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Looking for help to start a new fed


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Jun 9, 2004
So here's what has sparked my brain to revisit the FW forums.

I recently started a new job where one of my employees was offering to burn me DVDs. Since the majority of my DVD purchasing is for collector's sake and I have a burner of my own, buying burnt DVDs for $5 a piece just didn't appeal to me. Then, it hit me...

The greatest collection of all-time is much too expensive for me to ever actually talk myself into purchasing, so $5 a DVD wouldn't be a bad investment. $40 later, I have WrestleMania I-XXV (I've been out of touch with wrestling for so long that I didn't even realize that they've already had XXVI. He's getting it to me though.)

Watching WrestleMania I through XIII, I really saw the evolution of the World Wrestling Federation. I know by the time of WrestleMania that the WWF had already become a powerhouse to the effect that they kept cable providers from showing Starrcade in favor of Survivor Series. At any rate, it made me want to evolve a wrestling organization.

Then I realized, there is no video game with a franchise mode to actually build storylines. To watch your promotion go from the ground up. (I know some of you know about EWR, but it's hard to follow with no graphics.)

Then I thought about how much I would have to invest to come back to e-fedding. It's always been more about running the show than actually RPing for myself, and if I'm not taking a week to put everything I have into trying to outsmart an opponent, I think I'm more than capable of writing match results over a two week period during and after the RP period. The only problem is that I need help. I need people to actually RP so my work is relevant. This post is to see if I can gauge any interest.

Here's what I have in mind:

I haven't been all over the e-fed scene, but it seems as though all of them are opened immediately with a primetime tv deal, as if everything has been given to them on a silver platter. I know this is fantasy and all, nor am I judging the idea because I've done it myself as well, but why doesn't the promotion work for the perks like that of the WWF?

The promotion takes place in the smallest of venues. I'm talking high school gymnasiums. As the promotion grows in public image, the venues will grow larger along with everything else. Until the venues grow and stations become interested in backing the promotion, the write-ups will be short, mainly for realism's sake. If the show is just being hosted by a high school gym, why would there be commentators? The results would still have some depth to them, but they'll be completely narrative as if through the eyes of a fan because for that type of venue, their eyes are all that tell what's going on.

Secondly, anyone remember when a scoop slam was something more than just a transitional move? Anyone remember when a small package could win a match? (hehe) In all seriousness though, I think part of the reason I lost interest in today's wrestling is that it's not wrestling anymore. It's the choreographed version of UFC with a finishing move thrown in. In watching all the WrestleMania's, it is very clear the difference between WrestleMania XIII and WrestleMania XIV. The Austin era not only brought in a new attitude, but a much lazier way of telling their in-ring story, imo. I want to have a fed with technical presence and actual in-ring storytelling. I'm not saying that everyone has to be Chris Benoit, but even big guys like Hogan and Andre were able to tell their story with some technical maneuvers.

I think the last thing that I'm looking for is a no-name roster. Vince McMahon didn't start with Hulk Hogan. Vince McMahon made Hulk Hogan. And let's be honest, guys like Steven Shane (no horn tooting, just best example without naming anyone that doesn't want named) wouldn't be working high school gyms while they could be working the likes of A1E or EPW. So if you're apprehensive about handling a different character, look at these early stages as the best time to experiment, because only 500 fictional people are going to be seeing this rather than millions of fictional people

Of course, we're not going to take decades to get where we're going either. I just want the work to build the promotion to be shown. I'm sure that everyone has their questions and might be kind of leery to the idea, but what harm can it do? We're just looking at a small, upstart promotion here. I'm not looking for 15 RPs a week. Let's do the same thing with RPs as we do with the promotion. Let's start small and build this into an empire.

Please feel free to reply within the thread, PM me, email me at shanecarnesATgmailDOTcom, get hold of me anyway you can. I'm just looking for some help getting this idea off the ground and I know this is the best place to find the talent to get started.

Thanks for the time.


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