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MWC World Tourney - Round 2

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
MWC LIVE from Munich Germany (House Show)

At the Munich Soccer Stadium in Munich, Germany

We are live in Munich, Germany to yet another sold out European show for the MultiNational Wrestling Corporation. The crowd has been waiting outside for hours to get into this ‘usually’ soccer stadium for a wrestling extravaganza. The arena lights go down and the crowd goes wild as the Giant video screen goes from black to…

(The camera opens up with a video collection...As Jonothan Hammer returns, Intercepter scoops up Hammer up off his feet, then drops him backwards. We see Jonothan Hammer go face first hard into the C-4 Explosives. We hear the explosives wired in the cage, explode. The crowd are goign wild- {the scene switches} -Hammer and Ice Cold above the tower now begin to have a slug fest both exchanging lefts and rights, both staggering to keep balance on the tower located a step away from the scafold. Hammer then takes a huge swing at Ice but Ice ducks and flips Hammer over him and onto the Scafold landing on his back. The fans gasp as Hammer almost falls off the Scafold holding on and hanging like a helpless person ready to die- {Again the scene switches} - Hammer grabs Regan and drags him towards the steps. He puts him in the position for a piledriver as the crowd pops. He snags the back of his trunks and delivers a monster piledriver onto the steel steps!!!! The loud "BOOM" is heard through the arena as Regan's head meets the steps and blood begins to ooze from his head.)

(The camera then opens up on a man who stands no more then six foot five...maybe smaller. He is wearing black jeans, black combat boots and a black KoRn t-shirt. His hair is short and black and spiked up. He has dull blue eyes which shine from the light of the camera. He also has a black moustache and gotee. He voice is low as he begins to talk.)

Hammer: Ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls for all of you that don't know me...some of you do...I am the King of the Extreme...Jonathan Hammer. I'm from Detroit Michigan and I'm one of the baddest two hundred and forty-five pounders in the world. I know a lot of you are out there wondering why is Jonathan Hammer so extreme...how is he? He's probably just another piece of crap superstar who has an ego problem. Well your all entitled to your own opinions but if this doesn't help you I don't know what will. Roll the tape.

(More tape begins to play. [As Jacobs was in mid air on his way down off the ladder, Hammer lept off the middle turnbuckle and speared Jacobs in mid air!!!!] - (a new scene appears.) -Hammer climbs up the giant crown and is pearched on top. He looks down at Interceptor below, Then leaps off...-

Ozzy Sherlock: 450 Splash...from at least fifteen...twenty feet!!!}

(New scene) - The fans gasp as both Hammer and Ice Cold fall from the 30 foot high Scafold and both go crashing through the tables. The fans roar-)

(The camera then opens on Hammer again.)

Hammer: My career speaks for itself I believe. Now it's time for the MWC to feel the wrath of Jonathan Hammer. What has been done before this interview is all over and done with. None of that matters as soon as I enter the MWC. The slate is wiped clean. As for the fans...I respect each and every one of you. You can follow the Hammer or not. It's up to you. You pay my salary I treat you as equals. MWC I hope you are ready for me. I aim to please and take gold as it comes. Blood...sweat... and tears is my mark. I will leave enough of both for everyone in this federation. MWC...Welcome to the House of Hammer!

(The camera fades.)

The crowd goes nuts as this changes from the visions on screen to the spectacle in the ring. JW Locke personally comes to the ring to do the announcing accompanied by a German language translator. As JW Locke speaks, the translator quickly tells the crows what is said.

JW: Ladies and Gentleman, are you ready to see the MWC in all its glory? (Fan Pop) Are you ready to see 2 tournaments happening in one night? (Fan Pop) Then lets get this show on the road...



"Good God" Kevin Powers w/Gina vs. The Crippler

The Crippler steps out of the curtain to a huge fan pop as the fans now KNOW this is gonna happen!

JW: Weighing in at 255lbs. The master of the Cripple-plex - THE CRIPPLER [Crippler enters the ring and gets in his corner to await...

'(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Fliter & The Crystal Method starts to play as Gina make her appearance from behind the curtain. On the screen above, the letters 'PLR' come up in emerald on a black background. Gina stand beside the entranceway as "Good God" Kevin Powers makes his way out as well. They stay there for a moment as the white fountain-like pyro effects go off behind them and soak up all of the reaction from the crowd. They start walking down the rampway arm and arm with Powers. Once inside Powers goes on the turnbuckle and flexes for the crowd as Gina takes the mic from the ring announcer.

Gina: If you don't mind. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, PLR proudly presents to you one of the greatest forces in MWC today. He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal...here he is "Good God" KEVIN POWERS!!!

Kevin turns around to flex for the crowd. Crippler takes that moment to throw a flying elbow into his kidneys that sends Powers reeling as Gina runs for cover...sorta. Crippler climbs on top of Kevin and begins pummeling him with multiple punches. Gina sneaks up in behind him and with a rake of her manicured nails makes Crippler blind. Kevin is up in a flash as the bell finally rings and Gina FINALLY steps out. Kevin picks up Crippler with a Powerslam that shakes the ring. Crippler lurches up grabbing for his back. Powers picks him up into a Pump Handle Slam is that the setup for...POWER OUTAGE! (Pump handle slam into a Powerslam) That’s Kevin’s setup move for...YEP! He’s going for it! KISS THE CANVAS! (Powerbomb with a slingshot off the ropes.) 1...2...3!!! (BOOS from the crowd as Kevin flexes with his wry smile) Kevin is moving on to face either Armageddon or Randy Harders in the next round later on tonight.

The Winner: ‘Good God’ Kevin Powers



‘Iceman’ Steve Radder w/Kelly vs. Angelus w/Buffy

JW : Ladies and Gentlemen, now approaching the ring, weighing inat 230 pounds, standing 6 feet tall, accompanied by the lovely Kelly, the self-proclaimed King of Cool and master of the Absolute Zero, 'Iceman' Steve Radder!

Everything goes black except blue rotating spotlights firing their light all around the stadium. The gel says PLR inside of the spotlights. White and Blue Pyrotechnics explode as 'Bulls on Parade' by Rage Against The Machine is cued up, ‘Iceman’ Steve Radder steps out from behind the curtain onto the rampway to the ring. The male members of the crowd are disappointed to see that Kelly hasn't appeared by his side, apparently she's still having passport problems.

(BOOS from the crowd!)

Steve Radder walks back up to the curtain, and draws it back to reveal … not only Kelly, but Kevin Powers' valet Susan! He grabs Kelly and kisses her, then turns to Susan and plants a kiss on her cheek.


The Iceman steps up onto the apron and helps both Kelly and Susan up the steps, and holds the middle rope for them, following them into the ring. He grabs a microphone and gives the production crew the cue to cut the music.

Steve Radder : Well, the Iceman's always one to give the fans what they want, and my, are they ever going to get it tonight! You see, I'm here, and I'm going to win both of my matches against two poor jabronies, so that'smore than anyone could ask for. HOWEVER, I also brought two of the loveliest ladies to grace this good Earth along with me for the ride.

You see, Kevin was right, Susan was feeling .. a little under the weather, and apparently, she just couldn't get ahold of you, my friend, so she got in touch with the coolest of the cool, to tell me that her and Kelly were on the way! I hope you and Eddy liked my suprise this time as much as I liked you guys' last time!

And for all you German nitwits out there tonight, the Iceman's gonna put on a show that'll leave you ... speechless.

Susan : Oh ... I can't wait.

Kelly : Mmm .. me neither!

Radder throws the mic out of the ring and waits for…

The lights go out and a candle like glow begins to emit from backstage as ‘Tied Up, Dried Up, & Dead to the World’ by Marilyn Manson cues up. The curtains open, allowing this light to come out and standing there is Angelus with Buffy. They make their way to the ring, not confronting or acknowledging the fans.

The bell rings & Radder comes straight at Angelus. He picks him up with a scoop slam, but Angelus flips from behind. As Steve spins around to continue the attack - he is grabbed in a DDT! NO, Radder holds his balance and spins Angelus around with a Spinebuster! He goes for the quick count, but it’s too early for that. Radder picks up Angelus & places him to the top rope. Radder climbs the ropes himself - SUPERPLEX - this match is getting brutal Quick! Angelus grabs his back as he slides under the bottom rope to the outside. However, Steve isn’t going to let him go that easily. He follows him outside to the concrete - DDT on the floor! Steve throws Angelus back inside. Angelus is stunned and Radder takes advantage by grabbing him in a full-nelson...ABSOLUTE ZERO (Full Nelson Slam). This could be it, but Buffy climbs into the ring to hold the refs hand up! The ref could disqualify her for that, but he doesn’t in a title tournament normally. Steve climbs the top rope as Angelus tries to get to his feet using the ropes. Iceman off the top with a DEVESTATING Clothesline. Nearly took Angelus’ head off with that one. Steve picks him up and goes for a Powerbomb, but Angelus flips over the top. As Steve turns around, BOOT to the midsection that topples Radder right into a small package. 1...2...KICKOUT Angelus locks on a figure 4 leglock, but Steve Quickly grabs the ropes to break the hold. Angelus comes over to pick him up - BRAINCRUNCHER by Radder! Iceman continues the offensive with a neckbreaker...NO, Angelus slips out of it and slings Iceman into the ropes in one smooth motion. Dropkick by Angelus, but Radder grabbed the ropes - some great thinking man wrestling happening here! Iceman goes for another Braincruncher, but Angelus reverses it with an Irish Whip into the ropes. Deadly Clothesline by Angelus and Radder is DOWN. Angelus picks Iceman up with a Vertical Suplex (Ewww from Crowd). Iceman is grabbing for his back as he gets to his feet. Angelus baiting him - THRUST KICK...NO! Radder slips away and grabs the errant leg, sending Angelus crashing to the mat! He moves him over to the corner...he’s not really - YES! TOP ROPE POWERBOMB! Angelus is thrown outside from the reverb of that devestating move as the crowd cheers and Radder soaks this one up. Angelus is trying to pull himself up by the railing - BASEBALL SLIDE by Radder sending Angelus into the railing. Radder gives a kiss to Kelly and then goes back inside to ‘aid’ the referee in counting to 10. Angelus has other ideas though, despite his face being busted open, he climbs in at the count of 9! Radder can’t believe it, but he gets over it quickly by delivering a Hurricarana to Angelus. He backs Angelus into the corner - ANOTHER TOP ROPE POWERBOMB! He doesn’t allow any outside work though as Iceman continues with a Sidewalk slam and then ANOTHER Superplex from the top rope. Iceman is feeding off the crowd now and loving every minute of this match. He goes for a Powerbomb - connect and the ring may not be working after this matchup. Radder puts him into the turnbuckle and follows him up with a shouldertackle.

Steve Radder: Hey Susan, Kelly? Wanna see another one??

Both: Oh yeah, give it some more!

Iceman whips Angelus into the other buckle, but this time is caught with a boot to the face. Iceman is stunned here as he tries to regain his composure. Angelus following up with the ANGEL’S TOUCH (Stunner). 1...2...NO, Kelly has something to say about that one. She stops the ref’s count. A little argument ensues as the ref ‘escorts’ Kelly to the outside. Angelus goes to the top rope for some high flying. Susan tosses him off! He lands on the mat, his head lurching back from the canvas. Radder rolls him over and the ref counts the quick 3 count for the win!

The Winner: ‘Iceman’ Steve Radder



‘Total Elimination' Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy vs. 'The Franchise' Lance Bishop

The lights dim until they are completely out. ThunderKiss '65 by White Zombie begins to play over the PA system while pyrotechnics begin blasting off in the ring. In the entrance way strobe lights flash the letter "F" in various colors. HUGE Fan Pop As Lance Bishop step through the entrance way a huge "F" over the entrance way gets lights up and starts to burn and light the place up providing enough light to get him to the ring. Once in the ring more pyrotechnics go off leaving a cloud of smoke to for the letter "F" and the lights finally come back on.

(CUE UP: "Vow" - Garbage. The lightshow begins. Spotlights pan the crowd, who has risen impatiently to see Eli Flair and Poison Ivy make their MWC Debut. The spotlights focus in tandem on the curtain... but nobody is there. In the ring, Lance Bishop looks noticeably impatient - he wants the match to start! Suddenly, the arena lights come back on, and to the shock of the crowd, Flair and Ivy are already in the ring! - HUGE FAN POP)

Lance has a grin on his face as he shakes his head and rolls his eyes. Eli takes his Singapore Cane and points it at Bishop who holds his ground, staring straight into the eyes of madness. The bell rings and these 2 attack one another. Bishop puts on an arm wringer, but the larger Flair throws him off, Lance’s head bouncing off the mat. Eli seizes the moment and quickly slaps on a Boston Crab. Bishop screams in pain...reaching desperately for that bottom rope still well outta reach. However, the bigger Flair sits down on the move, not letting up for anything...what’s this? Bishop is slowly pulling himself. NO, Flair slams his butt down onto Lance’s lower back, sending Bishop back down. Eli cinches the move back in & sits down hard. Lance screams no to the ref’s question of submission. The ref asks again, but his answer is Lance quickly squirming enough to grab that bottom rope, breaking the move. Bishop rolls to the outside to get his back straightened out, but Eli climbs the turnbuckle and launches himself down onto Lance, sending him into the timekeepers table. Flair grabs the bell, and uses Bishop’s head to Ring IT! Lance is in trouble early here as Flair sets him up for - POWERBOMB on the CONCRETE! Eli grabs the limp Lance by the head, and then slams his face back onto the table yet again before throwing him under the bottom rope. Lance is busted open and in some serious trouble here as Eli picks him up and drops him with a Face slam (FAN POP). He picks up Lance again for a DDT - NOPE, Lance picks up Flair and spins him around with a SPINEBUSTER! Eli rolls quickly outside and then the fans react... ‘Hurricane’ Eddy Love makes his way down the ramp(BIG TIME HEEL POP). Lance from the top rope and DOWN onto Eli, sending him face first into the security railing! Eddy begins to jaw with the Franchise, but Lance doesn’t bite. He throws Eli back into the ring and then climbs the top rope. He leaps, but is caught with a boot to the face by Flair. Poison Ivy wearily watches Love outside, but is still concentrating at the match at hand. Flair tosses Lance back outside and then slams his head onto the announcer’s table - not this time. Lance blocks it & sends Eli face first with the table. Lance climbs on the apron, holding Eli by the head. TORNADO DDT on the CONCRETE!(HUGE Fan Pop) This match has stayed brutal! Eli is out cold it seems. Lance climbs to the top rope again to give a splash. Poison Ivy begins jawing with the ref to stop this brutality (as if she could talk!). NO, Eddy Love from behind tosses Lance from the top and down THROUGH the announcers table shredding it to splinters. Eli begins to stir as Eddy tosses Bishop back inside the ring. Eli goes in the ring and doesn’t play this time...TOTAL ELIMINATION (variation of the STF). The ref notices that Lance is out cold and calls the match.

The Winner: ‘Total Elimination’ Eli Flair



Armageddon vs. 'The Hard One' Randy Harders w/Mrs. Beyer

Organ music comes over the PA, EERIE Organ music! The lights go dark and then a fireball shoots from somewhere near the entranceway. The ball continues going skyward til it slowly dissipates. From behind the curtain walks the 7’ tall ARMAGEDDON. He’s dressed to kill in a medieval suit of armor. He makes his way to the ring never acknowledging the ‘refuse’ that scream towards him or reach to get to touch him.

The entire building goes black, Metallica's Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is played. The building starts to erupt with strobe like reds and blues flashing all around. The spotlights goes to the entrance way and no one is there but Mrs. Beyer holding the trench coat and cowboy hat. Then the lights come on and the music cuts out. Harders is standing in the ring, gives the Whirlwind like pose as the fireworks go off.

Armageddon isn’t very impressed with this changeup thrown by Randy Harders. Harders begins mouthing off immediately toward Armageddon and Armageddon seems ‘above’ it all. Instead, he locks up with Randy and backs him into the ropes. Irish Whip and Randy comes back - FOOTBALL TACKLE on Armageddon! Armageddon quickly rolls outside after that move. Randy follows after him, but is grabbed and slammed to the concrete with a Military Press. He throws Harders over the top rope from the floor and then Armageddon climbs in himself. Irish Whip and Harders is caught with a clothesline in the return from the ropes. Armageddon gives Harders a Piledriver. He hooks the leg for the pin attempt - 1..KICKOUT! Armageddon picks up Harders - JACKNIFE POWERBOMB! That’s his setup for...Armageddon is climbing the top rope - THE FINAL SOLUTION (Legdrop from the top rope)!!! 1...2...KICKOUT! (HUGE FAN POP) Armageddon can’t believe it! He grabs Harders - Powerbomb. Harders is surviving on instinct alone with this match. Armageddon whips Randy into the turnbuckle, no REVERSAL by HARDERS! He follows Armageddon in with a Double Axe-Handle smash. Armageddon starts to fall out of the corner, but Harders grabs him in a Sleeperhold that he quickly swings Armageddon around for a Scoop Slam who wisely rolls to the outside. Armageddon starts to get to his feet. Randy climbs on the apron on the outside and leaps off - HURRICARANA on the CONCRETE! Armageddon is back down outside as Randy climbs the top rope - LEAPING OFF with a FLYING BODY SPLASH! (HUGE FAN POP). Randy heads back up top as Armageddon pulls himself up by the table (a new one of course!) Randy leaps at the prone Armageddon, but he tips the table up so that it catches Randy with the edge in the chest in MID-AIR! (EWWW from the crowd!) Armageddon grabs Randy - DDT on the concrete! He picks Randy up and puts him on the table. He climbs the top rope and leaps off with a leg drop that sends them both through YET another table tonight! That move was from a 7’ 375lb. man! Armageddon slowly makes his way into the ring, but Randy is much slower. The ref counts, and Harders makes it in by the 10 count...but for more damage! Armageddon grabs Randy and connects with a Powerbomb followed by a Piledriver - Armageddon going for the pin. 1...2..(KICKOUT) Armageddon whips Randy into the ropes and connects with a Back Body Drop that sends Randy flying through the air. Grabs Randy - 6:00 Suplex! Picks up Randy - Clotheslines him back to the mat. Armageddon with the Irish Whip into the turnbuckle. Randy hits...clothesline by Armageddon! Randy peels out of the corner...DDT by Armageddon! The punishment this guy can give is amazing! Armageddon throws Randy back outside the ring, following him out. He grabs Harders - DDT on the concrete. 6:00 Suplex outside on Harders! Armageddon throws him back inside the ring and follows him in with a warning to Mrs. Beyers. Armageddon grabs Harders - Giant Headbutt that sends him back down if only Armageddon didn’t hold onto him and then throw him into the ropes. Double Clothesline sends both men down. The ref begins his count but Armageddon gets to his feet well before the end of the count. Randy is trying to pull himself up by the ropes now. Armageddon grabs him and drops him across the ropes. Armageddon to the top rope again - THE FINAL SOLUTION! 1...2...(KICKOUT)! (Huge Fan Pop) The amount of Punishment Randy has absorbed proves one thing - He DOES have heart! But after this match, he might not have much else. Armageddon can’t believe it! He disgustingly grabss Harders and delivers a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker as the PA begins...

The Gregorian Chant begins to play and the crowd responds in full - Deacon is here! Armageddon looks to the curtain as Deacon and Shepherd walk out of the back. Armageddon goes back to work on the task at hand as the duo from on high makes their way to ringside. Randy takes this moment of reprieve and rolls to the outside but Armageddon isn’t done yet. Armageddon from the top rope - SPLASH onto Randy Harders (EWWW from the crowd!) Armageddon throws Randy to the inside and climbs the ropes again - THE FINAL SOLUTION! Shepherd reaches under the bottom rope and touches Harders hand. As the count comes down for the 3, Randy reaches out and grabs that bottom rope! Armageddon disgustingly throws Randy outside with body language saying - ‘You want this refuse? You can have him!’ Shepherd lifts up Randy’s bloody head, resting it on his shoulder as Shepherd kneels beside the limp Harders. Armageddon comes outside, his eyes flashing a bloody RED! Deacon stands between him and Shepherd/Harders and their eyes meet! Both men are renown for eyes that can grab you and instill a sense of awe...and now they meet! Meanwhile, Shepherd pulls out a small flask from the folds of his cloak. He puts an ‘oil’ on his hand and lightly places it on the face of Harders, wiping the blood from his eyes. Harders sits up, looks to Shepherd who simply turns around. Although Shepherd never speaks, Deacon spins and begins to leave. Quickly, Harders leaps at Armageddon - catching him with his Football Tackle. Randy throws him in the ring as Deacon leaves the ring area. Harders to the top rope - Splash down on Armageddon! He picks Armageddon up...is he trying it - YES - THE WHIRLWIND (Spinning Torture Rack) Armageddon is holding from submitting, but he can’t seem to get his bearings to try an escape - WAIT! from the back comes The Maestro! He storms in the ring, blasting Randy Harders with THAT Purse, sending him out cold. Armageddon drops to the mat as Blair continues to pummel Harders with that purse. Armageddon gets his wits about him, and then gets in Blair’s face. However, Blair isn’t here to fight 2 men and quickly rolls under the ring. The ref calls for the bell.

The Winner: Randy Harders by DQ​


JW:Ladies and gentlemen, tonight you will see the MWC take ONE STEP CLOSER TO A CHAMPION! And with that in mind...

(HUGE Fan pop as camera cuts to Mark Vizzack in street clothes, coming out of the dressing room. He's got a "GUNS Control" t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Converse low-tops. He's got Sunshine in tow, who is uncharacteristically in tight jeans and a black tank top. As they step into the ring, Mark motions for JW to give him the microphone)

JW:That ain't gonna fly.... You forget who runs things around here.

MV:Give me the mike.

JW:Get outta here.

MV: (Mark moves in QUITE close, standing over Locke.) MICROPHONE!

(JW gives up the microphone as Mark turns it on and joins Sunshine in the ring. He turns it on and sits on the top of the turnbuckle)

MV:I thought I'd come out here in front of you all and maybe clear the air about a few things.


I know a lot of you have seen me rise to the top in the CSWA. I'm sure you're also wondering why my record in the MWC is zero and two. I figure you feel cheated. You pay your money to see the Daredevil becoming the MWC Champion, much like I did when this place was still the Big Time Rasslin.

(Small fan pop)

From the back walks Jack Emerald, he makes no hint of his intentions...only shaking his head yes to what is being said.

I have no explanation for you. No excuses. Truth to tell, I've not felt I'm in my place here in the MWC. I've been so busy trying to prove that my place in the CSWA is no fluke that I've gone and done the exact opposite.

(He gets up and begins walking the top rope)

MWC Fans, I'm here to tell you I'm starting over here in the MWC. No more showboating, no more personal agendas, no more infighting between myself and Sunshine.

(He moonsaults off the top, and he and Sunshine share an embrace)

You're about to see a new era in the MWC. The Daredevil is to be a bottom dweller no more. (He moves toward JW Locke) Locke, take a memo. You're looking at the FIRST entrant into the MWC Television Title Tournament. And mark it down, I WILL WIN THIS TITLE.

And to you fans, I'm making no promises. I'm making no apologies. All I'm doing is telling you that, from this moment on, NONE OF YOU will EVER leave an MWC Show and be disappointed.

(Vizzack drops the mike as he and Sunshine begin to walk through the crowd as JW Locke's bewildered
face says only one thing - how did he lose control of the situation. Vizzack and Sunshine take front row seats to watch all the action... as one sound is repeated over and over again....




Pestilence vs. Bruno

(Cue up Pestilence's theme) Down walks 2 sickly, but huge men carrying torches. They are dressed in Black robes that cover their pale faces. From behind the curtain comes... Pestilence - who stands at the top of the ramp, closes his eyes, puts himself in a 'crucifix' position, and then opens them to begin his walk to the ring - led by his heralds. He climbs the stairs and then with a wave of his arms, sends the torches out and the lights back on.

A pyro bomb goes off followed by the Pantera song, “Walk” as Bruno steps through the curtain. He’s ready to bring this to a head and lay the smack down on anyone wanting to mess with his head. He gets to the ring and quickly jumps through the ropes to give a point toward Pestilence.

Pestilence grabs Bruno with the hammer lock. He quickly swings that around into a grinding headlock. Bruno throws and elbow and quickly follows that with a left and then a right to Pestilence’s jaw. Bruno set up for the atomic drop but Pestilence turns it to a headlock and throws a punch to Bruno’s exposed face. Bruno slips away and then ties back up, pushing Pestilence into the ropes, Irish whip across the ring, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!! Bruno is the first to his feet, sets up Pestilence for a shoulder breaker. Pestilence wiggles out and throws Bruno into the rope-HOT SHOT ON THE TOP ROPE!!! Bruno stubbornly gets back up. Pestilence throws a punch to the head-BRUNO DOESN’T MOVE. Instead, he takes Pestilence down with an arm drag. Bruno with the Irish whip sending Pestilence into the turn buckle and follows him in with a shoulder block. Pestilence doubles over holding his midsection. Bruno grabs him-FLAPJACK!! Pestilence rolls to the outside-Bruno follows him out and leaps off the apron with DA SLAM!! (flying bulldog) ON THE CONCRETE. Bruno throws him back in and then smashes Pestilence in the chest with the heart punch. Bruno whips Pestilence into the ropes-DA SLAM!! He goes for the cover 1...2..(KICK OUT!!!) Bruno can’t believe it! He throws Pestilence to the outside and then gets on the apron, suddenly, the lights go out and Pestilence’s music begins to play. The lights come on, and a rejuvinated Pestilence grabs Bruno with a choke on the apron (FAN POP) - CHOKE SLAM FROM THE APRON. Pestilence picks Bruno up and lays him ½ in the ring and ½ out. He climbs the top rope-THE PLAGUE!!! Goes for the cover-1...2..KICK OUT!!! Pestilence wastes no time though quickly performing-THE PLAGUE again... And this time there won’t be a kickout.

The Winner: Pestilence



‘Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa vs.‘The Maestro’ Bryan Blair w/Contessa

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.

"Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights went out again. A clear, white spotlight hit the curtain and out walked the young lady, Contessa walks through the curtain wearing her 18th century clothing. She's wearing her ivory victorian dress, powdered wig with a tiara throwing the spotlights energy into a myriad of colors, a choker pearl necklace with a large tear shaped pearl, a crimson bow in the back of the wig, & an ivory victorian mask with plenty of jewels and a tear shaped jewel under her right eye. Finally on one of her slender wrists, she is carrying an ivory purse. She steps onto the ramp, turns around, and holds the curtain for … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a black tux with tails, mounds of lace on his shirt's front and cuffs, black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & a powdered wig with a gold bow in the back around its ponytail. He walks through the curtain and as they make their way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for them to walk through. He helps Contessa up the stairs and then walks himself up them. Contessa stays outside the ring (in that dress, she'd never make it in), but holds the ropes up so that Blair can enter the ring. Blair puts his back to Contessa, holds his arms out, and she takes his jacket off. She helps him out of his shirt, takes his wig off (revealing his dark black hair in yet another gold bow for the ponytail) and then walks down the stairs to be seated at ringside. Blair moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full.

These 2 have met before, with Blair getting the ‘cheap’ victory. Now, they will meet again. They circle one another and then lock up. Blair pushes Eddy back into the corner - Reverse Knife-edge chops. Love grabs Blair by his black hair and spins him around. Love does the same - Karate chops to the chest. Eddy tosses Bryan into the ropes - DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! The ref begins to count and Eddy is the first to his feet. He goes to the prone Maestro and latches in his step over toe hold with crossface lock! Blair quickly grabs for the ropes to get out of that one. Love sends Blair into the turnbuckle, Clothesline by the Hurricane! Eddy runs against the ropes and as the Maestro falls out of the corner - SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Eddy goes for an Atomic Drop, but Blair does a backflip outta the move. He throws Eddy into the ropes and Love comes back with a vengeance - CROSS BODY BLOCK! 1...2.(KICKOUT) Eddy latches in the figure 4 leglock, but Blair knows that move to well to fall to it. He quickly shifts his weight and is able to escape not only the move, but outside. Eddy moves to go outside, but Blair quickly chides to the referee to give him some space. The ref pushes Love back, giving Blair a slight reprieve. However, Eddy isn’t going to allow his advantage go that easily. He pushes past the ref and starts to go outside. Blair grabs Eddy’s leg and pulls him out with Eddy’s legs straddling the ringpost. The yell of NOO escapes Eddy’s lips just before Blair sends Love’s knee to the post. Blair yanks both legs, pulling Eddy’s crotch onto the non-giving metal. Hope Melissa didn’t have any plans tonight! Blair slams Love’s knee onto the post again and then - FIGURE 4 LEGLOCK AROUND THE RINGPOST!!!!! Blair screams in agony as the referee tries to break the hold. Finally, after a good 20 seconds, the move is let go as Melissa screams in protest. Eddy rolls inside grabbing that injured knee as Blair decides to enter the ring from the top rope. Eddy, totally oblivious, tries to get to his feet using the ropes. He does and when he turns around - FLYING CLOTHESLINE takes Love’s head off. Blair bows to the crowd and then grabs that injured leg - THE ENCORE! Melissa immediately gets on the apron & into the ring. She argues vehemently with the ref who ignores Eddy’s tapping hand. Blair lets the move go when he realizes what is happening. He takes off running and clotheslines Melissa to the outside! He then grabs Eddy’s injured leg and goes for his knee jam to the mat, but Eddy spins and takes Blair down with a quick takedown. Eddy throws a knee to the gut of Blair, but Blair rolls with it slinging Eddy to the mat. Love gets up as Blair runs at him with a Cross Body Block. LOVE holds on for a spinning Powerslam. Love throws Blair into the turnbukcle. Blair reverses it and follows Ed in with a flying shoulder to the midsection. The Maestro grabs Love’s leg as Eddy drops to the mat - SPINNING TOE HOLD. Eddy quickly grabs the ropes and rolls to the outside. Blair climbs to the top rope and jumps - smashing down onto Eddy! They take the fight on, Blair with repeated punches to Eddy’s face. So much for culture! Eddy gets free as Blair begins to climb to the top rope again. Eddy tries to pick himself up by a chair, but as Blair leaps - Eddy counters swinging the chair and hitting Bryan in the face (CAN ANYONE SAY - EWWWW). Eddy grabs Blair - HURRICANE PILEDRIVER on the CONCRETE! Eddy throws Blair in the ring and goes for the cover - 1...2..(KICKOUT!) Love chides the ref for the ‘slow count’ and then ... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! I see a gameplan developing on both sides - the Neckbreaker & the legbreaker! Blair gets caught by a Running Neckbreaker. Eddy hooks the leg and goes for the pin - 1...(KICKOUT). Eddy is far from over though, he latches on the HURRICANE PILEDRIVER again! He goes for the pin...1...2..(Contessa pulls at the referee to avoid the count). Eddy is furious as he gets behind Contessa and clotheslines her in the back of the head! Love back inside, catching Blair with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Goes for the pin - 1...2..(KICKOUT). Love latches on a Figure 4 leglock, but Blair is still able to get to the ropes. Eddy isn’t finished though, he quickly grabs Blair and executes a Gutwrench Suplex. He sets up for a Tombstone Piledriver but Blair wiggles free, quickly delivering a chop block to Love’s knee and then locks in a spinning toe hold. Love struggles to the ropes, but does get there. Blair takes off running and leaps with a Cross body block - Nobody home! Love with a spinning neckbreaker, following that with a Spinebuster and then a knee to the belly of the Maestro. Blair ishurting as Eddy throws a thumb at his windpipe, however Blair throws that arm aside and picks Love up for a body slam. Blair grabs Love’s leg, pulls him to the center of the ring as Eddy grabs for anything to stop him - THE ENCORE! Eddy doesn’t give though, he lies there for a good minute until he turns the move over, breaking the hold. However, Eddy is quickly tied back up in the ENCORE and is forced to throw in the towel.

The Winner: ‘The Maestro’ Bryan Blair



‘Total Elimination' Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy vs. ’Iceman' Steve Radder w/Kelly

JW : 'Ladies and Gentlemen, now approaching the ring and weighing in at 230 pounds, standing 6 feet tall, accompanied by the beautiful Kelly, the self-proclaimed Coolest of the Cool, 'Iceman' Steve Radder!’

[Cue Up ‘Bulls on Parade’ by Rage against the machine as The Iceman comes out of the curtain with Kelly. White and Blue fireworks explode behind him as the overhead screen shows in Emerald letters ‘PLR’ on a black background. down to the ring with Kelly on his arm, wearing his signature blue-lensed Oakley sunglasses, acting just as cool as ever. He hops up onto the ring apron, and helps Kelly up the ring steps, holds themiddle rope down for her, follows her into the ring where he grabs her and kisses her.

(CUE UP: "Vow" - Garbage. The arena lights go down as the fans rush to their feet in hopes of catching a glimpse. Spotlights surround the arena, finally focusing in on a spot about six feet from the curtain... and standing there, Eli Flair and Poison Ivy. They acknowledge the crowd for a minute, and begin to walk forward toward the ring. It takes them about two minutes or so, as they take in the crowd and smack a few hands. At last, they enter the ring. Eli moves toward the center of the ring, Poison Ivy in front. Simultaneously, Eli raises his right hand, Poison Ivy raises both arms while crouching down, and fireworks spark from the four ringposts. Seconds later, the lights come back on and Eli takes off his coat, prepared for the match.)

These two are yet to meet in action anywhere and are hoping to make it to the finals at the PPV. They lock up and Radder quickly slips behind with a Full Nelson on the taller Flair. Eli powers out and then clotheslines Steve...or so he thinks as Iceman grabs that arm and spinning around it, delivers a DDT - Laying the Smack down on Eli. Iceman picks him up and drops Eli back down with a Sidewalk slam. 1...2...(WHOA - CLOSE CALL WITH THE KICKOUT!) Iceman puts Eli in ABSOLUTE ZERO! Ivy quickly gets in the ring to stop this problem though. Iceman tries the cover, but realizes the ref is ‘occupied’, so he picks up Eli again - ANOTHER ABSOLUTE ZERO! The ref is still busy, but that’s ok with Steve - he just delivers YET ANOTHER ABSOLUTE ZERO AGAIN!!!!! Finally, instead of covering and being patient, Iceman personally gets the refs attention with a shove and shouting match! He goes over to a lifeless Eli and puts him on the top rope - SUPERPLEX. Outside, Poison Ivy makes her way to a weary Kelly, teaching her the insides of the inside of the wrestling world. Radder still isn’t done though. Catches Eli with a Neckbreaker, DDT, and then takes it back to the top with a TOP ROPE POWERBOMB. Goes for the pin - 1...2..(KICKOUT). Radder goes up top and lands with a falling body splash onto Eli’s limp form. Iceman puts Eli up top again for ANOTHER Superplex! He rolls over for the pin - 1...2..(KICKOUT!). Iceman sets Eli up for the Powerbomb, but Eli throws him over with a back bodydrop. Then Eli falls back to the mat with exhaustion. They slowly get to their feet and Eli catches Steve with a clothesline. Eli grabs Radders legs and locks in the Boston Crab. Steve isn’t going down that easy...but after a couple of minutes - the thought crosses his mind, just as Kelly climbs to interfere with the referee. Ivy trips her up with the cane, but the job is done. Meanwhile, down the ramp comes Blair with his lady friend - Contessa. Ivy quickly turns her attention there and even faster begins backing up the infringing duo. Eli grabs Radder and delivers a Powerbomb and then a Chokeslam. He then gives the signal to the crows (to their genuine approval) that it’s time for the TOTAL ELIMINATION - which he locks in to Radder’s screams. However, someone behind the railing (and across from Vizzack’s position on the other side) stand up. He picks up the chair he was sitting on and steps over the railing in behind Ivy. Before she can do anything - she is blasted with the steel chair to the back of her head. She goes down like a rock as the guy that was beside Ivy’s assailant also jumps the railing with his chair and jumps in the ring, nailing Eli with the chair. Blair points to the ring and the chair assailant who hit Ivy goes to the ring. Together they continue to pummel Eli for a couple of more licks. From the back walks...William H. Bradley III. Wait, this is the same guys who took out Jack Emerald in Geneva! Finally, they leave Eli in a husk as some wrestlers come to his aid (including the aforementioned Emerald).

The Winner: ‘Total Elimination’ Eli Flair by DQ



"Good God" Kevin Powers w/Gina vs. "The Hard One" Randy Harders w/Mrs. Beyer

['(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Fliter & The Crystal Method starts to play as Gina makes her appearance from behind the curtain. On the screen above, the letters 'PLR' come up in emerald on a black background. Gina stands be side of the entranceway as "Good God" Kevin Powers makes his way out as well. They stay there for a moment as the white fountain-like pyro effects go off behind them and soak up all of the reaction from the crowd. They start walking down the rampway arm and arm with Powers. Once inside Powers goes on the turnbuckle and flexes for the crowd as Gina takes the mic from the ring announcer.]

G: If you don't mind. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, PLR proudly presents to you one of the greatest forces in MWC today. He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal...here he is "Good God" KEVIN POWERS!!!

As the lights grow dim, red and blue strobe lights start flairing and Metallica's Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is being played. A bloody and obviously limpingHarders starts down the aisle walking hand in hand with Mrs. Beyer. He is wearing a long black trench coat with his black cowboy hat, black jeans, black cowboy boots, and hispatented black "Everyone likes a Hard One" t-shirt. Mrs. Beyer wears a black evening gown with diamonds all about giving it a glitter effect. He walks down and gives everyone high fives. As he enters the ring, he lets in Mrs. Beyer first and follows her. He hands her his coat and hat, gives her a kiss, and then she leaves. After she leaves Harders gives a Whirlwind like pose and fireworks go off in the corners of the building. Then the lights go off and the music cuts out.

Randy is tired, that much is obvious, and Kevin is ready to go party - that much is definite. The bell rings and Harders leaps toward Powers with a boot to the midsection. He grabs Kevin - PILEDRIVER! Randy knows that a long match is definitely not in his best interest. He tries to use his submission skill with a Full Nelson, but he must’ve had his bell rung one too many times tonight. Kevin stands up tall - all 6’10 of him - and easily breaks the hold. He pokes Harders in the eye to stun him and then sets him up for the POWER OUTAGE (His setup move - a pump handle slam / powerslam combo). And of course that sets up his favorite move - KISS THE CANVAS (Slingshot Powerbomb). From there, it’s an easy 3 count to a wounded Randy Harders.

The Winner: "Good God" Kevin Powers
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