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Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
Nothing's better than a 'gobbler' (Insert your own joke) - but that leftover turkey sammich with the cranberries, stuffing is DOPE.

Hit us up with some extra RP here from BRAWL 69/RELOADED XX.



Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
There's no Harming Jack Harmen

(FADEIN: To a black backdrop, and CALVIN CARLTON, standing proud and wearing that Susan G. Komen-Pink Armani suit, Cancer Ribbon on the lapel, white collared shirt, matching pink tie, and swinging his trusty tennis racquet, 'Ol' Bessie' in a hypnotic serpentine motion, the pink diamonds creating a cancer ribbon pattern on the slip case reflects brilliantly off of the studio lights. in his other arm, is the HUGE NFW World Championship, the President Mayfield Franklin Mint Belt - the BIG ONE. He cradles it vertically in his arm, fussing with the enormity of it, clutching it like a slipping baby - not letting it fall too far before hoisting it up again.)

CARLTON: (Cackles) "OH ... OH HO! IT FEELS GOOD TO BE THE KING. (smiles like a demon) I can't tell you misanthropes HOW GOOD it feels to be back on top. And if you don't know what that feels like, that's because you aren't GENETICALLY PREDISPOSED for WEALTH like someone like me, or even if you were plunged into money, you'd squander it on STI-infested whores and box wine. BOX WINE! Seriously? (Shakes his head and swings his racquet.) If you had your head dented in and lost cognitive awareness of the obvious, my name is CALVIN JAY CHALMERS CARLTON THE THIRD. I am the manager of the most important client in this business, JACK HARMEN. You may have heard of him."

"And I don't stutter when I say that Jack Harmen is the BIGGEST NAME in wrestling, not just because he's more decorated than a 5-star army general, it's because he's the undisputed owner of this -- (motions to the NFW title with his racquet) the richest prize there is. Don't show up here and hold up any other belt next to the importance of this and try to measure peenies with me - because when you're the NFW World Champion, OUR PEENIES THE BIGGEST ONE. You don't add up. And in a short while, in just a few months, Jack Bryant, you ... (grits teeth) SOUTHERN MOUTHBREATHER - you think you can run around here and drop people on their faces and think you have enough juice in your tank to take this away from me/US? I mean Jack Harmen? (Swipes the air with the racquet) I DON'T THINK SO HOMBRE'! It just will NOT happen."

"There was a time where I believed the hype around you. I wined and dined you - you could have been part of the DYNASTY - part of a team of winners, but your huge head and bad breath is one of many many things that makes you not smart, and several genetic points away from being savvy enough to roll with big dogs like me. NOW LOOK AT YOU, wearing tee-shirts that are obviously too small for you and trying to intimidate me. I don't scare, Bryant - I HAVE MONEY, and MONEY SOLVES EVERYTHING. (cackles) And what money doesn't solve? A kick in the face by NEW FRONTIER WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPION, JACK HARMEN, will take care of the rest.

"God loves fools and babies, Jack Bryant, so he must love you double. You'll NEVER have this belt, Bryant, so go back to whatever alligator farm you came from and throw yourself in to save us the trouble."

(FADE TO BLACK as CAL laughs and heaves up the big gold again!)


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: The dark skies of Washington, DC, with the various sites -- the Washington Monument, the Capitol, etc. -- lit under spotlights. JJ DEVILLE is standing on a balcony in his Arlington, Va. condo, his arms cupped behind his back as he takes in the winter air. He slowly turns around. His hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail, his go-tee neatly trimmed. He has on wireless glasses -- bi-focals, no less. He's wearing a black 'WWJJD' T-Shirt with a navy blue sports coat, the T-Shirt tucked into his khaki pants. And, oh yeah, his head is still captured in a halo.)

JJ: "Washington DC! It is the center of power for the world as we know it. Every day, across the Potomac from my 2.5-bedroom condominium complete with a heated parking spot, people make decisions that change lives. In those building behind me, people scheme and crawl and find a way to progressively get to an office on a higher floor. All so they have power. Make it to the top floor of the Pentagon? You can start a war. Sit behind the oak desk in the IRS building? All it takes is one phone call to make a political enemy have to go through 15-years of paperwork to avoid having their credit score ruined. Heh? Did you hear about New Jersey? Supposedly, the Governor there ordered his staff to shut down some lanes of the George Washington Bridge just to punish the mayor of some dumb town who didn't endorse him. THAT! That is the type of thing that I am talking about. That is what you can do when you OBTAIN POWER."

(JJ purses his lips.)

JJ: "Oh, I have waited for this moment. For years, I was a castaway. A relic of the past. Troy Windham's flunkie. A man whose resume and clips tape was thrown in the trash. I knew how good I was. I knew how BRILLIANT I am. And I knew that one day... one day I would be able to get revenge on New Frontier Wrestling and get revenge on an industry that thought it passed it by. YOU ALL LAUGHED AT ME! YOU ALL LAUGHED AT JJ DEVILLE! WELL GUESS WHAT? NOW! NOW I AM ABOUT TO TAKE ALL OF THIS AWAY FROM YOU! Remember when I cancelled that entire show down in South Carolina? When I took all of your favorite little wrestlers and put them on a Katrina bus and had them do my bidding? How all of you were so excited to tune in... only to see me smirking in a ring followed by a TWO HOUR LONG TEST PATTERN! Guess what? This all goes away!"

(JJ purses his lips once again, putting his arms akimbo on his hips.)

JJ: "Eddie Mayfield... IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME... You claim you are making a decision. Which one of us -- Which member of THE HELLFIRE CLUB -- will take on Jack Harmen, a man who is literally on death's doorstep? Well, Eddie, let me SAVE you the decision making process. On top of being better at you in the ring... I am a man who possesses a supercomputer brain. I CAN BEAT DEEP BLUE. I see the chess pieces moving before you even take a seat at the board, Mayfield! And The Hellfire Club? Blaine Hollywood? Dorchester Stratton? They understand that. They know that I am a man of near limitless talents. But my greatest talent is my NATURAL LEADERSHIP ABILITY. That is why I AM THEIR LEADER. Why THEY TAKE ORDERS FROM ME. Mayfield, if you pick Blaine or Dorchester... I guarantee you each of them would gladly step aside for I, a man who is both their brother AND patron."

(JJ purses his lips.)

JJ: "Eddie Mayfield... that means that I will be in the ring against Jack Harmen. In my adopted hometown of Washington, DC. In front of people who UNDERSTAND the levels of power. The people in the luxury boxes? They'll be cheering for me, because they're just like me -- people who move the levers. And the dirty people in those dirty, plastic chairs? They'll be cheering for me OUT OF RESPECT... because while they aren't CAPABLE or GOOD ENOUGH to be in my position... they know it's because of their shortcomings in life. The crowd will be chanting MY name, Mayfield... AS THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING ALL THOSE YEARS I WAS STUCK STUFFING TOWELS AT A DORM GYM AT NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY... and I am going to beat Jack Harmen -- if that is indeed his real name. I am going to humiliate him. I am going to humiliate that dumb dumb Calvin Carlton... and then I am going to destroy your name, once and for all."

(JJ chuckles.)

JJ: "Eddie Mayfield, I'm going to be the New Frontier Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. My first order of business? I'm going to go to the bridge behind the Jefferson Memorial, over the Potomac River. And I'm going to DANGLE THAT TITLE over the river. And I'm going to make you come to me and get on your hands and knees and BEG ME NOT TO THROW IT AWAY. I'm going to make you do whatever I tell you to do just for me to consider not ruining the legacy of your title and YOUR promotion forever. And there's nothing you, Eddie... or Jack Harmen... OR ANYONE... can do about it! Check. Mate. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA---OHHHH!" (JJ holds his neck in pain. FTB.)


Jan 1, 1970
i am inside on the outside



(FLASH CLOSE-UP: STRYFE’s face concealed by a black gasmask, the repeating pound of the organs and string accompaniment coinciding with his amplified breathing.)


(STRYFE’s motionless as the cameras slowly peel back, revealing him sitting in a charred wooden chair atop burnt embers. Roof foundations crumbled and burnt, walls scorched to the eroding foundations. We are on set at the remains of CASTOR STRIFE’s studio. The music dials down a few notches as STRYFE leans slightly forward.)

STRYFE: “It is a good thing that you sign such contracts, Castor. For your desire to dominate in perverted opulence…”

(STRYFE pauses and leans back, circling his head weirdly to survey the wreckage.)

STRYFE: “…has become quite costly. I suppose this will wash off your back like your dissipating NFW legacy, or perhaps you will change for the future.”

(STRYFE laughs, while coughing…)

STRYFE: “I am not the others … I am not here for my ego. Your glory is as short-lived here as the attention span of those people you think will provide it to you. (STRYFE LAUGHS!) THEY WATCH YOU BURN, CASTOR! THEY WATCH YOU BLEED! (STRYFE starts coughing, stopping his laughter…) …but they won’t wait for you to heal. And that crimson star won’t care once you can’t sell.”

(STRYFE starts nodding negatively)

STRYFE: “No, Castor… No… I want to SAVE you, Castor. (STRYFE LAUGHS!) IT IS OUR CAUSE THAT MUST BE SPREAD, IT IS THEIR MESSAGE (QUICK CUT: A crimson star) THAT MUST DIE! (QUICK CUT: Back to STRYFE coughing) I WILL spread my message, Castor…and this begins with you, Castor. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WHAT I COULD HAVE BEEN! (STRYFE breathes deeply in anger) Today, your world burns… In DC, it will not stop. You are infected, Castor…”


“The message will spread.”


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
The Unfaded One

(FADEIN: A hallway of charred black film posters. It is dark, except for moonlight that illuminates the edges of several rooms in the burned house of CASTOR STRIFE. Castor himself appears from one of them, wearing a brown leather overcoat. His blonde hair is wet and combed back, and his green eyes scan the wreckage before him. He continues through the house, wiping his fingers along the burned wall)

CASTOR: “A man sets fire to my home, blacks his face in the ashes, and claims that I am what he could have been – that maybe in an alternate universe, I would be the one holding the matchbook.”

(Looks down at fingers which are now stained black, rubs them together and tucks his hand back into his coat pocket)

CASTOR: “It sounds like the stuff of dreams. But what sets me apart from everyone else – what earns me the right to call myself the very best, and earned me every dime of what this company realized it had to pay me – is that I make dreams into reality. When reality doesn’t fit my vision, I change reality.”

“What have you changed with this fire? Nothing. You burned my materials, but my legacy remains, and so does this fact: that you are a version of ME, not the other way around. Remember that. You walked into MY LIFE, and I still don’t know who you are. You’re a man of masks and shadows; I am the bringer of light and starshine. The grandest, brightest spectacle in professional wrestling today, yesterday, and tomorrow. I do not fade. You and I...are nothing alike. There is no mask that will change who you are not – and you...are not me.”

(The camera follows him into another room, where belts are mounted on the wall and trophies, including the 2012 ULTRATITLE, are locked in glass cases which have now been shattered. The broken glass crunches beneath Castor’s boots as he walks in)

CASTOR: “Stryfe with a ‘Y’ is the sad delusion of a lonely, bitter fan. Dangerous? Yes, I see that now. But a person who overplays their hand is only dangerous to a coward. You want this fight? I gladly oblige.”

“Winning my attention will be your last victory. In that cage, doppelganger, you’ll find out that I wasn’t made to be tested. If it’s true that I created you, then the story writes itself: I will cinematically unmake you at Reloaded.”

“But promise me something – promise that when I do end this game, that you will get down on your knees and thank me. Thank me for making you a star. That’s what you’re really after, isn’t it? Fame? (smiles) Aren’t we all.”

(Walks out of the room and toward the front door, which is missing and instead covered in yellow caution tape)

CASTOR: “Your star will quickly fade, but you will, for a moment, hang across that sky. And like the others who thought they could replace me and what I AM to this business, you will leave faster than you arrived. But you can always look up there and find me, the unfaded one. The space horizon is mine; I am the name, the One, the Gold, the Dream, and I am going nowhere. Understand?”

“Think hard. How is it that a man like me got to be so feared in the ring? Why is it that I can walk into any promotion, any tournament, and eviscerate any man I choose? I warned you not to fuck with me. Now you’ll have the honor of seeing what all the hype is about.”

(FADEOUT as Castor steps through the caution tape and exits the house)


Jan 1, 2000
Sink or Swim

(Our shot opens on KERRY KUROYAMA, in his emerald trunks and robe, standing before a massive hi-def monitor with an animated "NFW RELOADED XX" logo drifting behind him. A rather high-tech upgrade from a basic backdrop. Yet the look in the young athletes eyes is one of no-nonsense and defiant grit. He wastes no time letting us hear what he has to say...)

"I lead my life by keeping an open mind... but something tells me that greatness is not simply achieved by the mere push of a hypothetical button."

"LANE CASH... I'm not so arrogant as to say I know for certain how things are going to play out once the bell sounds... but even so, your show of over-confidence doesn't sell quite me on the idea that I'm doomed to be disappointed. Call it a hunch, or call it just plain logic."

"The thing is, I'm a 'believe-it-when-I-see-it' kind of guy... again, that's me keeping an open mind about things. But after studying your body of work, Lane, I frankly just haven't seen 'IT' yet. All that is apparent is that you've built a rather large claim of born greatness upon a handful of rather small accomplishments, lately beating up on the ilk fed to you by Peter Windham."

"I guess you can still argue that it makes you a 'winner', in a technical sense... but what I don't understand is why you'd waste your supposedly natural-born talent by limiting yourself to throwaway showcase matches, instead of pursuing a piece of GOLD to back it all up. You might think 'Cash is King', Lane, but a King is only as good as his crown."

"Realize, I fully understand that I'm in the same boat... but I consider that to be a work in progress. And I have no intention of building a career on small, mediocre accomplishments over the likes of Plain Brown Rapper and Mystery Meat. I will go to every length to prove myself a man of unlimited potential and destined greatness... and I'll do it by proving I can be better than every man wearing a cocky smile and claiming their best."

(He steps a closer to the camera, raising his hands and clenching his fists close to his face.)

"I gotta say, Lane... you've given me even more reason to want to go into that ring and put you on your back. Not only does it put me up another peg in the ladder... but it also sends a statement to anybody else in that locker room who thinks they can put himself over me before he proves he can get the job done between the ropes. I fully expected to be underestimated when I came to New Frontier... but I absolutely refuse to fulfill the expectations of any of my naysayers."

"One way or the other, I'm going to give you something to remember by... and hopefully, something that gives you pause for reconsideration in the future, the next time you decide to write off someone as young and idealistic 'loser'. I'm going to ensure that the next time you and I cross paths, you won't be smiling and beaming with confidence as you are now. At Reloaded XX, Lane Cash, it will come time to see what you were REALLY born to do..."

"SINK... or SWIM."

"Because even if you manage get away... the STORM will always be close behind you..."

(KUROYAMA pulls up the hood as he steps off camera. A cued soundclip generates the rumble of distant thunder as the screen with the RELOADED XX logo fades out, soon followed by the camera.)


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO


“........AHHHHH I can’t do it anymore.”

(QUICKCUTTO: Leyenda de Ocho, standing in front of an NFW pixelated backdrop. “Yah! Woo hoo! YAH-HAAA!”s emanate from the smartbelt, a customized Luchador version of Super Mario 64 splayed across the screen.)

LDO: “I can’t be silent. I tried. It seemed like a great tough guy thing to do though, right? The stoic hero...the guy that the rest of the world could emulate and throw a piece of their own psyche and personal struggle into, the universal symbol of victory.

I can’t do it. I’m too antsy about it.”

(Ocho presses the screen at key points, allowing the belt to become a full-on projector screen of video game goodness. He’s working through the middle stages of the game, pursuing the first star of Lethal Lava Land.)

LDO: “Not that I disagree with the ideals - duty before self, end game before ego, it’s all there. All the signposts of why this is the path to follow, why I should take a moment and consider the self-sacrifice and honor it takes to be a silent protagonist. But the thing is - it’s not the only way. It CAN’T be the only way.

Especially in the world we currently occupy.

I will NEVER convince you, Teddy, of the fate at your doorstep. I accept that. Actions before words, and all that. The mistake is assuming I can’t back up my words, that I’m fluff - that I’m a metric ton of hype brought on by the marketing office of our beloved NFW.

But I destroy monsters. Just ask Rook Black.

And the Chromatic Dragons? Xavier Langston? They are RAVENOUS to prove that they’re major players here.

Good guys have bite too.”

(Mario pushes the Big Bully into lava, and collects his star. Ocho winks as the camera fades to black.)

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