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Mister Dread

Mister Dread

League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Under your bed.
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-18-02 AT 01:29 PM (EDT)]Wrestler Name: Mister Dread
Height: 5’7” Weight: 180
Hailing From: Cadillac, Michigan
Handedness: Right
Gimmick: Used to wrestle as one-half of the ‘mercenary group’ Dogs of War. He has dropped the mercenary gimmick, but still uses the name and wears a tattered ‘Dogs of War’ t-shirt.
Ring Attire: Faded black jeans, harness boots, and a tattered and sleeveless ‘Dogs of War’ t-shirt
Looks: Dark hair, now entering that awkward ’just growing out’ phase. Hazel eyes, medium build.
Ring Entrance: He appears on the apron, raising a fist in the Dogs of War salute, a la Mick Foley. Slowly makes his way to the ring, eyes locked on the center of it. Generally pays little attention to the fans, but will stop to slap a few hands if he’s in the mood.
Theme Music: Dogs of War - Pink Floyd, although sometimes mixes it up with Hair of the Dog - Nazareth
Tactics/Style: Technical, High-Flyer, lucha .... Likes to use drivers and suplexes, unless the opponent is much bigger.
Oh jeez. Ummm ...
Suplexes: Side salto suplex, sambo suplex, Fisherman buster, head-and-arm suplex, t-bone suplex, vertical suplex, half-nelson suplex, reverse tiger suplex, butterfly suplex, snap suplex, watermill suplex
Drivers/Bombs: Michinoku Driver, Backdrop driver, Inverted piledriver, Mexican stretch bomb, Brainbuster DDT (front suplex, dropping to the mat with a DDT at the apex of the suplex)
Arial: Corkscrew plancha, suicide dive, moonsault, asai moonsault, top-rope legdrop, shooting star press
Running/off the ropes: Fireman's carry drop, tornado DDT, flying forearm
Submissions: Dreadlock (Half-nelson sleeper/katahaijimi), figure-four leglock, Texas cloverleaf, double-underhook body scissors
Finisher & Set-Up Moves:
Setup: Half-nelson suplex
Finisher: Dread Driver (Dangerous driver/Tiger Driver ’91)

Quick and agile, sound technician, good ring general.
Weaknesses: Smaller than most of the others, back and knee problems

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