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ONSLAUGHT: Adam Benjamin & Classy Mike C vs. Blitz


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin sitting on a park bench.)

"Very Relaxing, man I love mother earth. Tree's, Grass, just lovely. But the one thing is love more that all this around me is Wrestling.

I love the smell of the mat. Call me crazy I just cant' get enough of it. I was born to wrestle.

And right now in my career I am working with Classy Mike C and we are slowly building steam towards Tag Team gold.

But when you think about tag team gold in the Empire, the Name Blitz is highlighted in the record books.

Blitz together have owned Tag team wrestling all around the world for the last four years.

So if myself and Classy Mike C want to make a name for ourselves we are going to have to cross these London Bridges.

A task that some might say is impossible. However I truly believe in myself as well as Mike C.

This week its all about the Benjamins and Classy Mike C!



New member
Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
[FADE IN. Max and Jecht are standing in front of an Empire Pro Wrestling backdrop, dressed in their street-clothes. Noticeable by his absence is their manager, Leonard Johnson, but the two behemoths of the ring don’t seem any more uncomfortable than if he was there with them]

Max: So, it took the strongest member of their team to beat our manager. And Herrn Friendly und Farnswirth get to pretend that they beat us. Congratulations, freund Slambo. You continue to be a pawn.

Jecht: Yes, we lost at Unleashed. But we’ve lost before, and look what happened - we still went on to win the tag team championship belts, beating three teams to win the gold, and several teams to retain them. Including six men in an elimination match who were slated to compete for the TV title.

Max: Ja. I remember that match. How we showed the people how tag team wrestling is supposed to be.

Jecht: Intelligence. Strength. Speed. Teamwork.

Max: Und heute, one of those men is stepping back into the ring with us. At Onslaught, Adam Benjamin und his neues partner step into the ring to face a team with more experience, more power, and more teamwork than they have.

Jecht: Benjamin honestly thinks he and Mikey C can win the tag team titles somewhere down the road? Maybe in five or six years. Maybe when the two of them have actually competed against decent opposition - someone other than Eisenkreuz and Priest. Maybe once you’ve figured out it takes more than just throwing two names together to make a tag team.

Max: Herr Benjamin, you may be a former Intercontinental and Television Champion, but singles success is not a guarantee of tag team success. In this match, you and your partner have no chance. You cannot match us for experience as wrestlers, for experience as a team. You cannot match us for power. You cannot hide your own weaknesses in the ring against us, because we know tag team wrestling. We are tag team wrestling.

Jecht: We don’t hide each others weaknesses. As a team we have no weaknesses. We’re not high-fliers - but after a couple of shots, neither is any opposition team. We’re not the most technical wrestlers - but why settle for stretching an opponent when you can tear him limb from limb?

Max: For us, this match is going to be a workout. A way to keep in shape as we work towards reclaiming the tag team titles that we held for well over a year.

Jecht: Sit in your parks. Smell the sweet grass, because I promise you, that smell of mat you like so much is going to be THE ONLY THING YOU CAN SMELL AFTER WE DRIVE YOU FACE FIRST INTO THE CANVAS SO FAR THEY’LL HAVE TO LIFT YOU OUT WITH A CRANE!!

[Max grabs Jecht by the shoulder, calming the larger man somewhat]

Max: Believe in yourself und deiner partner all you want. Neither of you has what it takes to succeed in the tag team division at this time. Keep your dreams of gold, because that is what they are. Herr Johnson may still be recuperating, but we do not need him to be there to defeat you.

Und Highland Park Social Club - have fun pretending you’re the tag team champions. You may have the belts for now, but very soon, you’ll experience first hand what it is to feel the full force of the Blitzkrieg.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into Yours Truly sitting inside his work out room)

"Now the theory Blitz put out in there interview is basically true. Tag team wrestling is all about trust.

Now Myself and Mike C are not together like Blitz Back Moutain. No were are actually tagging for the second time this week.

And although we do not know each other in and out like our opponents, we do share a common bond.

We Are Country man.

We hail from the Country of England. A land of respect for your fellow man.

That is a bond blessed by a queen.

So you take my talent and his and combine our bloodlines and we have one great team.

You guys are the top team around, and by god we are going to test our real dreams of tag team glory.

The time has come for Yours Truly to take over the tag team world.

You call this match a workout? Personally I can beat both of you one on one. So lets not down play this and try and get cute.

Your year of glory is over, now it is time for Mike C and Adam Benjamin to stand alone and shine.


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