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NWL Combat: The American vs. Ryan "The American Eagle" Cruz

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The trouble...

The camera pans around the arena showing the live crowd the fans were going wild on NWL’s house show. The camera then starts to focus on a locker room door. The camera moves up and the blurry sign on the door gets clearer, it said, Ryan Cruz. The cameraman knocks on the door; it took about 1 minute until the doorknob starts to twitch. Ryan opens the door with an angered look on his face. The cameraman slowly goes inside. Ryan slams the door behind him and sits on his expensive leather couch.

Ryan: I guess you’re here for my promo huh?

Cameraman: Yes sir, Mr. Medina ordered me to come here at this time.

Ryan: I know, I know, you stupid man. I was just making sure, because I don’t know if that cheater The American sent an imposter just to trick me.

Cameraman: No sir.

Ryan: Ok, I’ll believe you this time, but you won’t be lucky the next time we meet. Now let’s begin with the promo, and don’t sweat too much because you’ll get my couch dirty.

Cameraman: Yes sir.

The camera switches to a darker tint and he starts to count.

Cameraman: 1…2…3, Action!

Ryan: So… The American, huh, I guess you’re the next one to beat me; I guess you’re the next one to ruin my reputation. Well that stops now! I won’t let myself to sunk that low, so after I get done with this promo, I’ll work hard and train, because I know that you’re going to be hard to beat, but I will beat you, you know why I’m sure I will, because I have this…

Ryan raises his hand up and drops a pendant and grabs it by the end again. He raises it up and showed the camera what it was. It was an American flag built into a small globe.

Ryan: No, not because I have the flag, but because of this…

Ryan throws the globe to the floor and the globe breaks.

Ryan: What I have now, is freedom, freedom from that nationality, and freedom from the word limits and freedom from the crowd’s expectation. What I’m telling you is, that after Combat I’ll make sure that I won’t be called “Loser” Ryan, I will be called, Ryan “ The Graffiti” Cruz, the guy who can’t be beaten.

Cameraman: Ok, cut, that’s a wrap, see you later for next time.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, go away.

Ryan then looks around his locker room.

Ryan: Wait a minute… I had a card for the parking lot over here at the table, with out that, I would have to spend the week in jail, and that means no NWL.

Ryan hears a knock on his door, he opens it awkwardly, and it was another cameraman. Ryan face starts to turn white.

Cameraman 2: Hello I’m here for…

Ryan: Holy S***

Ryan runs outside the door and runs around the arena, finally he catches up with the phony cameraman.

Ryan: I knew you looked familiar.

The other cameraman turns to show the cameraman’s face, but the show fades out…


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into the AMERICAN's Whitelandia Compound. Cut to the living room of the AMERICAN where THE AMERICAN sits, ready to spit hot fire.)

THE AMERICAN: So NWL has seen fit to insult The American, and thus, every American. They have placed me in an insulting position forced to go into the ring against The American Eagle Ryan Cruz. The genuine article, a man who loves his country more than anything else must face a vile disgusting lunatic. A man who tried to take a country's pride, its sorrow, and use it for his own gain. This is not a place for violent reprisal.

No. To even be asked to enter the ring with this disgusting individual is an insult to every American. We must not even give any credence to their stupidity by letting their disgusting bile touch us.

It is laughable that THE AMERICAN EAGLE would claim that I, THE AMERICAN would be a cheater. For he was the only one to cheat anyone by claiming to be an American Eagle. He was the only one to cheat when he claimed he had half a chance of beating anyone, let alone myself.

You should not be concerned with your own reputation Cruz, oh no. Your own reputation cannot take a hit. You are not seen as a failure or a loser Cruz. Because everyone has realized you have never had a chance to be a champion. Everyone realized you have never had a chance to ever challenge for a title. And everyone realizes that you will never even win a match. So to see you as a loser simply because you lose matches we all know you will is short sighted.

We know you already are going to lose, so we think of you more as worthless, not simply a loser. A true loser is an Anti American infidel such as Hacker, who some how did challenge for a title, and of course being an infidel lost handily.

The fact I am forced to face you is the only reputation that will be harmed in this match. Not because there is a chance I may lose, because there is not. A man such as I cannot ever lose to such Anti American, ignorant liberal scum such as you American Eagle. Every second past the third second into this match that I need to spend in the ring with you takes just that much more luster off of my career. You are an opponent so lacking in skill that it is simply an insult I am in the ring with you.

Look at him, destroying the snow globe he tried to hock, tried to profit off of. The American people would not buy his insulting wares so he defiles our flag by throwing a depiction of it on the ground. Utterly disgusting. The NWL should fire him on the spot simply for that vile act.

But of course I am talking to a man who runs away from cameramen who come to his door, and engages in back alley shenanigans with other cameramen. I'm sure he was quite familiar to you Cruz, he must be the only person on earth who has ever listened to you, or cared what you have to say.

But I have spent far too much time on a person so stupid, so vile, and so unintelligent. That The American Eagle would take up such a new nonsensical moniker that I will not even glorify by mentioning just shows how worthless he is. Why should I be afraid of a man named after what a 6th grader scrawls on the bathroom stall as he rages against the machine? That's not scary Cruz, only your unfounded hatred of our great country, for it is an ignorance greater than any I have ever seen, and ignorance that large is quite scary.

(fade out.)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into the American's Whitelandia compound. Cut to THE AMERICAN sitting in The American's Whitelandia compound's living room.)

The American: It would seem that our friend Ryan Cruz is such an unintelligent despot that my words have left him silent. He is so in awe of the spirit of America that he cannot even speak to defend his actions which so cowardly attempted to benefit from a nation's struggle. It is to be expected, who would have thought he would even speak to begin with.

He cannot even face the nation with his crimes, he cannot face us with our shame, and he cannot face an opponent and hope to win. He lacks the spirit of America that he attempted to steal without knowing that this spirit can never be stolen. It must be born inside each and every one of us. Instead when he loses he blames the spirit for not allowing a low life such as himself to harness this power for his own profit.

We must expect this from such a person, of course. Incredible lies with no backing proof, then silence when you are shown to be ignorant of the facts. Your ignorance leads to beatings, since you lack the knowledge that you are totally incompetant inside the ring, as you are outside of it.

But why bother to even talk about it anymore? I am here to prove the greatness of this spirit. To show the world that this spirit is that of a champion, and that only the truely great can ever comprehend it, let alone carry it as I do. Jared Poe can continue to celebrate being a runner up, but the American spirit cannot settle for second place. It cannot rest knowing it could be better, it must capture the International TItle, not the Television title. And even then, the International Title is not even enough for this conquering spirit.

So you see Cruz, you someone destined for the bottom could never understand this spirit, this spirit of greatness that will crush you. It is a shame you ever had to enrage the American spirit by attempting to use it to finance your infidel causes, but you have, and now you must live with the knowledge of what you have done, and the consequences that will follow.

(Fade out)



Fade back in the parking lot where we last left Ryan Cruz and the imposter cameraman who has just stolen Ryan’s parking card.

Ryan: I knew I recognize you somewhere.

Cameraman: Nice to see you again, I can’t believe that you were that smart, well, I just want you to know that you’ll need smartness to beat that damn patriotic American, He still thinks you care about politics, too bad that he won’t know what’s coming after him.

Ryan: Well, thanks again James, You’ve trained me so hard that I finally can think straight, I just can’t believe that this is your last test, I mean, If I didn’t figure all of this out in time I wouldn’t be even able to get a chance to destroy that American, I’m not even American anyways, I’m Hispanic what is this guy thinking? Man, I just can’t wait to go out there and beat the hell out of that stupid wrestler.

James: Well you’re going to get your chance, and for your sake, don’t blow it because you will never ever be able to show your face again after you lose three straight matches.

Ryan: I know ok, I just want to go out there and beat the hell out of him, He’s been talking all this **** about me and I think it’s about time for me to shut this guy up, I mean I have the talent and the looks for greatness so I don’t think that it would be too hard to beat him. I just want to tell him face to face that being American isn’t something that you shall be proud off.

James: now, now, now, don’t start to act racist in front of me just make sure that you beat him ok, well I need to go now, here’s your card and I’ll see you later ok?

Ryan: Ok, James, I’ll see you later, I need to do my real promo anyway, so I’ll see you later man.

Both of them shake hands and they both go separate ways, Ryan opens the door and the real cameraman has settled his equipment up.

Ryan: The time is ticking and from the looks of it, you’re getting worried, you know American I’m sick and tired of you blabbering your mouth, and at Combat I’ll make sure that I’ll leave it a bloody pulp, you see, I’m not the same Ryan you faced at the rumble in the jungle match, because you can see that I’m not happy am I, I’m not a debuting man anymore I have earned my popularity, and I have gained the power to beat your ass, so at Combat make sure that you call an ambulance cause one way or another, I will get you to go on that ambulance.

You will notice that I have now become a smart, smart guy, you know why? Not only am I not called the American eagle anymore, I’m also not into politics anymore which has nothing to do with wrestling at all, so now that my heads intact I’m sure that your time is up. The time for annihilation is here and you’re the first one to feel how the evolution of the mind takes place.

Many times have I been robbed from my first victory, no more, enough is enough no one and I mean no one will be able to stop the graffiti anymore, you see this, this is my sweat, this is what I get because of all this anger so at about when combat begins, I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to let me produce this sweat because at combat I will destroy your ass.

The time for talking is over, at combat we will have to show each other are talent of fighting and to tell you the truth I’m not afraid of you at all, your politics and nationalism is nothing but garbage so after all this, I will make sure that I will win, so I shall provide you all the proofs you want to show that you have no chance at all, to beat me. I will make you pay for all your insults so I bid you farewell, I bid you forgiveness and I bid you my job, that’s right, at combat my job will be on the line, if I win I shall leave and if I lose, I will be leaving this federation, so at Combat my job is on the line.

The camera fades out with Ryan standing there looking into space as this might be his last night to ever promo on his job. I bid you guys farewell, as I need to do this.
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