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No Love When Ya Done Did It


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Aug 8, 2007

(CUT TO: Jack Bryant, sporting the recently released Jack Bryant/Jack Daniel’s-styled
Alabama Smash Mouth Wrasslin’ tee, black chino shorts, and red Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops, inside his private locker room at Perth Arena. Bryant, his neck-length locks still wet from the shower, is gingerly packing his gear into a crimson, drawstring bag with a white Alabama "A" on it. The NFW TV Championship, folded up neatly with only the faceplate showing, sits near the bag. Without notice, the door is pushed open and in steps a clearly jubilant Fiona Love, dressed in a black T-shirt dress featuring a white print at the bottom of a little girl walking an AT-AT on a leash, charcoal leggings, black, low-top Converse sneakers, and her trademark horn-rimmed glasses.)

FIONA LOVE: “Well, Jack … (plops down next to where JB’s packing) how’s it feel to be the TV Champ for a THIRD TIME!?

JACK BRYANT: (cracks a crooked grin) “Hurts like hell.”

FIONA: (shakes her head and smirks) “Smart ass. (leans back, resting on her arms) Sooo .. Steel Viper showing up was wild … ”

JB: “That’s one way ta’ put it. Ah didn’t know ‘til Ah got ta’ tha’ back n’ Shaniqua told me. Ah’m not sure what ta’ think about it. That’s not tha’ way Ah wanna’ win, but them Hellfire boys woulda’ done tha’ same damn thing ta’ me if they'd had tha' chance.”

FIONA: “Exactly. Just like the BRAWL-O-WEEN Match.”

(JB nods and pulls the bag’s drawstring tight as he finishes up.)

FIONA: “I do have something we need to talk about. (JB glances up) Eddie offered me back my old VP of Marketing and Sales job. More pay, more responsibility. I accepted.”

JB: “Now, that’s worth havin’ a couple a’ beers over. (digs back into his bag, pulls out a sixer of the green-canned Emu Bitter, rips two free, pops their tops, and hands one to Fiona) Here, take a swill a’ that. Don’t drink too much .. might end up puttin’ hair on yer chest.”

FIONA: “Thanks. (takes a drink like a trooper) About the job .. Eddie agreed with me that I needed to get things settled with you before I started. I can’t help, but feel like I’m leaving you hanging.”

JB: (waves a hand at Fiona) “Aww, hell. Ah managed ta’ get by before, Fee. It’ll all work itself out. Ah think ya’ should tell ol’ Mayfield that yer wantin’ ta’ start as soon as ya' can.”

FIONA: “That’s the second thing I wanted to talk to you about. Last week, Shaniqua called me and made an acquisition offer. She’d essentially takeover all the business I was doing and then some. I read over her offer and it all looked good, Jack. Whether or not I agree, well, that’s up to you. I know how hard it is to earn your trust and she is Calvin’s sister.”

(JB takes down the last gulp of his Emu Bitter, crumples the can, and tosses it into the closest waste basket.)

JB: “Ah trust Shaniqua n’ Ah trust Malik. Go ahead n’ give Shaniqua a call so we can meet up, get all this squared up, n’ head out fer a few.”

FIONA: (all smiles) “Deal.”

(JB tosses his bag over his shoulder and heads for the door with Fiona, who digs out her Apple iPhone 5, at his side as the shot FTB.)

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