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James Irish - EPW Television Champion


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Name: James Irish, aka "The Mad Genius of Pro Wrestling"

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 245 lbs

Hometown: Fredonia, New York

Face/Heel: Wise-Ass Face (Think of the sort of wrestling personality Daffy Duck might have become, and you start to get the idea)

Appearance: James Irish has brown, straight hair that usually looks like it's a few days past due for a haircut. His eyes are blue, and smiles an almost frightening smile when he has an idea. He's got a thin moustache, sometimes with a little five o'clock shadow. He wears flannel shirts (usually dark green), and SUNY Fredonia t-shirts, jeans, and worn-in sneakers when he's not got his wrestling boots on. He is NOT an intimidating presence like most wrestlers, more like that funky comic book geek you knew in high school who was vaguely cool in his own, off-center way.

History: He was MBE's token underachiever during it's early history, having jumped from faction to faction, held the North American title for all of a week, and somehow managed to act as a general manager without any huge mishaps. But for the longest time, James Irish was MBE's voice as their play by play man and one of their interviewers. It all came crashing down, though, at MBE's last official show before it closed in 2002, when two men who personified MBE, the Spoiler and Freakfish, broke James' arm.

That one event lit a fire under James, and he would have his revenge. He began to train again, and intended to follow his two assailants to A1E when he was ready. But, in his mind, he had to go through the back door, or else he'd risk being made a fool (something he prefers to do himself outside the ring, thank you very much). Donning a mask and using a connection within a mysterious faction called the Collective, James called himself "Negat1ve One" after the numerical naming system they used, and went after that group as a way to test himself. Speaking through a voice distorter, Negat1ve One was psychological, mysterious, and by James' own admission, "talked like a fortune cookie written by a freakin' mathematician." By the time he defeated their leader, Zer0, the men he had come to challenging had already left.

Still, James had found his way in wrestling, something that had eluded him for years. He wasn't about to let it slip by, so he stuck around A1E. He was a persistent headache for "Sensational" Steven Shane and Ken Cloverleaf when they were the tag team Sensationally Perfect, though he'd later forge a friendship and tag team with Shane. They were even involved with several other superstars in vying for the A1E World Title. James never did win that belt, and when he claimed the Cyber Title, it was deja vu all over again when he lost it in his first defense. All the while he was establishing himself as A1E's must unpredictable force, quipping pop culture, telling LOUSY jokes, and simply behaving like a loon. He even picked up a friend and manager in Erin Flanagan while preparing for the Pier Six Brawl at 2004's Bloody New Year.

After returning from an injury at the hands of Ken Cloverleaf (then aligned with the Highland Park Social Club), James all too soon picked up his third title, the Triple Star Championship. Suddenly, James' warped imagination had a new way to come to life. He threw all kinds of stipulations out there, from King Kong Bundy 5 Count matches to Tennis Shoe Challenges to the now infamous Project: Mayhem. To date no challenger has overcome this weirdo. And now, he's suddenly popping up in unexpected places in EPW... with no contract!

Titles Held: MBE North American Championship, A1E Cyber Championship, A1E Triple Star Championship, SUNY Fredonia Rock and Roll Trivia 1996 Winner (which counts for Jack Squat in wrestling, but James keeps it in his resume, anyway. Hey, that rhymes!)

Style: James came up as a beer and pretzels mat technician, trained by the man who would eventually become infamous as Torment. He's mixed his style up a little since then, with some old fashioned brawling. He loves using DDT variations to keep his opponent focused more on the ringing in his or her head. James usually only goes to the top rope for his finisher, the Funk #49, or in case he needs to find some way to beat a larger opponent. and though he can do hardcore, it's not something he seeks out.

Move Set:

1. German Suplex

2. Northern Lights Suplex

3. Fisherman's Suplex

4. Dragon Suplex

5. Double Arm DDT

6. Jump Swing DDT

7. Tornado DDT

8. Reverse DDT

9. DDT (surprised?)

10. Missile Drop Kick

11. Spinning Heel Kick

12. Headbangers Ball (Underhook Headbutts ala Al Snow)

13. Mexican Surfboard

14. Fredonia Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf; will used as a finisher in submission matches)

15. Air Check (Osaka Street Cutter; alternate finisher)

Description of Finisher: James climbs to the top turnbuckle, leaps and somersaults in mid air, and comes down on his opponent with a leg drop.

Finisher Name: Funk #49 (named in homage to one of his musical heroes, Joe Walsh)

Entrance: "I'll Drink to You" by Duke Jupiter blares, and James emerges from the back with Erin right behind him. He raises his hand and acknowledges them, sometimes giving high fives if he's in a good mood, or just staring daggers at his opponent if he's not. No fancy lights, no pyro, no smoke, nothing fancy.

Description of Manager: Erin Flanagan is a beauty from Ireland that James met by accident when the plane he was on bound for England made an emergency landing. They hit it off when he sauntered into the bar she worked in, and ever since she's been at his side, groaning at his gags and helping him keep his focus. She has long, curly red hair and deep green eyes that always betray her true emotions whether she wants them to or not. Erin's a brawler, and is a little too brave for her own good when she's at ringside. She almost always dresses modestly compared to most woman managers in the wrestling business. When she does wear dresses (for PPV events or major title matches James is involved in), they're reminiscent of when Miss Elizabeth was in her prime.

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