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P* Classic Semi-Final Results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Reggie Schrader sitting at the PWC desk in the balcony of the Nationwide Arena)

SCHRADER: The finals of the Prodigy Classic tournament has been set on a night filled with controversy and surprises.

The night opened with Joey Melton and Impulse battling it out and the first ten minutes showed the up and coming Marathon Man match the old school legend hold for hold, move for move, and counter for counter, getting the better of Melton more often than not. Twice Melton bailed to the floor to avoid being overrun by the attacks of Impulse.

Then the match took a shocking turn when Impulse went for a charge into the corner and Melton moved out of the way, the top turnbuckle pad somehow came off when Melton moved and Impulse drove his knee flush into the steel ring that holds the ropes together, Impulse crumpled to the mat and the ref looked to call the match off, but Impulse would have none of it and continued to battle while clearly very hobbled on his bad leg.

Melton cut Impulse no slack and went to work on the knee with knee breakers, stomps, and kicks at the leg, further injuring the limb. Impulse was then caught in the middle of the ring in the figure four leg lock and all hope appeared lost.

But Impulse rallied, fighting with every fiber of his being to reverse the hold and then was successful, Melton flailed in agony for a few moments before finding a way to break the move and both men slowly got to their feet, Impulse opening up on Melton with forearms and chops, battering Melton and putting him back on his heels.

After an assault of strikes and clotheslines, Impulse finally went for the Sudden Impact, but his plant leg, the one that hit the ringpost, gave out on him as he tried to throw the kick and Impulse stumbled, Melton pounced on the moment and used Impulse’s momentum to capture him in a school boy and managed to hold him down for the three count to advance to the finals.

WINNER: Joey Melton at 20:42 (Schoolboy -> Pin)

The remaining spot in the finals would be filled by the winner of the Hornet and Michael Manson match. The match opened with Hornet trying to overwhelm Manson with an aggressive attack of strikes and some high impact slams and throws mixed in for good measure, but Manson was not to be beaten so quickly and fought off the many near fall attempts Hornet went for.

Hornet then went for his old stand-bys and found that Manson had an answer for them, Hornet was frustrated and out of sorts by Manson’s ability to reverse or avoid Hornet’s bread and butter big moves and Manson then seized control of the match and started beating down Hornet and imposing his will on the match.

Hornet then escaped the ring and reached under the ring apron and pulled out the Seal of Solomon, and then waved it in front of Manson in an effort to remove whatever evil spirits were possessing him, but Manson just slapped it out of his hands. Hornet appeared stunned but then used the moment to land a dropkick that turned the tide of battle once more.

Hornet finally landed a Hornet Splash and went for the Scorpion, but Manson reversed it into one of his own, Hornet was too close to the ropes for Manson to do any real damage with the move and soon the two men were back up and trading punches, when an errant swing by Hornet caught the ref in the eye. Manson saw Hornet drop his guard and then caught him with a kick to the stomach and then landed the Sweet Dreams, but the ref was on laying in the ropes, clutching at his face and unable to make the count.

In disgust Manson walked over and kicked the ref in the head, knowing the ref couldn’t blame him, and then he exited the ring and grabbed a steel chair. However when Manson returned to the ring, Hornet had already rolled to the floor on the other side, and when he entered the ring, he was carrying a branding iron. The two men entered the ring and started trading shots with the weapons, Hornet managing to knock the chair out of Manson’s hands, but then Manson grabbed ahold of the branding iron and the two men struggled for control over it.

Manson wrenched the branding iron free and took a swing at Hornet, but Hornet avoided it and hit Manson with a shot to the throat, which made him drop the branding iron. Hornet then grabbed it and bent the branding iron around Manson’s head as he cracked him in the skull with it. Manson dropped to the mat and Hornet hauled off and landed another shot for good measure, he then cleared the ring of both the chair and branding iron as he saw the ref waking up. Hornet then covered Manson to get the win to move to the finals.

WINNER: Hornet in 25:10 (Branding Iron strikes -> Pin)

And with that, the finals pit two of the biggest names in the history of this industry and two men who are no strangers to each other, as Hornet and Joey Melton will meet in Madison Square Garden to determine the winner of the Prodigy Classic, I can’t wait to see you all there, good night everyone!


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