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Nothing changes, part two, mk2!


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(We re-join Michael Hardy and Simon Wilcox in the early hours of Sunday morning. Their night out had been a roaring success and they had been treated well by everyone they had met. It is now 2am and the CSWA Tag Team Champions sit at the bar of 'Tropicana'. The music is loud and the flashing lights illuminate the shirts of Simply Stunning, around them the decor of the club is set out to mimmick a sunkist island. Plastic palm trees stand in corners, picturesque mosaics of sea and sand envelop the walls. There is a happy feel to the club as another round of Jack Daniels and coke is served up to Hardy and Wilcox.)

MH: This is the last for me, then I'm off to the hotel.

SW: What? The night is but young.

MH: Yeah, but really we shouldn't be here, we have a match next week.

SW: Bah, that's next week, a few more hour sout won't make much difference.

MH: No, but several more shots of JD will!

SW: Come on man, live a little. If we go through with this plan of yours the next few months are going to be pretty intense. We should make the most of this freedom while we have the chance.

MH: I suppose you're right.

SW: Besides, you think the Pro's aren't relaxing?!?!

MH: To be honest, I don't really car what they're doing.

SW: I know what they'll be doing next week, they'll be lying on their backs with our boots shoved up their asses!

MH: I hear you on that one buddy!

(They clink their glasses together.)

SW: As I was saying....

(Wilcox is stopped in mid-sentence by the arrival of two beauties at the bar. One looks to be early twenties, a short, slim brunette who is squeezed into a pink latex mini dress and is teetering towards the bar is extremely high sandels. The other is slightly taller, roughly the same age but has blonde hair plaited. She too has squeezed herself into a black dress, although this time it is of the black leather variety, which goes well with her boots. Both sit at the bar and stare intently at Simply Stunning.)

MH: Look out, I think we've pulled!

SW: What?

MH: Those two at the bar.

SW: Who, Barbie and her leather fetishist friend?!?!

MH: Shut up, they aren't bad lookers, in fact, I'd go so far as to say they're damn beautiful.

SW: Yeah, I suppose, when you look at their faces.

MH: What? Faces? Oh yeah, their faces!

SW: Shut up you pervert.

MH: Maybe we should offer them a drink.

SW: Why not?

MH: Ahem, excuse me ladies, can my friedn and I buy you a drink?

W1: Okay, two champagne supernova's please.

(Their drinks are made and the boys wander over.)

W1: I'm Chantelle, and this is Sasha.

MH: I'm Michael, and this is Simon.

S: Are you two famous?

SW: Umm....what makes you say that?

S: Oh, nothing, just that you seem familiar.

MH: Do you like wrestling?

C: No, not really, I'll watch it if its on, but not regularly.

S: Yeah, I'm the same, why'd you ask?

SW: Umm, no reason, just wondered.

(Wilcox whispers in Hardy's ear.)

SW: I thnk we're in, they don't know who we are, we don't have to worry about whether they're being natural or not.

MH: I know, what a bonus.

S: So what do you boys do then?

SW: We...err...work around the country.

C: Really? Doing what?

MH: Err....we....umm....are in the...erm....flying industry.

S: Ooh.

MH: Yes, we often fly together.

SW: In the air, without a care!

C: That must pay well.

MH: Oh it does, it does.

S: Are you in town long?

SW: No, until the end of the week I believe.

S: Maybe we could show you round the place then?

MH: Yeah, that would be great.

S: You better drink up then, I need to go and powder my nose.

C: Uh-huh, me too.

(The women disappear off to the toilets.)

SW: I tell you Mickey, we're home and dry here.

MH: I know, just don't mention the wrestling.

SW: I hear you loud and clear.

(To be continued.)

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