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MCW Center Stage 5 (July 15, 2006)


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO

(MCW Center Stage 5 opens live from MCW Arena outside of Los Angeles, California. The capacity crowd is on its feet, with signs ranging the full spectrum. Some signs are congratulating the newly crowned MCW World Heavyweight Champion, Bryan Storms. Others are signs making fun of Steve Marlay and Blade. Whatever the sign may be, one thing is certain: these fans came to see one hell of a show.)

(Fade to the MCW broadcast booth which is nothing more than a small table with a few monitors and two separate microphones. On the left, behind one microphone, is Simon Van Helder. On the right, behind the other, is Creek Wineberg.)

SVH: Hello everyone and welcome to this capacity crowd coming hot off of the heels of a terrific MCW pay-per-view. Yes, I’m talking about MCW Zero Hour, where champions were crowned and new directions were started.

CW: You are forgetting about the shot that was heard around the world last week when MCW wrestlers decided to put all differences aside and invade another wrestling organization while they put on a show for their larger audience.

SVH: Creek is, of course, talking about the MCW invasion of Ultimate Championship Wrestling’s Revolution last week. It was a crazy night that nobody really expected but it seems that behind the scenes our boss is going to great lengths to give all of the attention to his talent that he possibly can.

CW: Let’s see some footage!

SVH: As you might suspect, MCW is dealing with a ton of legal issues as a result of this invasion... so we are not able to show full video segments of the UCW product. In particular, we have been blocked from showing full video footage of the invasion segment on UCW’s last Revolution show. However, the legal team has found a loophole in the litigation that allows us to show still pictures of the events. Folks, we have to take a commercial break but before we do, here is what I said we are allowed to show... we’ll be right back everyone!

(The camera fades into a slide show of UCW action involving MCW talent to the tune Fort Minor’s “Remember The Name”. UCW’s The Sergeant is leveled by a steel chair wielded by MCW North American Champion Dakota Smith. World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Storms and his number one contender Chris McMillan run Damon Blackburn out of the ring. Pictures of security attempting to run the crew out of the ring.)

(Scene fades to a commercial...)


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Pulsar vs Reno Kidd

SVH: We’re back from our first commercial break, and our first match of the evening is between two newcomers to MCW.

CW: We’ve had a huge growth spurt over the last few weeks and it has made for a very entertaining wrestling landscape, that’s for sure.

SVH: It’ll be Pulsar and Reno Kidd squaring off in one-on-one action, with the winner starting his MCW career at one win and zero losses.

(There is a strange pause in the commentary, until Van Helder adds more...)

SVH: Um... ok, it seems like there is some sort of problem getting our competitors out here for their match tonight.

CW: Maybe they both decided to call it quits.

(The MCWtron comes to life with a scene from backstage. It’s Pulsar and the Reno Kidd, but the fans don’t really know who they are because they have never seen either of them wrestle. Both are laid out flat on the ground. There is no explanation, nobody nearby to give any indication as to who or what caused this...)

SVH: Folks, I know that you’ve never seen either of these competitors, but that is Pulsar and Reno Kidd. I don’t know what’s going on, but we need somebody to go to the back and get to the bottom of all of this.

CW: Yeah, what he said.

(Suddenly, two individuals bust through the curtains with no theme music. The crowd is stunned, as they recognize both wrestlers as the legendary Kin Hiroshi and the immensely popular rookie, The Sergeant. It seems that the fans have no idea whether they should be cheering or booing for these two.)

SVH: It’s Kin Hiroshi and The Sergeant!!!!! Can you believe it? Two of UCW’s top talents have made an appearance on an MCW show!

CW: Stop marking out, you little panzy! These two are not your friends and you shouldn’t act like you’re a friggin’ fan! These two are enemies of MCW!

SVH: Either way, we wondered if we would get some sort of response from UCW and it looks like we’re going to get it!

CW: I think we already got the message. The message is on the MCWtron right this instant. These two are just putting their message into words right now.

SVH: You think they had something to do with Pulsar and Reno Kidd being laid out in the back of the building?

CW: God, you are a dense man, Simon. Of course they had something to do with it. Sometimes I worry about you.

(Hiroshi and Sergeant enter the ring to a mixed reaction and Hiroshi has a microphone tossed into the ring. He catches it and lets the words fly...)

Kin Hiroshi: So the upstarts want to get this party started, like Pink in Ibiza with nothing but time to waste? MCW, meet your worst mistake like men... and er... women.

(The Sergeant is seething with anger and snatches the microphone from Hiroshi.)

The Sergeant: You come to UCW and make beef with the one guy who really understands how to wage a war. You want a war? Well guess what, you got it! This combat tested, mother approved S.O.B is about to be hot on your heels. I’m dying to issue out another beating like I did to those no-namers in the back.

(Security shows up through the curtains, ready to send the two UCW troublemakers out of MCW Arena.)

SVH: The Sergeant may be gunning for Dakota Smith with those comments after being totally obliterated by Smith on UCW’s show last week.

CW: I’m sure all of UCW was up in arms over that one. This rookie is a joke.

SVH: Either way, security looks to be getting these two out of the arena before they can cause anymore trouble.

(As the security guys reach the halfway point of reaching the ring, Hiroshi and Sergeant make their way out of it and hop over the guardrail into the stands. The crowd surrounding both guys pats them on the back as the push their way out of the arena.)

SVH: What a way to kick off the show! Will MCW retaliate? Only time will tell... stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen!

(Fade to commercial break...)


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
One Fall Triple Threat Match: Rob Franklin vs Joseph Justice vs Nakita Dahaka

(The arena goes black. Spotlights start swinging around the arena as if they are searching for someone, and a siren starts to blare as the lights start moving around faster. They all move towards the entrance ramp, before stopping and leaving one spotlight shining at the entrance. The siren stops, and “Speak” by Godsmack starts to play through the loudspeakers.)

SVH: Well folks that can only mean one thing. We’re ready to get us a triple threat match underway here on Center Stage!

(The Judge comes out from the back, and the spotlight follows him all the way to the ring. He walks down slowly, his long black coat flowing as each step he takes appears to have meaning and flawless effort.)

CW: And if I had to pick a winner of this match, I would certainly say that this is the man I would pick. So cold and calculating, yet still able to bring the heat and power to his opponents.

SVH: Great analogy there, Creek. And also a great idea as Justice is certainly a force to be reckoned with, as he would have you believe.

(Metallica’s “Fuel” hits over the PA and the crowd’s chorus of boos continue to reign down on the competitors as Rob Franklin makes his way down the ramp with is FTO belt and continues the ring.)

SVH: What’s your take on Mr. Franklin, Creek?

CW: This man’s confidence is radiant. Plus, he’s the FTO champion. That’s what makes him my pick to win this match.

SVH: Say that again?

CW: I’m picking Franklin to win this match. You might check into a Beltone, Van Helder.

SVH: I just wasn’t sure because I thought you said that-

CW: Beltone!

(The lights go completely out, only to be replaced with red lighting illuminating the arena, and black lights all over the stage and entrance. The beginning intro rifts and beats of "Gently" by Slipknot come into earshot. The video screen cues up a nicely prepared video montage of Nakita Dahaka executing numerous high flying innovative moves on several known and unknown opponents. A thick cold fog rolls into the arena from the stage and down the ramp. A lone spotlight hovers directly over a single spot on the stage floor. A ring of fire surrounds the trapdoor. The trapdoor opens and rises up onto the stage. Nakita Dahaka, alongside her manager Delilah Demonik emerge from the stage. Nakita cracks her knuckles as she mentally prepares to walk down the ramp toward the ring keeping full focus on the tasks at hand. The lone spotlight dangles directly over her head and follows her as she strolls down the ramp.)

CW: You know, there’s just something about a woman throwing around men that makes me pick her as not only the winner of this match, but the winner of my heart as well.

SVH: Do you even listen to some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth?

CW: Ehh, it fades in and out.

(Bell rings…)

SVH: Well folks, here we go. Triple threat wrestling at its finest here in the TRUE wrestling federation on FW, Major Championship Wrestling!

CW: You got that right, Van Helder.

(All three competitors emerge toward the center of the ring. Finally, Franklin and Justice seem to reach an agreement to eliminate Dahaka and make the match between the two of them.)

SVH: Well, this is certainly probably the best resolution. If the two stronger men take out the weaker woman, it will be easier for them to settle it themselves.

(The two close in.)

CW: Look out!

SVH: Oh my! Nakita just took that plan and threw it right out the door! She nailed both men with several hard martial art kicks before she singled out Franklin while Justice retreated to the corner!

(Nakita backs Franklin into the ropes with several stiff rights before whipping him across the ring.)

SVH: Beautiful dropkick there by Nakita! She’s going to go for a pin…



No! Justice got in there to break it up!

CW: Easy to see that it was too early to try a pin there.

SVH: Now Justice is going to go on the offensive here as he pulls Nakita up to her feet.

(Justice pulls her close before lifting her over his head. He then pumps her twice before releasing her.)

SVH: What a body press slam by Justice as he throws Nakita into the slowly rising Franklin!

CW: Absolutely brutal as Nakita rolls out of the ring with Franklin not too far behind.

(Justice follows the two of them as he edges near the apron. He steps through before jumping off and connecting with a big double axe handle on Nakita, sending her into the security railing.)

SVH: Justice really taking it to his opponents here as he grabs hold of Nakita by the head.

CW: But there’s a big kick to the midsection by Franklin, who just got to his feet!

SVH: And now there’s a front facelock by Franklin…DDT on the concrete floor! Not much padding down there!

(Franklin now takes control as he pulls himself back to his feet and up onto the apron.)

CW: What’s he doing now? He can’t win the match without pulling someone else with him.

SVH: Oh my! Franklin just jumped off the apron and caught Nakita with a leaping martial arts kick while she was pinned up against that security railing! He now rolls her into the ring…

(Franklin quickly leaps to the top rope as he perches, waiting for Nakita to make her way to her feet.)

CW: Holy crap!

SVH: Rob Franklin just hit Nakita with a flying head scissors from the top rope! Both of them went flying across the ring!

CW: That’s the FTO champion for you…

SVH: He’s going for a pin here…



CW: NO! Justice just BARELY got in there to break up that pin attempt!

SVH: I thought this one was over right there, Creek.

CW: You’re not the only one. It’s a good thing someone seasoned like Justice was there to make the save.

(A slowed Judge reaches down and pulls Franklin up before whipping him into the corner. The Judge quickly charges in with a hard clothesline. Franklin stumbles out of the corner and tries to throw a right hand at Justice, who stays with the opponent.)

SVH: Justice ducks the right hand!

CW: That one won’t help the prevention of the hemorrhoids!

SVH: Big atomic drop sends Franklin retreating across the ring. Nakita slowly makes her way into the clutches of this man who seems like a mammoth against these two sub-two hundred pounders.

(Justice nails Nakita with a kick to the midsection before pulling her into a standing headscissors.)

CW: This could be bad!

SVH: And it is! Nakita just reversed that running powerbomb into a tremendous hurricanrana! She hooks the leg for a pin…



NO! Kickout by Justice! But again, it looks like the tables have turned here in this match.

(Nakita tries to use her speed advantage as she quickly bounces back up. She charges into the opposite ropes and springs back to Justice.)

SVH: Wow! What a snap dropkick to the jaws of Justice, who was trying to get back to his feet!

CW: But here comes Franklin again!

(Franklin swings at Nakita, but she ducks the blow and kicks him into the ropes. Franklin rebounds.)

SVH: Holy cow! An EXTREMELY vicious superkick there by Nakita as Rob Franklin slumped to the mat like a sack of potatoes!

CW: She’s taken control! This is the reason I picked a woman to win this match!

(Nakita quickly runs to the adjacent ropes and leaps off the second, connecting with a springboard moonsault onto Franklin. She holds for the pin.)



SVH: No! The Judge just nailed the referee, who was the closest person to him!

CW: That’s a way to stop the count, and legal too.

SVH: Excellent point, Creek. But now, we can’t have a winner without someone to count the pin or accept the submission.

(Justice uses this point to his advantage, as he quickly takes out Nakita with a stiff right hand before making his way to the fallen Franklin. He picks him up and absolutely HURLS him over the top rope and to the floor.)

SVH: Justice looks like total brute against these two lightweights here tonight!

CW: And he’s going to continue looking that way as he makes his way to the outside to rough up the little guy some more.

(Justice crawls through the ropes and to the floor. He picks Franklin up and quickly nails him with a stiff right hand, followed by another.)

SVH: Franklin is really reeling here as Justice stays on the attack! Justice is reaching down now…


SVH: NO! Oh my God! Nakita just came flying out of nowhere from over the top rope and nailed Justice with that suicide plancha while Franklin was still on his shoulders! All three contenders are now on the floor with little movement!

CW: And the ref is doing a great Rob Franklin impersonation himself, as he too is out in the middle of the ring!

(The competitors slowly begin to move as Nakita manages to get to her feet first. She reaches down and pulls Franklin back up to his feet. She then tosses him into the ring as she follows.)

SVH: Franklin is in a world of trouble here as it appears as though Nakita has fully regained her bearings after that suicide dive.

CW: He better figure out something quick.

(Franklin tries his best, as he quickly nails Nakita with a right hand. Nakita fires right back with a right of her own. Franklin swings again, but Nakita blocks this blow. She then nails him again before hitting him with a kick to the midsection.)

SVH: Franklin doubles over as Nakita grabs him by the head.

CW: The Dragon Snap! Franklin is pretty much doomed here as Nakita has that submission hold locked in!

SVH: And he’s nowhere near the ropes!

CW: And now Nakita drops to the ground! He’s really grounded now!

SVH: But Justice is back up! He’s making his way back into the ring…


CW: No! Justice is too late!

SVH: Indeed he is! Just as he was getting ready to enter the ring, Rob Franklin tapped out on the mat and the ref was just barely into the match enough to call for the bell! Nakita Dahaka has come away from this match with a victory as she quickly rolls out of the ring!

CW: I told you she would win!

SVH: Folks, we’ve got more great action on the way! Don’t go anywhere!


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Sep 24, 2005
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Pietske & Insurgent vs Dakota Smith & Blade


These two teams looked to have a lot of heat going into this match due to the North American title situation, but it didn’t pan out to be a great MCW tag team match. In the end, Insurgent was double-crossed yet again... this time by his own partner. Pietske refused to tag in after Insurgent started the match against Blade, pretending to have something in his eye, and it slowly broke down from there.

At one point after a double team by both Blade and Dakota Smith, Insurgent fought his way into an opportunity to tag. Pietske blatantly left the ringside area, not even looking back once to see how the action was going. The crowd booed him, but continued cheering for Insurgent to make the come from behind win. It wasn’t in the cards, though, as two men proved to be too much for Insurgent and he was pinned by Dakota Smith.

After the match, Blade celebrated what he thought was a win for him and a chance to regain some success in MCW. It turned out that Dakota didn’t much like him sharing the spotlight, and with Rico in the background cheering him on, Dakota destroyed Blade and left him laying in the ring.


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Sep 24, 2005
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[FONT=&#46027][/FONT]Sanket Desai vs Justin Sane

(Center Stage 5 is back on the air after coming back from commerical with Van Helder and Wineburg sitting at their usual commentating table at ringside.) [FONT=&#46027]

Simon Van Helder:?"Here we are again, coming back on Center Stage 5.?Already, we're had unbelievable nonstop active card and things have been on fire from the opening match, and we're expecting that it will get even better with the start of this match."

Creek Wineberg:?"Coming up, we have 'Ice Cold' Sanket Desai making his MCW Center Stage 5 debut against Justin Sane along with his gorgeous spicey Latina manager Shawna in his corner, and you have to wonder will she be the wild card in this match for her man Justin Sane."

SVH:?"I don't know as anything can happen, but both of these two men have been on fire this passed week as the perverbial trash talking not only hit the fan but it flew everywhere and nobody was left clean when the dust had finally settled down.?This match is guaranteed to go right down the wire and the winner is uncertain even for me."

CW:?"Well if your done yappin, then I say we cut to ring for the introductions and get this match on the road."


(The cameras switch to new MCW ring announcer, Brianna LeBrock, a young, very attractive, petite, but perky girl.?However, she is dressed in quasi-goth wear/attire.?She has long jet black hair with red highlights, make-up, and numerous facial and body peircing on her face and body.?She has a mic in her hand.)

Brianna LeBrock:?"The following contest is scheduled for one fall.?Introducing first...

(Music queue up:[/FONT]
[FONT=&#46027]젨[/FONT] "Trick Daddy"?by Nann feat. Trina.?blasts through the PA System and the fans react by booing, seconds later he appears on the entrance with his valet Shawnna and before they walk down the ramp Justin grabs Shawnna at her hair and she gives him a tongue kiss.?There is a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd as the hometown arena isn't sure if they should boo Sane and Shawna or cheer him on.?As they stop at ringside around the ring Justin jumps in with a roll over the top rope. Shawnna slides through his legs into the ring, while she stands up she pushes her back against his groin and Justin Sane does his trademark pose at the same moment a row of white pyro explodes behind him. Finally he then takes off the sun glasses, the long sleeve shirt and the jewelry.) [FONT=&#46027]

Brianna LeBrock:?"Here he is, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina.?Standing at 6'1, and weighing in at 230 lbs.?Accompanied by Shawna....this is JUSTIN SANE!"

(Sane and Shawna pose in the center of the ring as his theme music slowly fades out.?They soak in the cheers, and the many many more boos directed at him.)

Brianna:?"And his oponant...

(The arena begins to chill as My Last Breath by Evanescence blares and smoke surrounds the entrance stage while the lights dim darkening in entire arena. Sanket Desai can be made out through the stage as he slowly walks to the start of the ramp getting on his knees with his head tucked down onto his arms. Sanket gets to his feet and slowly walks down the ramp before stopping at the steel steps and looking slowly around and into the crowd. He does the pose again, for longer this time before climbing up the steel steps slowly.)

Brianna:?"Making his way to the ring.?In his MCW Center Stage debut. Hailing from New York City.?Standing at 6'0 and weighing in at 200 lbs.?He is 'ICE COLD' SANKET DESAI."

(Sanket climbs into the ring at the pace of a snail before he gets to the center of it and does the pose for the third time. The song is coming to an end as Sanket gets on the top turnbuckle and poses with his body spread out in a star. Finally, he gets down and the ice crystals shoot out on stage and out of the turnbuckle before the lights return to their normal color.?The music fades out out as Sanket eyes Justin Sane keeping focus and calm but eagerly awaiting for the bell.?The crowd also appears to be split on Desai as well but pridominantly it appears that he is receiving a few more cheers than boos from the crowd.)

SVH:?"It appears that the crowd is split on whom to root foot, but it looks like that they are booing Sane by default in this match and they are cheering Desai as they seem really excited and want to see what he can do in the MCW in his debut match."

CW:?"With an atmosphere like that, the wind could really change at the drop of hat.?I expect a few momentum changes during the course of the match, and that is before we even see winner at the end."

SVH:?"What do you think are Densai's chances of getting win over the veteran Sane?"

CW:?"Well my main advice for Densai is don't mess up or else Sane will capitalize on it and take him out."

(New MCW referee, reccently hired this week, "Big" Jake Lebeau, a short and stocky, about 5'8 and 240 lbs, and some of it looks like he has some muscle on him.?French-Canadian from Quebec stands in the center waving both Sane and Densai over to the center of the ring as he prepares to signal for the bell.)


SVH:?"There's the bell and this match is offically underway."

(The younger and high intense Densai charges in on fire at Justin Sane, going for a collar and elbow tie-up but as he reaches in Justin Sane immediately capitalizes as he locks in belly-to-belly on Densai and with ease launches Densai clear across the ring making him land in the corner.?Sane spins off of his knee popping back up to his feet as he takes a step or two back before charging in toward the recovering Sanket Densai as Justin leaps into the air and nails a leaping airbourne flying headbutt colliding on top of Densai's head.?Justin feeling the affects of his own headbutt kind of rolls off on all fours holind his own head, but Densai is hurting from the full force of those attacks as the crowd goes wild.)

SVH:?"Oh man, within the opening 30 seconds Densai went for a collar-and-elbow tie up, and Justin Sane immediately caught and hit a belly-to-belly through suplex sending Densai clear across the ring, then he follows up with a jumping headbutt right on his head."

CW:?"Yeah, but Sane is just as hurt as Densai is."

SVH: "But the damage has been done as it worked and Sane has taken an early control in this match."

CW:?"I guess the end justifies the means.?Lets see what Sane will do from here."

(Sane gets up to his feet, and pick up Densai by the hair.?Sane hits a couple of knife edged chops right into the bare chest of Densai staggering him back into the corner.)




Crowd: "Woooooooooo."

(Sane then follows up with a stiff European uppercut blasting Densai on the chin with his upper arm as the crowd responds accordingly.)



SVH:?"Sane truly in control as he delivers two knife edged chops and a stiff european upper cut on Densai tiring the rookie down."

(Sane takes Densai and irish whips him from one end of the ring with extreme velocity into the other, but Sane follows him into the corner looking to nail him with another attack to proceed the impact of the turnbuckle, but Densai comes to in mid motion before he collides with the unforgiving turnbuckle.?Densai leaps up onto the turnbuckle with cat like reflexes to the top then springs off it nailing a crossbody on on Justin Sane attempting a pinning combination, but then Justin Sane, using the momentum just continues to roll through until he is ontop of Densai where he has rolled up him for a pin attempt.?Lebeau slides down and begins to count with Sane attempting to sneak in a grab of the tights as the ref counts for extra leverage.)



(Densai...manages to kick out before the ref slaps the mat a third time.?Densai and Sane spin up to their feet and into their respective corners.?Sane upset that he didn't get the pin despite the attempt at cheating while Densai tries to shakes the cobwebs out of him and catch his breath.?The whole time Densai keeping a sharp eye on Sane.)

SVH:?"Densai almost getting Sane with a springboard crossbody off the top turnbuckle and almost getting him, but Sane uses the momentum to capitalize and almost got a roll-up of his own, but he almost stole this match as he attempted to grab the tights, but somehow Densai wormed his way out and now here we are again right back where we started."

CW:?"This is Sanket's chance to start this match all over again with a clean slate.?Sane won the first exchange, but now we're back up to a neutal position."

SVH:?"What I wanna point out is that in the early goings of this match after only two exchanges, already the crowd is heating up and rallying behing both men."

(The arena crowd is doing just that, as one side of the arena who appears to be pro Sanket Densai are cheering him on, while the other side of the arena is cheering Justin Sane on.)

Crowd: Sanket...Sanket...Sanket...


(Justin jaws off and trash talks a recovering Sanket Densai.?Justin daring Sanket to attack him again, but Densai remembering what happened in the beginning exchange early in the match as he knows he must be smarter than his oponant from across the ring.)

SVH:?"It appears that Justin Sane is urging Densai with another collar-and-elbow tie up, but Densai is aware of Sane's tricks and careful not to make a mistake."

(Finally Densai recovers and nods his head at Sane to charge him.?They both circle one another toward the center of the ring. Sane this time, is the one to charge, but Densai hits a standing leapfrog right over Sane making the MCW veteran go underneath him.?Sane bounces off the ropes and runs back with a full head of speed and more momentum, but Densai, sensing Sane pounces off his foot into the air, flipping a 180 degrees backwards executing a Pey Lei soccer kick and making contact on top of Sane's head.?Sane goes down and Densai spins back up to his feet and runs at Sane raining down hard rights and lefts onto the top of Sane's head as the crowd goes wild.)

SVH:?"Sanket Densai did a standing leapfrog over Justin Sane, and then on the return, without looking behind him, sensing Sane's approach, he nails a Pey Lei soccer kick catching all of Sane and sending him on the ground and now Sanket firmly in control as he rains down rights and lefts onto Sane to keep him on the canvas."

CW:?"Hey this isn't soccer.?The World Cup is over with.?Get back in the match people."

SVH:?"They are Creek, they are."

(Sanket Densai, who is now in complete control stands Justin Sane up to his feet, only to take him down with a drop toe hold then spins on top of Sane and with his legs Densai traps Sane's arm and locks on a triangle hold trapping Sane's arm and head inside his legs holding on for dear life.?At first Sane fights with all of his might to break free but it is no use as Densai has the hold locked in tight and shows no desire to let it go.?The fight in Sane begins to waiver and the fight is less and less.?The crowd on Sane's side urging and chanting for him not to give up and keep fighting while the crowd on the side cheering for Densai to make him tap out or passout.)

Crowd:?"Lets go Justin...Lets Go...

Crowd:?"Make him tap...Make him tap...

Crowd:?"You can do it...

Crowd:?"Pass him out...Pass him out...

(The ref begins dropping Sane's hand to see if there is a TKO.)





(The ref picks Sane's arm up to drop it for a third time but just before he does Sane manages to hold it arm up and stop it from dropping a third time as the side of the arena pops in support of Justin Sane urging him to keep fighting and not give up.)

CW:?"Well the crowd is torn, but who do we go for in this match. Densai has Sane at his mercy, but I have this feeling that Sane ain't ready to quit just yet."

SVH: "I don't think so because look."

(Justin Sane, hearing the support of the crowd on his side rooting for him, manages to find new strength rooting for him fights to break the hold.?Densai squeezing ever so tightly on the triangle hold, but then Justin Sane, while the 200 lbs. Densai is still holding on begins putting the muscle in his legs to use as he begins lifting Sanket in the air while he is holding on.?Densai does have a hold of the move, but begins to let up a little bit as Justin Sane using what little strength that he has to pivot on his back foot and then...


(Justin Sane somehow managed to turn 180 degrees and convert the hold into a modified backwards facebuster from that current postion.?Densai is down, but Densai never gave up on the hold as Justin Sane is reeling in pain as his arm is in intense pain on the ground right next to him.)

SVH:?"Justin Sane used every once of his strength to slam Densai down on the ground."

CW:?"But the damage is done as Densai never leg go of the triangle hold and now Justin is hurting from his own slam.?For all we know his shoulder could be really hurt, maybe dislocatated."

SVH:?"Well we hope that it hasn't come to that as this match has been back in forth and on fire from the very beginning, I'd hate to see it come to an end as a result of one of these guys being seriously hurt."

CW:?"Yeah that would suck."

(The ref is counting as both men appear to be in serious pain.)






(Both Densai and Sane struggle to their feet.?Sane favoring his arm, but showing that he is still in this match, while Densai is favoring his head, but still not letting up.)




(The ref varifies that both men are alright as he clears the counts and waves the match to continue.)

SVH:?"This match is still on as both men avoid the double countout."

CW:?"Its a new set of downs as we are in the forth quarter with no timeouts and passed the two minute warnning.?Its crunch time here people."

SVH:?"You do know that this is wrestling and not footbal don't you?"

CW:?"Surely you missed the point of my little analogy."

SVH:?"We got it, it just a little contrived and overused if you know what I mean."

CW:?"Shut up."

(Densai and Sane are up to their hurting but on their feet nonetheless.?They both charge each other in the center of the ring locking on their first official collar-and-elbow tie up of the whole match without one another trying to fool the other.?Struggling to dock for position, Sane ducks underneath wrapping his arms around Densai's waste, but when he attempts a german suplex, Sane's injuried arm/shoulder makes the move difficult for him.?Densai, captitalizes on Sane's injuried shoulder by reversing the hold and switches behind Sane.?Densai irish whips sane as hard as he can into the turnbuckle.?Sane does a Ric Flair style flip over the corner turnbuckle and somehow manages to catch himself on the ropes on the outide ring apron.?Sane screams in pain as he instantly lets out a howl as it was the injuried arm that catches him on the apron.?Sane catches himself but the slight pause is enough as Sanket Densai runs over to the turnbuckle, running up the turnbuckle and leaping off hooking Sane's head with his leg and hits a hurricanrana flipping Sane off the ring apron and onto the matted floor below.?Both men are on the outside ring floor again as the ref has begun counting to ten.)

SVH:?"My gawd, Ice Cold hitting a triangle style hurricanrana and now both men are on the outside with the ref administering his ten count."





(Shawna, who has been relatively quiet has finally made herself known in this match runs over to get her man, Justin Sane, to wake up and get back in this match.?Also Densai is slowly beginning to stir back up to his feet.)



(Shawna trying to help her man up to her feet and back inside the ring as the ref counts closer to 10.)




(Justin Sane slides back inside the ring just as Densai manages to pull himself up into the ring. He uses the ropes to pulls himself up fully to his feet.?Justin shakes the cobwebs out, still his shoulder is increasingly bothering him, but still he tries to fight through the pain and agony.?Shawna runs back over to the side that Densai is on.?She reaches under neath the rope and grabs a hold of Sanket's foot keep him at bay.?Densai trying to get the former pornstar off of his leg but she holds on tighter, she even manages to sink her painted fingernails deep into the bare leg of Sanket who yells out in pain.?You can see that she has even drawn some blood in his leg where she clawed him at.?The ref would see it but Justin Sane has managed to distract him from her seeing it.)

SVH:?"The ref has once again stopped his count and we just witnessed Shawna holding onto Sanket Densai's leg and you can see she has drew blood."

CW:?"Hey baby, come over here because I like it rough.?Make me feel it baby."

SVH:?"Your a freak Creek."

CW: "Oh great, he said a rhyme, I'll be hearing this crap all week at headquarters now won't I?"


(Shawna lets go of Sanket's leg.?He amonishishes and threatens her from his side, but turns his back on Justin Sane who charges in on Sanket full speed.?Sane leaps up into the air, while in midair, he grabs Sanket's head wrapping his arm around like a DDT, but then using the momentum pulls Sanket's head down with him over the rope snapping it onto the ropes.?Sane goes over the tope rope at the same Sanket Densai's head snaps off of the rope slingshotting him off of the rope and back on the ring.?Sanket is flailing around in pain gasping for a breath at the same time Sane is once again on the outside clutching his injuried arm.?Shawna runs over to help her man up to his feet and get him back in the ring.)

CW:?"Man, by the time this match is over, Sane's arm is gonna feel like mash potatoes...and that's even if the arm will still be there."

SVH:?"Twice, Sane's landed or used that injured arm and twice that arm is being used.?He is really putting his body on the line on this one."

CW:?"Well that's why he's name is Justin Sane.?He is Just that damn insane."


CW:?"But what about Densai who is hurting after getting slingshoted off that rope.?Its kind of hard to continue when you can't even catch a breath."


CW:?"You already said that."

(Shawna helps Sane get started and gets him back in the ring before the ref can finish another ten count.?Sane walks over Densai while he is still trying to gasp for a breath clutching his throat.?Sane lines himself next to a writhing Sanket.?He looks over a Shawna and taunts, then flips backwards for a standing moonsault flipping backwards but somehow twisting his body enough to finish out and land a legdrop onto Sanket's neck.?Sane rubs his hip area as he lands feeling the affect in pain.?Sane then spins around and with his good arm that he hasn't injured he locks on a headlock on Sanket Densai trying to give his injuried arm a chance to rest and tire out Densai.)

SVH:?"Sane hit a standing moonsault into a legdrop and now he has taken control of this match by locking a on a ground headlock and trying to make Sanket Densai passout."

CW:?"Not to meantion that he is giving that injured arm a rest."

(The crowd this time getting behind Sanket trying to get him to wake and keep fighting.)

CW:?"Here we go again."

SVH:?"These fans are like me, they are suckers for a damn good match and that is what we're seeing right here.?They're are definately getting their money's worth and will go home happy when its all said and done."

CW: "Naw, they just want....okay you're right, they're suckers."

SVH:?"Oh admit it you love it."

CW:?"Yes I do but that is beside the point."

SVH:?"the ref has began dropping Sanket's arm down."





(Before the arm drops a third time, Densai manages to hold it up again struggling to stay in this match.?Sane at first tries to grind the hold in tighter, and keep from looking it, but when it begins hurting his arm.?He releases the hold and frees Densai.?While Densai stumbles around trying to regain his barrings and grogginess from the hold, Sane capitolizes by grabbing Sanket Densai by the arm and irish whipping him into the turnbuckle.?Densai crashes and falls helplessly into the turnbuckle leaving him at the mercy of Justin Sane.?Sane walks over and sets him up on the top rope.?The ref is distracted with Sane and Sanket on the top rope not seeing Shawna who has picked up a steel chair and slid it into the center of the ring underneath the approximent point of impact where Densai will land on.)

SVH:?"Shawna has slid that steel chair into the ring right underneath them, and they are in no man's land.?Ref turn around and get that chair out of the ring, somebody is gonna get hurt."

(Sane climbs up onto the top turnbuckle with Sanket Densai.?Sane hooks him up in a suplex position with both men balancing on the very top rope.?Sane leaps off of the top rope attempting a superplex, but while in mid air some how Densai counters and flips into crossbody right onto Justin Sane which in turn causes Sane to be the first one that lands onto the canvas and more notably the steel chair with resounding *CLANG* that echoes throughout the arena.?Sanket has him rolled up in a pin attempt.)



(Suddenly Sane, although receiving the brunt of the impact of both the crossbody superplex and landing on the steel chair laying in the ring, somehow manages to reverse the small package and roll up Sanket into a small package of his own.?The ref begins a new count.)



(But then Sanket Densai, reverses and rolls up Sane into another roll-up pin attempt as the ref begins a brand new count for Densai on Sane.)




(Unknown to to ref, Sanket Densai noticed that he was close to ropes as he reached over and grabbed a hold of the ropes for more added leverage and getting that extra time just as the ref slapped his hand on the mat for the third and final time.?The ref jumps up and motions to the time keeper to ring the bell.)


Brianna LeBrock:?"Here is your winner, Sanket Densai."

(Densai can even stand up as he just rolls off of Justin Sane, he still has a hurt shoulder and holding his head trying to supress the pain but to no avail.?Shawna tries to plead her case to the ref that Sanket cheated, but also to no avail as The ref just brushes by her and tries to help Sanket up to his feet and hold his hand in the air to proclaim him as the winner.?Shawna slides into the ring to help her man recover.)

SVH:?"Wouldn't you know it, in an awesome display of sportsmanship, Sanket Densai puts on a hellofva showing in his debut, but the match ends with a bit of a controversy as Sanket uses the ropes to help him win.?Not to meantion that a steel chair was brought into match and came into play."

CW:?"What's interesting is that Sane tried to cheet early on in the match, but I guess it matters of who cheats last."

SVH:?"Well I have a feeling that we haven't see the last of these two, and might I meantion that during this match, Justin Sane had injuried his shoulder and it appears that did in fact came into play at the end."

(Sanket Densai walks up to Justin Sane, and helps him up. He offers his hand in respect to the Insane One.?At first Sane looks like he is going to refuse, but then he takes it as he looks over at Shawna out of the corner of his eye.?Sane returns the gesture of respect and even holds his hand up in respect.?Unknown to Sanket as Shawna has slid in and picked up the steel chair from the middle of the ring, she runs over and slams the chair across Sanket's back.?Sane immediately takes the opportunity and begins stomping away on Densai.?The ref tries to intervene only to get tossed over the top rope by Sane for his troubles.?Shawna takes the steel chair and places it around Sanket's head.?Shawna gestures to Sane and orders him what he should do.)

SVH:?"That *****, just when you thought that this match was gonna end in sportsmanship. Shawna comes in with that steel chair and nails Sanket Densai in the back with it.?Now Sane has put the steel chair around his head and he is at Sane's mercy."

(Sane climbs up on the top rope then flies off with his trademark 5-star frog splash better known as "The Insane Splash" right on the steel chair with Sanket's trapped head in it. The impact of Justin Sane's body landing on the chair and the force causing Sane to bounce off from the impact.?Sane is hurting but not as must as Sanket as he is reeling from the intense pain.?He is bleeding from his mouth and a little from his face from where Sane landed.?Afterwards Sane pops up and drops down muttering words at Sanket Densai.)

Sane:?"Welcome to the MCW you son of a B(beep)tch!?This isn't over, in fact its just begun.?You'll definately see me again Sankwhore."

(Sane stands up and stomps a Sanket Densei a couple more time to grow on before walking over to Shawna whom they embrace in a passionate tongue like to chorus of boos.?Sane is hurting, his shoulder still all messed up but he got the last laugh and introduced the new guy just who he is.?Shawna helps Sane out of the ring as they walk up the ramp to a massive chorus of boos.)

SVH:?"Well we may of not known where this audience stands after that great match, but we know how they stand after that heinious attack by Justin Sane as he brutalized the winner of the match Sanket Densai. This is the start of a war pending on whether or not Densai can wrestle, but if he can you can expect him to get some revenge on Sane for what he did. This is just the beginning, and the ending I can guarantee you won't be pretty."

(The EMTs run down to tend to a bloody and hurt Sanket Densai as we cut to commerical.)

CW:?"We'll be right back."

(The show cuts to commerical.)[/FONT]



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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Main Event:
Non-Title Match – MCW World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Storms vs John Doe


John Doe looked to get back on the winning track at Bryan Storms looked to show the wrestling world why he is MCW’s World Heavyweight Champion as these two wrestling mainstays squared off in a non-title match. With a win John Doe could secure a future title shot against the champ. Of course, the champ would have something to say about that.

Chris McMillan was sitting at ringside and there was a constant question as to whether he would reprise his role as Storms’ MCW partner against a UCW competitor in John Doe, or would show that he aimed to take a shot at the man who defeated him for the title. This set the stage for most of the fight.

It actually proved to be less of a spectacular fight than was originally expected. Doe was grounded for most of the match with very little offense, but toward the end he decided to try and get a little underhanded. With the upper hand and what he thought was a perfect chance to hit his “Amnesia Attack”, John Doe yelled three letters... U... C... W.

He attempted the move but failed as the champ caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Chris McMillan got up on his feet and made his way to ringside, which got everybody including the broadcasting team up in arms. With the ref admonishing Storms for attempting to bring a chair to the ring, his back was turned away from John Doe.

Doe geared up for another attempt of the Amnesia attack as Chris McMillan got into the ring. The fans thought they were about to witness a two-on-one beat down of the champ but instead were treated to a superkick from McMillan to Doe. With Doe knocked out of this world, Storms threw the chair out of the ring and ran for the cover...

Three seconds later Bryan Storms was victorious over his opponent by pinfall.

The show ended with chants of MCW from the crowd being lead by two of their top wrestlers, Bryan Storms and Chris McMillan.

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