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MWC (Multinational Wrestling Corporation) LIVE in St. Louis (House Show)

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
St. Louis House Show

At the St. Louis Arena in St. Louis, Missouri

The St. Louis Arena is full to capacity. The energy can be felt both inside and the hundreds of people outside with their cameras to catch a quick view of not only their favorite wrestler, but also their favorite Hollywood Star. This MWC league has went beyond what could possibly be expected. Inside, the introductions are made and the lights come back on. Eddy Love and another gentleman approach the ring both wearing Armani suits. Love takes the Microphone and holds up a piece of paper.

LOVE: I know most of you fans bought your tickets when Eddy Love was signed for this card, because I LOVE you people so much I've made arrangements to get your ticket money refunded. What I've got here is an injunction against Jim Sears, the BTR, JW Locke and MWC that says there is gonna be no wrestling here tonight or anywhere else until this matter with Eddy Love is resolved. Now my attounney here Mr. J.L. Levintis told me that I probably could have gotten a judgement against these ticket receipts but I know how you fans worship Eddy Love and I didn't want to see you ladies lose your chewing tobacco money. Explain the procedure J.L.

LEVENTIS: By order of Judge Jenny Glavine you people have twenty five minutes to clear this arena or we will have you forcibly removed and possibly incarcerated for thirty days. Your ticket money will be refunded for you by mail.

LOVE: How ya like them apples Sears??. If the IRS can't close down this cesspool, Eddy Love can.

JW Locke comes racing down to the ring, panic written all over his face. He literally soars into the ring ready to do whatever it takes to get this worked out.

JW: Eddy, my man, my friend. What are you doing?

LOVE: Jim Sears tried to ruin my career, now I'm ruining his LIFE.

JW: Jim Sears isn't here. This isn't his company. This is my company. I understand your complaints and we will do (JW stops midsentence, pauses for a few seconds smiles, and then without the microphone - speaks to Eddy and JL Levintis. Eddy starts to smile. JL looks at Eddy and shakes his head affirmatively. JW pulls back and…)

The lights go out. The crowd responds with full anticipation of something big. Over the microphone you hear the panicked voice of JW Locke yelling for someone to get the lights back on. "Someones head is gonna roll for this!" Finally the lights go back on, but now…(HUGE fan pop) Deacon and Shepherd (with a microphone) are to one side of the ring, and Pestilence (with a microphone) is in the other side. JW is running to both of them pleading, but Shepherd and Pestilence both ignore him. Eddy Love and JL Levintis leave the ring. Love is noticeably irritated and is still shaking his paper. The 2 opposing forces of Pestilence and Deacon approach one another. JW tries to forcibly hold back Deacon to no avail, and then Pestilence who with a nudge sends him out of the way. JW leaves the ring screaming that they will pay.

SHEPHERD - (Pacing around the ring, but staying close to Deacon) You've said that you feel a connection. The only true connection we feel is to the people of God. Those who have accepted Jesus Christ's blood sacrifice and are trying to live for him. We love all people, even those who hate us, but a true connection only comes between 2 people's spirit who know the LORD. So I ask you, do you serve God?

PESTILENCE - (Pestilence lets out a small laugh) Which? that may not- be the right question, friend.

SHEPHERD - (Shepherd flinches on the word Which, then goes on) The One God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Opened to the gentiles through the shed blood of His Son

PESTILENCE - I know that god.....trust me, I do. do I serve him? I have. will I in the future? perhaps. who do I serve now? (pest gazes up...as if he can see through the roof) Shepherd? how many stars are in the night- sky?

SHEPHERD - The stars serve God... the question is DO YOU?

PESTILENCE - I have and I may in the future, as I have already said. How many lives have you touched, Shepherd? how many people have you affected one way or the other?

SHEPHERD - One never knows that answer. I have affected some I know of, but the Spirit must draw them in, I only give the message.

PESTILENCE - One never knows.....(the smirk and laugh return).... What does the bible say about spirits and dominions and demons, and such?

SHEPHERD - If you speak of the passage from Ephesians, 'We battle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities'

PESTILENCE - ahh...that's the one....forgive me. it has been a very long time since I last read from it. Then you believe in the spirit world....that supernatural forces can align against or for you?

SHEPHERD - Supernatural forces surround us on all sides. Elijah opened the eyes of Elisha to find THOUSANDS of angels protecting them.

PESTILENCE - ah..correct again. your knowledge is impeccable. then tell me this.....what is the devil, to you? or , Satan, or one of his thousands of names. What IS he to you?

SHEPHERD - The adversary, the roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, the being that has fallen to Christ's victorious resurrection.

PESTILENCE - but what WAS he?

SHEPHERD - Legend has it that he was the bright and morning stay, I think, The most beautiful and powerful of all the angels.

PESTILENCE - some are more powerful than others....this is certainly true. He fell, from grace? would you agree?

SHEPHERD - He fell and 1/3 of the angels with him.

PESTILENCE - and what of the 1/3? where are they? what are they? where are their actions recorded?

SHEPHERD - They are his agents, his 'demons'. Some of their actions are recorded in the Bible and history itself has probably suffered their injury.

PESTILENCE - (shakes his head slowly) such a pity that event angels quarrel. another question.............what do you know of the legend of the wanderings of the children of Israel?

SHEPHERD - The legends? (Shepherd looks warily as he continues) You speak as if the biblical account is...

PESTILENCE - well, friend, you used 'legend' in your account of the fall of Lucifer? did it not happen?

SHEPHERD - It is not necessarily recorded in the Bible. It is only referred to vaguely. One should never make a plausible reference - factual

PESTILENCE - fair enough. tell me.....when the children were wandering and they entered a land, did that strange land not have its own gods? its own customs?

SHEPHERD - Yes, they had 'gods' that they worshipped, they believed in. However...

PESTILENCE - how real were these gods to the people that worshipped them? (pest looks almost angry)

SHEPHERD - (Deacon takes a step forward to protect Shepherd) I am not them, I do not know. I'm certain that they held their convictions as the Israelites held theirs. However, their worship of those 'gods' was not their greatest mistake.

PESTILENCE - oh? (pest is staring at deacon as he talks to shepherd) elaborate.

SHEPHERD - Their mistake as recorded in God's word was that they were exceedingly evil. Those 'gods' were only a part of their soul problems

PESTILENCE - whether they were evil does not hold any importance to me. the basic fact remains......to these people, their gods were real. they interacted with them. they praised them. they protected them. (pest turns his back on the two men in the ring.......lowers his head...pauses.....turns back around.) they were as real to them, as your god is to you, I assure you … as they are to me, also.

SHEPHERD - Is that suppose to send shockwaves in my soul? I am secure in who I am in Christ and that His words are true.

PESTILENCE - Shepherd, I have witnessed the birth of a Demon. I have seen war and bloodshed on the highest levels of existence. I have been places and seen things that would make most men lose faith in anything. Am I evil....no. Do I work for good...I can. What is it I want.......well....what would you like to se happen right now? Deacon and I can go at it right now....ultimate cosmic battle, if you will…Or some accord may be reached. What would you like to see happen here Shepherd?

SHEPHERD - What I want is to spread God's message to everyone. Even one who serves 'many gods'.

PESTILENCE - ah...a sly attempt to 'convert'. a fine parry, shepherd! however, I do not wish to be converted to anything I know to be not the whole truth.

SHEPHERD - Jesus Christ is the Truth


SHEPHERD - THE Truth, but to avoid conflict that will profit none of us. I am Deacon's Shepherd, his friend and advisor... I am the one he trusts to protect his career, his soul however is in God's hands. If you want to be on friendly terms, conversion is not necessary. However, I do say that you must first hold your tongue with this line. What connection do you want?

PESTILENCE - to come down from the philosophy babble, what I want in this wrestling federation is an ally. I have surveyed the field, if you will, and none, save one, has been up to par to stand in my corner and I in his. Deacon...Shepherd...let us enter into an alliance. Let us all win honor and glory in this federation. Let us all follow our own path, and let us use the time that our paths are crossing to our advantage. (pest extends hand)

SHEPHERD - (shepherd warily looks at the hand and continues) An ally? Understand that if you turn on Deacon, it would better for you to take a millstone and a flying leap off a bridge?

PESTILENCE - (pest laughs at shep's humorous vision) Have no fear, friend. For I am a 'man' of my word. Should the time come for deacon and I to settle a score, it will be done face to face. But for now (pest extends hand further), this is the best for us all. You know this to be true.

PESTILENCE - we both have work to be done in this fed. let us do it together.

SHEPHERD - Then may we be able to not only tell you our message, but 'show you' that FAITH IS THE EVIDENCE. (Shepherd turns to Deacon and with a knowing look - they shake hands)

PESTILENCE - Experience is gained when you least expect it.....and it looks like we have an unexpected guest.

From the back, JW comes with 10 security officials. However, as they enter the ring area, the lights go back out. When the lights return, only JW and the security are in the area.

After a few moments, the matches are ready to go and JW prodds the announcer to start over…


Taped Fist Match

SUMO Shamoo vs. No Fear

Both men come to the ring without a special entrance. No music playing or lighting effects. Both seem deadly serious about competing and winning this dangerous taped fist matchup. The ref calls for the bell and No Fear shows his namesake. He lunges out imediately with a jab at Sumo's throat. Sumo however was expecting that move. He grabs No Fear by his outstretched arm and slings him violently to the mat. Sumo sits down on Fear's back and applies his camel clutch. No Fear however quickly got his leg to the rope and the ref forces a break. Sumo, trying to change his image to a fan-favorite, lets the move go. No Fear rolls over and Sumo goes for a falling headbutt. NO ONE HOME! Sumo's head crashes to the mat with a THUD! They both get to their feet (No Fear faster) and as Sumo turns, No Fear latches in a neckbreaker. Sumo really felt the impact of that move. No Fear picks him up and sends him into the ropes. Sumo returns and is greated by a flying fist from No Fear. Sumo seems out on his feet when No Fear sends him into the turnbuckle. Sumo reverses it and charges in after the surprised No Fear. The charge is quickly met with an uppercut to the head that dazes Sumo. No Fear runs at Sumo but is caught with a Belly Blast followed by a Power Punch that knocks No Fear to the mat. No sooner does No Fear hit than he is sit on and the camel clutch reapplied. It appears that Sumo is working on No Fear's back. However, No Fear gets loose enough to grab for a rope. Another clean break from Sumo…almost. Sumo gives him an extra shot with a sliding elbow drop that puts an extra grunt from No Fear. Sumo is losing it some with the frustration of not latching in the move. As No Fear gets up, Sumo nails him with another Belly Blast that puts No Fear back down. Sumo goes back to his gameplan with the Camel Clutch, but again No Fear gets away, this time under the turnbuckles. Sumo breaks. As No Fear uses the turnbuckle to get to his feet, Sumo takes advantage by slamming into him and then squashing him in the corner. Sumo breaks on the count of 4 and then throws No Fear to the other turnbuckle across the ring. He charges in, but is caught with a quick elbow. Sumo is reeling from that blow and No Fear grabs his head to deliver a DDT. Sumo wisely rolls out of the ring after No Fear's setup move was applied (the DDT). No Fear knows the outside quite well though. He takes Sumo and slams his head onto the announcer's table. He throws him back in to the ring, and connects with the DEATH'S DOOR (480 splash from the top) for the 1, 2, 3.

The Winner: No Fear


Singapore Cane Match

Bruno the Bruiser vs. Kardiak

Bruno come to the ring without music or lighting for this Singapore Cane Matchup. He walks over to the cane, looks it over and points nastily at the flag official to make it fair. The official knew how this worked and knew what to do, quickly letting Bruno know that as well. Out from the back comes the wrestler known as Kardiak. He walks to the ring, again with no special additions, and rips his straight jacket loose. Stormy Brook wraps the buckles around his arms and he gets in the ring. With a wild shriek, Kardiak lunges at Bruno with a Vader Blow double arm smash. Bruno is taken aback and trys shaking the cobwebs loose only to get caught with a running clothesline. Bruno takes a moment and rolls under the bottom rope to get the momentum. However, outside is where Stormy Brook wants him. He gets up and she quickly nails him from behind with a clothesline sending him down to the concrete. The fans don't necessarily like Stormy (unless they're kindred spirits), but they love her aggressiveness. She forcibly throws Bruno back in the ring. Kardiak however looks perplexingly at her and the lying Bruno. He picks Bruno up and tosses him out on the other side. Kardiak walks to the ropes and Bruno takes advantage of the situation. He grabs Kardiak by the leg, lugs him outside and then slams him down hard on the concrete. As Stormy rounds the corner, Bruno points to the back and tells her to get back in the kitchen. He rolls under the bottom rope and waits for Kardiak who soon follows. The flag goes up and the Cane is in play. Bruno grins, grabs the cane from its holding place and just as Kardiak gets up, proceeds to pound away on Kardiak. Smack to the chin, the back, the knee. The flag goes down putting the cane back out. Bruno throws it to the official, goes for the cover, but Stormy gets on the apron. The ref stops the count to tell her to back off. Bruno however takes matters into his own hands. He whips Kardiak into her, and on Kardiak's return trip - greets him with DA SLAM (running bulldog). The ref counts the 3 and Bruno gets his first win.

The Winner: Bruno the Bruiser


Lone Wulf vs. Jack Emerald w/William H. Bradley III

Both wrestlers come to the ring without any special entrances (see a pattern developing here?). Lone Wulf by himself (DUH!) and Jack Emerald with his manager - William H. Bradley III. LoneWulf takes a GIANT swing at Jack with a southpaw blast, but Jack quickly avoids that punch. He kicks Wulf in the gut and then delivers a nasty DDT. Lone Wulf slowly gets to his feet, and as promised in the interview segments, Jack goes for his reverse Enzuiguri - the Blarney Kiss. However, Lone Wulf's stature gives him an advantage and Jack misses it (FAN POP). Lone Wulf puts Jack in a standing cradle and then delivers a devestating 187 Cradle DDT. Jack is down and rolling on the mat after that trip. Wulf isn't done yet though. He stands Jack up, starts choking him…no Chokeslam. Things are looking bad here real quick. Lone Wulf lifts Jack up in a HIGH (since Lone Wulf is 7'4") Vertical Suplex that sends Jack hard to the mat and then grabbing his back in pain. Some serious damage being delivered and then - JACKNIFE POWERBOMB!(HUGE fan pop) Jack is looking more like a ragdoll in there against this Giant of a man. Wulf picks Emerald up into a Gorilla Press slam(MEGA FAN POP) and then goes for the pin almost mercilessly. The ref counts…1…2...SHOULDER IS UP!(awww from the crowd) Lone Wulf picks Jack up and tosses him out of the ring. Lone Wulf is definitely a bit clueless as to what to do next. Jack slowly gets back in the ring, still rolling on the mat. Lone Wulf climbs the middle rope and lands with a powerhouse elbow drop that shakes the ring (and Jack) violently (FAN POP). He picks Jack up, puts him in a facebuster suplex (reverse suplex) and instead of dropping him down, he drops him into a stunner. The SHERRIFF KILLER! (MEGA FAN POP). The ref begins the count, but William holds the refs arm from counting the 3 count. Lone Wulf is incensed by this flagrant violation. He goes out of the ring and begins chasing the smaller Bradley. Emerald uses the time to recover, and hide around a corner with a chair. As Bradley and then Wulf come around - BLAM, Jack nails Wulf with the chair. Jack tosses the giant of the MWC back into the ring and then climbs to the middle rope. The Irish Whiskey (flying elbow from middle turnbuckle) comes a crashing! You can taste that one in your mouth. Jack picks Wulf up and then sends him back down with a DDT. He gets on the middle rope as the crowd screams and begins to yell back. He sets up for…the Blarney Kiss again? Yep, and again he misses. Lone wulf throws him outside to allow himself some air. When he goes out, Bradley gets in his face and screams with that ever-annoying voice. Lone Wulf grabs him by the shirt, but Jack runs along the apron, grabs Lone Wulf by the hair and sends Wulf's face into the ringpost. Again, Bradley has been intergal in saving his man. Jack climbs to the top rope as Wulf gets to his feet. The fans are screaming look out and it seems Lone Wulf heard them because when Emerald jumped for a double axe-handle…Wulf catches him with a Spinebuster slam to the concrete (MEGA FAN POP). Lone Wulf picks up the exhausted Jack Emerald and tosses him into the ring via over the top rope. He climbs up, goes for the facebuster suplex, but as he drops - Jack spins. Jack lands on the middle rope, grabs Lone Wulf, and connects with the LUCK O' THE IRISH (Diamondcutter). The ref counts the 3 and Jack Emerald staves off a massive amount of punishment.

The Winner: Jack Emerald


JW Locke comes out to a multitude of boos from the crowd. He gets in the ring, grabs a mic, and begins, "Everyone has been asking me what about the BTR? What about the BTR champion - Mark Vizzack (FAN POP). Let me tell you what about that waste. They have caused me a multitude of problems and I promise you - the BTR championship is now, officially, not recognized by the MWC.


'The Maestro' Bryan Blair w/Contessa vs. 'The Daredevil' Mark Vizzack

Eddy Love comes out for this match to a chorus of boos with his lawyer in tow. They take a seat at ringside with a scowl on their face. Then the lights go out (Finally an entrance!) and George Handel's 'Fireworks Music' begin to play. Golden musical notes line the entranceway and a spotlight hits the entrance to the walkway. There standing is Contessa in her jade colored 18th century dress, wig, carrying a mask in one hand and green velvet bag hanging from the other slender hand. Behind her walks The Maestro of the MWC - Bryan Blair. The crowd begins chanting 'SAVAGE - SAVAGE'. Bryan is wearing his wig, tuxedo with tails, and wrestling attire. They make their way slowly to the ring to a plethora of screams from the fans. Blair gets to the entrance stairs and lets Contessa disrobe him, taking his powdered wig off and revealing his long black hair. Contessa then finds her seat as Blair climbs the steps into the ring. Once there, he bows low and then the fireworks cascade down and fly out of the ringposts. The crowd responds in full by changing their chant to cheers even for this hated wrestler. The lights come up and from the back, Mark Vizzack, speedily walks the entranceway. You can see that he is upset about his life. Mark is walking alone without even Sunshine. The crowd cheers, but the distracted and angry Vizzack doesn't seem to notice (something quite uncommon for him).

Vizzack hits the ring with a fury. He grabs Blair and sends him to the mat with a body slam. He locks in an armbar as Bryan trys to catch his breath. Mark is set to finish this early and sends a devestating fist into Blair's midsection and then runs into the ropes. However, Blair has scouted that move out and quickly goes outside. Vizzack isn't daunted though and does a slingshot over the top and down onto Bryan with a body block. He picks up Blair by the hair to set up another move. Blair however throws a lowblow that sends Vizz to the concrete holding his crotch in agony. The ref comes out now to keep Blair from crowning Mark with a chair. However, Contessa slips up behind Mark and knocks him senseless with her obviously weighted purse. Vizz hits the security railing just in front of Eddy Love. Eddy pulls up Mark by the hair, slaps him not once but 3 times. Love then climbs over the railing, grabs Mark, and then smashes him with HURRICANE PILEDRIVER with JL Levintis helping push down. Blair, who has been keeping the ref busy, takes this moment to roll back in the ring. The ref begins the count and gets to 7 before Vizzack gets up leaning on the Security railing for support. Blair's face says it all. What does it take to keep this man down? Blair climbs to the top rope, jumps off, and smashes the bloody Vizzack between the metal railing and the force of his splash. Blair gets back in the ring as Mark lies on the concrete. The ref counts to 10 and Blair gets the victory. Vizzack is left in the concrete and then is helped to the back. Mark may be able to beat one guy, but 3 seemed too much. Life is only getting harder for the Daredevil in the MWC.

The Winner: 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair
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