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One Shot at Glory (PPV): WINTERS v. KUAN

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
This fight is three five minute rounds. The RP Deadline is February 13th at 11:50 CST. All RP's must be in this thread. Have fun!
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Jan 22, 2010
(Old papers and boxes are scattered through-out an apartment that appears to be in disarray as if it was being ransacked by someone. A couch sits next to an arm chair, both of which are toppled over and their cushions’ thrown about the room in front of a forty six inch, flat screen television that is tuned to a news channel. Jamie rushes into the room, wearing some blue shorts and a white t-shirt, frantically looking for something that he has seemingly lost. He grabs what little hair he has on his head and yells out in frustration back down the hallway he just came from.)

Jamie: Oh man, this is no good…. No good at all, Akeem is going to kill us Amon! He left us to keep an eye out for his cat and we lost Mittens. How in the world did we manage this…?

(Footsteps can be heard coming down the hallway Jamie stands at the end of. Amon emerges with a very troubled look on his face responding back to his friend as he shakes his head in disbelief.)

Amon: What is goin’ to happen Jamie? I no want Akeem mad at me
(Just as Amon finishes his sentence a rattle can be heard at the front door and soon after the door is swung open where Akeem enters the apartment, suitcase in hand and with a rather large grin on his face.)

Akeem: Mittens I’m home, come here, you little…

(Akeem notices that his apartment is trashed at this point and glances about the room wondering why it’s a mess. Gradually Akeem closes the front door behind him as he proceeds to the front room cautiously, expecting the worst. Amon and Jamie wave at Akeem when he appears around the corner both men try their best to act as if nothing has happened.)

Akeem: Um, what is going on guys and why does the apartment look like a tornado touched down here?

Jamie: Ah, we had an um… We had a party, yeah a party right Amon?

(Jamie gives his friend Amon a nudge in the side with his elbow, glaring at him the entire time.)

Amon: Yea party, after you win…

Akeem: Ha-ha that’s all? You guys should clean this up then; I know Mittens won’t enjoy getting lost in all this garbage. Speaking of which where is he?

(Amon and Jamie glance at each other as a worried look come over both men’s face. Akeem’s right eyebrow rises as he notices his friends’ expression and begins to get a little worried himself.)

Akeem: What happened guys, where is Mittens?

Amon: We no find him…

Akeem: What?! Your telling me you lost Mittens!?

Jamie: Whoa big guys, don’t get upset. After the party Mittens sort of… disappeared?

(After Jamie finishes talking, immediately Akeem begins to pace back and forth in the front room, stepping on the cushions that should be on his couch and arm chair. With a sarcastic voice Akeem responds back to Jamie…)

Akeem: So let me get this straight, first I ask you guys to watch over my cat, then you have a party after my win, which is a nice gesture, but then you lose Mittens in the process?

(Both Amon and Jamie nod their head as Akeem slowly saunters over to his friends with an unpleasant look on his face.)

Akeem: Well I guess there is only one thing left to do isn’t there?

Jamie: What’s that Akeem…?

(Akeem points behind his two friends down the hallway. Both men look over their shoulders a little confused, unsure what Akeem is getting at?)

Jamie: Um, I don’t understand…

Akeem: Oh you will…

(With that said Akeem turns Amon and Jamie around, pushing them down the hallways towards a closed door at the end of it. While walking Amon glances at Jamie nervously as they get to the end of the hallway finally making it to the door, which seemingly took forever to get too. Akeem then reaches between the two men and gradually turns the doorknob, opening the door to a rather small room. Inside is an average sized cat bed sitting in the far right corner, next to it rests a large scratch post, and on the opposite wall is where the litter box Mittens uses to do his business sits. The room somewhat has an odd smell to is, like the cat litter hasn’t been changed in a very long time…)

Akeem: You smell that? Take a whiff of that nasty cat piss and sh*t smell that lingers in this tiny room… C’mon take a whiff!

(Amon quickly inhales and almost pukes in the process, Jamie pats his friend on the back and peers at Akeem as a very apprehensive look comes over him.)

Jamie: Um, I don’t see the point of this Akeem…

Akeem: Well I will explain in full detail then… You see and smell the cat litter box right?

Jamie: Yes I can see and smell it…

Akeem: You two are each going to reach inside the litter box and grab a clump of litter and then will take a bite out of it…

Jamie: …WHAT!? I had something crazy in my ear… I thought I just heard you say you want us to eat a handful of cat litter?

Akeem: That is correct my friend… I want you to eat it
Jamie: That seems a little extreme don’t you think…? I am not eating anything…

(Akeem pushes past Amon and Jamie, heading towards the litter box. He then bends down and picks up the litter, holding it in front of him gesturing to his ‘friends’ to grab a handful.)

Jamie: I told you I’m not doing this Akeem…

Akeem: Ok how about I grab my baseball bat and I hit a few BALLS around instead... Trust me you don’t want to end up like the last poor fool who lost my cat. I hit that guy so hard, his balls went back up into his body and he was pissing blood for a year…

(With that said both men quickly each grab a clump of cat litter and stare at it for a few seconds unsure if they will be able to do this.)

Amon: So just a little bite..?

Akeem: As much as you can fit in your mouth, this is a better punishment then the other. Don’t you agree?

Amon: Yes, I no want to lose my balls…

(Jamie then looks at Amon still not wanting to do this, as time goes by Akeem appears to get angrier and angrier as seconds pass. Akeem tosses the litter box across the room losing his mind at the same time.)


(Both Jamie and Amon take a deep breath, raising the handful of cat littler close to their mouths. Each of them glance at one another and take a deep breath, closing their eyes in the process. Jamie unhurriedly opens his mouth and takes the biggest bite he can muster, gagging instantly and spitting out what he had in his mouth. As Jamie opens his eyes he notices Amon and Akeem doubled over laughing hysterically at him.)

Akeem: HA-HA-HA, I can’t… HA-HA believe you did that… HA-HA-HA!

Amon: HA-HA, poop eater, HA-HA!

(Jamie begins to gag again and then pukes all over the floor nearly hitting Akeem and Amon as they continue to laugh. In the midst of throwing up Jamie notices Mittens sitting just outside of the room he currently stands in. Jamie tries to respond over the laughter of his two ‘friends’…)

Jamie: You f*ckers, you little…. Urp… *BLAAAAAAAAHHH* you cocksuckers!

(Over the laughter a cell phone can be heard ringing, as both Akeem and Amon try to keep themselve under control. Akeem then realizes that it is his cell ringing at the moment and reaches into his pocket withdrawing his phone. Trying to regain his composure, Akeem answers it still laughing a bit.)

Akeem: Ha-ha-ha, hello… Ha-ha

“Akeem its Travis, I have some good news for ya. You will be in the co-main event on One Shot at Glory against Liu Kaun, a devastating striker as you probably already know. By the way what is so funny…?"

Akeem: Ha-ha, I will tell you later. That’s great news though Travis, when do you want to get training under way?

“Well tomorrow… Gees, we can’t be slacking for Liu Kaun this kid is no joke and could easily make you look like a fool. There won’t be much time for leisure this week Akeem, so be prepared for some extreme work-outs.”

Akeem: Well good to know… Now you have to hear what Amon and I did to Jamie…

(Akeem elaborates on the phone to Travis what went down in his apartment with both his friends. Jamie is seen giving Akeem and Amon dirty looks as he tries his best to hold his lunch down as the scene fades… To… Black…)
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Dec 22, 2009
The scene opens in a dojo, Liu "The Grim Reaper" Kuan is standing in front of a large group of his students, a scowl downs his face, obviously upset from his loss last week to Landon Price.

Kuan: Listen up! It's time to get serious, last week I was beaten by a man who had no business being in the same cage as me. I let the match go on for far too long, once it left the first round it was TOO LATE!

Student: "You" lost...I'm not seeing what that has to do with us? We aren't the ones who got schooled by Landon Price on national television.

Liu Kuan grits his teeth and stops dead in his tracks, he turns his head towards the student who said this and shakes his head before slowly inching his way towards him until he is directly in front of him. The student stands his ground and looks his teacher directly in the eye as Liu begins talking once again.

Kuan: Listen! Where one fails, we ALL fail! I may have been the one to lose, but you all lost just the same by association. When I win do you not share in my victory? So why should you not share in my defeat!?

The students expression saddens as his teacher's thought enters his mind, the student bows to Liu consisting his argument. Liu bows and walks away from that student and resumes his back and forth pacing.

Liu: I will train harder, therefore we will ALL train harder. I will win against Akeem Winters, therefore we will ALL win against Akeem Winters. When you leave here you will all do so knowing, that you have the tools to pursue a MMA Career....IF that is what you so wish, I intend to instill that knowledge in power into all of you!

Students in Unison: YES SENSEI!

Kuan: Ok let's get started, so that WE may not fail again in our goals this week. Harry...David you two will spar first.

scene fades to black as two of the students walk towards the light blue padding in the middle of the ring, and Liu Kuan positions himself between them readying to start the sparring session.



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Jan 22, 2010
(A familiar site of the ‘Toofless Grin’ gym is seen but this time it appears to be getting a slight overhaul at this point. People moving new weight training equipment in is replacing some of the older stuff that litters the far corner and the pound of hammers can be heard as an octagon cage is being built to give Travis ‘The king’ Coy’s students something else to train in, rather than a squared boxing ring. A team of movers and construction workers are running about getting things organized as the tubby man, Travis Coy, is seen conversing with a production manager wondering if everything will be done in a timely manner…)

Travis: Well you guys didn’t take long to get things started; this will definitely attract some possible MMA coaches and even students. This is by far an exciting day; by the way how long will this take? I have a few of my students coming in a little later today to train.

Production Manager: Um, we should get the equipment in and installed within a few hours and the octagon may take the whole day to get assembled, but it will be worth it I guarantee it Travis.

Travis: Excellent, I didn’t catch your name… What was it again?

Production Manager: Ha-ha, you sure are forgetful; I told you it was Jeremy…

Travis: Right, right, sorry I got my mind preoccupied, one of my students is fighting in the Co-main Event on the Pay-Per-View this weekend ‘One Shot at Glory’. You watch Swift MMA much?

Jeremy: The fellas and I try to catch the events as much as we can each week, we did happen to notice Akeem Winters won his match last week, congratulations I’m sure you are very happy?

Travis: That I am, but he faces a tougher opponent in Liu Kaun then Mike Konda, that’s for sure.

(Jeremy nods in agreement with Travis while still keeping a close eye on his employees, making sure they are doing the job right and getting things done. As the team of workers continues about their business some of Travis’s students, Amon and Jamie duffle bags in hand, enter through the front door as a surprised look comes over them.)

Jamie: Nice Travis, finally an octagon to train in. I like this; it will give us a better feel for the steel cage in the long run.

(Travis nods his head at Jamie as he turns to greet them both, but was expecting his top prospect to be with them at this time. Travis appears to be confused and shrugs his shoulders as he responds back to Jamie…)

Travis: You got it Jamie, but, um where is Akeem? Did he not come with you guys?

Jamie: Oh he’s coming but I guess Allison Retty is planning to interview Akeem and the rest of us. Akeem had to go ‘grab’ something before he got here. Not sure what it is but he did say it would be funny…

Travis: What really? Well this isn’t the best time with our gym a little disorganized at the moment. Akeem can be a little weird sometimes; he’s always been a jokester since I can remember. Anyhow, how about you guys put your bags away and get ready for Allison when she decides to show up.

(Both Amon and Jamie nod their heads and leisurely saunter to the locker room in the back of the gym. As Travis continues to make small talk with Jeremy, the beautiful Allison Retty with cameraman following shortly behind her, is seen strolling into the ‘Toffless Grin’ Gym expecting to notice Akeem right away but appears to be a little lost as she calls out to someone in the gym…)

Allison: Err; am I in the right place…? I’m here to interview Akeem ‘Delirious’ Winters, his coach and training partners but I may have made a wrong turn…

(Travis takes notice of Allison, swiftly making his way over to her, licking both hands and trying his best to slick back his untidy hair. A large grin forms on Travis’s face as he extends a hand and greets Allison as politely as he can…)

Travis: Ah I was expecting you Allison; I am Travis ‘The King’ Coy, nice to meet you. Things are a little chaotic today due to the new equipment that is being installed, but you have found the right place. I hope it wasn’t too hard to find?

(Allison cringe’s a little as she gets a whiff of Travis’s breath while he talks to her. She somewhat covers her nose with her right arm and shakes Travis’s hand with her left noticing a few food stains on the back of his hand.)

Allison: I am guessing you didn’t actually know I was coming…?

Travis: Why do you say that Allison?

Allison: Well firstly, your breath reeks of onions or whatever those smells are. Secondly you have food stained not only on your hands but your shirt as well and lastly you look like you just crawled out of a hole that you were living in for years!

Travis: Well if I KNEW you were coming I would have tidied up a bit, but I was not properly informed that you would be making an appearance here. So forgive me for being myself… *cough* B*tch *cough*…

(Alison shakes her head in disgust and whispers something to her cameraman, he then nods and raises the camera to his shoulder, getting the interview underway.)

Allison: Hello Swift MMA fan’s, we are here in lovely Irvine, California with Akeem ‘Delirious’ Winters coach Travis ‘The King’ Coy at his ‘Toofless Grin’ gym. Now Travis, what were your feelings when Akeem won his first match in a devastating manner like he did on February 1st?

Travis: He stuck to the game plan like a pro, checking those legs kicks making sure he didn’t leave himself open and utilized the ground and pound to perfection. I couldn’t of asked for anything much more than that, but to get the KO on Mike Konda in the end was the icing on the cake. What else can I say? Akeem was really focused in that fight he knew what had to do to accomplished his goal.

Allison: Fair enough, but he faces a tougher opponent in Liu ‘The Grim Reaper’ Kaun. What is his plan of attack this upcoming fight on February 13th, at ‘One Short at Glory’?

Travis: Well Allison I don’t like to give away what we have planned, but let me put it this way, Liu Kaun will not be able to sit back and pick his shots on Akeem. We will be attempting to wear him down in the clinch, on the stand up and even on the ground; Liu won’t know what to do other then take it up the ass.

Allison: Right, um well where is Akeem at this point and time? I would like to ask him a few questions…

(With that said Travis noticed an odd site behind Allison, a man wearing what looks to be a robot costume enters the gym slowly. Travis tries to hold his laughter back when he notices the name “Liu Kaun” printed on the chest of the costume. Instantly, Travis knows who it is but plays along with the joke…)

Travis: Oh look Allison, it Liu Kaun I think he came here to say something about his upcoming fight with Akeem as well!

(Allison with a confused look on her face turns around as well as the cameraman and takes notice of the same sight Travis just witnessed. The man in the costume waves in a robot type fashion as Allison raises an eyebrow, unsure what to make of this whole situation…)

Allison: Um, can we help you sir?


(Travis leans close to Allison and whispers something in her ear, while shaking her head right after. She then rubs her eyes and also plays along with the man in the costume clearly unimpressed…)

Allison: Ugh, why do I always interview the weirdo’s…? Anyhow, Liu Kaun nice to meet you, I wasn’t expecting you here at this time. It seems that you have something to say about your opponent Akeem Winters…*sigh*


(The Robot Liu Kaun being’s to shutter and shake as if he was ready to explode. Unsure what is going on Allison continues on with this very odd interview…)

Allison: Are you ok Liu Kaun?


Allison: Alright? Akeem are you going to do this all day, I came here to interview you not a Robot Liu Kaun…


(Allison, very frustrated rips the robot Liu Kaun’s head off, behind the mask Akeem is seen smiling and winking at Allison. She throws the mask to the ground as laughter can be heard coming from the background. Amon, Jamie, Travis and all of the construction workers including Jeremy, are all expressing their amusement over the situation. Allison clearly angry with what has just happened, attacks Akeem with borage of words…)

Allison: Ok where did we even find these crazies, first London Price and now you Akeem…? You seemed like more of a serious person, not some f*cked up crack addict! GOD! I am sick of this sh*t…!

(Allison storms off out of the gym with her cameraman rushing to catch up to her. Akeem proceeds to take the rest of the costume off as Travis, Jamie and Amon are still chuckling as they approach him. Akeem is greeted with a bunch of pats on the back and questions from his friends…)

Travis: What in the world gave you this idea?

Jamie: Yea that was pretty cleaver; I don’t think anyone has dressed up as a robot before in a Swift MMA Interview.

Amon: You a very funny man Akeem!

Akeem: Thanks guys, I was able to catch Liu Kaun’s interview before I headed out of my apartment. Ah gees, that guy is so predictable, does he ever say anything else? To answer your question Travis, I got the idea from the movie ‘Grandma’s Boy’ with that loser that talked like a robot… I thought it was a fitting touch.

Travis: That it was my friend, that it was ha-ha-ha… Anyhow as you can see the gym is getting a slight overhaul. Why don’t you guys in get in your jogging gear and run a few miles while they get this sh*t done.

Akeem: Alright Travis, we will. Ha-ha-ha!

(Amon, Jamie and Akeem go get prepared for a long jog as Travis heads back over to converse with Jeremy. All three men are quick to get ready and appear to be still talking about what had just happened as they run out the gym while the scene... Fades… To… Black…)


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Dec 22, 2009
The scene opens on a street corner, an endless row of buildings stretches into the background as the masses go about their normal everyday activities. Time seems to slow to a crawl as the crowd thins out and the sun dips behind the horizon in the background. Eventually the crowd completely disappears, street lights begin turning on from the background forward, once the last one is on Liu Kuan is seen standing in complete isolation. The camera zooms slowly in until it is almost right on the figure, Kuan looks up and leers into the camera.

Kuan: Akeem Winters, you can hide behind humor all you want. I understand your fear, they are normal they....are to be expected even. It's easy to call me robotic, i'll admit it, I do say the same thing week in and week out...but that's because I intend to DO the same thing....week in....and week out! "The Cage" doesn't care about personalities....all "The Cage" cares about is brute for...

All of a sudden, a gold 1965 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible rolls up in front of Kuan, a japanese man with slicked back hair, a studded white jumpsuit, and a large pair of shades is sitting in the drivers seat, he wobbles his head a little and turns to face Kuan who seems highly irritated by the interruption.

Kuan: Look, no matter what you may have been told you are nowhere near the Elvis Convention...so beat it before I pull your over gelled (Beep) out of that car and stuff you into the (Beep) trunk!

Ito: Woah there man, take it easy. The King comes in peace. Heard you were having personality issues and so I told "The Colonel" Colonel...I gotta help the poor guy out! I mean here I am knee deep in charisma while he runs around all painted up like some kind of skeletal superhero, seriously man...what's ah what's with the cape?

Kuan: It's NOT...a cape! It's a death shroud, anyway what business is it of yours? I don't know you...you don't know me and that's how I'd like to keep it.

Ito looks over the top of his gold rimmed shades at Liu Kuan, his eyebrow slightly cocked. Kain chuckles to himself before opening the car door and stepping out onto the street where he positions himself next to Kuan who looks very standoffish.

Ito: Death shroud huh? Well pardon me for saying, but I think it's about time you...ya know buried it. Look, Liu, The King isn't telling you how to dress...but if I were this dang sure wouldn't be the way I would recommend. Why don't you take that hood down, show The King what he is working with.

Ito Kain reaches out and goes for Liu Kuan's hood but Kuan grabs his wrist and slowly pulls down releasing Kain's wrist when he is down to chest level. Kain holds his hands up passively and backs towards his car, not wanting to provoke Kuan.

Ito: Alright man, stick to your drabness. As for me, heck I reckon you'll see me in the ring, i'll be the guy with the rugged good looks, and the charismatic presence. I just can't believe "The Colonel" was right for once, he said you'd be impossible to crack. Well, i'll say he's right FOR NOW, you keep your eyes open Kuan, you haven't seen the last of me.

Ito steps back into his car and screeches off into the distance leaving Liu Kuan standing there looking pissed off as usual. Liu puts his hands on his hips and lets out a sigh as he shakes his head and walks away having totally lost his original train of thought.



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Jan 22, 2010
(The sun is elevated and bright on this beautiful afternoon somewhere in Irvine, California. Akeem is seen driving in his sun damaged, black Buick, driving alone down a road where aged, graffiti littered; buildings are seen on either side of the street. African American men, hang out in front of these buildings going about their everyday lives. Some are slinging dope, others are trying to hustle to make ends meet, and a few actually do hard drugs in broad daylight at the risk of being caught, but they just don’t seem to care. Why would they? The police are not anywhere to be found, these young men could get away with murder, literally. Akeem continues to listen to his rap music that plays in his car, while he drives without a care…)

“What Liu Kaun, do you really think I’m afraid of… You? The only thing I’m afraid of is getting a STD from the dirty girls that working for the Swift MMA attract. Though I guess you are just like a STD, you come unexpectedly and are annoying as f*ck. But I couldn’t be fearful of a clown who hangs out with an out of style, Japanese soup can that they just RANDOMLY meet. If you didn’t repeat yourself every f*cking week you wouldn’t have anything to say. Which would be nice cause all I see spewing out of your mouth is a load of sh*t. I wonder if your breath stinks of feces….”

(Akeem reaches over with his right hand and turns the volume leaver up, blaring his rap music. He then turns down a street and in the distance a building that everyone knows as the ‘Toofless Grin’ Gym can be seen. Akeem begins to slow his vehicle down a bit as he steadily approaches the gym, still taking in his thoughts…)

“I don’t even know why I bother wasting my breath on people like you or my time? It’s useless to even mention your name; I could go on and on about how I am going to beat you but why? I get more satisfaction making fun of someone like you…”

(Finally, Akeem reaches his destination and Travis ‘The King’ Coy stands outside of his gym, puffing on a cigarette. Travis waves to his friend while Akeem brings his car to a complete stop and rolls down his car window, calling out to Travis.)

Akeem: Did you happen to catch Liu Kaun’s interview? It was even more of a joke then the first…

Travis: I could care less what that clown has to say, what we need to focus on is the fight. Remember what I said about Mike Konda a week back, this kid is just looking for any sort of advantage he can get. He has nothing else to say, why give him anything to work off?

Akeem: Ha-ha, ok Travis I know but this guy just makes me chuckle whenever he opens his big mouth.

Travis: I get a kick out of it too, but that is beside the point. Let’s get inside and start up some training in our new octagon ring, I know you’re looking forward to it.

Akeem: You know it…

(As Akeem shuts his car off and climbs out of his vehicle, Travis holds the front door open waiting for his friend. Gradually Akeem makes it to the door and heads into the gym ready to start off his training on a good note. Travis follows Akeem a ways back as if he was expecting something to happen. Akeem takes a few steps in and observes Amon practicing his kicks on a punching bag, but can’t seem to see Jamie anywhere…)

Akeem: Hey Travis where is Jamie, I thought he wanted to train a little early with Amon?

(Akeem doesn’t get a response from Travis and immediately turns around only to get a face full of syrup. Unable to see Akeem tries his best to wipe his eye clear but is unable to; just then Jamie comes out from hiding and throws flour, adding to Akeem’s already impaired sight…)

Akeem: What the… What’s going on?

Travis: Ha-ha-ha, that’s what you get for being such a weirdo these past few days…

Jamie: Yea, payback is a b*tch but don’t think I will stop there Akeem! I still have to make you eat something nasty…

(Akeem begins to swings his arms trying to grab whomever is closest to him, but is unable to notice that both Jamie and Travis walk away slowly laughing. Akeem then tries his best to follow their laughter, but falls on his ass in the process…)

Akeem: Ok guys you got me now can someone help me up? Um, guys? Amon, buddy come over here and help your pal up, will ya?

Amon: Sorry Akeem, me no help, I promise…

Akeem: For f*ck sakes… Never trust a foreign guy to be on your side…

(Laughter can still be heard from the other end of the gym as Akeem finally gets to his feet. He tries his best to wipe his eyes clean once more but is still somewhat hindered by the syrup and flour as the scene… Fades… To… Black…)


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Dec 22, 2009
The scene opens with a very frustrated Allison Retty walking slowly down a hallway. She seems very on edge having had to interview all manner of weirdo in the past week, Allison slows to a stop and quickly turns around to look behind her looking highly confused.

Allison: What the? Hello...is someone there? Agh, I have got to be losing it. Probably just my imagination.

Allison peers down the hallway for a few seconds more before finally returning to her original route. Allison now walks with a little more speed, seemingly nervous about something at this point. The lights ahead begin to flicker wildly, Allison stops again and starts to go the other way prompting the lights in the other direction to do the same. One by one the lights shut off until only the light directly above Allison remains.

Liu: Hello Allison.

Allison: Hey! You have seriously have to stop sneaking up on people like that...what are you trying to do, scare me to death!?

Liu: No, well...at least not yet anyway.

Liu Kuan steps out of the shadow and into the light surrounding Allison Retty, who has gone from nervous to angry in a matter of seconds. She raises an eyebrow at Liu who makes a sweeping motion which causes the lights to return to their normal state.

Allison: Well that's....better I guess. Still doesn't explain exactly what YOU are doing here, we aren't scheduled for an interview so spill it.

Liu slowly cranes his head and eyes Allison, he let's her statement go through one ear and right back out the other before scoffing and shrugging his shoulders.

Liu: So apparently I am not on YOUR schedule...but trust me, I am here so that means this interview is supposed to take place. So my suggestion, make time.

Allison: Look here, as much as you'd like to think you intimidate me you don't. Now i'll interview you, but not because you told me too. Jesus, where do I even start? Well...ok, your opponent took a shot at you earlier saying you and I quote "always say the same thing", he even went as far as dressing up like a robotic version of you. What are your thoughts on this?

Liu: Well, Akeem is right. I do often say the "same thing" not sure why that matters though, I say the same thing because I mean the same thing. Fight after fight, night after night, it's really all about the same thing for me. It's about winning, it's about stepping into that cage with another man and walking away on top. Maybe Akeem Winters doesn't care about that, maybe he is content goofing around with his friends and making an ass out of himself but not me.

Allison: Yeah, ok, fine. I guess...hmm OH! What about Ito Kain, he seems to have taken a bit of an interest in you, thoughts on that guy?

Liu: Why, oh why did you bring that weirdo up?

Allison: Well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black.

Liu: Watch it...now, back to Kain. He comes to me out of the blue and wants to help me with my "Style". Last time I checked, fighting has nothing to do with "Style". It's about combat, it's like Thunderdome, two men enter...one man leaves! That little Elvis wannabe can keep showing up all he wants, but he's just going to get more of the same.

Allison: So, I take it you haven't heard the rumors? It appears that Jake Riggs has entered talks with the owner of Team Grim, the team you fight for, and has voiced interest in buying Team Grim's contract.

Liu becomes visibly angry and now begins pacing back and forth as he mulls over what the lovely Allison Retty has brought to his attention. Liu stops next to a wall and leans back against it before leaning back and letting his head fall softly into the hard white bricks.

Liu: Well, I see Jake Riggs has an eye for talent. There is at least one good thing that can be said about him, but if he thinks my team's owner is going to sell he is DEAD...WRONG! They respect talent, they know I go out and I win fights! As a matter of fact, I am going to talk to them right now...they think they can just talk to Jake Riggs without even mentioning it to me, well they have another thing coming!

The scene fades as Liu, rather than pulling some asinine disappearing act like he normally does, storms down the hallway hastily in the hunt for his team owner to discuss the new information that has been brought to his attention.


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