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NFW Application


Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-13-02 AT 09:02 AM (EST)]Behold - the JN 1040 EZ! Back in the old days, I had a form TWICE this long, and I decided to shorten it because I was (gasp!) making people think too much about their characters. I should be shot. Anyway, fill this out and email it back to us or post it here,

NOTE: For Tagteams, condense both guys' info to fit on one form.

Email Address:

Wrestler Name: (This is the name the character is wrestling under)

Height: (This is the height the character is billed as having)

Weight: (See height)

Hailing From: (This is where the character is introduced as being

Handedness: (Right or Left)

Disposition: (Heel? Face? Tweener?)

Gimmick: (If not a true "gimmick", his in the ring 'persona'.)

Ring Attire: (What he wears to the ring.)

Looks: (A general idea of what the guy looks like. Hairstyles, etc.)

Ring Entrance: (What he DOES on his way to the ring.)

Theme Music: (What is PLAYING on his way to the ring. Please, no crap
like 'Undertakers music'. Be original)

Tactics/Style: (Technical, High-Flyer, etc. But go into a bit of
detail. If he's modelled after a certain 'type' of wrestler, please
detail. EX: A mix of Shawn Michaels/TAZ/Benoit)

5 Specialty Moves: (Moves that mark that wrestler - IE: Bret Hart
always does his 2nd rope Elbow, Russian Leg Sweep.)

Finisher & Set-Up Moves:

Strengths: (3 strength marks see him as posessing)

Weaknessess: (See Above)

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