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Indianapolis Riptide 08


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Matt Faley is standing at mid-ring as the crowd cheers)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the MAIN EVENT!! ARE YOU READY!!??"

(Crowd roars)

M.F.: "This is a non-title match! First, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica) "From Pandora Island, weighing in at a combined weight of 580lbs., they are the Great Lakes Tag Team Champions, KRAVEN AND FLATLINER, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!!"

(The crowd erupts with boos as Kraven and Flatliner walk proudly to the ring, with the tag belts thrown over each shoulder. They brag loudly about themselves as the crowd continues their assault. They climb into the ring and let out a Pandorian war cry and begin pounding each other's shoulders, psyching each other up. Both wear long blood red tights with black snake designs on them)

M.F.: "And their opponents," (CUE-UP: "Firestarter" (Empyrion Mix) by Prodigy) "From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 308lbs., JARED JUSTICE!!"

(The crowd cheers as Justice emerges with a crazed look on his face, and he begins jogging to the ring. He wears black workout pants with red trim and black boots)

M.F.: "And his partner," (CUE-UP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica) "From Pandora Island, weighing in at 290lbs., the Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion, MAELSTROM!!"

(The arena quakes as Maelstrom strides out confidently, dragging the Great Lakes title belt behind him. The crowd's massive pop doesn't seem to affect the champion, as he walks right up and climbs into the ring and walks right up to both of the UA and they begin to threaten each other. Justice climbs in and does the same)

TONY ROSS: "Oh my, this going to be the battle of the superheavyweights folks!! Listen to this crowd! Maelstrom showed no fear whatsoever and went right up to the tag team champions and started jawing with them!"

JAKE SHADES: "That's not courage, that's stupidity! Maelstrom would walk right into a grinder if you said there was some raw meat inside of it!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Maelstrom is proving to Kraven and Flatliner that he does not fear them and most of all is not intimidated by them. The UA has built their reign upon terror and intimidation. This will be an acid test leading into the Wargames."

T.R.: "If these guys don't kill each other first! OK, here we go! Maelstrom and Flatliner are going to start it off and they begin to batter each other with huge rights and lefts! Neither man is backing down as the crowd eats it up! Maelstrom is able to shove him back and kick him in the gut! Flatliner goes into the ropes and Maelstrom rushes him! Flatliner avoids him and Maelstrom almost tumbles out of the ring!"

J.S.: "Look at this lunatic, he doesn't even care where Flatliner is standing is going to bum rush him blindly until he hits something! "

R.W.: "Maelstrom has already worked himself into a berserker rage."

T.R.: "Flatliner clubs Maelstrom in the back and hits a huge knee lift, and that could have broken Maelstrom's nose! Maelstrom staggers back and Flatliner hits him with a big boot to the face! Flatliner tags in his Pandorian partner, Kraven! Kraven comes in with a kick to the gut and he slaps on a massive headlock! That big arm wrapped around the neck of Maelstrom will definitely wear him down some! Maelstrom tries to power out but to no avail!"

R.W.: "Kraven's bicep is so massive that it's like crushing Maelstrom's head between two boulders. This hold is much more deadly when a guy like Kraven has it applied."

J.S.: "Or a guy like me!"

T.R.: "Shades, you couldn't wear out a fourth grader with your headlock! Maelstrom backs Kraven into the corner and he tries to ram Kraven into the turnbuckles! Now he uses his rear end to plow into Kraven and the hold is broken! Maelstrom turns and blasts Kraven in the face but Kraven is able to clothesline him right down! Maelstrom goes for the corner but Kraven holds the leg! Maelstrom kicks free and tags in Justice!"

J.S.: "I still have no idea why this clown isn't in jail yet after he tried to burn Manson alive! He is the real menace around here but King Krusher is too biased to do anything about it! Yet Manson gets fined for doing something that can't even be proven!"

T.R.: "Jake you truly are blind! Either that or really, really stupid, and I'm going with the latter! Justice comes in fighting and he whips Kraven in! Ohh!! Big shoulderblock and neither man moved! Justice comes off the ropes and this time he rams Kraven and he almost falls out of the ring!"

R.W.: "Justice has about a 25 pound weight advantage and he just proved that he is no slouch in the strength department."

T.R.: "Kraven looks a bit shook up as they circle each other and lock up and Kraven knees Justice in the gut and double axehandles his back! He grabs Justice by the hair and rams him face first into the turnbuckle and tags in Flatliner! Flatliner picks him up and slams him down with ease! What power! Justice is over 300 pounds!"

J.S.; "Where's the weight advantage now, Dick?"

T.R.: "Flatliner drags Justice to his feet and goes for a piledriver!! Justice blocks!! Flatliner tries again but no dice! Justice flips the fellow 300 pounder back!! Flatliner holds on and tries to sunset flip him but Justice drops his knees down onto Flatliner's shoulders!! 1......2.....No!! Flatliner somehow was able to get a shoulder up!"

R.W.: "Having a 300 pound man drop his knees on your shoulders and then being able to kick out is no small feat whatsoever! That took some serious strength and it proves just what a powerhouse Flatliner is."

J.S.: "Plus he's smarter than these two goons so that's a huge advantage!"

T.R.: "Justice pulls Flatliner up and comes off the ropes with a big flying forearm thats sends the big Pandorian right to the mat! Justice splashed him and covers!! 1.......2....No!! Again, Flatliner kicks out and Justice looks angry! He gets up and kicks Flatliner's ribs a few times before dropping a double knee onto Flatliner's midsection, and Flatliner is really sucking wind now!"

J.S.: "And Justice just plain sucks and it's only a matter of time before Flatliner collects himself and starts destroying this fire-obsessed retard!"

T.R.: "Justice pulls him up and lifts him and drops him for a backbreaker! Justice showing off his strength as well here! He knows Flatliner is having a really hard time breathing and he's going to work those ribs! He kicks Flatliner's side a few times before dragging him to his feet! He whips Flatliner in and catches him in a fireman's carry but Flatliner slides down the back and drops him with a reverse DDT!! What a move!"

R.W.: "Flatliner showed some deceptive agility there for a big man as Justice may have been about to hit his Burnt Offerings death valley driver move."

T.R.: "No titles on the line here but a lot is at stake leading into the Wargames, and we already say Manson and Anarky beat Jarod Poe and Jean Rabesque by nefarious means! Flatliner stumbles to the corner and tags in Kraven! Kraven tries to get in to stop the tag from Justice!! He grabs the leg but Justice kicks free and he tags in the champion!! The crowd erupts as Maelstrom comes in swinging!! Kraven is battered by rights and lefts!! Ohhh!!! Low blow from Kraven and he DDT's Maelstrom down viciously!! Kraven is too stunned to cover!"

J.S.: "Come on Kraven, get on top of him!!"

T.R.: "Kraven was dazed by Maelstrom's attack and acted on instincts with that DDT! Both men are down and Kraven throws an arm over Maelstrom!! 1......2.....No!! Maelstrom gets a shoulder up and then gets to his knees! Kraven gets up and tries to punch him but Maelstrom catches his fist!! Kraven throws a left and Maelstrom catches that one too!! Now Maelstrom is bending the hands backward and Kraven can't believe it! Here comes Flatliner and he kicks Maelstrom to end that! Kraven favors his wrists before grabbing Maelstrom by the hair and gets him to his feet! He lines him up for a savate kick, but Maelstrom catches it and throws Kraven aside!! Flatliner runs in and Maelstrom catches him with a belly to back suplex!! Kraven quickly goes to the top rop, and the 275 pounder leaps off and Maelstrom catches him with a powerslam in mid air!! My God!! 1.......2.......3!! Maelstrom gets the win off that huge move!! The Pepsi Coliseum is in a complete state of pandemonium!!"

J.S.: "Oh shut up you bunch of damn hillbillies, Maelstrom is gonna get his ass kicked at the Wargames and this match was meaningless compared to that!"

T.R.; "Yeah right Shades! Justice and Flatliner continue to brawl and now they tumble out of the ring, still going at it as the bell rings here! Kraven somehow gets to his feet and knees Maelstrom right in the back and he goes flying out of the ring! Now all four men are brawling up the aisle here in Indianapolis!"

J.S.: "See this isn't over Ross! Kraven and Flatliner are gonna finish this long before Wargames even starts! Take 'em out boys!"

R.W.: "The way things are going I don't even know if Wargames will be able to contain these men!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom, Justice, and the UA have brawled into the locker room area and the camera has followed them to the back! Security is trying to move in but they can't get close due to the wildness of this melee!! Ohh, Flatliner just threw a chair at Justice but it missed and Justice spears him into circuit board cabinet! Here comes Manson and Anarky!! Look out!!"

J.S.: "Yeah, the cavalry is here!!"

T.R.: "Manson and Anarky begin laying in the shots and now they drag Maelstrom and Justice out a door into the cool Indianapolis night! What is going to happen here!! Maelstrom and Justice try to fight back but it's four on two! Manson grabs a plastic bag out of a garbage can and he wraps it around Maelstrom's head!! Oh my God, he's going to try and suffocate him!!"

J.S.: "Yeahhhh!! Yeahhh!! Do it Mike!! Put him out of his misery! Somebody call the meat wagon!!"

T.R.: "That's enough Shades you insensitive pile of horse manure!! Manson now takes Maelstrom down and he's forcing his head into a puddle from the rains we head here earlier today! He's trying to suffocate and drown Maelstrom with that bag as Anarky holds him!! This man is insane!! And Justice can't do anything since the UA is battering him!! Justice gets thrown into a dumpster!! Here comes Jean Rabesque and Jarod Poe!! They storm in and pull Manson and Anarky off and begin to pound the daylights out of them!! Poe throws Anarky head first into the arena wall!! Holy cow!! Rabesque slams Manson on the concrete and now the UA attacks them!! Security has seen enough and now we have a bunch of Indianapolis squad cars pulling up!! Fans this is completely out of control!! Be sure to watch Wired this week and next week, Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem, and see if the Wargames can contain these four men!! This is Unreal!! We are out of time!!"

(Several Indianapolis police officers move in and begin to pull Rabesque, Poe, Kraven and Flatliner apart. CUT-TO: Jared Justice lying inside the dumpster. CUT-TO: Anarky clutching his head as he lays on the concrete. CUT-TO: Michael Manson also lying on the concrete holding his back in agony. CUT-TO: Maelstrom lying face first on the ground with the plastic bag still over his head as a security guy quickly pulls it off. The camera lingers on Maelstrom's motionless body before fading out)

This has been a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Production
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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