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Marlay vs. Maxwell

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Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into "First Class" Chandler Maxwell finishing up his daily workout. His cell phone rings)


"Nothing much Adam just finishing up my work out.

Chandler holds the phone in one hand as he dries himself of with a towel

"Yeah I really worked hard today. I am really prepared for Marley. I worked on my mat skills and submissions today."

Chandler smiles into the mirror in the car

"Yeah you do us proud in the ring mate. I am going to go shower and head back to the hotel and meet a few ladies I ran into this morning at breakfast.

Last week is the past Adam its time for England's Most Wanted to take over the wrestling world cousin!"

Chandler smiles

"Yeah I will talk to you later!

Chandler hangs up the phone and sits down on the bench

"I have heard the critics talk about my desire. Some say that I think about girls a little to much. Lets just say that I am a ladies man. However I am a professional world class wrestler first.

My cousin trained me very hard. However I am my own man. This week I am going to showcase all my abilities in side that ring...

However now I am going to go find my little bunny and eat my candy like a good boy should!

(Fade to black)
Not open for further replies.

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