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MWC World Tourney - Round 1

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Jul 8, 1998
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MWC LIVE from Geneva, Switzerland

At the Geneva Soccer Stadium in Geneva, Switzerland

LIVE from the World Famous Soccer stadium and home of the World Cup Championship in 2002 - Geneva, Switzerland’s Soccer stadium is filled with more people than we would care to think about. It’s a brisk evening here, but you couldn’t tell it from the fans. The air may be cold, but they are nuts. Holding signs that (surprisingly) read in English along the lines of, “We want Randy Harders!”, “Eddy Love needs to stay in his room”, “Mark Vizzack for UN Secretary General” (You know these crazy Europeans), and of course “Hey Maestro! We have a song for you!” It is absolute pandemodium as the crowd acts like someone just (FINALLY) scored a goal. And then it starts…

(Cue up Beatles "All You Need is LOVE": Down the aisle comes Eddy Love accompanied by Sweet Melissa. Love is wearing a "What's not to LOVE about GOOD GOD", his hair is hair sprayed to perfection. Melissa is wearing a black mini-skirt suit and looking fine. They enter the ring and Melissa takes the mic soft spoken.)

MELISSA: It's my pleasure to inroduce to you the next multi national corporation champion, and the LOVE of my life, every man's nightmare and this Carolina girl's dream..... he is Hurricane Eddy Love.

LOVE: (Pointing to Melissa) Have you ever seen anything like her??? Well it's back to work in the salt mines for JW Lock it appears... and it appears Mr. Locke has assembled quite a cast for Hurricane Eddy to play with. Flair, Radder, Pestilence and the cast just *keeps* getting bigger and bigger.

Well JW I'm gonna strap it on tonight and if I'm any kinda prognosticator at all, my good friend Steve Radder should be the opponent. Radder, just like you said fair and square...that's the way Hurricane Eddy likes it. It's nice to fight a real man instead of backjumping cowards like that worm Mark Vizzac and that Candy pants Barbara Blair. So Steve Radder, just to show there'll be no hard feelings come on out here I've got a big surprise, you're gonna LOVE.(Cue up “Bulls on Parade” by Rage against the Machine as Radder makes his way up the aisle, not a bit hesitant and exchanges high 5's with Eddy and gives Melissa a hug, she returns the favor with a kiss on the cheek. Radder watches Eddy, Really selling the concentration.) So Steve I know nothing makes you as happy as that fine, oh so fine Kelly of yours (Steve nods) but I've got something that's gonna make you soooo happy. To Steve Radder and all you trailer inhabiting idiots I present to you the Power behind the most unstoppable force in all of wrestling, and Steve Radder and My own best friend GOOD GOD KEEEEVIN POOOOOOWWWWWWWWERS.....

'(Can't You)Trip Like I Do' starts up as Gina walks out from behind the curtin along with 'Good God' Kevin Powers. They stand at the top of the ramp and wait for the pyro effects to go off behind them. Kevin holds his arms up to form a 'V' as Gina stands right in front of him showing her best. They both come on down and step in the ring and Kevin gives high fives to Eddy and Steve and gives a kiss on Sweet Melissa's hand. In turn Eddy and Steve give Gina a kiss on either side of her cheeks and that puts a big smile on her face. Love hands over the microphone to Gina as she puts her left arm around Melissa.

Gina: You know I can resist. (sets herself) Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. The First Ladies of MWC would like to present to you the most powerful force in the industry today! Introducing first, the coolest of the cool in wrestling today...'Iceman' Steve RADDER! Up next, along with Sweet Melissa, he's the one that celebrats St. Valentine's day everyday cause what is not to LOVE about this man...'Hurricane' Eddy LOVE! And last but not least. He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal. He is 'Good God' Kevin POWERS!!

Gina hands the mic over to Kevin, but not before giving him one heck of a kiss.

Kevin Powers: MWC! Guess who's here to crash the party! So there I was, defending the CSWA US title in one league and defending the TCW Television title in the other and a thought ran across my mind. Kevin isn't having a good time. He can only be on a layoff for so long. Sure I've had calls to come to other leagues, but they just aren't good enough to hold the Power if ya know what I mean. My brother from a different mother Eddy gives me a call and tells me, 'Kev, come on over to MWC. All the regulars that you know and LOVE are here. Come on over cause I know you'll have a great time.' So I packed my bags and too that long trip and here I am. Now I know the jabronies in the back are saying to themselves, 'Great! Now the PLR is gonna run wild here.' And to that I say you are RIGHT! If the balance of Power hasn't shifted into Eddy's favor before then it has now! And don't think for a second that I have forgotten about a couple of matters that have been going on in the CSWA. Flair, old buddy. You thought that what goes on there stays there? I've been watching your little humorous interviews and I must say you did get a chuckle out of Good God. You will, and I'll say it loud, NEVER take that title away from me there and I am gonna go out of my way to make your life a terrible thing to live here. Vixacck and his crack taking valet. You can count on a couple of more smack downs now. Oh, and the return of the Deacon...don't start spewing your good ways towards life here cause that is the LAST thing I need to hear. Go get a drink and live the life that you wanna live. At least when you get the beat down you deserve I won't be able to hear you little wimpers cause you just can't speak can you? As for the rest of MWC you are now on full scale alert cause 'Good God' is in town and there isn't a thing you can do about it!

Gina takes the mic from Kevin and has something more to say.

Gina: And for you perverts that were expecting my sister in crime to be out here. She's a little under the weather. She did want me to pass a little message to ya though. She says, and I quote, if you beg then she will come!

The crowd gives a terrific HEEL pop as the group gives eachother high-fives again. A few encouraging words to Radder and then Eddy and Powers leave with their respective entourage.

“Sexy Boy” cues up and in comes Sumo Shamoo to a good face pop. He’d been quiet leading into this wildcard, but with his 500+ girth, he would always be a contender. He got in the ring and did a ... ‘crotch chop’ to Iceman which almost started the match there had the ref not grabbed control.

Cue Up “Tied up, Dried Up, & Dead to the World” by Marilyn Manson as the lights go out (huge heel pop). An eerie candle like glow comes up in the stadium, which combined with the lighters coming up is quite interesting, as the woman known only as Buffy comes out of the curtain. She is wearing a long black dress, her blonde hair falling to just below her neck. And she is followed by, Angelus! He is wearing a black and red shirt with Black jeans, his dark skin and short black hair adding to the atmosphere. He enters the ring area rather slowly, led by Buffy as the crowd continues to boo him, but definitely NOT Buffy!


Wild Card Match Up #1

Angelus w/Buffy vs. ‘Iceman’ Steve Radder vs. Sumo Shamoo

Angelus and Iceman start this bout off ready to go at one another. Iceman had been watching Angelus’ ascension and was definitely chomping at the bit to get ahold of this guy, especially since Kelly hadn’t made the flight to the Old World and Buffy was with Angelus. He grabbed the start with a quick eye rake that stunned Angelus. This match would get ugly and stay ugly! Suplex by Radder. Angelus is hurt stunned by that. Iceman goes for a quick one here. He takes Angelus to the corner, climbs the top rope and delivers not one but TWO top rope POWERBOMBS! Not finished yet, Radder places the hurting Angelus on the top rope, climbs it and delivers a SUPERPLEX! Iceman whips Angelus into the ropes and catches him with a hurricarana, the impact bouncing Angelus luckily toward Sumo who quickly makes the tag, conceivably saving not only Angelus, but his own title hopes.

Sumo takes one arm and slings the much smaller Iceman into the corner and follows him up with a running shoulder tackle (HUGE FAN POP). Iceman falls out of the corner like a banana peel, hitting the mat face first. BIG size advantage to Sumo in this one. Sumo delivers a falling headbutt to the back of Radder’s head. Picking up Steve, Sumo gives him an irish whip into the ropes.and delivers a potent shoulder tackle on the rebound. He picks Radder up, leans him against the ropes and does a running Boot to the face that sends Radder down and out. Pin attempt by Steve, but a kickout (groan from the crowd). Sumo bounds off the ropes and delivers a FROG SPLASH on the return that shakes the ring (crowd goes ewww). Sumo picks up the chipped Iceman and delivers a devestating Powerslam that garners the exact same reaction from the crowd. Sumo stands up, does a crotch shot over Iceman’s lying body. Iceman uses it as a telescope though and fires away with a punch to the groin - illegal, but effective. He reaches over to Angelus and makes the tag.

Angelus comes in like a ball of fire - Spinning Neckbreaker. (Huge crowd pop...and then...)

The voice of Poison Ivy comes over the loudspeaker. These fans know their MWC stars and immediately respond with a HUGE fan pop.

IVY: Someone told me that you all didn’t understand English, that they didn’t have any announcers for the 3 separate lingos spoken in this neutral land. Well, I think every **** one of you can understand me, **** it! (Huge fan pop)...Excuse my french.(Even Bigger Fan Pop) So I’m gonna show everyone in the MWC how the Poison lady does it, cause I’m gonna be going ALL NIGHT LONG!(Hey, how’s about people losing their voices to this one?) (Ivy makes her way to ringside with mic still in hand)

Meanwhile, Angelus goes into the ropes and comes back with a running leg drop, but Sumo moves outta the way in time. Angelus gets up and Sumo tries for a headbutt that Angelus dodges around. Sumo turns around & is caught by a Thrust kick. Sumo staggers back into the ropes and Angelus takes advantage with an Irish Whip and then a Clothesline. Angelus picks up Sumo by the head, sets him up for a ... powerbomb? He tries, but Sumo is WAY to big for something like that. Sumo throws Angelus up and over and then throws him into the turnbuckle. Sumo follows him in running, but only finds a boot to his face courtesy of Angelus. Sumo is reeling and Angelus slaps on his Cobra Clutch. A few seconds of fighting go by and then the ref starts to drop the hand for the 3rd and final time - Iceman hits the ring to break the situation up. Sumo is on the ground and Angelus goes up top. Flying Body Splash onto Sumo. Angelus picks up Sumo - ANGEL’S TOUCH (Stunner finisher)! Iceman quickly hits the ring to break the obvious count again.

IVY: You know, if IceCold would leave the match the **** alone, maybe we could get to some more interesting stuff!

Angelus puts back on his Cobra Clutch, but Sumo awakens enough to grab for rope and get it, breaking the hold. Angelus however is ready with another neckbreaker. Stands Sumo up, runs into the ropes to deliver a clean clothesline, but it hits Sumo on the chest and Angelus bounces to the mat which is quickly followed by a leg drop from Shamoo. Sumo latches on the Camel Clutch after turning Angelus over.

IVY: (looking to the fans after a few minutes) Did you all hear a back snap?...I think I heard Angelus’ spine break (FAN POP).

Sumo climbs the middle rope facing toward the crowd, he hits the top rope and falls back - THE BONZAI BLAST!

IVY: OH **** **** ****, someone find me a **** **** spatula for Pity’s sake - pin the **** guy!

Iceman comes in to break the count again. I wouldn’t know if Angelus would be grateful after that or not! Sumo is climbing back to the top rope (Crowd energy builds with anticipation). Sumo is at the top, but Iceman hits the rope to send him crotch first to the turnbuckle (EWWW! from the crowd). Angelus gets himself conscious enough to make the tag and then fall to the outside.

Iceman runs in and quickly picks up Sumo, who’d fallen to the mat. Radder puts on a full nelson - NO, ABSOLUTE ZERO! Muffy however gets on the apron and breaks the count. Radder is undaunted though and quickly pulls up Sumo only to deliver yet another ABSOLUTE ZERO, but Buffy still has the refs attention on that one. Steve is still in this though, he climbs to the top rope and delivers a flying Body Press onto Sumo. He climbs the ropes yet again and delivers a flying elbow onto Sumo. Iceman throws Sumo to the outside and then does a slingshot crossbody that sends them both into the railing (HUGE POP!). Sumo is busted open with that one! Iceman throws Sumo back into the ring, climbs the ropes for a 3rd time and delivers a Senton Splash to Shamoo! Iceman tries to move Sumo to the top rope, he gets him there! He climbs the ropes himself, hooks the arm for a superplex - Sumo isn’t going flipping head over heels today! Iceman goes back to the mat, Sumo finishes the climb - He set up Radder! He’s going to deliver a SPLASH - No one home! Iceman picks up Sumo by the head - HURRICARANA! However, Sumo bounces over toward Angelus who comes in with the tag.

Angelus hits the ring with fists of fire. Iceman reeling and that is before - POWERBOMB! Iceman scampers to the outside, falling to the concrete. Inside, Angelus patiently waits for Radder to get up. Steve pulls himself up with the railing and Angelus runs, grabs the top rope, flips over, and lands onto the back of Iceman’s shoulders with his butt - sending Radder’s face to the rail and blood pouring out! (FAN POP!) Angelus throws Radder back into the ring.

IVY: Hey Radder, come back - you might need some of this (pointing to the blood)

Angelus latches on his famous Cobra Clutch, but Radder quickly grabs for the ropes. Iceman turns around and like a flash - Angelus slaps on the ANGEL’S TOUCH! Sumo takes that as his clue to move his big butt in the ring and make the save. Angelus seems rather frustrated AND exhausted - as do all 3 of the combatants here. Angelus grabs Iceman’s legs and latches on a Scorpion Deathlock. Steve screams out in pain, his back and legs being put in ways the human body can’t go. However, Steve fights it...he reaches for the ropes. The ref is checking for a submission, but that won’t happen that easily. Or so we thought, Iceman blacks out, mere inches from the ropes. The ref goes to call for the bell, and then Radder grabs the rope - forcing the break! Angelus seems incredibly upset as he grabs Radder, pulls him to the center of the ring and slaps on the Cobra Clutch again. Radder is getting more practiced with that move though and rams them both into the corner, breaking the hold. Steve then falls to the mat. Angelus picks him up and delivers a Powerbomb. He goes for the pin, but Steve unbelievably kicks out. Angelus doesn’t waste time though, he picks Radder up and delivers yet another ANGEL’S TOUCH! The ref about gets the count, but Sumo breaks it up again! Angelus gets up and jaws with Sumo some, but the ref breaks that one up. Angelus turns his attention to Radder again with his Cobra Clutch, but Iceman spills out to the floor ASAP! Angelus is like a shark turned onto blood though and isn’t gonna let Radder out that easily. Radder is pulling himself up by the timekeepers table when Angelus sneaks up behind him. He goes to slam Radder’s face to the table, but Steve blocks it - sending Angelus face first to the wood! Radder then delivers a nigh-suicidal Hurricarana outside the ring on the astro turf! He then takes Angelus and RAKES his face across the turf leaving a strawberry the size of Texas on Angelus face! This is getting ugly really quick! Iceman puts Angelus back in the ring and follows him in before the count of 10. He picks up Angelus for a powerbomb, but Angelus spins out and in midair turns it into a DDT! Angelus whips Iceman into the turnbuckle - CLOTHESLINE on the return. Angelus climbs to the top rope, but Iceman recovers and body slams Angelus back to the mat. He grabs Angelus, full nelson - NO - ABSOLUTE ZERO! The ref starts the pin, but Sumo AND Buffy make the save. Iceman puts Angelus to the top rope and then SUPERPLEX! (FAN POP) Angelus lurches up, grabbing at his back, and Sumo takes that opportunity to make the tag.

IVY: Hey IceCold, Here comes Big Poopa Gut!

Sumo runs in with an elbow smash as the ref rolls Angelus to the floor outside. Iceman is reeling and then he gets a big boot to the face. Iceman falls absolutely limp to the mat. Sumo delivers a sliding elbow drop that shakes the ring! He picks up Radder, throws him into the ropes, HUGE SHOULDER TACKLE! Iceman does about 2 spins and then crashes to the mat! Sumo delivers a leg drop to the back of Steve’s head. Sumo picks up Steve, going for a POWERBOMB, but Radder must be a quick student because he turns it into a DDT just like Angelus did to him. Sumo is stunned, but still in fighting condition (if you can believe that). Shamoo pops up, but Steve sends him to the ropes. However, Sumo lunges with a devestating Clothesline...wait, Radder dunks and goes back into the ropes himself and on the return - CLOTHESLINE! Radder knows what to do now, he picks up Sumo and ABSOLUTE ZERO! The ref counts the 3 count and an exhausted Iceman steps on out!

Winner: ‘Iceman’ Steve Radder


IVY: Alright, alright - Ice Cold got one out, but you ain’t looking like you can go much longer. Now that we have that little ... warmup outta the way, I’d like to play announcer. Let’s start with the world’s biggest Jesus Freak - get your **** out here Deacon

The lights go out and the monk chant begins as the crowd responds with a HUGE FAN POP. A single red cross lights the middle of the ring, which Ivy quickly moves out of - she wouldn’t want to give you the wrong idea. A gold spotlight hits the curtain as Shepherd - dressed in his normal attire - pulls the curtain back with his crock to allow the huge frame of the Deacon to fill it. Deacon is in his monk garb with his hood pulled over his face. They beat a slow path to the ring, Deacon having his eyes directed straight on that red cross. They climb the stairs, Deacon stands under that cross. He lifts his arms up in front of his body, and then in a violent jerk - send them out in a crucifix style positioning - turning the lights back on and sending sparks to the sky as well as stopping the chant. He pulls his cloak off and then eyes Poison Ivy who almost flinches - ALMOST! Instead, she rolls her eyes and begins...

IVY: Anyway, one big goof deserves another so...Here’s Pestilence.

The lights go out again (hey, we gotta watch the electric bill here). Pestilence’s music begins (HUGE FAN POP) and his heralds walk out of the back curtain. They stand on either side of the entrance, still in the dark. The curtain is thrust open by Pestilence and almost in an answer to his presence, the herald’s torches light up. They make their way to the ring and as Pestilence climbs into the ring - eyeing Deacon - He puts himself in that crucifix position that has become his trademark, closes his eyes to reveal the x tattoos on his eyelids, and then opens them again with a fury held back no longer. SPark fly from the posts in obvious response!

IVY: OK, now that we’re all REALLLY scared, lets get to a real man. Your friend and mine, the CSWA’s 2nd greatest star, and hey, anyone who has so much sunshine around him must be somebody special... ‘The Daredevil’ Mark Vizzack.

Spotlights zoom all around the stadium as the crowd goes nuts. “Don’t tell me what Love can do” by Van Halen blasts over the loudspeakers as Sunshine comes out to an even louder ‘applause’ of screams. She holds the curtain as Mark Vizzack walks out to a bigger ‘applause’. The spotlight forms into a line for Mark and Sunshine. Mark hurries to the ring, Sunshine trying to stay with him. He leaps over the top rope, holds the ropes so Sunshine can get in, and then the multicolored pyros start to a thunderous ovation!


Wild Card Match Up #2

Deacon w/Shepherd vs. Pestilence vs. ‘Daredevil’ Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine

The lights come up and the ref has Pestilence and ... Deacon to square off - this could get real interesting.

Deacon and Pestilence stare at one another, both questioning what to do. They lock up and Pestilence does a quick Side Slam. He quickly follows that with a belly to belly suplex and then goes for the cover. Deacon quickly kicks out. Pestilence throws him outside the ring, follows him out, and delivers a body slam to the turf outside. He then sets Deacon up for...Pestilence climbs to the top rope, Deacon is hanging with his head and arms outside the ring, Pestilence jumps off delivering THE PLAGUE! (an elbow to the back of Deacon’s head) Shepherd looks genuinely worried, but Vizz comes in with the save. Shepherd begins a chant outside the ring. Pestilence whips his head around with a stare, but Shepherd is elsewhere. Pestilence is undaunted however, and delivers yet another PLAGUE to Deacon. He goes for the pin, but unbelievably, Deacon kicks out - Pestilence has a look of unbelief on his face. He throws Deacon outside the ring, climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off, but Deacon moves and helps Pestilence’s face meet the ring barrier! Deacon tosses Pestilence back into the ring. He puts him to the top rope - facing out to the crowd. Mark knows what is coming and grabs the refs attention trying to argue some hidden point. Deacon climbs the middle rope, puts Pestilence on his shoulders and delivers a Razor’s Edge - THE ALTAR CALL! Deacon stands up and looks down at Pestilence, Vizzack runs in the ring to break the apparent count. Deacon stares at him, seemingly confused, and then when the ref gets order again - Deacon tags in Vizzack.

IVY: Is anyone in here the least bit confused? I think Deacon’s chants have gone to his head!

Vizzack comes in with a neckbreaker on Pestilence. As Pestilence starts to get up, Vizzack goes into the ropes, springboards off of them, and delivers a DDT - THE DAREDEVIL FLYER! The ref goes for the count, but Deacon breaks the count. Vizzack puts Pestilence in the corner - TORNADO DDT! He whips Pestilence into the ropes - dropkick. Suddenly the lights go out, and Pestilence’s music starts up again. The crowd responds in confusion as does...

IVY: What the **** is this? Come on, we can’t see what is happening in there!

The lights come back up and to everyone’s surprise, Pestilence is standing looking down at Vizzack. Vizzack is turned around though and can’t see him. Mark turns around and Pestilence delivers a devestating punch to his face! Vizzack recoils into the ropes and on the rebound is promptly dropped on his head with a DDT. Pestilence picks up Mark, puts him on his shoulders and does a Running Power Slam. Deacon is holding his arm out to Pestilence for a tag. Pestilence stops, stares with a confused look on his face, and then HE TAGS DEACON IN!

IVY: What the ****!?! Would somebody please explain the rules to these idiots!

Deacon steps over the top rope, grabs Vizz in a choke - NO, IN A CHOKESLAM! Deacon takes Mark to the corner and places him on the top rope - it’s the ALTAR CALL! The crowd goes nuts, but Deacon merely stands. He walks over to the corner and tags in Pestilence. As Pestilence goes for the cover, Deacon leaves the ringside area with Shepherd. The ref counts the 1...2...3!!!!!!!!

The Winner: Pestilence


The Jumbotron shows back stage. Jack Emerald is walking and trying to work some of his kinks out. You can tell that his hands till seem to be numb and his face is in complete turmoil. William H. Bradley III is no where to be seen. Jack walks past a steel door to one of the locker rooms. The door blasts open as the cursing voice of Bruno the Bruiser comes out. The door busts Jack flush on top of his head, jamming it back into his neck. Bruno turns and starts screaming, “What the **** are you doing, ya punk!?! First that Lone Wulf jumps out of our match like a **** sissy, now you get in my way!” Bruno proceeds to pound on Jack for a few minutes, taken out some obvious aggression, and then leave Jack in a husk on the floor.

Back in the ring, Poison Ivy begins her announcement for the next match.

IVY: Since we aren’t having the Bruno/Lone Wulf match (Huge fan boos!), we’ll move the show on to our next matchup in Round 1 - This gentleman, uhm...well - No Fear get your **** out here and kick that pansy butt’s ****

“Come with me” by Puff Daddy kicks in and No Fear makes his way to the ring with a defined purpose - GOLD!

IVY: Now the man who can play the piano like Liberace and does a few more things like him as well... ‘The Maestro’ Bryan Blair.

Fireworks Music by Handel blasts over the loudspeakers as the crowd goes crazy with BOOS! Musical notes line the walkway as Contessa walks out of the curtain, a gold spotlight throwing color off her Sapphire blue dress. She’s dressed as usual and followed by Bryan Blair, also dressed in wig and other 18th century attire. They slowly make their way to the ring. Blair helps Contessa up the stairs and then climbs them himself. Contessa stays on the apron while Bryan climbs into the ring. Once there, Contessa removes Blair’s wig, and other various peices of clothing and then she climbs back down the stairs and watches her man as he begins to conduct, as if he was in front of an orchestra. His movements build and then with a crescendo - SPARKS FLY OUT OF THE POSTS. Ivy shakes her head and then says a couple of particularly nasty remarks to both Blair and Contessa before going down to ringside again.


Round 1 of the World Title Tournament Matchup

No Fear vs. ‘The Maestro’ Bryan Blair w/Contessa

Several attempted tie ups end with Blair going back to the ropes, putting his foot through them, and yelling first at the ref to get No Fear back and then at the crowd for taunting him. No Fear finally takes advantage with a quick rake to the eyes, but Blair recoils in the corner screaming for the ref to pull him back, which the ref does. Blair is prepared though and sneaks in behind an arguing No Fear - delivering a low blow. No Fear hits the mat, but the Maestro quickly pulls him back to his feet only to deliver a short-arm clothesline. No Fear is in trouble, but he’s about to get in worse as the Maestro begins his Overture (an atomic drop to the knee). Blair goes for the pin, but No Fear kicks out with a two count. Blair climbs the top rope and comes crashing down with a knee drop / roll to No Fear’s face. Blair with the cover...but Ivy decides to take matters into her own hands. She gets the refs attention as only Ivy can do. Contessa slips up behind Ivy with her now famous purse in hand. However, Ivy turns and just as quickly sends a slap hurt around the world as Contessa falls to the floor, the purse flying. Poison Ivy then proceeds the beat the living bejezzus out of Contessa with a series of punches. Meanwhile, in the ring the Maestro decides it’s time for his ENCORE (figure four leg-lock). No Fear tries to hold out, but it doesn’t last long until Blair has this match well in hand - and the victory as well as No Fear has to submit. Outside the ring, Contessa continues to get pummeled by Ivy. Blair, having the victory, quickly slides out of the ring, grabs Contessa’s purse, sneaks up behind Ivy, and well - KNOCKS HER OUT! (HUGE FAN POP) Blair acknowledges the apparent joy the crowd received from his delivered blow and proceeds to do it again, at least until a tap on the shoulder reveals who the cheer was really for - ‘TOTAL ELIMINATION’ ELI FLAIR! Eli knocks the purse to the ground, and levels Blair with one solid punch that sends Bryan over the railing and into the crowd. They continue to fight all the way to the back and out of sight.

The Winner: 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair


“Bulls on Parade” kicks in again as the Iceman Steve Radder makes his way to ringside. His face has some gauze on it that appears very blood soaked. He’s wearing Oakley sunglasses to the ring. He makes his way, the music stops, and he takes his glasses to await...

Flashing lightning appears on the jumbotron, then thunder that fades down into “All you need is Love”. Out comes Sweet Melissa who in turn holds the curtain open for ‘Hurricane’ Eddy Love. They give each other a BIG kiss while the crowd yells, “Get a room” in their respective language or maybe “find a sidewalk” if they are from Amsterdam (to those who understand, great - if you don’t get it, I’m not telling!). Eddy and Melissa make their way to ringside, get in the middle of the ring, and while they give another big kiss - fireworks go off overhead shaped like a cascading heart.


Round 1 of the World Title Tournament Matchup

‘Hurricane’ Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa vs. ‘Iceman’ Steve Radder

Iceman knows that after that first crazy match, he’d have to get this match over early and so he goes for it quickly. Scoop Slam by Iceman. Eddy sits up with a small grin on his face. He shakes his head approvingly and they tie up again. Arm Drag, but this time as Eddy tries to get up, Iceman connects with a PILEDRIVER! Radder goes for the pin, but he already knows it’ll take more than that. Steve whips Love into the ropes, but Eddy quickly comes back with a shoulder ram. Eddy lifts Iceman up with a Gutwrench Suplex. Iceman’s energy seems all but sapped by now as Love latches on a Figure - 4 leglock. However, Steve is to close to the ropes and quickly gets to the outside for a breather after the break. Steve tries to catch his breath, but this is business and Eddy doesn’t give coffee breaks. He follows him outside and slams Radder headfirst into the steel pole outside. Blood gets in Radder’s eyes, but Love wastes no time in throwing him into the ring. Iceman is trying to clear his eyes so he can see, but instead is greeted by the HURRICANE PILE DRIVER! The ref counts the quick 3 count and this Rd. 1 matchup is over.

The Winner: ‘Hurricane’ Eddy Love


Pestilence makes his entrance down to ringside similar to as before. The crowd responds as can be expected.

Jack Emerald comes out with no lighting, no music, no fireworks. He’s wearing a T-Shirt and his attire with doctors trying to hold him back. He threatens a couple and they all back off. As he makes his way slowly, from behind runs 2 unknown guys dressed in dockers, polo shirts, and the like. One carries a chair as he runs behind Jack. He catches him flush from behind as the crowd reacts confused. Then, out of the back curtain walks William H. Bradley III with a smirk on his face. The 2...thugs do a spike piledriver and then leave with WHBIII in tow. The paramedics come up and put Jack on the stretcher. They almost get him out of the ring area, but he rolls off and begins to crawl. Despite a few trying to hold him back, he gets to his feet - swats a few medics away, and then climbs in the ring.


Round 1 of the World Title Tournament Matchup

Pestilence vs. Jack Emerald w/William H. Bradley III

Pestilence goes for a quick kick to the stomach, but Jack sidesteps that and throws a punch to the solarplexes of Pestilence. Jack can’t quite capitalize though, he shakes his arms, staring at them in disbelief of how they are tingling and numb. He tries to lift Pestilence up with a suplex, but can’t get him up. Pestilence turns it and quickly goes for a very dangerous DDT considering the circumstances. However, Jack quickly switches his position before being dropped and nails Pestilence with his LUCK O’ THE IRISH (Diamondcutter) finisher. He can’t hardly move though. The ref counts to 8 and Jack finally gets an arm to go over Pestilence’s shoulder. 1...2...KICKOUT! Jack climbs the middle turnbuckle and drops down with his IRISH WHISKEY elbow, but the impact sends obviously painful shockwaves up his arm. After a few more moments, Jack gets Pestilence in a rear headlock, but Pestilence swings his body around and delivers a belly to belly suplex. Pestilence proceeds to choke Jack on the ropes until the ref forces the break. As Jack pulls himself up to his feet, Pestilence catches him with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex that sends Emerald flying. Pestilence picks him up for a DDT, NO EMERALD COUNTERS and pulls up his Pectorial Stretch, but Pestilence is able to just one arm shove Jack into the ropes. As Jack comes back, Pestilence catches him in a chokehold...CHOKESLAM! Pestilence pulls the limp body of Emerald to the corner and finishes him with THE PLAGUE. He gets the easy 3 count and moves on to Round 2 next week in Munich Germany at their Soccer stadium.

The Winner: Pestilence
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