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ONSLAUGHT: "Perfect" Grant Palmer vs. Nakita Dahaka


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
"Perfect Grant Palmer's in for a perfect a$$ beating."

[The scene opens in front of the EPW Onslaught banner where backstage interviewer Kenny Lombardo is standing in front with a microphone in his hand. The young dorky Italian-American is standing right beside. Delilah Demonik wearing a sexy red evening gown and matching Stilletto high heels. Towering over the dark-haired vixon is her pupil, new EPW signee, "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka. She is wearing for now all leather non wrestling street attire with her hooded long leather trenchcoat over her clothes. Her hood is up as you cannot see the upper part of her face. She stands quietly in the background towering over Kenny and Delilah.]

Kenny Lombardo: "Welcome EPW. I am your interviewer Kenny Lombardo, here with me is new signee Delilah Demonik and behind us is 'The Dark Phenom' Dakita Mahaka. After years in exile, Nakita has made her return and thus signing with EPW. There is much to discuss following the fallout and aftermath of the hotly anticipated Unleashed PPV and what will transpire, one of which being that Dakita made a surprise appearance as she ran into of all people Lindsey Troy, and how you Delilah had a brief but impactful introduction for 'Queen Of The Ring' to take in. And two we will then get the opportunity to feast our eyes on as Dakita...

[Hanging on that sentence, cutting him completely off. Nakita Dahaka reaches over Delilah's shoulder and grabs Kenny by the throat with her bare hand and hoists the nerdy Italian-American slightly off of the air with his tip toes are slightly touching the ground. He grasps for a breath while Nakita squeezes and Delilah leans into speak to him.]

Delilah: "Kenny...Kenny...

[Delilah looks down at Kenny's mic, and lets out a sigh as she raises the mic up to Delilah's mouth while Nakita is still holding Kenny in the one handed chokehold.]

Delilah: "Kenny. Its not Dakita...Its not Dakita Mahaka...its NAKITA DAHAKA. N-A-K-I-T-A D-A-H-A-K-A. I don't know what dumb ignorant, insolant, fool typed up that blunder, but I suggest that you spread the word and fix it right away. Or else my lady friend here will be forced to make an example out of you as she introduces the world who she REALLY is. Are we in understanding?"

[Kenny can't hardly breath, but he nods his head slightly "yes" in agreement with Delilah and Nakita.]

Delilah: "Good. Nakita, you may let go him him now."

[Nakita is hesitant at first as it appears like she doesn't want to and she looks like she is taking great joy in inflicting great fun on Kenny. A sadistic grin creeps on her face.]

Delilah: "Nakita, he is not worth it. Save it for Onslaught and that Grant Palmer, now turn the poor little pathetic geek loose."

[A slightly annoyed Nakita lets out a *sigh* as she turns loose and frees Kenny Lombardo from her tight grasps. Kenny falls to the ground clutching his throat and trying to regain his breath. Delilah picks up the mic from Kenny's hand that fell on the ground and holds it up to her mouth.]

Delilah: "I know, that victimizing a poor useless backstage interviewer is in no way an example of what the my pupil Nakita Dahaka can and will do to the entire EPW. It's not even a foreshadowing of what is coming to you way. Now if you must know, what Nakita Dahaka can and will do to someone lets say Grant Palmer on Onslaught this week. That might count as a little more like a foreshadowing of what is to come for the entire EPW."

"He calls himself 'Perfect' but to be honest how can that be? I don't see it to be honest. that means it must be more of a supposition...something to fuel his lust for self-gradification. Like the old human cliche says that somehow proves to be true time and time again...nobody is perfect. After Nakita is done with him, he'll have to chance his name to 'IMperfect' Grant Palmer. That's only if there will be anything left of Mr Grant Palmer, like will be all be able to perfectly identify Palmer's disfigured body after it is all said and done."

[Delilah looks up at Nakita as they both chuckle at their own little replay of their little joke at the expense her oponant before she continues on with her little speech.]

Delilah: "Palmer, your beating, your sacrifice will not be in vain. You will be a true testament for the entire EPW to bare witness. Your beating will be so profound that the likes of Lindsey Troy, and even EPW owner and mult-federation legend Dan Ryan will not be able to ignore. Who knows maybe Troy and Ryan will be joining you in new found collection of trophies that will be stacked up on our wall of fame. But we're in no hurry to collect them just yet. We dictate the pace our success, and we are willing to start from the bottom and move UP the foodchain so to speak."

"I am Delilah Demonik, and this is Nakita Dahaka. She is The Dark Phenom. She is where fates come to end just like your's. It is no accident that you have crossed her path. Who is she you might ask yourself? She is the incarnate and harbenger of of what is to come, where all good things come to their timely end. She is...

[Delilah looks up and puts the mic in front of Nakita. She removes her black leather hood revealing the rest of ther face. Her green eyes peirce into the camera as she leans into the mic and says with a methodical whisper smiling sadistically.]

Nakita Dahaka: "Fate!"

Delilah: "So has has been said."

Nakita: "Let it be known."

Delilah: "So it will ALL come to pass."

Nakita: "And become all part of MY gospel."

[Delilah drops the mic in front of Kenny Lombardo as she and Nakita Dahaka walk off out of sight. The scene slowly fades out.]

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