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Pressure Chief
Jan 1, 2000
Hey. This is Jamar Nicholas, or you can call me Jamar, JN, or PREZ,
whatever. If I invited you, then you know who I am, or heard of me,
or I saw your RP and thought you were hella good. I am the co-prez
with Jon Katz, who is legendary in FWrestling, You all should know
him or have heard of him. We're still setting up, so excuse our dust
while we put up a fresh coat of paint.
Now, let's get some things straight: I know a lot of the *P refugees
are used to certain things in certain ways. I'm here to tell you that
things have changed. The reason I quit FWres before is because I lost
my smile. Reason being? I was sick of being a babysitter. This is a
part of my free time I'm giving up to do this, and I know Jon feels
the same way. That means that we are positively not dealing with
complainers, whiners or bitching. All of you who have ever been in my
UWA know the way I do things - I have a vision on how I want things
done, and this is not just my ship - Jon and I share our vision. I
always had an idea of having a very 'visual' visceral league, where
we had storylines lead into huge payoffs later on down the road. If
you want to worry about wins and losses, then you don't have a place
here. If you want to worry about titles, then you don't have a place
here. If you want to expand a character, then I welcome you. I wanted
to challenge all the guys in UWA the last time around with not
sitting on old characters - I wanted you to create new ones -
challenge yourself. Now we ask that you challenge your creativity to
look beyond 'Aw, my dood needs a title shot' into how you can flesh
out your character to it's upmost potential. Yes, if you rock, titles
will come. Accolades will come. But thats not the end all.

Anyway, welcome aboard! If you have any questions, ask me or Jon.


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