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Indianapolis Riptide 06


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: The backstage area. "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan is seen standing in the hallway outside his locker room, in his wrestling gear, unaware of the camera's presence. He is on his cell phone)

"STUPENDOUS" STEPHEN MORGAN: (talking into cell phone) "What? Yeah right! You tell Tarantino that I don't get out of bed for less than 3 mil! And if you ever bother me again this close to match time I will have you living in a cardboard box somewhere in Compton! Got it? Good. Bye!"

(Morgan slaps the cell phone flap shut and sees the camera)

S.M.: "Hey, what the hell are you doing here! Can't a guy get any privacy??"

(Morgan reaches for the camera. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Better Than You" by Metallica) "From Hollywood, California, weighing in at 240lbs., "STUPENDOUS" STEPHEN MORGAN!!"

(The crowd erupts in boos as Morgan emerges from the locker room area, wearing a stunning light blue sequined robe, with the word "Stupendous" written on the back in glittering cursive. He walks slowly to the ring, viewing the crowd as if a king would his peasants. He climbs on the apron and demands the referee to lift the ropes for him. The referee says to forget it and Morgan climbs in and starts yelling at him. He then takes off his robe revealing light blue trunks with "SM" emblazoned in gold on the rearend)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Ode" by Creed) "From Bronx, NY, weighing in at 222lbs., SUICIDE!!"

(The crowd cheers loudly as Suicide comes out from behind the curtain, wearing a black leather trenchcoat, and a black fedora, with the mask that only covers his face, with the fururistic "S" symbol. When he gets to ringside, the coat and the fedora come off, revealing white karate pants. He slides into the ring and stares over at Morgan, who is jawing with the crowd)

TONY ROSS: "Well fans, this should be one hell of a match, as both of these men are majorly talented. In fact, Stephen Morgan will be getting a shot at the Great Lakes Title on next week's edition of Wired leading into the Pay-Per-View so don't miss that!"

JAKE SHADES: "Looks like Maelstrom will be going into the Pay-Per-View without a title!"

T.R.: "Oh you think so?"

J.S.: "Hell yes! Morgan has all the tools and I love his attitude! He's the man to dethrone Maelstrom and if he somehow doesn't, like if Maelstrom gets himself disqualified or counted out like a coward, Anarky or Manson will take him out, that is if jealous K.K. will ever grant Manson a rematch!"

T.R.: "Jean Rabesque is the number one contender after last week, Shades, and if you were paying attention you would know that."

J.S.: "Me pay attention to a Jean Rabesque match? That's like asking Rabesque to stop staring at men!"

R.W.: "There's no denying Morgan's ability, but he has to get past Suicide here first."

T.R.; "Indeed, Rick, Suicide is no pushover in the slightest sense of the word! Suicide is known all over the world as a great competitor, and he's coming off a tough loss to Minion at the Flint Wired, so he would like to get things going here! There's some talk going on at mid-ring as Morgan tries to incite Suicide, but that's not happening, Suicide is too cool a customer!"

J.S.: "And what's with that look Suicide's got going, is he trying to portray Humphrey Bogart as a burn victim?"

T.R.: "However you want to perceive it Jake! They finally lock up and Morgan with a nice armdrag! Morgan struts around congratulating himself and Suicide just dropkicked him right upside the head! Suicide will have none of that!"

R.W.: "Suicide is very serious once he gets in the ring and he's not going to put up with stuff like that from Morgan."

J.S.: "Suicide is pretty serious outside the ring too! In the locker room, he didn't even crack a smile when Jean Rabesque was lolly-gagging around in his G-string!"

T.R.: "But I'm sure you were staring, Shades! Suicide goes right to the armbar on Morgan, and Morgan is really crying out in pain here! He can't make it to the ropes here! Now Morgan is complaining to the referee that Suicide pulled his hair! Oh please! Morgan works his way to his feet and tries to knee Suicide but he avoids it! Suicide still holding the arm bar! He twists the arm around and Suicide nails Morgan right in the face with a back kick!! Wow!"

R.W.: "Great move by Suicide showing some martial arts skills, not only kicking him right in the face, but really wrenching on that arm as well."

T.R.: "Morgan is favoring his nose on the mat and he's yelling that it may be broken! The ref is checking to make sure and Suicide moves closer to get a glimpse! Morgan grabs his foot and flips him back! Morgan was playing possum!"

R.W.: "Morgan is not dumb, that is for sure, he has several tricks like that up his sleeve."

J.S.: "Yeah, but I know who IS dumb....Suicide for falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book!"

T.R.: "Morgan gets to his feet and starts stomping at the back of Suicide! One of Morgan's finishing maneuvers is the Stupendous Death Lock and you know he would like to soften Suicide up for that! Morgan pulls Suicide up and hits a side backbreaker! He rolls Suicide over on the mat and drives a knee right into the small of the back, and that certainly isn't helping Suicide's posture!"

R.W.: "It certainly doesn't Tony, a move like that could really do some damage to the spine and would make Suicide pretty prone to the Stupendous Death Lock."

J.S.: "I don't think Suicide even has a spine."

T.R,.: "Well, we know you don't, that is for sure! Morgan hauls Suicide to his feet and hooks him for a high vertical suplex, and he holds Suicide up there to let the blood rush to his head, and then finally drops him down hard! Morgan gets up and then taunts the crowd, as if they're supposed to be impressed by all this!"

J.S.: "They oughtta be impressed, seeing that if you put this whole arena together you still wouldn't equal the brains or the talent of Stephen Morgan!"

T.R.: "That's because you drag the entire arena down about twenty notches! Morgan whips Suicide in and catches him in an abdominal stretch! He hooks it in but he doesn't have that boot locked around the ankle, and that is the key to make this hold work! Suicide hip tosses out of it! Nice move there! Suicide collects himself and sees Morgan charging and arm drags him to the mat! Morgan gets right up and gets more of the same! Morgan up again and this time Suicide ducks and flips Morgan right out of the ring!!"

R.W.: "You can tell that Morgan started getting frustrated there and lost his composure. That doesn't happen to often to him."

T.R.: "Morgan stands up on the outside as the referee admonishes Suicide! Morgan grabs Suicide's feet from outside the ring and pulls the rug out from under him! Suicide lands face first on the mat! Morgan slowly rolls in, shaking off the cobwebs, and he pulls Suicide up and he hits a nice double underhook suplex and he follows it right up with the Stupendous Death Lock!! He's got it cinched right in the middle of the ring!! Suicide has nowhere to go!"

J.S.: "Yeah, I can hear that brittle spine snapping already! Give it up, Suicide, you ain't goin nowhere!"

T.R.: "Suicide struggles mightily to break this hold or get to the ropes, but he can't budge Morgan! Sweat pours down Suicide's neck and you can see the anguish on his face even though the mask! Suicide is in agony here but he won't quit! Look, he's about to tap!! He's got his hand up!! No!! He's not tapping, he's pulling himself to the ropes! He called upon his extra energy and the crowd is fully behind him here! He's inching his way toward the ropes now!"

J.S.: "No, no!! Block him Steve, block him!!"

T.R.: "He's almost there......almost.....he made it!! Suicide made the ropes and the crowd erupts! Referee Al Marinaro forces the break and Morgan is incensed! he thought he had him there!"

R.W.: "Suicide was about an inch away from tapping but he found the inner strength to keep going."

T.R.: "Suicide rolls out of the ring to catch a breather as Morgan has words for Marinaro! Suicide gets to his feet, favoring his back, and gets on the apron! Morgan takes a swing, but Suicide dodges back and thrusts forward with a shoulder block over the top rope! He used himself as a slingshot! Suicide gets up and drags Morgan to his feet and whips him in!! Flying headbutt!! He really clocked Morgan there!"

J.S.: "He's got that mask loaded! There's no way Morgan is gonna go down like that unless the mask is loaded!!"

T.R.: "Suicide pulls him up and throws him into the corner! He back up and charges! Oh my!! Handspring enziguiri!! What a move!! Listen to this crowd!! Morgan falls flat on his face! Suicide picks him up and he calls for the Suicidedriver!! He hoists Morgan up but Morgan forces his weight back down! Morgan knees him in the groin!! He hooks Suicide's leg and lifts him!! Ohhh!!! Cradle piledriver!! A cover!! 1.....2.....3!! Morgan pulls out the win but not before using a knee to the groin to get an advantage!!"

J.S.: "Hey, you do what you can in this day and age and I say he pinned him cleanly, low blow or not! Kudos to Morgan and I can't wait to see him rip the title off that Pandorian ape's waist!"

R.W.: "Morgan hurdled a huge obstacle here in Suicide, and I have to say that he is primed and ready for Maelstrom. It should be a great match on Wired in Duluth."

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, 'STUPENDOUS' STEPHEN MORGAN!!"

T.R.: "OK fans, we gotta take a break, but when we return, we will have the first of our double main event, Jarod Poe and Jean Rabesque vs. Michael Manson and Anarky!"

J.S.: "Piece of cake, Mike and 'Nark!"

(CUT-TO: The Indianapolis skyline, now shrouded in darkness, the moon providing some light. Fade to a commercial for GLCW action figures)

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