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Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
All -

Time to think about your character's "5-Card Plan" again, and email that to me soon as you can.

For the new guys:

This is something I thought up not too long ago. I'd like you all to look at your character's arc and consider what you'd like to see them doing/involved in, leading up to RANDOM RUMBLE. It's a mix of a wishlist, and a roadmap. For me, it gives me the chance to make sure you're having fun and are engaged while we march to the big PPV.

A perfect thought process would take your character RIGHT to the steps of BRAWL 70 and RANDOM RUMBLE - that week is billed as "THE GREAT CHICAGO FIRE II" - We're going to have BRAWL 70 on a Monday, and stay the whole week in Chicago and then have the Rumble the next Sunday. Think about where your guy wants to be positioned by then and then placed in the Rumble. Everyone should have at least one major plotline for their guy and some story notes to hit by then.

"WIN THE RANDOM RUMBLE" is a great idea, but everyone wants to do that. :)

Please GMAIL ME this plan, don't leave it here, and throughout the week hit me up on AIM or schedule a time and we'll talk through your gameplan.



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