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Omega - The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling


Sep 13, 2004
Handler's Name: Ed

Email Address: esmoove@comcast.net

Any variations of Instant Messengers:

AIM screen name: SVJTheReason

Wrestler Name: Omega

Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 9”

Weight: 325 lbs

Hometown: Somewhere in Missouri

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: An African American man with a bald head and a small thin goatee. He has scars all over his face and body. He wears jeans and wrestling boots to the ring with no shirt showing his many scars and tattoos all over his body. His tattoos include: The word OMEGA on his stomach, barbwire all over his arms, the Omega symbol covering his entire back, and the THE END across his chest.

Style: Hardcore/Brawler/High Impact – Omega basically will wrestle his opponent with his vast knowledge of wrestling moves. He will only go hardcore or two occasions. 1) When he is taking another hardcore/brawler type person. 2) If he hears the ‘Voices’ in his head or if ‘Barb’ instructs him to.

Finishing Move: The End (An Argentine Backbreaker into a lifting spinning neckbreaker – It’s basically a reverse TKO but with more impact)

Trademark move(s):

Fists and kicks in the corner
Belly to Belly Suplex
Belly to Back Suplex
High Impact Clothesline
Overhead Press into a fall away slam
High Vertical Front Suplex
Spinning side walk slam
Any Variations of the DDT
The use of ‘Barb’ when ‘Barb’ deems fit to be used.

Setup hold(s) for the finisher(s), if any: N/A

Move Set:

Superheavyweights: Russian Leg Sweep, Kicks, Punches, Clothesline, Boot to the Face, Variations of Backbreakers, Slams, Any Variations of the DDT, Weapons when available and Variations of Neckbreakers,

Heavyweights: Variations of suplexes, Powerbomb, Variations of Neckbreakers, Variations of Backbreakers, Chokeslam, Clotheslines, Spear, Punches, Kicks, Weapons when available, Spinebuster, and Any Variations of the DDT

Cruiserweights: Powerslams, Variations of suplexes, Variations of Neckbreakers, Chokeslam, Kicks, Punches, Spear, Powerbomb, Spinebuster, Any Variations of the DDT and any type of Variations of throws to show the strength and size difference

Entrance Music: ‘Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson

Entrance Description:

CUE UP: “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson

The arena lights go out as a few strobe lights circulate around the arena. The music continues as Omega slowly makes his way from the backstage area and holding ‘Barb’. He cautiously looks around the arena before making his way down the aisle. Omega slides under the bottom rope still holding ‘Barb’. He sets ‘Barb’ in the corner and sits down in front of the steel chair and holds his head waiting for his opponent.

Titles Held: N/A

History: N/A

Name of the manager/valet: ‘Barb’

Gender: Can a steel chair have a gender?

Brief description: Steel Chair wrapped in barbwire that is used whenever it chooses to be used.
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