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Kin Hiroshi vs. Hellfighter


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Not who I wanted, but oh well.

*{Fade In}

*{Barcelona, Spain}

*{Cut to the interior of a hotel room in downtown Barcelona where the GXW promo production crew has arrived. We see "HellFighter" Michael Shutt pacing back and forth with his sell phone in his hand dialing up a number to speak into it. He brings the cellphone up to his ear to respond. Let's listen to the conversation while the crew sets up.}

HellFighter: "Hey Joey (Tyler). It's Michael, what's going on man? Yeah I just heard, I'm NOT fighting Dan Ryan in the second round like I wanted. I'm fighting Kin Hiroshi instead. Nah, it's cool man, I kind of expected this. I told Zieba that I would be alright with the outcome either way. I think this is much better. It makes me more determined to move on into the Tournament and fight Dan Ryan now more than ever. I gotta win next week if I wanna fight Ryan."

{HellFighter looks over at the camera crew for the first time, glancing into the camera. It looks like HellFighter is less than pleased that they are here. A look of discouragement appears on his face as he resumes his phone conversation with Joey Tyler.}

HellFighter: "Yeah Joey, I gotta let you go, your boys are here ready to film another promo. I'll catch ya later. Stay tuned to X-Perience because you don't wanna miss it. Later man, God Bless, bye."

{HellFighter hangs up his cellphone and then casually walks over to the camera crew already setting up their equipment to do his promo.}

HellFighter: "Hey guys, you're here at last. Here to do another one of my promos. I know you guys are probably less than thrilled to film this promo as I am. Can I tell you a secret. I've always felt this ever since I set foot in the MWC. I hate doing this promos. I always have, probably more than you all love filming me do them. I either say too much or WAY too much, just like now. I'm babbling. I get so nervous I always let my emotions get the best of me."

{Interupting HellFighter semi nervous babble, the director leader of the group walks over to him to talk with him calmly.}

Director: "HellFighter, it's alright. Just calm down and speak your mind. You can't go wrong by doing that."

HellFighter: "That's the whole problem with me and these promos."

Director: "HellFighter, let me give you a little bit of advice. Just be yourself. No more, no less. When you worry about what other people think about you that is where you go wrong. Just calm down, speak your mind, and focus. Believe it or not, we don't hate doing your promos. If anything when you are yourself, you are more of a joy to do this promos than some of these people in GXW. When everybody else steps up, they think they must abuse us. You don't do that, and that's commendable."

{The director pulls up a chair in front the now finished set and sits in in front of HellFighter.}

Director: "Just sit down and say your peice. Then all we do is film it, print it, ship it, the whole nine yards. You got nothing to worry about."

HellFighter: "Question."

Director: "Yeah go ahead."

HellFighter: *Smiling back jokingly* "Why do they say the whole nine yards if it takes ten yards to make a first down?"

Director: {Nearly speechless, Trying not to laugh at the unexpected joke of HellFighter} "I don't know."

HellFighter: "Neither do I."

Director: "What brought that on?"

HellFighter: "Well everybody thinks that Kin Hiroshi is the only person in GXW that has the greatest sense of humor. They think that just because I'm a christian, I can't have fun to."

Director: "I don't know. Must be a stereotype. Anyway, that's what I'm talking about. Just have fun and be yourself. That's all anybody can REALLY expect from you. That's what you can expect only from yourself. Don't worry about what they think."

HellFighter: "Thanks, I feel much better now."

Director: "Good, now you ready to get this show on the road?"

HellFighter: "Ready as I ever will be. I still hate doing these, but I'll remember the advice."

Director: "You may be required to do these, but you gotta make the most of them. Now with that said...

{The director starts backing away out of the view of the camera to where HellFighter is the only one sitting in the chair, in view of the camera.}

"We're on in...5...4...3...2... {He points to HellFighter informing him that they are now recording.}

{He Takes a deep breath and relaxing before thinking about what he wants to say first into the camera.}

"Okay, where to begin. I think I need to start this out by saying that I can honestly say that I didn't expect fight Hiroshi in the second round, but I told Zieba that I would take anybody that he throws at me. I wanted Dan Ryan, but I got Kin Hiroshi instead. That's not to take anything away from Hiroshi because he is a phenomenal athlete and a great human being, unlike some people that I know."

{Gestures to himself before continues on with the promo}

"Why do I say that? Because the last time Hiroshi and I faught on Onslaught, it ended in a DQ where I intentially tried to hurt him. I wasn't mad at him, I was mad at myself taking it out on him. I was mad at everybody. I know that this is wrong and I have forgiven myself, but I need to first off make sure that everything is cool between Hiroshi and me."

"Kin, you have been a true friend. You always made me laugh. You showed me that humor was a very powerful weapon against anything that comes my way. Most importantly you never once rediculed me while others did. When I was off in the deep end last year, without getting involved, you tried to help me out and I didn't accept it. You did it in your own little way, by making me laugh. I took that joke and threw it right back in your face by trying to break your neck. Point being, I should of been blessed to be in the same ring as you, and I took it for granted. I hope that you will forgive me for what I did. I hold you in high regard as a athlete and I also would like to consider you as a friend. I know I don't have very many of them in this business. Which is my fault by the way, but I am willing to make amends and move on."

{HellFighter pauses for a moment to regain his composure and make sure his emotions don't get the best of him before continuing on with the promo.}

"Now that is kind of off my chest, I can focus on what is really at hand. My match against Kin Hiroshi in the second round of the King Of The Cage. You're probably wondering why I am getting all sentimental. You probably think that I am getting more and more weak by the day. On the contrary I am stronger now than I've ever been. But I know that I must walk in with a clear mind and a clear focus if I am to succeed. If Kin Hiroshi is going to beat me, then he is going to beat me when I'm at my VERY best. He will not defeat me when I am divided and burdened by other circumstances. I will not walk into this match with a napsack of burdens and give a great veteran superstar like Kin Hiroshi an advantage. If I do then I can forget about winning the King of the Cage tournament. My best is what's going to defeat Hiroshi and help me move onto the next round, just like his best is what's going to beat me."

"Kin, I know that I messed up against you before, but I hope you can see passed all that and look to me in the here and now. Not in what happened to you last year. I am not the same man that faught you before. I am a different man, I am a changed man. I like being changed. I am right now what God intended me to be. If I should win against you on X-Perience, that's great, then I possibly move onto fight the winner of Styles verses Ryan. Most likely Ryan. Not to take anything away from Styles, but Ryan is the GXW, and he is the man. He will not settle for losing to the likes of Styles. If you beat me then you beat me. God still loves me either way, and I accept the outcome, but if I beat you then that means I move one step closer to becoming the champion at the end of the tunnel."

"Bottomline is that when I fight, I fight to win. I will not settle for anything less, but I am aware of the possibility that I COULD lose to you Hiroshi, but the thing is I wouldn't be in this tournament if God didn't think I could win. I have come a long way and I don't think that I am going to fail right here and now. I wanna show that I am not a washed up has been and I STILL have what it takes to make a run for the GXW Unified World Heavyweight title, but I gotta go through you first."

"I made my peace with you, take it or leave it all you want Kin, but I will walk into X-Perience with a clear mind and a clear focus. I will walk in ready to fight and God willing...WIN. I may lose, but I'll see to it that I won't. Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit says the Lord. It's not my will be done, but His will. My life is not my own anymore. I finally have accepted that."

"So I conclude by saying to you Kin Hiroshi, good luck and God Bless, may the best man win, and if anything should happen, I still consider you a friend regardless of the outcome."

Director: "And we are clear. That's good HellFighter. We'll get it out as fast as we can."

HellFighter: "Sorry I went so long again, I think I got carried away again."

Director: "It's good HellFighter. It was honest and from your own heart. That's what people need to hear. Let everybody else decide what they think. They're gonna think their own opinions inspite of you, just go out there and have fun."

{HellFighter stands up from his seat and shakes the director's hand.}

HellFighter: "Thank you...for everything."

Director: "You're welcome, and good luck in your match."

HellFighter: "Thanks, but God's got my back either way."

Director: "Yeah I'm sure he does. Well take care."

{The camera crew starts to load up their equipment and leave while HellFighter watches on from the side out of the way. The camera fades out.}

*{Fade Out}


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Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
Not who you wanted, but still a threat...

* Barcelona, Spain. A GXW camera crew stands ready at the corner of Rambia Deis Estudis and Placa de Catalunya. A few small buildings adorn the area, but a large chapel stretches heavenward. The doors slowly swing open, and the church’s resident pastor exists. *

PASTOR: “You must excuse me English, por favor. Are you the G-X-W, um, ‘camera crew’?”

* The crewmen nod, and the father lets them in. As the sound man passes through the doorway, a small black car pulls up. Kin Hiroshi steps out of the back and looks up. A sheer look of horror crosses his face as he stands before the monument to God. He whips out his cell phone, and speed dials a number. *

HIROSHI: “It’s me, you never told me we were doing this here. We can’t do this here, don’t you realize…yeah, I know. Yes, that IS my signature. No, it won’t be a problem. Whatever…

* A frustrated Kin hangs up the phone and walks up to the door. He lets out a heavy sigh before opening the gateway into “faith.” The smell of old hymn books overwhelms Kin as he walks down the aisle past row after row of pews. He kneels, respectfully, before the alter, and makes his way towards the priest’s chambers. A few quick knocks on the door and he’s let in to accompany the GXW crew. *

HIROSHI: “Hey guys, first of all, this wasn’t my idea to have this here. So if HellFighter comes after you, send him looking for me. Of course, I’ll tell him to save it for the ring, but either way, I’ll let him get a few shots in for all of…

* Kin ambiguously gestures to the groups surroundings. *

HIROSHI: …this. Now, where is the father?”

* The pastor makes his way out from behind the camera crew, and smiles. After quick introductions, business is commenced. *

PASTOR: “Everything is the back room, Snr. Hir…sorry, Kin.”

HIROSHI: “Everything?”

PASTOR: “Si, the ‘wardrobe’.”

* Again, Hiroshi’s face locks up in fear at what could be awaiting him, but he solemnly lowers his head, and makes his way into another room. He reappears, a few moments later, dressed in a priest’s robe. *

HIROSHI: “I think this is going too far…”

PASTOR: “It will be perfect for your grande movie scene.”

* Hiroshi shakes his head and sighs. *

HIROSHI: “Movie scene. That’s it…

* The camera crew snickers, and move with Hiroshi towards the alter. Hiroshi stands behind it, and the crew takes positions. The pastor moves towards the main doors, and opens them, floods of people rush in and take seats in pews. A few older women are escorted towards the first pew, and kneel, waiting for the “service” to begin. Hiroshi shudders as he thinks to himself, “Now people?!? I don’t think we are getting out of here alive…”

The camera men signal to Hiroshi…

HIROSHI: “First, let me apologize for not being fluent with your native tongue, Father Julio will do his best to translate for me.

“The Holy teachings tell us in Proverbs 20:11, ‘Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.’ I was recently told of Rosalie Elliot, an eleven-year old young girl from South Carolina who competed in America’s National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. In the fourth round of competition she was asked to spell the word avowal. Her soft Southern accent made it difficult for the judges to determine if she had used an ‘a’ or an ‘e’ as the next to last letter of the word. They deliberated for several minutes and also listened to tape recording playbacks, but still the couldn’t determine which letter had been pronounced. Finally the chief judge, John Lloyd, put the question to the only person who knew the answer. He asked Rosalie, ‘Was the letter an ‘a’ or an ‘e’?’

“Rosalie, surrounded by whispering young spellers, knew by now the correct spelling of the word. But without hesitation, she replied that she had misspelled the word and had used n ‘e’.

“As she walked from the stage, the entire audience stood and applauded her honesty and integrity, including dozens of newspaper reporters covering the event. While Rosalie had not won the contest, she had definitely emerged a winner that day.

“We often think that who we are determines what we do. Equally true, what you do today will determine, in part who you are tomorrow.

“Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds. Now, I’m not here to bullshi…err…lie to you fine people. I am a professional…I am a professionally wrestling professional. In fact, a few days from now I will wrestle with a man named HellFighter in a steel cage. After which, I will advance to face another man in a cage, and another, until I receive my rightfully earned World Title Shot. Not because of who I am, but because of what I do. My deeds in the ring, will determine my RIGHTFULLY EARNED championship tomorrow.

“I, however, have wrestled this HellFighter once before, and have heard the apologetic words that he has finally spoken.

“The Lord teaches us to let the past rest. Philippians 3:13, ‘…forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.’ To HellFighter I say this:

“No matter what a man’s past may have been, his future is spotless. What happened, happened. I’m would not be in this business if injury and attacks were absent. It’s expected, and there are no hard feelings, Conan…err…HellFighter. A well-trained memory is one that permits you to forget everything that isn’t worth remembering. The attack on my body is one thing that isn’t worth remembering.

“But, playing on my psychological and mental abilities is another thing. We all can be humorous at one time or another. It just so happens that some, are funnier than others. Proverbs 15:13 tells us, ‘A merry heart maketh a cheerful countance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.’ I don’t step into the ring, or walk around backstage to make enemies.

“I work for GXW, I live for GXW. I live to make people happy. How I do that, by either putting myself over, or putting over my opponent, or putting someone backstage over might be done by humor. However, it has gotten to the point where I’m expected to make people laugh, to make people cheerful, but I can’t be like that all the time. I’m a man, I have flaws, and if I take a moment to care for another human being so be it.

“As with what happened to Chad Dupree a few weeks ago, I took time out from what has been dubbed my ‘performance’ to look after one of our bosses. How was I repaid? With words of kindness? Words of empathy? No, I was repaid with the harsh words of ‘suck up’ ‘brown-noser’ and, worst of all, ‘faker’. Did I fake what was shown on the television? No. I was sincere, and I was mistreated.

“Granted, no harsh words or actions have flown from HellFighter’s mouth of fist. Yet, HellFighter will be the first to feel the repercussions of the insults flung at me. I will fight for everything that I have earned that has been denied from me. I believe in greater powers, but the greatest power of all is within. Faith comes from within, not from above, and I intend to show that the faith I have in myself is greater than any faith I could place Above or Below. It will be a match for the fans, and a match for myself. Philippians 2:4 teaches that when you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself: ‘Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others.’

“HellFighter may outweigh me by nearly one hundred pounds. He might be almost a foot taller than me, and he might throw me through a gauntlet, but I resolve that I will defeat him for I fear no man who stands before me as an equal.

“Psalm 31:24, ‘Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.’ Do I hope in the Lord? Perhaps, perhaps not, but I back down from no one. HellFighter, you could be ten feet tall, and weigh a ton, and I would still find the means to beat you. Nothing you can throw at me will defeat me.

“I know that any educated man can stand in a priests robes and spout off biblical verse; blasphemy as it may be. But a truly great man can pull it off, and convince those come for prayer that he is in fact a preacher himself.

“As you can see…”

* Hiroshi motions over the stunned audience, including Father Julio, who stopped translating quite a long time ago. The camera crew pans across the silenced crowd. Hiroshi steps down from the alter and begins walking down the aisle, still addressing the mass. *

HIROSHI: “As you can see, I have convinced even the voice of your Father that I am a preacher. HellFighter, I have too long been denied my preordained destiny of the GXW World Championship. I have been cheated, robbed, and defiled in order to keep that title out of my hands. Yet, I have waited for the time for when I can step into the limelight. I will stand in no man’s shadow, and I will cast down my own for those to follow in.

“I’ll leave you with Galatians 6:10 in order to keep good intentions between the both of us, ‘So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all men…’ I have never cheated on my place in line, but my number has been called, and yours has been disconnected.

“At X-Perience I believe that we will finally have some answers to quite a few questions, but the foremost on your mind, HellFighter, is…”

* Kin opens the churches door, looks sympathetically at the camera crew, and smiles. His car is waiting outside. The driver opens the door quickly, and runs back to the wheel. The engine revs, and Kin begins to step out into the daylight. *

HIROSHI: “The question is HellFighter: Do you know the muffin man?”

* Hiroshi turns and sprints and dives into the waiting car, as it speeds off. The crowd begins to stir after a moment, and closely chatter with their neighbors. Slowly, the chatter grows to yells, and the mob rises. The camera men all look towards the door, and begin to back away from the disgruntled mass. *



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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
If I win, then I win. If I lose (I can still be a winner)

*{Fade In}

*{Barcelona Spain}

*{At the corner of Rambia Deis Estudis and Placa de Catalunya. A few small buildings adorn the area, but a large chapel stretches heavenward. We see "HellFighter" Michael Shutt walking down the street to the famed beautiful chapel standing proud. He is dressed in; light brown Dockers slacks, brown penny loafers, and a button up Denim Polo shirt. He is carrying his Bible in one hand. As he is set to walk inside the church. He reaches for the door to open it but something else opens it before him.}

Kin Hiroshi opens the churches door, looks sympathetically at the camera crew, and smiles. His car is waiting outside. The driver opens the door quickly, and runs back to the wheel. The engine revs, and Kin begins to step out into the daylight. *

HIROSHI: “The question is HellFighter: Do you know the muffin man?”

* Hiroshi turns and sprints and dives into the waiting car, as it speeds off. The crowd begins to stir after a moment, and closely chatter with their neighbors. Slowly, the chatter grows to yells, and the mob rises. The camera men all look towards the door, and begin to back away from the disgruntled mass. *

{HellFighter just watches, absolutely speechless as he watches Kin Hiroshi get into his car and drive out of sight. Looking over at the GXW camera crew, he walks over to them to find out what just happened.}

HellFighter: "Hey guys, what's going on, what'd I miss?"

Director: "Oh HellFighter, speak of the dev...er I mean...well...YOU! Kin Hiroshi just finished cutting a promo on you and then sprinted out toward his car and drove off like a bat out of hell. You just getting here?"

HellFighter: "Ah yeah, took me a while to find the place, that's why I'm late, but hey better late than never. I always wanted to see this place, it's so beautiful."

Director: "That it is. Hey while your out here, care to take a look at the finished masterpeice of Kin Hiroshi's latest promo on you. I'm sure it's a gauranteed conversation peice."

HellFighter: Hey it always is."

Director: "Now just so you know, you may be tempted to get offended over."

HellFighter: "Now why would I do that sir?"

Director: "Oh nothing, just trying to warn you just in case HellFighter."

HellFighter: "Ah how can I get offended over honesty, show me the tape."

Director: "Okay, bring it up boys."

Camera op: "Sure thing boss."

{The camera op rewinds the tape and watches then replays it in the camera. Then turns the camera toward HellFighter for him to watch it. HellFighter watches with the utmost interest and intrigue, but contrary to worry, not one time does HellFighter show any look of offense at Hiroshi's past words. The promo ends and the op shuts the camera off. The director looks up at HellFighter.}

Director: "So HellFighter, care to respond, we've got another tape here that we could get your response. Care to comment."

HellFighter: "Sure. I'm sure I got plenty of time to walk into the church. Let'er rip."

Director: "Okay HellFighter you just stand over here. {He positions HellFighter with part of the beautiful chapel in the background} Camera right here. {Points where the camera needs to stand infront of HellFighter.} Wait for me. {Gets behind the camera crew}. Now HellFighter, just speak your mind and stay true to what you say no matter what. We are on in 5-4-3-2...{points to HellFighter to que him that they are now rolling.}

HellFighter: "Wow, that was powerful Kin. I don't take any offense for what you just said. I think that was very honest and to the point. I can't argue with that. I mean yeah you kind of made a small commotion, but I won't hold it against you. I'm sure the residents and The Lord will forgive you to. I do to if it's any consolation to you as well."

"I gotta say that was awesome. There was nothing funny about that at all. You MAY not be a christian like me, but I don't condemn you for that; however, that still doesn't say you're not familier with what I believe. You know the Bible. Possibly better than me. Even I'll admit that I am FAR from being any kind of bible scholaring theologian. I know what I believe. I have faith. It's abundant. I allow God to be take control of my life, but I am not someone who tries to push his faith down other people's throats. Instead of going out and witnessing, I just try and be a living witness through my actions. Most times I succeed, and there are times I fail. Last year, I failed. This year is new. I will succeed, but not by my might, power or will alone, but by my spirit says the Lord."

{HellFighter takes a deep breath almost like he just got something off his chest, he smiles contently before continuing on.}

HellFighter: "I now officially feel so better. I now realize that I can walk into this match with a clear focus and a clear heart. I don't have to worry about anything weighing me down. I am only content of fighting you with my absolute best without any shades of doubt in me. I am glad that you walk into this match against me thinking of the future. Not just about me, but also about you. I believe in my God to help me through this match, you believe in the power of yourself. Frankly I don't see anything wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with keeping a hold of The Human Spirit. Sadly Hiroshi, that's why you will fail on X-Perience against me."

"I'm not saying that in a condemning way, but I say this from my own EXPERIENCE. Based off of what happened to me in my own life, I can honestly say Kin that believe in only yourself if futile. I found this out the hardway. If you put all of your beliefs and faith in anything else other than God to carry you through, you will fail. Why do you think that I failed last year? Because I turned my back on The Living God. Everything I believed in and had my faith in, I turned away from, cost me almost everything. Wait a minute, I correct myself. I did lose everything. But like the stars in the sky or the grains on the sand on the shore, God took me back. I walk into this match with a renewed passion and vigor to fight, not by my will, but His will be done on earth as it is on Heaven."

"Now I loved listening to your promo Kin I really did. You truly spoke to my heart, and I thank you. I am very blessed to hear that. In fact...

{To the camera crew}

HellFighter: "Hey guys, when this is done, could you guys give me a copy of Hiroshi's tape. I really wanna listen to it. I think I could listen that over and over again."

Director: "Sure HellFighter, we'll make you a copy later."

HellFighter: "Thanks a lot man."

{Looking back into the camera ready to continue his promo}

HellFighter: "Like I said, I am not a bible scholar, but I know the Bible as best as I can, but I know what I heard and that was from the heart. It was beautiful. See I can get ministered to outside of the church. Kin, I also need to inform of you another one of my life lessons that I learned last year. Do not fight angry. Do not go into this match resentful or down right...pardon my language...pissed off at the world because you got denied your preordained destiny at the GXW World Unified Heavyweight title. Your anger will be your will be your downfall. Take it from me, I know. Don't go to bed angry before the sun does down. Don't give the devil a foothold on your life Kin. I say that because I did it and it almost destroyed me."

"Kin, I want you to take a look at me. Last year I was so obsessed with with trying to earn my place. Trying to gain the approval of everybody else in the league and the fans. I was trying so hard with trying to get my world title shot. Making people upset at me. Look where it got me. I know where your coming from, but I where your going if you continue down this path you have chosen. If you proceed down this path, you will fail. Simply put. I am not trying to preach to you, but I am just trying to speak to you from one human being to another. You are too good of an athlete to fall like this."

"Since I rededicated my life to Christ this year, my passion for this business has been restored and then some. I will always be a competitive person. I will always strive for success and winning, but now I accept if I lose. Even if go on for the rest of my career and not one a single match...let a lone a title. I'm cool with that because either way, God still love me. My joy is everlasting and never ending."

"Don't get me wrong. I am not walking into this match with the mentality that I will lose. I am aware that I could lose, but that is not the same thing. I will fight for success and winning at everything that I do. I will walk into that cage ready to beat you Kin, but even if I lose, that's okay. I'll still be a winner in God's eyes. I will run the race to win."

"To die is gain, but to live is Christ."

"I desire to live and enjoy everyday given to me, but I am not afraid to die. Even if I don't have another title around my waist. My success will not be weighed by the titles I win. If I win, then I win, and if I lose, then I lose."

"I may not always be able to quote the Bible chapter and verse, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about because I do. I know in my heart of hearts, without a shadow of a doubt what I believe in. I don't believe in myself anymore. My faith is only in the author and finisher of my faith. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

"You are a very well respected human being and a phenomenal athlete, and if it's any consolation to you Kin, I never once thought of you as a brown noser. Just remember that what is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular. You did the right thing Kin. The people in the locker room may not accept it, but I accept it, God accepts it, and I think that He's smiling down on you because of it."

"In closing Kin...yes it is in closing finally...Regardless of what other people think Kin, we're going to walk into that arena on X-Perience this week and tear the roof off. It's going to be a fight for the ages. If we win, then we win, but if not, then Hukuna Matata eh?"

{HellFighter laughs at his little Lion King joke reference}

"I will fight you to the very end and if it's God's will not for me to go and fight Dan Ryan in the next round then so be it. If He decides for you to fight him or your old nemisis Styles, that's cool too. I accept my fate, but I will make sure you never forget the name HellFighter Kin."

"To answer your question Kin: I don't know the muffin man? I heard of him, but never really met him, but I know the great Kin Hiroshi, and that's and even greater honor. Good luck and God speed my friend. See you on X-Perience...my friend."

Director: "And we are clear."

HellFighter: {letting out a huge sigh of relief as he rolls his eyes.} Thank goodness it's over. I really do mean it that I hate doing promos. I know I went too long there."

Director: "HellFighter don't worry about it, you spoke your mind and it needed to be said, besides there are something habits that will never truly break. You will always be a long talker."

HellFighter: "Guilty as charged."

Director: "But nobody can't call you you a liar because you say what you mean and you mean what you say."

HellFighter: "Well I think I'm gonna go inside and spend sometime with the Man upstair."

Director: "Still even after listening to Hiroshi's promo?"

HellFighter: "There are somethings that you just can't get enough of, and I can't get enough of God. I'll catch you guys later. Thanks alot."

Director: "No problem HellFighter, have a good afternoon."

{HellFighter walks off away from the crew back toward the church. The crew are talking to each other as they pack up their gear. The camera op turns the power off and fades out.}

*{Fade Out}*

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FWrestling.com was founded in 1994 to promote a community of fantasy wrestling fans and leagues. Since then, we've hosted dozens of leagues and special events, and thousands of users. Come join and prove you're "Even Better Than The Real Thing."

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If you want to help grow the community of fantasy wrestling creators, consider hosting your league here on FW. You gain access to message boards, Discord, your own web space and the ability to post pages here on FW. To discuss, message "Chad" here on FW Central.

What Is FW?

Take a look at some old articles that are still relevant regarding what fantasy wrestling is and where it came from.
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