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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name: Joe Lebron
Your Email Address: PowerDots@optonline.net
Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: PowerDots

Wrestler's Name: Maelstrom
Wrestler's Age: Rumored to be in his late 20's to early 30's
Height: 6'-9"
Weight: Frequently ranges between 290 and 315

Physical Description: Muscular, chiseled physique with long flowing black mane. He has many scars littering his body from all the brutal battles he's been in. No shirt, Pair of loose fitting jeans, Pair of Timberlands.

Hometown: Pandora Island
Entrance Music: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
Alignment (Face/Heel): He's neither face nor heel... more like a "dirty face"
Wrestling Style (Technical, Brawler, High Flyer, etc): Brawler
Manager/Valet?: None

10 Basic Moves: Conventional sleeper...... Gorilla Slam..... Neck breaker..... Back breaker.....Shoulder breaker..... Savate kick..... Jacknife powerbomb..... Pile driver..... Suplex (all varieties)...... Choke slam onto turnbuckle (or other objects)..... (also most basic POWER moves)

3 Setup Moves: Anything which weakens the neck and/or shoulders.
Finisher Name: The Mortal Sin

Titles Held:
NFWA U.S. Champion
NFWA World Champion
AFWC Southern Champion
2 Time (first and last) ACW World Champion
NAWF World Champion
2 Time (first and last) WAR World Champion
GLCW World Champion (still champ when league folded)
NWL World Champion (still champ when league folded)

Character Bio: Grew up on the ever elusive, uncharted isle of Pandora where he learned the art of brutal combat as a way of life under the tutelage of his lifelong confidant and fellow Pandorian, Brimstone. His reputation quickly grew among the Pandorians as one of the most brutal warriors of all time. He had gone as far as he could on Pandora Island and soon ventured to New Japan where he began wrestling professionally with Brimstone. There they allied himself with the notorious Pandorian clan, led by JC, known as the NEH which consisted of Flatliner, Kraven, Nevada Smith, JC, Lord Dread, as well as "Honorary Pandorian" members, Minion, Masked Blazer and Draven. He soon became a major force of the NEH, but ironically, that would soon become his catalyst as resentment began to fester through the ranks of the NEH and he was ultimately betrayed by ALL the members of the NEH. While Brimstone was off in the States negotiating a contract for Maelstrom with the NFWA, Maelstrom was lured into a trap where he was attacked and beaten to within an inch of his life by the entire NEH clan. This would later turn out to be a MAJOR turning point in Maelstrom's life and career. Maelstrom recuperated in the hospital for months and it was during that recuperation that Maelstrom negotiated, embraced, and eventually breached what he occasionally refers to as his IMPASSE. A few months later, (nearly a year after the vicious NEH attack in New Japan) after having been fully recovered and with a totally new outlook and level of awareness, Maelstrom traveled to the States where he finally met up with his lifelong friend Brimstone who introduced him to, then wrestling manager, Joe Lebron. Joe IMMEDIATELY saw the raw potential in Maelstrom and agreed to became his agent/manager on an exclusive basis.

After a few short months, Joe brought Maelstrom to the NFWA, which was owned and operated by Scott Malec. Malec agreed to sign Maelstrom to a contract on a trial basis and Maelstrom got his first taste of American professional wrestling by nearly crippling ring veteran Johnny Thunder in his first match. Maelstrom was an immediate success as he literally destroyed all the competition (much like Goldberg did when he first arrived) and quickly rose to contention. It was during this time that Maelstrom met up again with the NEH and a blood feud quickly ensued. Ironically though, he had a simultaneous feud/alliance with the NEH. The alliance part was born of convenience as traditionally, Pandorians, no matter what type of ill-feelings they bore against each other, would ALWAYS band together to face a common enemy or threat. This went back and forth a few times, feuding with the NEH, allying with the NEH, then back to feuding with the NEH until they eventually drifted towards different agendas. It was at about this time that Maelstrom finally came up against, who he would later on refer to as one of his toughest opponents ever..... then NFWA U.S. Champ, King Krusher. That was their first in a long line of legendary battles to come against each other. Maelstrom ended up capturing K.K.'s U.S. Title to begin the first of many title reigns to come. K.K., being one of the FEW people to boast a victory over Maelstrom, re-captured the U.S. Title in their legendary parking lot brawl at the United Center in Chicago. (twin ambulances were needed for them after that street brawl was over)

After dropping the U.S. Title to K.K., Maelstrom went on to capture the then vacant NFWA World Title in a tournament where he defeated NEH member Flatliner in the semifinals and then the Masked Blazer in the final round. After a few title defenses, Maelstrom abdicated the NFWA World Title and left the NFWA shortly before its demise and virtually dropped out of site for a few months. He resurfaced later in the AFWC's infancy where he captured the AFWC Southern Title. After contract negotiations broke down between the AFWC brass and himself, he kicked the AFWC dust off his boots and never looked back. He then went to the ACW where he captured their highest title, their version of the World title, the ACW Regional Title and became their first champion in a 5 way dance. He held this title on two separate occasions where he lost it to Justin Ayers and then regained it again in a tournament when it became vacant and ended up defeating long-time nemesis King Krusher and ultimately defeating Michael Sparks for the title. He remained champion when the ACW folded.

However, during his reign as ACW Regional Champion, in an attempt to satisfy his insatiable bloodlust for battle, he became involved in two other leagues simultaneously, the NAWF where he captured their World title in a brutal battle royal which involved superstars such as Sky, Rabesque and Golem. During that same time he went to the WAR promotion where he became their first World Champion by defeating Joe Massacre and ultimately Mike Lane in the tournament finals. It was during this time that for reasons still unknown to this day, he allied himself briefly with the TSTs. He somehow managed the grueling schedule of maintaining 3 title reigns simultaneously but that would inevitably take its toll.

Soon after the ACW folded, while still WAR World Champion, he abdicated the NAWF World Title and joined the WWWA where he teamed up with Jared Justice and formed ET, The Extreme Terrorists. There he battled then WWWA World Champion Bothrops Nocturnus to a draw as well as feuding against StoneWolf and HardCore. During his stay in the WWWA, his grueling schedule finally caught up with him and he was defeated for the WAR World Title by Madonna Wayne Grossard. His stay with the WWWA however was brief as contract negotiations soon broke down and he then became exclusive to WAR. Soon after leaving the WWWA, he was granted a rematch against then WAR World Champ Madonna Wayne Grossard and regained the WAR world title right before WAR closed its doors.

After WAR's demise, Maelstrom dropped out of sight yet again. He took a respite from the wrestling scene, wandering around the country on his Harley for nearly half a year. Maelstrom then made a brief stint in the FWF in their FIRST EVER "Non Sanctioned" match and battled against King Krusher once again. They later teamed up again in yet another FWF Non Sanctioned match to battle against fellow Pandorians and NEH members, Kraven and Flatliner. Due to the conflict of interests of being managed by Joe Lebron who just happened to Co-Own the FWF with Scott Malec, Maelstrom, knowing he would never be offered an FWF contract, had no choice but to leave the FWF. So once again Maelstrom disappeared only to resurface a few months later in the IWC to battle his old nemesis, King Krusher! After fighting KK to a double DQ, they ironically teamed up to make a run for the IWC Tag Titles but luckily for the IWC Tag Champs, the IWC closed down before that match could ever take place.

Maelstrom soon afterwards, traveled briefly from league to league. First he went back to WAR which reopened its doors. That stint didn't last too long as he and WAR owner, Eddie McCann became involved in a bitter dispute, it's still not certain what particulars were involved, whether it was personal or contract related, but Maelstrom soon after left the WAR organization. From there he went to the NWWA where he became involved in a tournament to crown their first World Champion. He ultimately battled his way to the final round where he was to meet Jonathon Nash and Minion in a 3-way battle for the title, unfortunately, that never transpired as the NWWA went out of business before that match could take place. Once again Maelstrom was on the move, and this time he made a brief stop over in the Chris Horowitz's IWF where he faced Minion in a rematch of sorts, of the match that never took place in the NWWA. Soon after defeating Minion in the IWF, Maelstrom took an abrupt hiatus from wrestling. Some speculate it was because of rumors of Brimstone's failing health, but that was never confirmed.

Months went by until Maelstrom once again surfaced, this time in Scott Malec's reopening of the CCW. He was involved in a tournament that would ultimately crown the first CCW World Champion, but as has become the apparent pattern as of late, that league too faded into untimely obscurity before crowning its first champion.

At that point Maelstrom took another hiatus, a brief one, and when he resurfaced this time he signed with the WWL. That tenure didn't last long however as the WWL suddenly ran into operating difficulties and Maelstrom, not being satisfied with the way the new WWL front office was handling its recent transition, tore up his contract and went on his way. He then surfaced in the GLCW where he feuded with Manson until ultimately capturing the GLCW World title from him. Not long after, the GLCW closed it's doors and Maelstrom once again disappeared for a few months. Until he then re-surfaced again in the NWL. There he wrestled his way to the NWL finals where he defeated Karl Brown in a tournament to determine the the first NWL World Champion. During his title reign, the NWL closed its doors and Maelstrom once again disappeared from site for a few months, until he once again surfaced, only this time involved with two different promotions. He's currently in the WFW where he is a member of the Inner Circle with Dan Ryan, Christian Sands and Lindsay Troy as well as here in the GWA...... waiting to take on ALL comers that tread upon his path.
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