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Mar 17, 1988
As you'll see, I posted a little "Chad Asks" blog (sort of a counterpoint to the "Ask Chad" thread over at EWTorch) to test things out and get some feedback. I'll try and keep that thing updated periodically. :)

The Blog functionality allows user to post their blog entries, but also to make significant customizations to the look and feel of the blog, how comments are posted, who can view, etc. You'll also notice that I've added a block to the forum sidebar that highlights the newest blog posts.

As things progress, I'm hoping that this will make things easier to replace the "Community" page and highlight the great blogs we have going on around here. I believe I have the ability to "feature" blogs and do some other cool things as we move forward.

For those of you who are blogging -- take a look, test it out and let me know if you have concerns about moving your blog onto the site functionality. I think it's a great way to highlight those blogs and to get rid of the "Blog Corner" forum that we're using for updates.

One other note: I believe vBulletin is eventually going to release an import option that will allow you to import your blog entries from Blogger, Wordpress, etc. It isn't done yet, but my guess is that it will be released within the next 4-8 weeks as version 3.0.2 comes out. That's just a gut feeling based on the amount of pressure they're getting from users.


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