the apron went Geist and he waited for his foe to once again become upright. Once Roebuck was standing, he raced along the apron.


Geist leapt off the apron and delivered a vicious forearm strike that caught his foe across the bridge of the nose, taking the gigantic Roebuck off his feet. It was apparent that adrenaline was starting to take over the champion, as he began to huff and puff.

A chair soon found itself in the German's grip and he went right to work with it.


The chair came crashing down atop Roebuck's head, warping it beyond belief. Blood began to trickle down the bridge of the challenger's nose and he could barely keep his eyes open. He pulled from the floor and rolled back into the ring. Geist propped him up in the corner and started blasting him with European uppercuts.

Three uppercuts rocked Roebuck, but instead of giving in to the pain, he started firing back with punches of his own. The champion was staggered and Roebuck put him down in a flash.


Geist was planted right at the corner and his opponent wasted no time in climbing up to the second rope. It looked as if the challenger was going to unleash a Vader Bomb, but he never got the chance. Geist slipped under him and using all the power his body could muster, he straightened his legs. He hurried out of the corner as fast as his legs could carry him.



The impact of the two hitting the mat caused a tremor that knocked the referee off his feet. He had to scurry on all fours over to pair to count the pinfall attempt...




Roebuck had a great heart to go with his great size and he shot his shoulder up off the canvas with just an eyelash between the referee's hand and the mat. Geist was letting a second wind fuel him. In the blink of an eye, he pinned the Las Vegas Leviathan in the corner.


A downright evil spinning back fist nearly tore Roebuck's jaw from his face.


Number two was just as vicious.

The Todesengel pulled his opponent to him by his singlet and took the gigantic man onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Geist's legs trembled only slightly, as he stepped clear of the corner. He looked to the crowd, who thought there was no way he could do what he planned. They would be wrong.


The challenger's body plunged to the mat like a crashing 747. He was nothing, but a lifeless mass in the middle of the ring. Despite not being on the receiving end, that took a lot out of the champion. Several moments passed before Geist could muster the strength to roll his foe over.

Geist could only drape his arm over Roebuck in hopes he had done enough...





Once again, the challenger escaped what many thought was sure defeat. Too exhausted to argue with the official, Geist just laid on the mat, hoping to use the time to recover lost energy. The uberkreiger rolled to the ropes and slowly pulled himself up to one knee with assistance from the ropes. He waited for Roebuck to start doing the same when he took off to the ropes.

A running forearm strike whiffed and the challenger returned fire.


That rung the German's bell. He knew he had to get up and his scrambled brain got him upright. His stay on his feet was a short one though, as his adversary pulled him into a rear waist lock by the tights.


Roebuck may not look like the prototypical athlete, but he was and his execution was flawless. The champion landed right on his head, which left him unconscious. However, the Las Vegas Leviathan was not going to show him any mercy. He was pulled from the mat only to have Roebuck batter him in his injured torso repeatedly with right hands before clamping on another waist lock.


A third devastating impact and the challenger rolled into a cover...





Geist threw all of his energy into getting his left shoulder up and the referee made sure to let everyone know that it was only a two-count, as everyone watching swore it was three. Roebuck looked over at Geist from all fours and shook his head.

"Damn this kid's got heart."

He might have respected his foe's guts, but that wasn't going to stop the challenger from delivering more punishment. The uberkreiger was nothing but a punching bag. Roebuck drove shoulder after shoulder into Geist's stomach. He whipped Geist into the far corner and took off after him. He never expected that the champion would come racing back out of the corner.


And down both monsters went.

Neither man was exactly exploding back up to their feet. Roebuck was the first to show signs of life and he stumbled out to the middle of the ring to meet the barely moving champion. Geist was practically dead weight when the challenger decided to drive him back down to the mat in a very unhappy fashion.


Everything from the German's waist up was just throbbing with pain. He could barely breathe let alone move. His opponent stood over him and lowered the strap of his singlet. The Las Vegas Leviathan was going to put an end to this. Roebuck dragged his injured foe up from the mat and it looked like Geist was going to be dealt a really Bad Hand.

Not today.

Back elbows found the challenger's jaw, breaking his grip and allowing the Todesengel to take off to the ropes. A wild swing was ducked by Geist and he came back like stampeding bull.


Geist met that brick wall and this time, ran through it. Lorelei nearly came out of her shoes at the sight of him taking his enemy to the mat. She slapped the mat, hoping to cheer him into a comeback. He rolled to his stomach, blocking out the pain. He rose up to one knee where he slammed his fists into the mat. Adrenaline engulfed the German. He rushed his opponent up, so he could fire him into the ropes.


Like an anvil falling in a cartoon, the Las Vegas Leviathan fell to the mat with a boom.

The champion looked for the win, making sure to hook the leg...





Neither man would give in to the pain and Roebuck matched his opponent in displaying toughness, as the spinebuster nearly crippled him. Both man struggled to move and they were both on wobbly legs when they finally got to a vertical base. Geist was the first to strike, as he unloaded with a right hand. His foe was off-balance and he took off to the ropes.


Roebuck struck out of nowhere, yet the champion wouldn't fall. Instead, Geist stumbled back into the ropes from wence he came, using them to spring right back towards his enemy.



Down went Roebuck like an oak tree.

The Todesengel threw all he had into the lariat and he knocked his foe into next week. He hooked both of the challenger's legs, while going for the cover...






It took the very best in Pietro Geist's arsenal, but finally he put Adam Roebuck down for the count.

The Underground Champion tried to stand, but his injured torso made that difficult and he stumbled back down to his rear. Lorelei made her way up the steel steps with the title belt in her firm grip. She draped the title over her man's shoulder, as he leaned in to check on him. His foe still hadn't moved and the referee was checking on him. The crowd showed their support for the champion, while he raised the title into the air. They had just witnessed the jOlt's equivalent of Godzilla versus King Kong and they loved it. They made sure he knew that they were behind him, as the cameras turned elsewhere.


The cheers for Geist continued for a few more moments, but up at the top of the ramp stood the man that was now set to take on the Underground Champion at Death Wish...

"jOlt's Last Real Man" Jeremy Ryan!

The man that had scored the biggest win of his jOlt career over Derecho earlier tonight now stared out to Lorelei and Pietro with a sinister grin on his face. He gestured to Pietro Geist by running a thumb across his throat and pointing a finger right for the man that held the gold he now coverted.

"I want you to see your future first-hand, Geist! Your future is me standing over you with the Underground Title in my hands!'

Geist was favoring his ribs from his gruesome battle with Roebuck a few moments ago, but he had the strength to reply to Ryan's challenge.

He raised the Underground Championship with his left hand and gestured for Ryan to try and take it.


****OR THIS ONE***

Death Wish had seen quite the spectacle here tonight. Titles had changed hands, wars had been fought, but now tonight was the main event of tonight's show with one title match to go in the jOlt Underground Championship. Pietro Geist had been dominant as the champion and had snuffed out just about everybody in his path so far, but his challenger here tonight may be his most difficult one yet.

Since Jeremy Ryan had honed in on Pietro Geist and his championship, he had been nothing but vocal about how much he wanted his first title opportunity and tonight in the main event of Death Wish, he would get it. He did the unthinkable several weeks ago by defeating Underground kingpin and jOlt's most decorated wrestler in Derecho in his first-ever Underground match. Since then, he had verbally lambasted the Underground Champion and called his own resolve into question as Ryan liked to do to everybody else in jOlt Wrestling. The two came to blows in a massive fight that had been be broken up by the entirety of jOlt's security force that proved nothing, but the last stop before Death Wish, Jeremy Ryan had done the unthinkable just moments after beating Mack Brody in an Underground Rules match.

Geist's manager, Lorelei Albrecht, had been dropped with Jeremy Ryan's Piledriver in the middle of the ring.

And Ryan did it all with a smile on his face. Now, Jeremy Ryan had the mental edge leading into this match, but one had to wonder if Ryan opened up the flood gates for something worse or had he ultimately thrown Geist off his game. We would find out now as Dean Carrington took to the center of the ring with the opening bell being called.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall! This match is the main event of jOlt's Death Wish Pay Per View and this will be for the Underground Championship!"

The belt had always been thought of as the equal to the jOlt Championship itself and with the Death Wish tradition, the belt that represented all things physical, dangerous, and borderline illegal would be center stage.

"A Man' by Cypress Hill.

The challenger made his arrival first with no theatrics or fanfare as he was wont to do. The curtains parted and out came the man in a black hoodie with his "Real Man' bloody knuckles emblem on the back. He stood with his back turned to the BOOING crowd before he turned on his heel and didn't bother playing up for the crowd. He knew what he was doing and headed to the ring with a confident smile on his face.

"First, making his way to the ring, he is the challenger... from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds... he is the #1 Contender to the jOlt Underground Championship... this is 'JOLT'S LAST REAL MAN' JEREMY RYAN!"

"That's right, fuckers," Ryan grinned. "Let me hear it."

However, his basking in their hatred would come to an abrupt halt. Flowing out from the curtain and rappelling down from the ceiling, soldiers flooded the entrance way. The militia was garbed in all black and their faces were covered by gas masks, while the rifles in their hands brought a serious mood to the entire arena. One soldier stepped to the front and pulled a walkie talkie from his uniform.

"The area is secure," the soldier's voice boomed throughout the arena, as if his radio was connected to the PA system. "Affirmative. Activating Project: GEGNER."

Suddenly, the lights went out throughout the arena. The silhouettes of the soldiers could be seen parting, as the red dot sights of their rifles gave just enough light for them to be seen. Rising up from under the entrance ramp, a massive figure appeared. A gigantic explosion made the entire arena quake and the lights came back on. The sound of "Links 234" by Rammstein brought the crowd to their feet and through the all-black platoon marched the Undergorund Champion, Pietro Geist with title belt in-hand.

"And his opponent, hailing from Munich, Germany, weighing in at 317 pounds... he is the reigning and defending jOlt Underground Champion... this is PIETRO GEIST!"

This wasn't the no frills, plain black boots and pads Geist. This man was in all white military attire with red accents. His long blond hair hung down over his face with the lower half of his face covered in a white respirator with red biohazard logos on the filters. A long white trench coat whipped behind him, as he took off down the ramp. One quick ascension of the steel steps and the uberkreiger climbed into the ring. Ryan looked on closely, not impressed, but still a little cautious.

Once his trench coat was removed, the Todesengel stepped out to the middle of the ring. As he always did, he drew his line in the sand. Geist removed the respirator and cast it aside. His hated rival was not going to back down or cower. He couldn't care less what Geist was wearing or the theatrics. Ryan met the champion in the middle of the ring.

"Play dress up all you want," the challenger said cocky grin. "It won't change the fact I'm going to drop you on your head just like I did your bitch."

That got the German's attention.

Geist whipped his head back, removing his hair from his face, showing everyone the demonic face paint underneath. A pair of crimson eyes stared a hole through the challenger. Geist growled at him, baring his teeth like a wolf, as a dark red liquid began to drip from his mouth. Crimson sprayed Ryan's face, as Geist roared loudly. Jeremy wasn't exactly shaking with fear, but he did take a step back, as he had no idea just how far his opponent had gone off the deep end. Not wanting to show concern, Ryan kept the snarky comments coming.

"Got your red wings from Lorelei huh?"


That would be the sound of the Underground Champion's knuckles being driven into the challenger's jaw. Geist's punches always were stiff, but that one had some extra oomph behind it. Ryan stumbled backwards from the impact and in a flash, the uberkreiger was back on him.


To say Geist was on a mission would be a gross understatement. He held nothing back, as he threw all he had into a trio of punches that sent his hated rival tumbling to the floor. Ryan stumbled back up to his feet only to be met just as he got vertical. The right hands just kept coming and the challenger found himself pinned against the security barrier, having his face wrecked by the German. Jeremy fired back with a kick to the gut and a couple of punches of his own, but it had zero effect. Geist kept the onslaught coming, ignoring the few strikes.

Ryan tried his best to get a little breathing room. Yet, his opponent was not going to give him any. The challenger's head was bounced off the announce table before he was sent tumbling backwards over it courtesy of a huge haymaker.

Not done there, Geist pie-faced the timekeeper, so he could grab a steel chair.


And that chair soon found itself crashing into his adversary's back. That rattled the challenger's spine and his knees buckled. He barely stopped himself from falling to his knees from the impact and he took off around the ring, while his enemy sent the steel chair flying into the crowd, sending fans racing in all directions to avoid being hit by the chair.

Geist stopped his foe from going any further via a firm grip on Ryan's hair. Merciless, the uberkreiger delivered a trio of rapid fire headbutts, showing no pain while his foe reacted like he was struck by a sledgehammer. Jeremy was thrown back into the ring, where he immediately slithered to the far corner, as the champion pushed a fan to the ground, so he could commandeer their chair.

There's surely a fine in the German's future.

With chair in hand, the Todesengel slipped back into the ring. He was looking to do more damage, yet he was cut off by a kick to the gut. The challenger fired back with a flurry of punches and chops, backing Geist out to the middle of the ring. However, his offensive was met with return fire and he was clocked by a quartet of punches that put him up against the ropes. An Irish whip by the champion was reversed and Ryan missed a clothesline. However, he didn't miss a brutal charging back elbow that leveled his enemy.

Or so he thought.

Taking a page out of the Jason Voorhees playbook, Geist sat up instantaneously and rose up to his feet, showing no injury what-so-ever.

"That's how you fucking hit somebody," Ryan informed a pair of fans in the front row, never knowing that his foe was standing behind him, looking sinister with his hair hanging down over his face.

The challenger turned around and jumped back in shock, as the German gripped him by the throat with one hand. Geist launched Ryan into the corner. Vicious lefts and rights collided with Jeremy's head and torso, only the referee diverting the champion's attention was able to halt them to which the referee got tossed across the ring like a rag doll for his intrusion.

Looking for any place safer than where he was, Ryan staggered out of the corner. He didn't get far before Geist sent him to the opposite ropes with an Irish whip.


A dangerous combination of rage and adrenaline had engulfed the champion and he erupted with a roar in the middle of the ring. He slammed his fist down into the mat before taking off to meet his weak yet standing foe in the corner.


Ryan nearly had his face torn from his skull with that kick and he fell to his rear. Geist was determined to decapitate his foe, so he instantly took off to the ropes, looking to deliver more punishment.


If Jeremy wanted to talk shit now, he was going to have to do with a possible broken jaw. The German was focused solely on bringing as much pain and sorrow to his adversary as possible. He dragged the fallen Ryan out to the middle of the ring by the roof of his mouth before pulling him up to a vertical base.


Geist wasted no time in hitting the ropes and jumping up for a possible elbow drop. A miss by the German, as Ryan rolled to safety. The champion sat up and just as he got to his feet, the challenger clubbed away at him. An Irish whip by Ryan was reversed and the Todesengel darted to the adjacent ropes.


It wasn't every day that the beastly strong Ryan was run over, but Geist plowed through him like a semi truck with the pounce like football tackle. The German was on a different level tonight and it became even more obvious, as he slipped out to the apron so he could start climbing the turnbuckle. He had just perched himself on the top rope when Ryan grabbed the referee and fired him into the ropes, causing Geist to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle.

"What the hell are you doing?" the official snarled at Ryan only to get a cocky smirk in return.

"Whatever the fuck works. Now, fuck off."

Jeremy stepped up onto the second rope and locked in a front face lock. It was time for him to show off some of his own uncanny strength. He took his enemy vertical, displaying great power and balance, as he held the champion up for just over forty five seconds...


The pair crashed to the mat with a thunderous boom, as Ryan delivered a high impact superplex. Ryan hoped that the move would buy him some time to recover, but his rival refused to stay down. The challenger grumbled while pulling himself up with some help from the top rope. He easily ducked under a big right hand from the champion and captured his head and leg.


A pin attempt by Ryan...




Forgetting to hook the leg, Jeremy was launched off his foe. Once again, his foe sat up, so the challenger went with it and positioned himself behind Geist. Holding him in place with a firm grip on his jaw, Ryan began to drive his fists repeatedly into the side of the champion's face.

"Look at your fucking hero now," Jeremy barked at the crowd, making sure they didn't forget the sound of his voice.

Geist was trying to shake off the effects of the challenger's onslaught and draped himself over the middle rope. He was an easy target for his opponent, who had slipped out onto the apron.


That one was right on the button. Yet, Ryan was far from done. He pulled his enemy under the bottom rope, draping him over the edge of the apron.


Once was not enough.


If the first kick didn't do it, the second did. It officially knocked the taste clean out of the champion's mouth. Geist tried to stand, only to crumble back to the mat, as his equalibrium was shot. He found it difficult to to keep himself on one knee let alone stand. He had no idea that Ryan was approaching in a hurry and he wasn't alone.


He was accompanied by his friend the steel chair, which he introduced to Geist's spine. The German fell to all fours, leaving his back exposed.


The follow-up chair shot warped the chair and there was no blocking out the pain for the uberkreiger this time.

Ryan quickly rolled his foe over and went for another cover...




Geist kicked out, but Ryan was not going to give up there. He hooked the champion's leg, looking for another cover...




Still not enough to keep Geist down. Growing angry, Ryan tried for a third time.




The challenger snarled in frustration and slapped the mat, as the referee signaled for a third time that it was only a two-count. It was now Ryan's turn to take out his frustration on the official, who he grabbed by the collar and fired him into the corner.

"Count fucking faster, you stupid piece of shit, or I'm going to snap that pencil you call a neck."

With his feelings now known to the referee, Jeremy turned back to his enemy. Just as he grabbed a handful of hair, a flurry of lefts and rights battered his midsection. After a quick hop back up to his feet, the German let loose with a wicked European uppercut. With Ryan dazed, Geist headed to the ropes, only to have Ryan meet him just as he came off of them.


Not many can snap off a powerslam as fast or stiff as Ryan. He left the champion laying and he wasted no time in scurrying out of the ring. Up went the skirt around the ring and Ryan was searching for something. His hunt for a weapon came to an end with the discovery of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. From the way Ryan went right to it made it very clear that he had placed it their sometime before the show.

Under the bottom rope slithered Jeremy and the referee met him almost immediately.

"Whoa there, Ryan. There's no need for that. Just put it down."

"Shut your fucking gob and stay out of my way, fucktard."

With that, the challenger pushed the official aside. Luckily for Geist he was able to use the distraction to climb back up to his feet. His enemy held the bat high overhead, giving him a clear shot to drive his boot into Ryan's gut. That caused the bat to plunge to the mat and the German looked to follow up with a haymaker. Air was all that Geist got with Ryan slipping under the punch.


...or not.

The German narrowly avoided being dumped unceremoniously to the mat by dropping down behind his adversary. Geist sent Ryan crashing chest-first into the corner. The wind was knocked out of the challenger and he stumbled back out of the corner, where the Todesengel was waiting for him.


Once launched into the air, the dazed Ryan was driven down harshly with a spinebuster, electrifying the crowd.

Geist looked for his first cover of the match-up...




Once of the worst things about Jeremy Ryan is he is just as tough as he thinks he is. He was able to kick out with time to spare. His normally focused rival showed how rage had overcome him, as Geist turned his hatred towards the referee.


That was the sound of Geist's hands positioning themselves around the referee's throat before launching him into the air.


Any humanity in the German was gone and his power bombing of the referee had made it clear that truly no one was safe from his wrath. One pest exterminated, back to the main target of the champion. The Todesengel gripped the handle of the barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, tearing it free from the mat. Geist's demonic glare could be seen behind his shaggy blond hair that masked his face, as stood over his stumbling foe like a killer from a slasher movie.


The sickening sound of of the bat cracking Ryan's cranium mixed with the slicing of flesh made the entire arena cringe in horror. Blood poured from the challenger's forehead like the Mississippi River. He could do nothing but lay there and bleed, as the weapon had knocked him into next week. The Todesengel looked at his weapon, noticing the pieces of hair and flesh still connected to it.

A bloodlust had overcome the Todesengel. Seeing his opponent gushing blood only made him fiend for more like a starving vampire. He laid the bat arcoss the challenger's forehead and used his boot to grind the barbed wire deep into his flesh, making Ryan thrash in horror.

Blinded by blood and agony, Jeremy's autopilot kicked in and his body immediately went into damage control. He rolled out to the floor, leaving a trail of crimson for his enemy to follow.

With a thud, the baseball bat was flung to the mat, where it stuck into the mat, stopping it from laying flat. Ryan tried to once again distance himself from the champion, but he would be shown no mercy. In Geist's mind, he had committed the greatest sin. Now, he must pay for it.

Geist slammed his opponent's face into the Spanish announce table and then, rolled him up onto it. He had something painful in mind for his hated rival. The champion positioned Ryan for what looked to be a power bomb from one table to another. Jeremy might have been seeing double, but he knew just how dangerous the situation was. He dropped to one knee and went to number two in the official heel playbook.


As monstrous as Geist was, no man could ignore a shot right to the testicles. Ryan went right on the attack. He captured the German by the head and arm.

The uberkreiger was going for a ride and an unhappy one at that.


The tables had turned in an instant and the challenger made Geist pay. The champion was flat on his back with the rubble of the announce table all around him. Ryan took a second to regain his focus before rolling off the Spanish announce table. He was standing, though not incredibly stable. He grabbed electrical cable and used it in hopes of choking the very life out of his adversary. Jeremy drove his knee into Geist's back applying as much pressure as he could.

Luckily for the champion, he was able to slip a trio of fingers under the chord, giving him just enough room so he wouldn't be strangled by Jeremy. He was still gasping for breath though, as it took a lot of oxygen to keep his massive body running. Ryan shoved down a member of the tech squad, so he could obtain a chair. Jeremy sat Geist up in a corner of the security barrier.


Ryan tried to crush his enemy's head between the barrier and a metal folding chair. He was far from done with the chair. He opened it so he could wedge it over the champion's face with the seat smushed against Geist's nose.

Holding up just a middle finger on each hand for all the crowd to see, telling them exactly what he thought of them without a word, while he put some space between himself and the German.


The Yakuza kick variation of the shining wizard was on the money and Geist's head was nearly crushed between the shair and the barrier. Jeremy's successful attack only made the crowd hate him more.


Ryan gripped his foe by the throat to keep him in place, as he leaned in to go nose to nose with him.

"You can come out here like a fucking reject from Resident Evil, but it doesn't change the fact that you're nothing but a pathetic piece of fucking shit fraud."

With that said, Jeremy put a cherry on top by slapping the champion across the face.

That, friends, was a really bad move.

The strike brought Geist back to life and his had immediately whipped back into position after the slap. A raging inferno engulfed the Todesengel's eyes and his hand instantly gripped Ryan around the throat. He rose to his feet with his foe still in his vice-like grip. Jeremy started kicking away at his stomach, breaking his grip. The challenger looked for a roaring elbow only to have Geist duck it. A boot to the gut doubled Ryan over and he was going to hate the destination his foe was sending him to.


Into the steel steps went Jeremy. To make matters worse it was head-first, widening the wound on his forehead. The two half of the steps flew off from the impact, leaving the larger bottom half open for use and Geist was going to make good use of it.



Ouchville, population you, Jeremy Ryan.

The challenger contorted in pain, bending backwards while snarling in agony. Far from done, the Todesengel set up a chair in a corner of the barrier near the entrance ramp. The crowd knew what was coming, as this was a staple of the German's arsenal. He sat his rival in the chair and gave himself some room to move. Geist came in like a cannon ball, only to just narrowly miss his foe.


Ryan dove out of the chair to safety, causing Geist to slam violently into the barricade. Jeremy looked to his foe, while huffing and puffing in hopes of regaining his breath. He knew that was a close one, but thankfully he was a able to avoid it. Ryan started to Geist thinking he was down for the count. He stretched his hand out to grab him, only to have the Todesengel sit up once again, sending Ryan stumbling backwards in shock.

Jeremy scrambled up the entrance ramp, the entire time being stalked by his opponent. He tried to fight off Geist with punches to the champion's mid-section. Yet, they had no effect at all and Geist decked him with a right hand right to his open wound. He was pulled up by his hair and had his legs turn into jell-o courtesy of a trio of headbutts. This allowed the Todesengel to once again take him into the air with a gorilla press.


The crowd parted like the red sea, as Ryan was sent flying over the security barrier. His massive frame wiped out several rows of chairs, sending them in all directions, before winding up face-down on the floor. The champion looked down at him and the carnage, his teeth grinding and his lip curling in rage. Ryan knew he had to get vertical, which unfortunately was a bad thing to do at this time. He wobbled, barely able to keep himself vertical, when his foe re-entered the picture.


Not known as much of a flyer, Geist threw caution to the wind and dove over the barricade to deliver more punishment to his adversary. The German exploded back to his feet and roared as loud as he possibly could with the crowd cheering him on.


The Todesengel looked around the arena, allowing their chanting to fuel his adrenaline. He dragged his adversary back to a vertical base and rocked him with an European uppercut. Jeremy stumbled backwards with Geist still slowly marching after him. Chairs were wildly thown at Jeremy while he made his way deeper into the crowd. Once struck him right in the back of the head causing him to tumble into a large speaker at the base of the audio-visual area.


The sound of a television monitor slamming into the champion's skull echoed through the arena. Geist's aggression led him right into a trap. He never saw it coming, as Ryan had his back to him before turning and waffling him with the monitor. Besides the facepaint, the monitor has scraped away some of the German's skin, causing blood to pour down across his face. Ryan took the opening to climb up into the upper loft where the pyro guys sit. Thus, sending them scurrying in all directions to avoid the danger he posed.

Up in his perch, the challenger snatched one of the tech's chair and threw it down at his off-balance foe, catching him in the side of the head. Another one followed. A monitor was thrown next and the champion barely got his hands up in time to block the incoming object.

Geist slowly staggered over to the loft and climbed up on the outside of it. Jeremy was there to welcome him with a barrage of right hands, which were cut off in a flash by the uberkreiger by spewing a cloud of blood into his eyes.

The champion's right hand apprehended his adversary by the throat and he looked to pull him over the railing, so he would plummet to the concrete floor below. He pulled Ryan nearly three quarters of the way over the railing when the challenger went to the eyes.



Jeremy went right back to what he knew worked. He tried to bash Geist's brains in with a monitor and in doing so, sent the German crashing through an audio visual table on the floor. Ryan looked down at his foe, woozy but still cocky as all hell, going as far to flip his opponent the bird before raising his arm into the air.

"Headshots kill zombies, motherfucker."

Yeah, the crowd wasn't exactly overjoyed that jOlt's biggest asshole was momentarily in charge of the situation, as they booed him out of the building. Still, he continued to pose, raising his other arm into to the air to match the first.

"I hate you fuckers more."

Just as he turned his back to Geist to infuriate the crowd further, the champion once again sat up like a slasher villain. The Todesengel's facepaint was now replaced by the infamous crimson mask and only his demonic eyes shown through. He was not even close to one hundred percent, but his will was as strong as ever. Geist scaled the outside of the loft. His enemy had no idea, as he revelled in in the crowd's hatred for him, which they added to their jeers by throwing trash at him.

No fool, Ryan felt the loft move, as the German's massive frame pulled on it. He knew that his rival had to be behind him, so he turned and fired with an elbow strike. Geist batted it away with his left hand while simultaneously launching a right hand that walloped Ryan in the jaw. That opened the flood gates for the Todesengel. His boxing background instantly kicked in. Punches from both sides and to the head and the body connected again and again.

The lights were on but no one was home for Jeremy Ryan. Doubled over by a kick square to the gut, Ryan couldn't stop his enemy from locking his head between the champion's legs. The Todesengel looked around the arena, as the crowd erupted in anticipation for what could be coming next. Their cheers only grew louder once Geist hoisted the challenger into the air. Jeremy was almost twelve feet in the air when he experienced terminal velocity first-hand.



The table exploded upon impact, sending pieces of it flying in all directions. Geist couldn't stop himself from dropping to one knee. It took a lot of energy to lift and throw his foe and the loss of blood certainly didn't help matters. Not even the capacity crowd's chanting could empower him enough to stay vertical. Blood continued to gush out of his foehead, starting a puddle each time he stopped for more than a moment.

Even with all that, the champion was still in better condition than his rival. There were no signs of life coming from Jeremy. His eyes were shut and if it weren't for his shallow breathing, many would think he was in need of a body bag. Broken back or not, Geist wasn't going to let him just lay there. He had far more punishment in mind for the challenger.

The Todesengel was not going to be satisfied until he drove his fist through Ryan's face. He rained down more punches, aimed right at Jeremy's mouth. Geist pulled his enemy's face close to his and let out a frightening roar.


Geist wiped blood from his enemy's face and smeared it across the front of his military-like vest as if he was decorating himself with war paint. The German was always a monster between the ropes, but Ryan had caused something truly horrible to be unleashed upon the world and now, he was paying dearly for it.

Ryan's legs were like cooked spaghetti and he immediately fell down, as Geist stood him up. He wasn't going anywhere under his own power. That wasn't going to stop the uberkreiger. He lifted Ryan up into a fireman's carry and headed towards the ring. The crowd cleared a path for them, as the champion lugged his unconscious enemy back to ringside. They were nearly there when Jeremy started to squirm. He slipped down behind Geist and drove an elbow into the back of the champion's head.


Into the barricade went the uberkreiger. It became clear that the challenger was playing possum. He charged at Geist with crippling him the only thing on his mind.


This match was becoming a competition to see who could cripple the other the fastest. Ryan's entry was a brutal yet effective one. Not even the rage-fueled champion could block out the pain of being driven spine-first into the arena floor, which was obvious due to his snarling in agony. Jeremy stumbled back and sat down against the barrier. Gone was the arrogant smirk and in its place was a look of utter contempt for his foe. Ryan was not going to be shown up by anyone, especially someone he sees as beneath him like Geist.

"That's how you motherfucking deliver a motherfucking spinebuster."

A fan got a little to close to the action, so Jeremy rewarded them by wiping the blood from his face with their shirt before shoving them back into their seat.

"You're welcome. Now, go sell it on Ebay so you can by more crack, fucker."

Ignoring the fact that the fan gave him the finger, Ryan slowly but surely made his way over to Geist and pulled him up only to send him tumbling over the barricade. He followed him over the barricade, making sure to bring a steel chair along with him. The chair was slid into the ring, but Ryan stayed outside. He took his hurting foe and mercilessly bounced his head off the ring apron, leaving smudges of blood along its edge.

The champion was rolled back into the ring, with Jeremy following right behind. The chair was once again in the challenger's grip.

"You think you're hot shit, but you can't keep up with a real fucking man."

Ryan's arrogance knew no bounds. His words were not enough and he mockingly scraped his boot across his enemy's face, while the German struggled to stay on all fours. Jeremy was determined to destroy his foe and send a message to everyone in jOlt that he truly is the baddest motherfucker walking the halls. Geist struggled to keep his body from the mat. He was an easy target that Ryan wasn't going to pass up.


The once flat chair was now perfectly curved in the shape of the uberkreiger's back. Ryan threw down the mangled chair, almost hitting the pair of referees that had come out to check on their commrade, and positioned himself over his opponent. Geist could've been crippled by Jeremy's onslaught. The German's eyes were glazed over. Ryan was just a hazy figure, as he leaned down and slapped the taste out of the champion's mouth.

"I'll make sure you get a good view of me wearing the Underground Title while you and that fucking slut sit in your matching wheelchairs."

There was only one thing the challenger had in mind...

Geist was pulled from the mat and his head was positioned between his foe's legs. The crowd exploded with hatred for the challenger, as he turned the uberkreiger upside down. One jump later and it was possible that the German had become a few inches shorter.


Absolutely spiked was the only description one could give to describe how Geist's head was brutally driven into the mat. Ryan announced his feelings on one knee, not giving a damn what the crowd thought.

"Boo all you want, shit heads. This is the end."

He draped his big frame across his rival and hooked the leg, as one of the referees dropped down to make the count...





The roof of the arena was blown into the stratusphere. No one had kicked out of the deadly piledriver. It was considered the wrestling equivalent of the term automatic. Ryan drops you on your head and the referee counts three. That is what happens... That is what always happened...

Until now.

"The fuck...?"

Ryan just sat there in disbelief. His mind could not comprehend the fact that his top weapon couldn't do the job. That was to be his exclaimation point... his cherry on top... Jeremy turned to the referee, not believing it to be only a two-count even with the referee repeating it. Unable to control his rage, he grabbed the official by the collar and pinned him up against the ropes.

"What kind of fucking bullshit count was that?"

"It was only two!"

"Lying little prick!"

It was a bad night to be a jOlt referee.


With the number of demolished referees now reaching two, the last remaining referee slipped out to the floor to safety, pulling the newest unconscious official out with him. To their left, Ryan bolted out of the ring and started digging under the ring. A steel chair was thrown over the top and into the ring. Not done there, Jeremy got his mitts on a table. That too found its way into the ring and the challenger immediately propped it up in the corner. The table was his backup plan should his next wonderfully horrible idea not do the deed.

Though, he didn't just think it would... he knew it would.

The chair was placed in the middle of the ring. Ryan turned his attention back to his adversary, who was laying face-down in a puddle of his own blood. It instantly became clear what the challenger had in mind. He once again positioned his legs along each side of Geist's head.

"Time to die, you stubborn fuck."

Jeremy tried to lift his foe, but the German refused to budge. It didn't matter how hard Ryan tried, he couldn't get his rival into position for the piledriver. A surge of energy shot through the champion and he took Jeremy up into the air.


Just like that, Geist had leveled the playing field. Both men were motionless in the middle of the ring. The lone conscious referee was not going to enter the ring to administer the standing ten-count, as there was no chance he was going to be obliterated by either of the two warriors.

It took several moments before signs of life could be seen. Geist slowly crawled to the corner, using the ropes for all they were worth to pull himself up from the mat. Ryan too went to the ropes and they assisted him in getting vertical, but it was clear that he was not all there. He could barely stay upright and he stumbled out towards the middle of the ring.

Bad idea...



Today's safety lesson is don't stand on the tracks when the out of control German freight train is coming down the rails.

The Todesengel drove his foe through the table, sending shards of wood in every conceivable direction. While his enemy sat in a heap in the rubble that was the table, Geist stumbled backwards out of the corner, only to fall to his rear near the center of the ring. The wound on his forehead had widened due to sending himself head-first into the table. It was damage he had no problem taking, if it meant he shattered his foe's back.

A certain barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat stuck out of the ring, as if it were Excalibur wedged deep in a stone. Geist was feeling the effects of the match, but even the blood in his eyes couldn't stop him from noticing the horrific weapon. He gritted his teeth and put all the energy he could muster into apprehending the weapon. It was as if the weapon mesmerized him. He examined it closely. His mind raced with downright terrible ideas involving it and his hated rival's flesh.

Ryan clung to his midsection, possibly suffering from a couple broken ribs, while blood from his mouth mixed with the blood dripping down from his forehead. Jeremy truly was as tough and bad as he thought he was and there was no doubting that, as he battled his way back up to his feet. Both he and his enemy had seen better days with both looking as if they had just survived armageddon.

However, one was armed...


Luckily for the challenger, he got his arms up to block a second blow with the bat to the skull. Unfortunately, it was now sunken deep into his arm. Possibly more rare than seeing a UFO engaging in a battle with a unicorn, a cry of unbelievable agony escaped the lips of Ryan. Just like it had done with the mat earlier, the barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat was stuck to Jeremy's arm. On instinct he pulled his arm away while Geist still had a solid grip on the weapon. Thus, tearing and slicing the flesh on his arm.


Blood from Ryan's forearm fell like rain down onto the mat adding to the already blood-soaked mess. He pulled the damaged arm close to his body. He may have blocked the weapon, but the cost would stop him from being able to stop what was next...


The German word for decaptitation.

There was no better word to describe the most homicidal lariat in wrestling. It lived up to its name, as the champion obliterated Ryan with it. With his fuel gauge on empty, Geist draped his arm over the challenger to which the one remaining referee dove into the ring.





A match full of surprises just got one more. Ryan's right shoulder shot up off the mat with not even the width of an eyelash to spare, putting the ubrkreiger's batting average just one below a thousand. Snarling like a rabid wolf, Geist slowly pushed himself up off the mat. He bared his teeth with blood dripping down to the mat, which the cameras made sure to get a close-up on. The Todesengel willed his nearly dead body up to a vertical base. He whipped his blood-soaked hair to the back of his head with a flick of his head. He unwrapped two lengths of the barbed wire from the bat and wrapped each length around his fists with the length on his right arm stretching up to the middle of his bicep.

Ryan was forced to stand. Well, a reasonable facsimilie of standing, as Jeremy was on spaghetti legs. He would have fallen back to the mat, if it weren't for the Todesengel holding him up by his hair. Geist made sure he knew where he stood.

"Shou vere dead zhe moment shou touched her."

Ryan looked up through a bloody face...

And spat in his face.

"I'd... I'd drop her again."

"And because of zhat, shou must die. Give zhe devil mein regards."

The champion's fists were already dangerous weapons, but the barbed wire brought them to a-whole-nother level. A pair of lefts and a right to the head, a left-right combination to the body, and a matching one to the head were followed by a spinning backfist. The Todesengel raced to the ropes and came stampeding back.


This time, Geist positioned his large frame across his foe and hooked the far leg and the referee started the count...





Crank up the Rammstein. The Underground Champion had just put his enemy down for good. The carcas of Jeremy Ryan was lifeless, while Pietro Geist rolled off of him. The Todesengel slowly sat up, the gruelling battle had taken its toll on his body. He didn't pop right up like earlier. This sit up was unsteady. Inspite of it all, he somehow stood up.

He looked down at his fallen rival, still with nothing but pure unadulterated hatred. Geist uncoiled the barbed wire from his left hand, which now had his own blood mixed in with Ryan's due to the self-inflicted puncture wounds caused by using it as a weapon. He sent the length of wire flying into the crowd, still not giving a damn about any collateral damage he may cause. The barbed wire around his right arm went untouched. His title belt was handed to him by the official, who rapidly got to a safe distance. Geist straddled his adversary and leaned down, making sure he could get a good view of himself and the title.

"Remember zhis day, demon. Remember zhe day shou lost to zhe Todesengel."

The Underground Title still belonged to the Todesengel and more importantly, so did the ice cold vengeance he hungered for. He had destroyed his hated rival, leaving him in a pool of his own blood. However, when you're the champion, you do not get very long to bask in the glory. The fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter how many rivals you defeat there is always another to quickly replace them...

Suddenly the arena went pitch black as the fans started to look around the arena but really could not see anything. Geist looked around the ring as the champion had no clue what was going on. Fans started to pull their cell phones out trying to illuminate the dark arena. A lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring as Geist turn to see something on the mat.

The champion slowly walked over to the spotlight and reached down to grab what looked like a white coat. But it was no ordinary coat, it was a strait jacket with the word "Hospital" on the back. The jOltvision started to flicker as Geist quickly turn to the screen. The fans started to murmur as the jOltvision lit up with three words.


The words exploded on the screen and lights came back on in the arena.

Geist stood in the ring and peered at the stage as the fans erupted to see a large man standing on stage with a sick smile on his face.


We had seen Omega for weeks in the hospital with his nurse trying to be released. The former Underground Champion watched the current champion standing tall in the ring. Omega was out of the hospital and he looked like he was coming back to get what he claimed was his.

Omega stood on the stage not moving as Geist stood in the ring starring back at the madman.

Death Wish went off the air.

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Pietro Geist
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 329lbs

Hailing From: Munich, Germany

Alignment: Face

Gimmick: He is an honorable, no nonsense, face, who holds honor and justice above all else. He doesn't speak very often, as he lets his advocate/girlfriend Lorelei Albrecht do that for him. He is usually the first to step in to defend someone when the time calls for it and will turn down fights, if he thinks the opponent is not at 100%.

Wrestling Style: Smashmouth Power- He will either maul you with strikes or throw you around the ring. He is unrivaled in hand to hand combat. If you think you can stand there and throw hands with him, you will find out the hard way that you can't, when he drives his fist through your face. He is by no means a mat technician. He doesn't look to chain wrestle or make a foe submit. Geist is here to hurt those that deserve it and find competition. He is full speed ahead at all times and has no issue with taking damage to deliver damage of his own. He thrives with hardcore rules, as his pain tolerance is uncanny. You'll need to bring the heavy artillery, if you want to go to war with the Uberkreiger. He has been known to shrug off chair shots and come to the ring already bleeding from banging his head into lockers and doors before a match.

Three Weaknesses:
-Lorelei: For all that she does for him, she is and always has been a target for his enemies and Geist would gladly die for her.
-Isn't a mat technician at all. He only knows how to counter by striking or powering out. He cannot trade holds at all.
-Thinks he is invincible. Will take damage to dish out his own. He can shrug off some things due to being a big ogre, but he doesn't know his limits. He will often eat things like chair shots with the idea that he can just grit his teeth and will himself through the pain to deliver his own.

Three Strengths:
-He hits HARD. Stiff and brutal at all times.
-Unbreakable will. He will never back down. Especially, if he is fighting for something he believes in.
-Great strength. He has thrown around men larger than him with seeming ease, much to the shock of everyone watching.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) German Suplex
2) Spinebuster
3) Powerbomb
4) Bootwash
5) Yakuza Kick
6) Belly to belly overhead suplex
7) Military press slam
8) Michinoku Driver
9) Delayed vertical suplex (many time with one arm)
10) Sit-out uranage

2-5 trademark moves:

"Autounfall"- a pounce-like shoulder tackle
"Beerdigung"- a gorilla press into a spinebuster or a pop-up spinebuster
"Geh Zur Holle"- two-handed choke tossed up into a snap power bomb
"Lucifer Sturz"- A release crucifix bomb from the middle rope
"Unheilig Uppercut"- a roaring European uppercut

1 Finishing Move: Enthauptung - The most brutal lariat you have ever seen

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move (Rare Special Occasion Finisher): Doesn't need one. Enthauptung is enough.

Oh yeah! And Seth said to mention that I want him to start in BRAZEN and build him up some before joining the main roster.
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