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"New School" Layne Winters


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Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road

Real Name: William Ferraro

Email Address: WFerraro@hotmail.com


Name: “New School” Layne Winters

Height: 6’3

Weight: 250

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Face/Heel: Heel

Appearance: Long golden bleach blonde hair that extends to his collar bone. Blue eyes, brown goatee. Long nose and a deep, nasal voice.

History: Wrestled in the Seattle Wrestling Alliance for 7 years.

Titles Held: SWA Tag Team Championship (Held with his brother, “The Prodigy” Danny Winters); SWA World Championship. (OORP: This organization only exists in-kayfabe. It never actually existed as an FW fed, I just made it up to give Layne a bit of history)

Style: Technical/Brawler. The character himself is similar to Shane Douglas, but his in-ring style is closer to Curt Henning, but with a slightly better submissions game, or perhaps to put it better, Bret Hart with slightly less submissions.

Move Set: Belly to Belly Suplex, German Suplex, Heel Hook, Snap Suplex, Diving Crossbody, DDT, Neckbreaker, Figure Four, Forearm from the second rope, Piledriver, Arm-trap Crossface (aka Crippler Crossface, Camel Clutch), Scissored Armbar, Dropkick, Stiff Punches, Stiff Kicks, Boston Crab, Knee Bar.

Description of Finisher: Picks his opponent up into a suplex, holding him a while to let the blood rush to his brain, and then drops him in a Liger bomb.

Finisher Name: Green River Justice

Entrance: Comes out to the song “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season.

Description of Manager: Pamela Eurice. Tall, about 5’10, thin, weighing around 125 pounds (her height adds to her weight). Large surgery enhanced breasts. Long brown hair, blue eyes, toned body. Has a bunch of tattoos, including large ones on both hips (Right hip says “Perfect” left hip says “Imperfection”), one on the left ankle, one on the back of the neck, one on the left wrist, and a string of dragon flies right below her belly. Stud in her nose. She’s not the typical female ring escort. She’s from New Jersey, is very crude, swears, and has a temper.

Layne's Bio: Layne is your proto-typical "starving wrestler." He made a name for himself in a particular territory, but never earned enough money not to starve. He's seen his friends die, including his brother, he's a steroid user, and he flies into fits of rage at a moment's notice which once in a while leads to the domestic abuse of his girlfriend, Pamela. He's opposed to the idea of "gimmicks" in wrestling, and treats every match as if it's a personal battle. Often, one gets the sense that Layne does not battle other wrestlers when he's in the ring, but his own personal demons.

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