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Johnny Nash vs. Rob Franklin


League Member
May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
Jesus, I'm facing a lunatic.

Fade into see TEAM FRANKLIN sitting in front of their computer, once again doing research on Rob Franklin's next opponent, Johnny Nash. Pieske is wearing a grossly too small T-Shirt that looks to once have been white, but is now a light, faded pink indicating some washer mishap.

Pieske: My titties itch man.

Jacob; You disgusting idiot.

Rob turns and gives them both a death look, and continues to stare at the screen, reading feverishly.

Pieske: I'm sorry, but I think you made my shirt like this on purpose.

Jacob: Why the hell would you think that?

Pieske; It's the only pink thing, which would have to mean you threw it in alone.

Jacob; You got me Sherlock Holmes, I had to put it in alone, as opposed to exploding the washer by putting another thing in, fat boy.

Pieske: Momma's boy.

Jacob; Catholic Preist's boy!


Rob; Listen, can we bring the intelligence in here up to a third grade quota? Thank you...Listen, this Johnny Nash, for the UCW thing.

Pieske: Oh yes, You-See-Dub, I like You-See-Dub.

Rob: No, you don't, and neither do I. Ever since I debuted at UCW, my career has been at a loss. Call it "The UCW Curse" I guess.

Pieske: UCW Curse, got it.

Rob: I came in as part if "Team MCW" which sucked, as I hated MCW, and then my partnership with you, and Nakita Dahake went south.

Pieske; Heh, Nakita Dahake going south...

Jacob: Are you okay?

Pieske; Oh yeahhhhhhh, I feel greeeeeeeeaaaaaatttt.......

Jacob: I'm pretty uncomfortable right now.

Rob: Yeah, Pieske will do that to ya'

Jacob moves in the opposite direction of where Pieske is stationed.

Rob; So, this Johnny Nash...let's see....he...he...he freaking killed a guy?

Jacob: You're kidding?

Rob: I wish I was.

Jacob: My god, how can they let him run free?

Rob: I guess he was tried as a minor.

Pieske: Excuse, I gotta go to the bathroom.

Rob: So, nothing much to worry about, besides the fact that my opponent is a homicidal maniac.

Jacob: That's nice.

Rob: Facing guys like this wasn't in my god damn contract.

Jacob; So, when do I get MY chance to cut a whole promo?

Rob: Never, Jacob. We've been over this a million times.

Jacob; i just want to show everyone my stuff.

Rob; Why? Why the hell do you care?

Jacob: Nevermind...

Rob; Just stick with me, and you won't need for people to like you. I'm you ticket, ride me to stardom.

Jacob: But-

Rob: Just do it, it's what's best.

Jacob; So, what about Johnny Nash?

Rob: Johnny Nash? Don't for one second thing this match has anything to do with him. This is about righting the ship that is UCW by my own two hands. this is about ending the UCW curse. I may be in there against a freaking murderer, but Johnny Nash, he;s going in against the FTO champion, and no matter what he does, he'll be forced to wait a weeee bit longer to get his shot at fame, because it's not coming at my expense.



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