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NPC: Scurvy Jones Match-Writing Aid


League Member
Jul 16, 2014
Name: Scurvy Jones
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hometown: Between Port and Starboard
Age: 443 (or 40 for real)
Alignment: Face
Style: Catch/Technical/Comedic
Appearance/Short History:
"A deceased shiphand from the Mayflower in 1611," Scurvy Jones is a "ghost" who has "risen back from the dead" solely to educate DEFIAfans on the dangers of scurvy, somewhat oblivious to the fact that it is no longer a relevant disease. He is best known for giving the audience members oranges "lest ye suffer the same fate" as he did. He looks like a dignified English gentleman sailor. From hell.
Entrance Music: Cheesy piccolo tune.

Specialty moves:
"Rotten Apple" - A finger poke to the Adam's apple.
"Stockinglock" - Achilles Tendon Hold
"...and Two Smoking Barrels" - Jones drives the points of his elbows into the Achilles tendon immediately following the Stockinglock
"Baroque-Si-Do" - Kimura lock into comedic dance number, this would be his finisher if he won, ever.

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