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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Michael McNichols
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Character Name: Phoenix
Real Name: Ellike, Joshua
Hailing From: The Valley of Fire (actually resides in Villa Park which is
right outside Chicago)
Age: 29
Height: 6'0
Weight: 230 lbs
Entrance Music: "Save Me" by Damage Plan
Alignment: Face
Physical Description: Lean, but still well-muscled. Sort of how you'd
expect a solider to be built, but more well-defined due to being a wrestler.
He wears a black, blank mask that covers his entire head with the only
marking being a flaming set of Phoenix wings that mark where his eyes are.
He taped his fingers and wrists, and also wears black elbow pads. He has on
a pair of gi pants (like the Great Muta), but wears black kneepads that
extend down and over his shins and touch his black cloved-toed boots.
Generally, he has a design of flames running down the outside of the legs of
his pants, other times they'll coil around his legs. The flames are always
a different color (even on the mask): red, blue, green, violet, white, etc.
Type of Wrestler: Japanese model wrestler who is a technical and does a lot
of chain wrestling and throws a variety of stiff-ass suplexes, chops, kicks,
10 Basic Moves:
Dropkick off the top
Sunset bomb
Tornado DDT
Dragon Suplex
STF/Inverted STF
Tombstone Piledriver
Fisherman's Suplex
(And all your standard holds, bodyslam, vertical suplex, etc all done with a
crisp stiffness that Japanese workers are known for, for example, a vertical
suplex becomes a snap suplex.)
3 Setups:
Double-Underhook into a powerbomb
Military Press Slam off the top rope (Super Military Press)
Tear Drop Suplex

Finishers (2):
Fire Driver (M Pro Driver that can be done off the top if needed or outside)
Sharpshooter: Wings of Resurrection

Short Bio:
While an American, Phoenix was trained and started his career in Japan, most
notably in Ultimo Japan and Eclipse Pro Wrestling. He has done tours with
the MALA luchador promotion in Mexico and in Europe, based out of Celtic
Mists and Myths of the Mat Productions, which has offices in both Dublin and
Belfast. He has competed for the short-term in 2 American independents
(Matrix-One and Pacific Coast Championship Wrestling), but this is Phoenix's
first real effort in American wrestling, though since Japan follows all of
the promotions and he grew up watching it in America, he is well-versed in
the traditions. He is the purist wrestler' wrestler, who demands his matches
to be stiff and realistic. If its going to be a brawl, really ******* brawl
and blade like hell. If its a match, wrestle, dammit. However, his
character, despite always known to make a comeback, to rise above injuries
or predicaments (as per his name), has become convinced that there is a
worldwide conspiracy that orchestrates events, even in the wrestling world.
The Illuminati, the Inner Circle, the Smoking Man, the NWA Board of
Directors, in his mind, they all exist, rigging the Superbowl, the Lottery,
and even creating wars. Their influence extends to the wrestling world as
they seek to keep it from the mainstream and from being the one more artform
needed to free the common man's man from the path of mundane thinking
they've trained it on. Their ends create the greatest of glass ceilings and
events and mishaps, that in Phoenix's view, hold down the talent and devalue
the events that might cause wrestling ro rise up, despite the whole world
being against it. Phoenix does not believe he alone is a true believer, and
or even those that are ignorant are not worthy to be saved, and thus, he
will make allies and help others, but those that belong with the conspiracy,
to them his wrath is inforgiving.
To this end, he will not tolerate run-ins, cheating, etc in his own matches
and sometimes will go out of his way to prevent them in certain other
matches. All for the artform, and to derail the conspiracy.
As a wrestler, he is well-honed enough to adapt to most matches and styles,
and likes to vary them, even if his usual preference is the
submission/move-countermove style.

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