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New Logo: Jane Katze

Bubba McCoy

League Member
Nov 29, 2012
Since I was waiting on info from Justin and Jeff, I did not want to sit on my hands, so I made this.

I've been really into how Evan is writing Katze, way better then her trios run with Cassidy and Bigsby. And this has been turning in my head.

Also I love this background and so I think it fits for her. Also has a new Blood Diamond Logo I was working on while waiting on info for Rayne.



League Member
Apr 12, 2008
I love it, but could we see it with the velvet black instead of red - would that be a hugely difficult thing to do? Even I've screwed around with photoshop enough to know that it isn't always cooperative working with black and white...

I'm not even sure I'd like black better, it's just that Jane mostly wears black business suits.

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