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LoC: Help Wanted, Inquire Within


Mar 5, 1998
Pompano Beach, FL
You read that subject and thought I was going to be all professional about this ... boobs.

Here's the deal. The Legacy of Champions is returning in the near future and we need to round out our ranks. As it stands I'm looking to pick up a total of about 15 handlers for this run. There will be some requirements that most other feds aren't going to have, so let's crash course this bad boy.

I won't link the site here but there is a site. If you want to see a sample of what I bring to the table in terms of site and character design then visit: http://joltwrestling.com


The Basics

- 100% angle based but we're putting an emphasis on RPing this run

- We are running a small handled roster of iconic characters surrounded by a supporting cast of quality NPCs
- This does not mean new characters aren't welcome
- This does mean that you will be writing NPC characters often, so be prepared to handle them with care


- In other words, play your gimmick unless you want to switch your gimmick. Then play your new gimmick.

- Prose style, not script
- Cards read better in the same format

- 4 Weekly "Legends" show on Monday Nights (Deadline = Saturday prior to event)
- 1 "LoC: Underground" Special Event 2nd Wednesday Night of the arc (Deadline = Monday prior to event)
- 1 Arc-Closing Special Event on the Sunday night following the 4th "Legends" show of the arc (Deadline = Friday prior to event)
- So ... like this: Legends, Legends, LoC: Underground, Legends, Legends, Special Event

Championship Belts
- Legacy Championship = Best of the best catch-as-catch-can wrestler
- Standard rules apply here

- Underground Championship = Best of the best hardcore wrestler
- Underground Rules are anything goes and you can win by pinfall, submission, or knockout (3 hand drops / 10-count)
- If you didn't already know this, the division is not made up of crazy bastards with shopping carts full of weapons
- That said, you can be a crazy bastard with a shopping cart full of weapons and be right at home here

- Team Championship
- The goal is to bring tag team wrestling to the forefront
- Anyone can team with anyone and challenge
- Champions MUST accept all challengers
- Everyone in contention makes for cool team combos
- Team Champions = #1 Contenders to singles titles
- However, that is only 1 Legacy title shot and 1 Underground title shot
- Team Champions must choose who challenges for what title


Okay, now that you've seen that we're looking for if it sounds like you'd have fun writing in that environment then shoot me a PM with the following information:

Your Name:
Contact Info:
eW Experience (Years in the game and feds you handled in):
Why LoC:

Character Name (Nicknames, too):
Billed From:

Wrestling Style:
Theme Music:
Alignment (Face or Heel. Neutral makes me punch babies in the face. This will be much more detailed if/when you're accepted):
Signature Moves:


Sample Segment (We're looking for originality and commitment here and, as such, we require you to write a NEW sample writing using the character you're applying with in an LoC setting. We can't expect you to fly blind, however, so here is your set-up. You have just been signed by LoC (a global company akin to WWE) and this is your big press conference reveal, make your intentions known to the world. In other words, cut that opening promo that puts your character(s) on the map.):


I want to give everyone a good head's up on the application process, so I'll let you in on some secrets. If you want to apply then you really need to apply. If you don't fill this entire app out (or you do but you don't follow the guidelines) it won't get looked at. Same can be said for characters with no real weaknesses or if you slap an old piece of writing on the Sample Segment.

To give a little more help in the process, here are some roles we don't need filled: Big Men, Dark Characters. Seriously, if you're going to apply with your monstrous creature of the night you're going to have to make it the best goddamn monstrous creature of the night I have ever read in order to even be considered. Even then you're volunteering yourself to compete for a role with a handful of other guys when you could just carve out your own role with a different character.

And the last bit of help I'll give are what roles will get looked at the most right now: Teams, Comedy Characters, Faces

Side Note: When applying as a team keep in mind the #1 Contender stipulation for the division, as well as the fact that the entire fed is the Team Division. I say this because people tend to be discouraged with handling a team that they will never get the same exposure as the singles characters. This is far from the case in LoC.

All right then, hopefully you've read this and you still want to apply. Yeah ... that'd be great.
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Mar 5, 1998
Pompano Beach, FL
From a storylined standpoint, the division is set-up so that the champions can't turn down a challenge on any given night provided that team wasn't their last challengers and they haven't already wrestled. Basically, if the cameras are running and there hasn't been a Team Championship match yet you could still get one at any given moment.

It's not all bad for the champs because upon winning the belts they receive 1 Legacy Championship and 1 Underground Championship match to split between the two. They must, however, cash in those title shots before they lose the Team Championships or the title shots become null and void.


OOC technical "I have way too many years experience" reasoning behind this is I want to have the best tag division I can get and I want everyone to have something to do. So, anyone can team with anyone and get a title shot. SVJ could team with BIG Little Italy one week, lose, and then come right back for the titles with Fanatic the next week to try again. But in doing that I realized I need to give more motivation than Team Championship to make this appealing to the singles guys, the title shots were included but only at 1 each to add some built-in tension with most teams. Who wants what title shot? What if they both want the same one? This stuff writes itself. :p

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