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NWL Combat: The American vs. The Josh

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The Josh

Can I Do It Again?

<b>Soundtrack</b>: (Suggested Listening While Reading RP)

“Silver and Cold” by AFI (featured in RP)
“45” by Shine Down (featured in RP)
“Lost in a Portrait” by Trapt (featured in RP)
“My Immortal” by Evanescence
“The Game” by Disturbed
“Echo” by Trapt
“Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode
“The Nephilim” by AFI


Rain patters to the cement as the piano starts up in the background. Joshua Kosidlo is seen walking down the cement sidewalk, as he shimmers in silver, and in cold. He is in a pair of baggy blue jeans, and white t-shirt. He wears a leather jacket with leather biker gloves. He wears black leather boots, and on his head a black leather beret.

<I>Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one
Your sins into me</I>

A man stands before us now, his return to the squared circle, his return to the lifestyle he swore he’d leave behind…

He thought things would all change when he got married, he thought things would all change when he had a baby… but nothing ever did change for him, things just stayed the way they were before.

<I>As a rapturous voice escapes, I will tremble a prayer
And I'll beg for forgiveness
(Your sins into me) Your sins into...
(Your sins into me) Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one</I>

Joshua grew up watching wrestling, he grew up acting out wrestling in the backyard. Joshua was a wrestler, he was a fighter, Joshua was born to do this…

So as he walks down the sidewalk, alongside the street, the late night sky illuminating him in shadows and mystery. Ironically the one thing that stays constant with Joshua everywhere he goes.

A red Cheval passes him by splashing a small amount of water in his direction. The camera follows the car for a moment to see a very attractive young blonde woman in the car talking away on her cell phone. The camera pans back to where Joshua was standing and we do not see him there.

The camera turns to the right a bit to see Joshua walking into a small coffee house. The camera follows suit. Inside the coffee house Joshua takes a seat at a small booth, the seat are hard plastic benches with wooden tables covered with a hardened plastic. Joshua sits alone awaiting a waitress to come over to him. He does not wait long as a tall slender brunette approaches him with pad and pen in hand.

“What can I get you hun?” The slender brunette asks.

Joshua looks up to her, and smiles. “Just a coffee please.” He looks so peaceful yet at the same time so very distraught.

“Alright, and will anyone be joining you tonight?”

“No, I’m alone…”

“You are?” She seems as though she did not expect to hear that from him. Smiling she records his order, before repeating it back to him. “Just one coffee then, that’ll be right up in a minute.”

The brunette walks away, Joshua notices the uniform is rather simple. It is made out of a simple pink fabric trimmed in white around the sleeves and hem of the skirt. He notices the typicality of it with any diner’s mandatory attire.

Deciding there is nothing else of interest at the moment he looks down to the table, suddenly becoming very deep in thought.

<I>Am I really going to do this again? It’s been so long… could I really still have it? God… I’m almost thirty-two years old… my body feels like it’s almost eighty… what if I can’t do it… what if I step in the ring and I freeze up… I haven’t been the same since that accident… since I fell from such a high structure… what if…</I>

“Here you go hun, one cup of coffee.”

Joshua quickly snaps back to reality from his thoughts, though a bit startled he takes the coffee from the brunette’s hands. Only now does he look up to see her tag sitting above her rather shapely breasts. The tag reads <b>Cindy</b>. Joshua takes the coffee nodding in appreciation.

“Hey you okay there?” she asks him, concern quite visible across her face. “You seemed a little startled there.”

“Yeah, I’m just fine…” Joshua pauses. “Just thinking…”

“Okay…” Cindy is a bit hesitant to let it go at that, but it’s not her job to question. “If you need anything babe, just give me a holler.”

Cindy walks away. Joshua takes a sip of his coffee after wrapping his hands around the mug. Peering down into the mug, his reflection shines back at him… that almost thirty-two year old reflection.

<I>So I’m actually going to do it… oh man, she’s not going to be very happy now is she?</I>

An image flashes in the coffee of Josh falling from a gigantic steel pyramid structure. Another image flashes of him squirming on the ground, his legs not moving, his body… his body paralyzed…

<I>I could’ve died…</I>

The entire screen goes back to seeing Josh being carried out on a stretcher, unable to move, tears going down his face.

<I>Send away for a priceless gift
One not subtle, one not on the list
Send away for a perfect world
One not simply, so absurd
In these times of doing what you're told
You keep these feelings, no one knows
What ever happened to the young man's heart
Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart</I>

We see Joshua in rehab trying to get his body back into a shape that will allow him to walk. The clips of the surgery on his back and of him in physical therapy for his legs follow up in a flashing frenzy.

<I>And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45,
Swimming through the ashes of another life
No real reason to accept the way things have changed
Staring down the barrel of a 45</I>

“You want some more coffee?”

Joshua turns to Cindy and shakes his head no.

“Alright then… I’m heading out now, so here is your bill. You have a nice night sir.”

Joshua receives the bill and looks back to the table. He doesn’t see her leave, but hears the bell on the door as it closes behind her. Deciding to leave he pays the bill and heads out the door back to the rainy evening.

Joshua heads across the street and as he passes by one of the many pawn shops open late at night something catches his eye.

Turning towards the window he notices sitting there is a framed picture of him in the early part of his career, back when he was twenty-six years old. The picture shows him in a match with his cousin Spencer Smith.

<I>I remember that match… it was my first Pay-per View match ever…</I>

We flash to that match, Spencer and Joshua are in a tie up, Joshua whips him into the ropes and Spencer rebounds ducking a clothesline and hitting the ropes on the other end, Joshua turns around quickly to see Spencer leaping through the air at him, Joshua catches him and delivers a power slam onto his cousin. You can hear the fans getting into the match.

“Hey, didn’t expect to see you again so soon!”

Josh turns around to see Cindy standing beside him at the pawnshop window.

“You know, I thought you looked familiar…” Cindy pauses for a moment waiting for a response from Josh. When one doesn’t come she continues. “I didn’t realize it really until now… but I was there that night. You were wrestling as Vortex then weren’t you?”

Joshua nods to her, “Yeah… and that was my first ever Pay-per View… a match with my cousin.”

“Black hole, wasn’t that his name?”

“Yeah…” Josh pauses as he stares at the image. “We had been a tag team at first, but we split up at that point.”

“I see… I recall that actually.”

“Yeah.” Joshua still seems sort of distant.

“Well you have a good night, I must be heading home.”

“Yeah, you too.”

Cindy heads back down the other way as Joshua stares more intently on that image.

<I>I analyze… everything
I know what you mean
I answer my questioning
All that I need…</I>

<I>I want to surrender…
I want you to see
All the signs
All the faces inside…</I>

Joshua turns away from the portrait, walking back down the street. A red Cheval passes him by which the camera follows for a bit, in the drivers seat is a very attractive blonde. The camera pans back away from the car to find Joshua staring directly into the camera, his eyes fixated quite awkwardly. A chilling sensation comes over him, visible in his shivers.

<I>I’m going to do it again… I just hope I can get back to myself… I just hope that I can… I guess I have to start it off from the beginning, start if off with The American and work my way back up...</I>

"That's it... American as cliched as it sounds you're gonna go down... and I'm gonna break you, because I'm back and ready to kick some ass."

Joshua regaining himself from his thoughts walks down the street and out of sight, as he does this the rain finally stops. And the camera fades out to black.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into the American's more Patriotic Whitelandia compound. Cut to the American's more patriotic living room where the patriotic American sits.)

The American: So tonight I see that I am to face a long winded individual who goes by the name of "The Josh". An egotistical individual who believes he is the one and only defining Josh.

This THE JOSH, a man so important that he ecclipses every other Josh on earth, believes he can defeat THE AMERICAN is a disgusting, pointless arguement that he knows is false. He faces a man who out matches him on every level. He expects to defeat me with a series of dull, pointless quotes... I believe.

I am not sure the point of these quotes, but these will not Sway me, or the American people. You can quote books, popular and unpopular culture, but you cannot sway the determination of a true American.

But sadly, as most people I deal with THE JOSH is an utterly uninteresting bore.You stand around in the rain looking deep, how amazing. I was watching Turkish Delight the other night and saw a woman laying, playing in the rain, making rain angels... I guess... See, if I want to see someone in the rain I'll take a look at some blonde kicking puddles.

I'm so glad you decided to give us your life story in 500 words or less, I truely care... Really, I do. And AMERICA as a whole cares. We all really want to know everything about the next person who will be crushed by the might of a nation in under three minutes. We really want to know the stories behind the story who exists only to be destroyed by the bigger story. We care.

You seem hesitant, scared a much better opponent may destroy you, a former cripple. Hey, I just saw another movie about just that sort of thing... Another Paul Verhoeven movie, almost as good as Turkish Delight... almost. In it a man named Reen is ascending to the top of his sport, in this case Motocross. As he is about to reach his peak he is paralyzed in a freak accident, and bound to a wheel chair.

Now, you might think this is a great story of personal strife and sacrifice, culiminating in a montage as Reen trains to reclaim his ability to walk, and later his place in the Motocross world. But you see, Paul Verhoeven tends to favor realistic approaches to his films, and instead his film ends with Reen driving his wheelchair in front of a truck, not able to take the pain of being useless any longer.

Josh... THE JOSH... maybe you should have considered this option. Won't you feel just a little bit silly having spent all that time training to return to the ring only to be crippled in your first match? Won't you feel dumb when you could have simply thrown yourself in front of a truck? Well, since you were probably too poor to afford an electric wheel chair, and I doubt many people liked you enough as they liked Reen to chip in and purchase you an electric wheel chair, you'd need to pay some bum to throw you in front of that truck. But the point remains, you could be dead and buried instead of waiting for someone else to come along and bury you.

Isn't it a bit unfair to me, a world class athlete to end your career a second time, to have to spend even a minute doing it, when you could have just done it yourself? My friends, this is what is wrong with America today.

Too many people need everyone else to do their work for them. Even simple tasks like this that the Josh could have easily accomplished are handed off to the more experienced, the better off, and those who work harder. This simply must change.

Why should people like myself who already do so much be forced to do even more simply because a person like the Josh refuses to help himself? Josh, help me help you by simply working out your problems. When you can solve your own problems maybe you wouldn't be in the situation where you are entering a profession where you are so underqualified that you risk being crippled each time you go to work?

Doesn't that seem like a bad idea? I know it sounds like a terrible idea to me, and I'm sure every single American thinks the same way. Maybe these ideas of doing things on your own and not loading your problems onto other people seems as cliched as your words, and well your entire career up until this point, but it's good advice.

You can't remove the quality of it, no matter how many times it is repeated. Good advice is simply that.

So Josh, you must realize why I find it so laughable when you said your cliched sayings. There's just no way they will happen, no chance it will come to pass. So why bother wasting your breath lying before the fans, and before a man of my caliber?

It's just foolish son. How you could keep a camera on you for so long, say so little in some strange attempt to look for pity, which of course you will claim was never your intention. No one pities you, no one ever cared about your injury, or has ever heard of you before. You are nothing. A nobody, a never will be.

So don't act as if your threats mean anything to anyone. You could threaten THE AMERICAN EAGLE RYAN CRUZ, formerly the lowest lifeform in this poorhouse and it still would be laughable that you thought you could even beat him, a fellow no talent, no name nobody.

(Fade out.)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into the patriotic Freedom loving Whitelandia Compound of THE AMERICAN. Cut to the living room of the freedom loving estate where THE AMERICAN sits, ready to win the day for the cause of freedom, equality and justice.)

The American: My fellow Americans I am here to speak on a developing tragedy. As you may have seen on the Drudge Report, highlighted by flashing lights is that Jared Poe thinks that he has accomplished something by becoming Television champion.

What every man woman and child in that arena saw was a very different story. What they saw was a gift from the American people to a struggling start up. In that ring they saw charity, kindness, and good will towards their fellow man. They witnessed Jared Poe be handed the role of second fiddle by The American. Yet, despite Jared Poe being given this honor, his mind still exists in an illusion filled paradise.

This, as I have said is a tragedy. That a man could be so removed from reality that he cannot end his hatred of our great country for one second to thank us for presenting him with such a donation is shameful.

If I were a less of a man I would feel the need to respond to this insult with violence. This is not what will come to pass though, since Jared Poe is not worthy of our retribution. He is simply another lost soul lost in this world of anti American sentiment.

Each man and woman knows the truth that Jared Poe won nothing. Each man and woman saw how he gained the Television title, and everyone watching knew who the better man was.

As everyone will know who the better man is when the former and future cripple steps into the ring. All of his fears will come true, as all of Jared Poe's dreams of becoming the second fiddle came true.

It won't be a pretty site, and he will have people like The American Eagle, Jared Poe, Hacker, and all of these enemies of freedom who have built up the resolve, the intensity, and the anger in The American psyche.

(Fade out.)
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