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Need New ERA Representatives for CWC On Hallowed Ground!


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
I need a few guys who are willing to represent New ERA in the CWC On Hallowed Ground card .. the only requirement is ONE ROLEPLAY. I'm sure plenty of you all can do this, so I'd love to have some participation from our guys. Please see below for the notice and how to represent us.



The Experts vs CWC on Hallowed Ground Has Arrived for Sign Ups.

Hello, I am Ian Monks one of the team behind the scene (T-Bone, Russ and B) who has been coordinating putting this ground breaking PPV together. We have called it ground breaking because what we and I mean we by all of us together are attempting to do has NEVER been done in the history of e-wrestling ever. It’s about doing something which has not been done. It’s not about who wins and losses, but the collective effort we put together to show the rest of the e-wrestling world that literally anything is possible. I don’t care if you hate EFK, if you hate CWC, if you hate The Experts, if you hate Triple B, hate me, hate Russ, hate T-Bone or you hate someone on some site, it’s not about that. It’s about for one PPV putting all the fights, problems etc. behind us which have niggled over time and putting on something very special and we will be doing our upmost to make the PPV from a written perspective special as well.


1. Do I have to sign up for EFK to take part?

A. It would help, but it’s not a requirement. This is about bringing three communities together for a common purpose. There will be a main set of boards on EFK.com, but shadow rping boards on CWC and on The Experts as well. There has been issues EFK has had with certain folks in the past that are banned from EFK.com, that aspect of the EFK site shall not be compromised, but at the same time we recognize these folks might well have homes on The Experts or CWC. Therefore, shadow rping boards which T-Bone, Russ, B and I will post links to on EFK.coms Main Boards will be constructed on both inter-feds forums. That way people can see what’s going on without having to be a member of the main site, it also helps out the incredibly lazy lol. As stated above, we want to for one night just all put on a tremendous show.

2. *What is the format of the show?

A. The format of the show is a strict old fashioned Survivor Series format that the WWE us to employ. One year WWE had an Ultimate Survivors Match, those with a strong WWE history will know it was eventually won by Hogan and The Warrior as the “Ultimate Survivors”. On Hallowed Ground will also have an “Ultimate Survivors Match” where the surviving participants of each individual survival match will go through to a Finale of Experts vs CWC.

3.What happens if my e-fed is both in CWC and The Experts

A. *You can only represent your aligned inter-fed. The three exceptions to this rule are (unless something has changed!) VWF, SCCW and PWR who are in both places. If your character is a heel in one of these three feds you will represent the CWC, if your character is a face in one of these feds you will represent The Experts. If you claim your character is neutral, then you are effectively saying when he/she comes to the ring nobody cheers nor boos, they stay silent, thus proving the theory that there is no neutral in wrestling. Your either face or heel.

4. Does the above statement mean CWC is heel and The Experts is face?

A. No...to CWC fans any Experts representative is a heel and vice versa in character. Therefore your alignments don’t need to alter in the slightest. Even if you take the terrible example of WCW vs WWE. WWE heels became faces in the mindset of WWE fans because of the invading WCW guys.

5. How will the rps be judged?

A. By:
- Relevance to the common denominator of this game on the net i.e. wrestling
- Selling of the opponents, concept of the feud of the interfeds, PPV and yourself
If those bases are covered then you’re not going to go far wrong. Again this isn’t about winning and losing as much as collectively taking part in something incredibly special.

6. Why aren’t there any individual matches on the card?

A. Because it’s about creating a PPV for all of us to be involved in. The exception will be one authorized match by T-Bone and one authorized match by Russ.

7.What do I need to do to sign up

COPY THIS FORM BELOW AND FILL IN THE INFORMATION. Use the quote option to make it appear like a quote when submitting. Below is an example if I was entering as Ian Credible, please do not go over the top. If you mirror this example, you won’t go wrong.

Your Name: Ian Monks
Your Wrestler Name: Ian Credible
Your Alignment: Heel
Your Inter-fed: CWC
Height: 6’3
Weight: 270 pounds
Billed from: Manchester, England
Manger/Valet: Danny Orchard
Youtube Theme Music Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8f2mW1GFSI
Up to 3 types of wrestling style in most apparent order: Cheater, Brawler, Technical
Up to 2 finishers: “Ianfatuation” (ddt), “Iansanity” (piledriver)
Up to 5 common moves: clothesline, poke to eyes, low blow, atomic drop, back suplex
Belts/Key Moments in represented e-fed ONLY: Former 2 time VWF Britannia Champion and current Money In the Bank holder. Has no real current feud, has just launched a group called Ian Generation X.
Anything Misc to consider (keep is short): Credible is a complete moron in every sense of the world and is totally self centred. He isn’t as much a wrestler as he is just a cheater who uses opportunities to win matches rather than relying on actual wrestling skills. Danny Orchard is the smarter of the two, but for some reason is subservient to Credible. Orchard will often put his body on the line for Credible to get a win in comical fashion.

8. When do sign ups finish?

A. Sign Ups begin on Sunday 12am UK time the 28th of February 2010. Sign Ups will finish on Sunday 14th March 2010 @ 12am UK time. Remember *12am Sunday is one minute after 11.59pm Saturday night!

9. How long will rping be for and how many rps must I do?

A. Two weeks so the deadline will be Sunday March 28th 2010 @ 12am. You are limited to one rp for this joint PPV.

10. What’s the “FINISH WITH RPING POST” about?

A. When you are done rping for the PPV, just say done in this thread. We then will lock you for rping for the PPV. If your entire team and your entire opponents team finishes before the deadline it makes judging a hell of a lot easier.

11. My Question hasn’t been answered Monks you son of a *****!

A. Then PM me on EFK, CWC or The Experts and I will add it to the list if it needs to be addressed.

Finally guys, I hope we can all really appreciate the magnitude of the work gone in behind the scenes on this and how literally ground breaking for this hobby this event is going to be. You people right here and now that sign up for this will be part of the biggest thing e-wrestling has ever seen. The biggest coordination of talented writers who love our little hobby coming together for one night to put on one hell of a damn show. Take pride in yourselves, your feds, your inter-feds and sign up to become a part of e-wrestling history.

On behalf of Triple B and T-Bone (CWC) and Russ (The Experts). I, Ian Monks thank you and hope we can all look forward to seeing you at Hallowed Ground.


The On Hallowed Ground Team

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